tagInterracial LoveWeekend Cuckold Ch. 05

Weekend Cuckold Ch. 05


The next morning Sam woke up at looked at the clock above the dresser and saw that it was after eleven. He had fallen asleep sometime after two in the morning and only after he had made himself cum.

Sam looked up at the ceiling as he thought back to everything that took place the night before and could still hear Julie screaming out as she was screwed. Julie actually screwed a black man last night and how many times after he went to bed, he will never know unless she talks about it.

Sam got out of bed and put on his clothes and made the bed before going into the bathroom and going pee. That's when Sam noticed his chin and saw that there was dried cum under his mouth from having Julie sit on his face last night.

Sam washed his face in the sink making sure he got all the dried cum off and thought about eating Julie's pussy last night and tasting her pussy filled with cum from another man for the first time.

Sam wondered if Tom ate Becky's when she had sex with Larry or was he the only one that would lick another man's cum from their wife. Worst yet was the fact that Julie must have told Frank what he had done last night and would be embarrassed when he saw Frank.

Sam finished in the bathroom and walked out into the hallway and past the master bedroom and saw that the door was cracked open. Sam cracked the door open a little further and saw his wife laying on her usual side with Frank's hand resting on her hip as they slept.

The bedroom was a mess with blankets on the floor and clothes strung around the floor. Sam saw a book sitting on the chair near the door with a black man and white women on the cover. Sam leaned into the room to get a better look at the book and noticed the name on the cover which said it was an interracial handbook for members and it was an edition for wives.

Sam carefully picked up the book and made sure Julie and Frank was still asleep and closed the door leaving only a small crack like he had found it. Sam hurried into the kitchen and put coffee on and sat on the stool and opened the book to its index page.

There were fourteen chapters in the handbook with chapters that covered everything Sam had read or heard about and more. Sam's heart began to race as he read some of the chapter headings and got up and poured some coffee before sitting back down and opened the book again.

There was a chapter on everything a person involved in the lifestyle could think of and the first chapter was about the black boyfriend and how a white wife should handle certain situations that might arise.

Another chapter focused more on the husband and dealing with emotions and hurt and how to making the husband feel special when she is in the middle of sex with her black boyfriend.

Another chapter talked how to form a good trusting relationship between the black boyfriend and the husband. The last chapter was titled interracial pregnancy and below it said planned and unplanned.

Sam noticed the page was folded on the first chapter and thought that Julie must have just begun to read it. Sam closed the book and noticed the author and was surprised to see that it had been written by Janet, the woman at the club.

Sam thought that he should take the book back before Julie noticed it missing and got up and walked back toward the bedroom. Sam carefully opened the door and leaned inside to put the book back on the chair and glanced over at the bed and saw Julie and Frank embracing and kissing.

Not wanting to disturb them, Sam shut the door carefully again and went back out into the kitchen and poured himself another coffee.

Julie and Frank didn't get out of bed to well past three that afternoon and when Julie came out into the living room she was wearing a short black nightie and looked tired. Julie gave Sam a kiss as he poured her a fresh cup of coffee and sat on the sofa next to his wife.

Julie sat stretching her legs out and rubbing her thigh and looked down between her legs than leaned against Sam and said. "Frank's taking a shower and should be ready to leave shortly. He wants to come over next Friday evening and take us both out to dinner."

Sam replied. "I thought you were going to meet Frank every Saturday night just like Becky does with Larry next door?"

Julie replied. "Frank would like to get to know you better because I told him you were still nervous with him staying here during the weekends."

Sam put his hand on Julie's thigh feeling how soft her skin was and saw the red bit marks on her tits and noticed many more area's than he did last night. Sam even noticed there were bit marks on her inner thigh's as well.

Frank walked into the room with a towel in his hand and walked over and leaned down and kissed Julie on her lips and said. "That was a wonderful blow job you did this morning. I didn't expect you to swallow and lick up every drop. You're full of surprises."

Frank held his hand out to Sam to shake and said. "Hope that you are feeling better this morning and get some rest tonight. I'll see both of you on Friday around seven."

Frank walked to the door and Julie got up and met him there as they hugged and Frank squeezed her ass cheeks with his large hands. Sam saw that they were kissing than Frank whispered something to Julie than left.

Julie walked over to Sam and gave him a kiss and said. "Baby. I'm going to go take a shower and get dressed."

Sam waited until Julie was in the shower and walked into the bedroom and looked for the book but noticed it was gone. Sam looked around the bedroom and finally noticed it tucked under the side of the bed on the floor and Sam sat on the floor and opened it to the index page and began to read it again.

There was a new page folded over and Sam knew that Julie or Frank or maybe both of them were reading through the book sometime today. The page that was folded was a chapter called conditioning the husband.

Skimming through the pages, Sam read a few of the paragraphs and it was giving instructions to the wife on how to limit and control her husband's desire for sex. Sam read one paragraph that got his heart beating fast again which read. "Practice depriving your husband sex when he asks you for it until he learns that your black boyfriend's sexual desires come before his own."

The next paragraph was giving examples in detail and said. "Tell him you are tired or you just want to cuddle. Tell him it would arouse you to see him play with his dick and fantasizing about you screwing your black boyfriend. Tell him how talented he is with his tongue and his mouth and you would prefer that he suck on you while you play with his dick"

Emphasize the fact that your black boyfriend is very large and your still sore from the last date You should always tell your husband that you love him very much and always remind him how aroused he gets when he watches you performing sex with your black boyfriend.

Sam wanted to read more but heard the water turn off in the bathroom and slipped the book back under the bed where he found it. Sam walked into the hallway just in time because Julie was in the bedroom picking up the blankets that had been tossed on the floor.

Later that evening Julie and Sam went out to dinner and when they returned home, Julie went into the study and on her computer. Sam took the opportunity to sneak into the bedroom to read something new in the book.

Sam searched under the bed but the book had been moved again so he searched in the drawers and in the closet but couldn't find it anywhere. He figured that Julie put it away somewhere special and he would look another time.

Sam walked into the den and put his hands around Julie who was sitting at the computer writing something and gave her a kiss on her cheek and said. "Do you feel like having a little sex before we go to bed tonight?"

Julie turned and kissed Sam on the lips and said. "Baby. I'm so tired from being up most of the night last night. Maybe we'll cuddle when we get in bed later and we can watch some television together."

Sam rubbed his wife's shoulder as he leaned back up and glanced at the computer screen before leaving the room. Julie was doing exactly what that book had suggested by depriving him of sex.

He also noticed that Julie was writing a diary on the computer tonight and Sam was going to get in there and check it out as soon as he could.

It was Thursday evening and every night that week Julie had an excuse for not having sex with him. Sam only had a couple opportunities to search for the book but hadn't had any luck finding it. It wasn't any more than an hour later that Sam went into the bedroom and saw Julie laying on the bed and reading the book.

Sam was pretending to look for something in the closet and noticed Julie's metal jewelry box was sitting out and open. It was the sort of box that you would lock all your important things under lock and key and Sam figured that was where she kept the book but he didn't have a key.

Julie startled Sam while he was in the closet when she began to talk to someone and when he looked out on the bed he saw that she had called someone on the phone.

Sam listened to Julie as she said. "Becky. I'm reading the fifth chapter now and I have a few questions for you. Do you think you could come over now and I can show you what I need to know?"

It was Becky she was speaking with about the book and waited until she hung up the phone and walked out of the closet as Julie said. "I need to go over to Becky's about something important. She can't come over so I'm going over to her house for a while but will be back shortly."

Julie gave Sam a kiss and took the book with her over to Becky's house and Sam got an idea to see what she had been writing on the computer every night.

Sam was looking through Julie's documents and found something called the club and clicked it open. The folder had daily entries on it with the last entry being today. Sam clicked on the first which would have been that past Sunday when Frank left their house.

It was a diary that Julie was making and everything she learned about Frank was noted including his favorite positions for sex, where he was ticklish, Frank's reaction when she performed certain sexual technics including sucking his cock.

Sam backed out to the main folder again and saw his name and clicked it on and began reading the first entry. Reacted positive while eating Frank's cum from her pussy and got Aroused talking about Frank staying in their room and a note saying that he looked concerned about bit marks Frank had given her.

Sam didn't know how much time he had so he skipped a couple days and opened yesterday's entry. Asked for sex again but complained of a headache and suggested that he play with himself while fantasizing about her and Frank making love.

There were other entry's but Sam didn't want to get caught and shut off the computer just as the phone rang. It was Julie and she was still at Becky's house and said. "Baby. Would you mind clearing a section of your closet out tonight? Frank will be bringing a few of his things over tomorrow and he will need a place to hang a few shirts and pants."

Sam replied. "Does he have to hang them in my closet?"

Julie replied. "Baby. Mine is full of dresses and besides, you have some old things you need to get rid of. I'll see you in awhile as soon as I'm through talking to Becky."

Sam didn't mind making room for a few of Frank's things in his closet. He was more concerned why Julie took the book over to Becky's house tonight and why it was such a big secret.

Julie just left Becky and Tom's house with the member's guide for the wife and Becky had given her some advice on how to determine what arouses the husband.

Tom walked behind Becky who was finishing some dishes in the sink and said. "I think Julie is going to need advice on handling Frank rather than her husband. I told you Larry said he was a kinky son-of-a-bitch."

Becky wiped her hands and turned to Tom and hugged him and said. "Yeah. Julie is so sweet and innocent and doesn't have a single clue that Frank is using the member's guide to his advantage."

Tom replied. "Everyone at the club is aware that Frank has the largest dick in the club and sometimes he is the largest dick if you know what I mean. Only one weekend together and Julie is gaga over that large black cock of his like a little school girl that has never had a doll."

Becky said. "That's all Julie talked about is how Frank used that big dick on her last weekend and how he made her feel so special. Frank's also giving her a big line about how he thinks Sam is very shy and how Sam can't tell her his true feelings.

Tom said. "Yeah. He's already beginning to brainwash Julie into thinking she is doing things for Sam because he is too afraid to tell her what he wants. If I say anything to Sam about it, he might cause some problems down at the club."

Becky leaned against the kitchen counter and crossed her arms and replied. "I'll just have to keep my eye on her and talk with her next week and see how its going. I may have told her too many positive things about our lifestyle. Maybe we could have Larry talk to Frank and tell him to back-off a little."

Tom said. "Frank's not going to listen to Larry, he's been wanting to do anything and everything to Julie ever since you gave him her picture a few weeks ago. You'll just have to keep an eye on Julie and have her keep him under control."

Becky kissed Tom and said. "This is going to be easier said than done."

It was late Friday afternoon and Julie had gone out that morning and bought a skirt and top to wear.

Frank told her how he loved to see her dress really sexily and wanted her to show her tits when they went out together so Julie had picked out a black skin tight top which revealed her tits and allowed her nipples to poke through. The top came down above her belly button and the black skirt was short and had a belt and rested very low on her hips.

Frank's request was that she never wore any panties when they were out because he loved to be able to reach underneath at any time and feel a nice smooth pussy.

Julie had finished getting dressed and decided to check the closet to see how Sam had finished clearing an area for Frank's things. Julie smiled when she saw that Sam had did what she had asked.

She walked out into the living room where Sam was reading the paper and took it away from him and sat on his lap and put her arms around him and gave him a deep passionate kiss.

Julie sad. "Baby. You're such a wonderful husband and I love you very much."

Sam put his arms around Julie and kissed her again and said. "Want to have wild sex before Frank arrives?"

Julie hugged Sam and kissed his face several times and said in a childish voice. "Oh. Baby. I just got all ready for the evening and Frank will be here soon. I promise that we'll have some wild sex as soon as Frank leaves on Sunday morning."

Julie sat on Sam's lap and cuddled with him as Sam rubbed the palm of his hand across her thighs feeling her soft skin. Julie kissed his lips as Sam gently moved his hand under the short skirt and touched her bare pussy.

Julie moaned when Sam pushed his finger into her slit which was wet and kissed her on the lips again until she said. "Take your pants off for me."

Sam stood up and took his pants off as fast as he could because they hadn't had sex in a couple weeks and waited for Julie to strip but she said. "Sit on the coach for me and spread your legs."

Sam did what he was told and Julie got on her knee's and took Sam's dick in her hands and leaned down and licked the head than put it in her mouth and started to suck him.

Julie was very well skilled at the art of giving head and licked his dick and balls with her hot wet tongue.

Julie was so beautiful and Sam stroked her really long blonde hair as she continued to give him head. Sam was aware that Julie hadn't had much experience before they were married but he had taught her the art of sucking a dick over the past few years and she did it expertly.

Sam was moving his hips as Julie moved her tongue around the head as she lovingly sucked her husband's dick. Sam couldn't hold out any longer as he started to groan and yelled. "Honey. I'm going too cum."

Julie continued to move her tongue skillfully around his dick until she felt the first wave of hot cum entering her mouth and she swallowed it as another spurt entered her mouth. Julie continued to lick and suck the head of his dick as she carefully moved her hands along his dick squeezing every last drop of cum that remained trapped inside his veins.

Julie raised her head and leaned forward and kissed her husband sending her tongue into his mouth as he sucked her tongue he tasted his own cum. This was the first time that Julie had ever done that to him and after she spit a tiny drop of cum into his mouth and continued to hold the kiss for several more seconds Julie looked at him and smiled.

Julie leaned down and kissed his chest and looked back up into Sam's eyes and said. "Did you like tasting your own cum that you squirted into my mouth?"

Sam kissed Julie and replied. "I didn't expect you to do that but it turned me on."

Julie smiled and said. "I thought it would since you liked eating Frank's cum from my pussy last weekend. You never have to be shy with me about your feelings and if that arouses you than we'll do it more often. If you're too shy to say anything to Frank while he is here than I'll tell him what you like to do."

Julie giggled at something she was thinking and Sam said. "What's wrong?"

Julie replied. "I thought of a few other ideas that we can do with Frank together but I want to surprise you. We better get ready because he'll be here in another hour and I still have to apply makeup."

Sam got up wondering what Julie had thought was so funny as he pulled his pants up. Frank arrived on Time and they all went out to dinner where Frank insisted that Julie sit next to him at the restaurant which got them a few stares from the older women at the nearby tables.

Frank was rather polite and friendly with Sam because after all Frank was now screwing his beautiful wife. Julie felt good that Frank spent most of his time talking to Sam on every subject imaginable but stayed away from their arrangement and sex completely.

Julie was naive to think that Frank was so concerned with things that Sam liked and wanted to know more about him personally.

When they returned to Julie and Sam's house, Frank brought his things into the room and neatly hung everything in the closet. Julie helped him arrange a few things while Sam fixed the drinks.

Frank had asked Sam for a particular brand of Vodka and when he said he didn't have it, he volunteered to go out and purchase it. Sam got into the car and drove off to the liquor store leaving Julie with Frank sitting near the pool with some candle's burning.

Sam returned thirty minutes later and still seen Frank and Julie out at the table near the pool. They hadn't noticed he returned from the store and saw that Frank seemed to be explaining something to Julie because of the way he was moving his hands so animate.

Sam put the package on the kitchen counter and began mixing the drinks and could hear Julie laughing and talking loud and heard Julie say. "No. You got to be kidding me."

Sam figured that Frank was telling her a joke or something but heard Frank reply loudly and said. "You can read it yourself because its right here in chapter nine."

Getting curious on what Frank was talking about, Sam walked out near the living room and saw that Julie was busy reading something and stepped a few feet closer and noticed she had the member's guide for wives.

Sam was trying to remember what chapter nine was all about but hardly had time to look through much of the book because Julie kept it locked away from him.

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