tagInterracial LoveWeekend Cuckold Ch. 04

Weekend Cuckold Ch. 04


The guest's bedroom was pitch dark except for the lighted digital clock on the dresser. Sam had been watching the red colored numbers change for the last forty-five minutes. That's when Sam looked at the clock for the first time after his wife Julie had shut the light off and closed the door.

Sam still had the vision of Julie wearing the bright red skimpy dress when she tucked him into bed. There was little chance that she was still wearing that dress at that very moment and as a matter of fact, Frank was probably naked himself enjoying his first weekend date with Julie.

Sam remembered back when Tom first made the suggestion about interracial swinging and being taken to the club to watch a real live interracial sex show. Sam was so excited seeing the white wife being taken by that big black stud.

Sam knew that Becky had planted the seed in Julie's mind and got her interested in the lifestyle. When Sam confessed to Julie about his experience at the club, he wasn't aware that he was putting the icing on the cake.

Ever since Tom got him interested in interracial sex, Sam had been fantasizing about Julie screwing a black guy and now the day was here and he was laying in the guest's bedroom in the dark because she thought he was too upset to watch her get screwed the first time.

Sam was getting anxious in the dead silence of the room and looked at the clock again and saw that one hour and thirty minutes had now passed. Sam felt he was getting more upset just laying there thinking about Julie with Frank than actually watching them.

Sam pulled the covers off and stood up looking toward the bedroom door and glanced down near the floor to see if he could see any light leaking through the crack but it was pitch dark in the hall as well.

He got out of bed and walked to the door and slowly opened it and looked into the hallway sticking his head around the corner. The master bedroom door was open a crack with the light on in the room.

Sam could already hear noise coming from the room as he slowly made his way toward the doorway. Sam's heart was beating fast as he got near the opening of the door.

Sam got scared out of his wits when he heard a scream coming from the room and backed up again. Sam recognized the scream from Julie as his heart began to race faster.

Sam held his spot on the carpet as he listened and waited before advancing any further toward the doorway. Sam heard Julie as she screamed again and heard Julie say. "Oh . . . God . . . Frank."

Sam was shaking as he listened to Julie and Frank in the room and moved forward again and got within a foot of the opening of the door when Julie began to yell again. "Oh . . . God . . . Frank . . . Fuck me . . . Fuck me . . . God . . . It's big . . . "

Sam's question regarding what Frank and Julie were doing just got answered as Sam put his hand on the door handle.

Julie kept yelling very loud. "Fuck me Frank . . . That's it . . . Fuck me . . . Oh . . . God . . . Stretch me for you . . . Yeah . . . "

Sam finally got enough nerve together and put his head into the crack of the door and gently opened it and peered inside the room. What Sam saw matched what he had been hearing in the hallway and what he imagined in his mind.

The first thing that Sam saw was Frank's ass moving up and down and rotating in circles with Julie's legs being held back with Frank's massive arms.

Sam focused his eyes on the bed and saw that Frank was pushing his wife into the mattress with each powerful stroke he made and was rotating his ass from each side as if he were trying to stretch Julie's pussy.

Sam could now see Julie's pussy being stretched like a rubber band around Frank's large black cock. Sam's dick was hard now as he watched his wife dig her long finger nails into Frank's back.

Julie was moaning and almost crying from the pain of having such a large cock forced inside her tiny white pussy. Sam listened as she started to yell again. "Uh . . . Yeah . . . God . . . Frank . . . Your stretching me . . . God . . . I can feel the head when you go into me."

Sam's dick was rock solid hard listening to Julie as she continued. "Uh . . . Yeah . . . Shit . . . Frank . . . Make me your whore . . . God . . . Frank . . . Your white whore . . . "

Sam pushed the door open all the way knowing that Frank and Julie wouldn't notice and put his hand inside his pajama's and played with his dick.

Julie was purring like a kitten with sounds of groans and grunts topped off with the wet suction sound coming from her well-stretched pussy. Frank's ass never stopped gyrating as he skillfully worked his cock inside Julie touching every inch of her pussy and likely helping her stretch each time he shifted his direction.

Sam stayed near the door facing the foot of the bed and had a good view of Julie's pussy and Frank's ass and legs. Frank was kissing Julie from the sounds that Sam heard and Sam could also hear their heaving breathing along with her moans.

Every time Frank lunged into Julie, her breath was taken away and she made a sound as if she were being hit in her stomach. Sam wanted to join in so badly that he was tempted to stand along the side the bed and encourage Julie.

He didn't want to startle or distract them from having sex and decided to wait. Sam's dick was leaking from excitement and stood taking the entire scenario in his brain including their contrast of skin color.

Julie began to talk again. "Oh my God . . . Frank . . . I love your cock so much inside of me . . . Honey . . . Keep fucking me . . . I want you to fuck me all night . . . "

Frank was kissing Julie's neck and possibly giving her hickeys the way she squealed until he replied. "That's it . . . Keep working your little white ass on my cock for me . . . work it around my cock and show me how much you love it inside you . . . "

Julie replied. "Honey . . . I'm going to fall in love with your cock . . . It's so big . . . Keep fucking me and make me cum again . . . "

Frank kept screwing Julie unaware that Sam was standing in the room as he said. "You're not going to be satisfied with your husband's cock any longer."

Julie was still groaning and working her ass around his cock and said. "I've got your cock to satisfy me now."

Frank replied. "Do you think he's going to be able to handle you having me here every weekend?"

Julie was concentrating her mind and her energy on Frank's cock but was able to answer him in between her moans and said. "Honey . . . I want him to like you too . . . Maybe you can become friends . . . I'll always love my husband . . . We'll work it out together . . . "

Sam was still playing with his dick listening to Julie respond to Frank's statement and watching Julie's fingers digging into Frank's skin near his ass. Sam was aroused watching his wife's pale white fingers with her bright red nail polish against his coal black skin.

Frank never stopped moving his ass on Julie as Sam watched her body shake and he knew by experience that was a sure sign that she was going to orgasm any second.

Sam was correct as Julie began screaming again. :Ah . . . Fuck . . . Me . . . Yeah . . . Give me your black cock . . . "

She trembled and shook so hard that Frank waited for her to calm down before he began to fuck Julie at a faster pace making her loose her breath each time he pushed into her.

Sam figured Frank was getting ready to cum inside Julie as he watched Frank's strokes begin with more force until Frank took a few last pokes than pushed deep inside Julie and screamed. "Come on . . . Take it . . . Baby . . . Take my seed . . . That's it . . . My black seed . . . "

Sam got so excited that he shot his own load onto the carpet below and panicked and hoped he wouldn't get caught as he slowly moved back a foot or so.

Frank was out of breath as he slowly withdrew his large cock from Julie's pussy which made a load suction noise and Sam could hear Julie's pussy as it made a gurgle sound with a mixture of cum and the air inside her belly.

Frank was kneeling on the bed below Julie holding her legs back admiring his work as Sam took a few more steps back toward the doorway. Sam was trying to see what Frank was doing and finally noticed he was pushing his finger into Julie's pussy.

Sam had to back up toward the door again so Julie wouldn't see him and could only listen what was going on any further. Frank made a comment and said. "Several wives at the club have had black babies with their lovers over the years."

Julie replied and said. "Oh Honey . . . I don't think Sam would be ready for any babies anytime soon . . . I'm on birth control pills right now . . . I don't know what will happen in the future."

Sam heard what his wife had said about a baby and although she said she didn't want any at the moment, she seemed to suggest it might happen in the future and wonder if she would ever consider having a black baby with Frank.

Sam's heart was beating faster again fantasizing about his wife getting pregnant with a black baby. Sam was told at the club that was the number one fantasy the husband's there had but with many it only remained a fantasy.

Sam heard Frank again as he said. "Do you think your husband might like to come in and see you full of cum? Most of the husband's love eating their wife's pussies once they've been fucked."

Julie replied. "Honey . . . Do you think Sam would be all right if I went into his room and seen how he was doing? Maybe I can tell him how well its going tonight and see how he reacts?"

Frank was chuckling and said. "I can tell you're worried about him so go and see for yourself and I'll wash up and wait in here for you."

Sam hurried back to the bedroom and closed the door and got under the covers and waited for Julie. His heart was still racing and he hoped she wouldn't be able to notice that he was out of bed when she came in.

Almost five minutes had passed before Julie finally opened the door but didn't turn on the light as she came into the room and shut the door behind her. Sam could hardly see her shadow in the dark room as Julie came closer to the bed.

Sam felt his wife sit on the edge of the bed and could smell the scent of her perfume along with the smell of sex as she leaned over and kissed his forehead.

Sam held his arms out as she leaned closer and hugged her as she kissed his cheek and found his mouth and gave him a really passionate kiss and said to him. "Baby. I love you so much."

Sam kissed Julie again as he held her and said. "I love you very much too."

Julie said. "Frank and I were worried about you in here all by yourself and wanted to check on you to see if you were all right?"

Sam didn't say anything other then hug Julie more tighter as she kissed his face. Julie reached and turned on the lamp on the side of the bed and looked into Sam's eyes and said in a babyish tone. "My poor baby. You're not getting any sleep in here alone are you?"

Sam held his head against Julie's tits and saw red bit marks everywhere around her tits and up to her neck where there were hickeys forming around her neck. Sam looked into her eyes with a pitiful expression and said. "Are you all right?"

Julie smiled and replied. "Baby. It might look worse than you think, Frank got carried away when he was kissing me. He was actually very gentle when he put his cock inside me and started to fuck me."

Julie was hugging Sam tight as she giggled and continued. "Once we got started and my pussy stretched, he got a little wild as we fucked, but I'm ok now and I have to get back in there because he'll be waiting for me."

Julie looked into her husband's eyes and said. "Frank has been telling me how the other husband's react and he explained that some of the guys get aroused licking their wives after they've been screwed. Would you like me to sit on your face and lick my pussy?"

Sam was embarrassed and looked away from her eyes as she said. "Oh. Baby. I didn't mean to embarrass you. I'll have to learn what you like to do. I'm only doing what Frank had suggested because of what the other husbands like to do."

Julie pulled her husband up so he was sitting and said. "Let me take your pajama top off and sit on your face and you can tell me if it arouses you or not."

Julie helped her husband remove his pajama top and allowed him to get comfortable on his pillow and climbed on top of his chest and held onto the headboard as she moved her pussy on top of his face and slowly sat down.

Sam smelled her pussy which smelled of sex and gently dipped his tongue inside her gapping pussy slit causing Julie to moan.

Sam moved his tongue and began sucking the juices from her wet pussy as she started to rotate her ass around. Sam was gentle as he reached up and held her large full tits in his hands as she wiggled her hips on his face and said. "Baby. You have such a talented tongue."

Sam was being very gentle because he knew she had to be sore from having Frank's cock inside her tonight. Sam was aroused as Julie placed her hands on top of his which were still holding onto her tits. Julie tried to squeeze her pussy allowing any sperm that Frank had put inside her to leak out.

Sam licked Julie's pussy for more than ten minutes until she climbed off and kissed his lips and pushed her hand under his pajama bottoms and found his erect cock and said. "You did get aroused licking Frank's cum out of my pussy, didn't you?"

Sam quietly replied in a low tone and said. "I've been turned on since I saw that other white couple doing it at the club last night."

Julie rubbed her hand on her husband's cock keeping him hard and replied. "Baby. I'm sorry I didn't talk to you more about interracial swinging. I want you to be completely honest with me from now on about what arouses you and I'll do the same thing for you."

Julie continued. "Baby. Not only did Becky convince me to try it, I found your stash of books and DVD's on interracial sex awhile back hidden under your desk. Frank is a much better lover than I could imagine."

Sam looked at his wife with pity in his eyes and said. "Do you have time to fuck before you go back with Frank?"

Julie smiled at Sam and replied. "Oh. My poor baby. I promise we'll have sex some other night when Frank isn't here waiting for me."

Julie saw the pity in his eyes and she let go of his cock and said. "Baby. My pussy might feel recuperated on Monday and I'll let you know for sure. If we are going to live this lifestyle than you must understand you'll have sacrifices along with the fun."

Julie continued. "Frank explained to me that many of the husband's become cuckold because they made the choice of getting aroused when they are watching their wives with their black lovers. We'll talk more about this later this week because I want to please you and make this experience enjoyable for you."

Julie got off the bed and added. "Baby. You'll have to make yourself cum tonight and I'll talk with Frank some more and see what he suggests that will be fun for us. I just don't want you to be shy any longer."

Julie leaned over and kissed Sam again and said. "Baby. Frank told me about those little toys that some of the men wear that lock your cock and keep you from masturbating. We'll talk later and I want you to be honest if you want him to get you one of those. Goodnight. Baby."

Sam was depressed because he had thought interracial swinging would be much more different and wondered if Julie were talking about a chastity device which some of the men at the club wore.

Sam was about to play with his cock so he could cum when the bedroom door opened again and Julie walked into the room.

Julie walked over to Sam and leaned down and kissed his cheek and said. "I'm glad you're not asleep yet. Frank and I might not get to sleep for a while yet so I wanted to let you know we will be sleeping in late tomorrow. I brought you some ear plugs in case we keep you awake tonight."

Julie kissed her husband and walked away again and turned and said. "Sweet dreams."

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