tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWeekend Fun Day 01

Weekend Fun Day 01


Day One of Our Weekend!

We woke to the alarm clock buzzing at 5am. Getting up that early was usually saved for work days, but today was the start of our weekend and we wanted to get an early start. I put the coffee on and headed into the bathroom for a quick rinse off. On the bathroom counter was a note sitting on top of the camera.

"Enjoy your shower love!" It said, followed by imprints of lips left in red lipstick.

Curious to know what the note meant and why the camera was there, I turned it and went to the preview screen. The one and only video saved was a view of the shower. Pressing play, I watched in surprise as she entered the frame. She was dressed in a skimpy little black nighty, lined with lace. The low cut neck line dropped midway down her breasts revealing her amazing cleavage. The nighty was silky and semi see through allowing me a glimpse of the dark areolas circling her nipples.

"Thinking of you," she said as she looked directly at the screen.

Then, turning around, she leaned down to turn on the shower. Her nighty had lifted, showing off her sexy pantieless ass and freshly shaved pussy lips.

My cock started to rise as I watched, imagining myself grabbing her hips and slamming my cock deep within her tight awaiting pussy.

She tested the water with her hand, pulled back the curtain against the wall and stepped into the shower. I slowly started rubbing my cock as I watched her naked body under a stream of steaming hot water.

Looking over at the camera a second time she said, "Don't play yet, just watch!"

I was caught off guard by her comment and quickly released my cock, only to realize I didn't really get caught masturbating, it was just a video. Rubbing my balls with one hand, I placed the other back on my hard on and continued to slide up and down my stiff erection, eyes glued to the screen.

She had taken a bar of soap and was now washing herself. Starting at her neck, she seductively rubbed it across her soft, glistening skin. Soap suds were covering her neck, shoulders, and breasts as she stared into the camera. Moving down, she lifted her breasts one at a time to lather up her lower chest and stomach. Then turning, I watched as her hands floated down towards her lower back. I observed as she rubbed the bar of soap across her ass, then bending over, she spread her cheeks and slowly ran the soap across her perky little hole. I had to let go of my cock to keep from shooting my load as I stared at the tip of her finger circling, and then disappearing into her ass. Her body quivered upon penetration. The sound of the shower was all I could hear but I imagined her moaning as she wiggled the tip in and around the tighter of the two entrances into her, positioning herself in center frame for the sole purpose of my viewing pleasure.

Standing back up and turning she said, "No cheating, stop playing with that cock!"

With that, she went back to soaping up her body. The full frontal view I now had showed her rubbing the bar of soap across her pussy. Her leg lifted as she placed a foot on the side of the shower showing off the beautiful, puffy lips surrounding her vagina. They were soft and smooth, speckled with soap suds like clouds breaking up a blue sky. The water from the shower head was not hitting her directly, but with each water droplet dripping down her hot, glistening body, more soap suds were washed away, further revealing her steamy wet pussy. She spread her lips with two fingers, showing of the milky, mucus covered pink hidden within, and stuck two others deep inside. Drops of precum emerged from the tip of my swollen cock as I instinctively wrapped my hand around it and started stroking.

I could see the muscles in her forearm flexing as she wiggled her fingers back and forth. The palm of her hand concealed her clit but I could see her fingers sliding in and out of her tender pink vagina. Each withdrawal released more of the milky white secretion as I watched it seeped down over her anxiously awaiting anis. She closed her eyes, leaned her head back into the stream of water and I observed the intensity of her pleasuring increase. Still, the only thing I could hear was the sound of the water, but I expected I would be able to listen to an overpowering orgasm soon!

Dropping the bar of soap, she crouched forward. Her hands continued to work harder to give her body and mind the pleasure of the intense orgasm that was sure to overtake her at any moment. My vein covered cock was pulsing with the rhythm of her fingers, ready to release a load of hot, sticky cum from deep within.

Opening her eyes, and staring back into the camera, she reiterated again, "I SAID not yet!"

Again, I let go of my cock but it continued to pulse on its own. One more touch would discharge the contents waiting within my testicles. Drops of precum continued to seep out, now trailing from the small opening at the tip, down the counter below. Although I had stopped touching myself, I didn't know if my cock was going to unleash its load or not.

I continued to twitch as I noticed her reach for the shower head. Removing it from the wall, she adjusted the head, changing it from a stream of water, to the pulsating flow of the massage setting. She sat on the edge of the shower, placed both legs on the other side and spread her knees.

"I hope you haven't cum yet," she said, eyes locked on the camera. "I want to watch you shower too!"

With on hand on the shower head and the other spreading herself wide open, she affixed the pulsing stream on her pussy. I shivered with anticipation as she directed it at her clit. Moments later, her body started shaking. The muscles surrounding her pussy started to twitch as an orgasm overtook her. Leaning her head back against the wall, she grasped the shower head with her legs and let out an overpowering scream, drowning out the sound of the water.

Again my hand went to my cock as she shuttered with pleasure. I was now stroking it hard and fast, wanting to cum with her until she looked directly at me and said, "Your turn!"

She slowly reached up and turned off the shower. Her legs shook as she tried to stand, then sitting back down, she closed her eyes and let out a long shaken sigh of pleasure. Her second attempt to stand was successful and she stepped out of the shower, pulling the curtain closed like the final act of a Broadway show.

Thinking about what she said, I changed the camera from the preview setting to the video setting and turned it toward the shower. Pushing play, I pulled back the curtain and turned on the water for "Act 2".

The water was already hot as I stepped in. Steam started to rise from the shower as I positioned my naked body under the flow. My neck was directly under the still pulsating shower head, allowing the water to beat against my tense muscles. I reached back and grabbed the bar of soap from the ledge. I slowly started to rub the soap across my arms, lifting each one to lather up my armpits and the sides of my torso. Then moving to my chest, I started to massage my pecks with my soapy hands. My nipples required a little extra attention as I squeezed each one firmly between my thumb and forefinger. My dick was still mostly hard from my recent near ejaculation and the hot water was now streaming over my shoulders, running down my chest and pouring over my cock before dropping like a waterfall to the floor of the shower.

Once my nipples had received their fair share of attention, I took the bar of soap and ran it down my chest to my trimmed pubic hair. Both hands were now rubbing either side of my package, periodically taking my cock with one hand and balls with the other and pulling back the skin to reveal the purple engorged head. It stiffened rapidly as my hand squeezed tight around the shaft. I continued to massage the soapy foam into my sensitive cock and balls, being sure to not go to fast, as her act was lengthy and it would only be fair to return the favor. Reluctantly I released my hands from their trophy and looked into the camera.

"Is this what you wanted to see?" I asked the future viewer of the video. "Or this?"

Turning to face away from the camera, I started to caress my ass with my soap covered hands, running the bar of soap from my lower back, down the crack of my ass, between my slightly opened legs, to the base of my balls. Then setting the soap down, my hands began to massage my ass working the soap into a lather. With each stroke across my ass, I ran my fingers deeper into the cheeks until finally exposing my perked up hole to the camera. Slowly, with one hand in front, I rubbed the soft, tender area between my anis and balls. With the other, in full view of the camera, I circled my soap covered pocket with the tip of my finger, every now and then placing pressure directly on the opening allowing for the slightest of penetration. Working my other hand back to my cock, I continued to tease my ass as I clenched my raging hard on and began to slide my hand from the base to the tip over and over.

Feeling more precum emerge from my bulging head, I turned to show her how incredibly aroused I was. My finger ran across the tip, and then pulled away, revealing a trail of clear mucus about four inches long. Finally it dropped from my finger and fell to the shower floor below.

"I hope you're enjoying this," I said as I stared into the camera. Then, grasping my cock hard I started to masturbate. My hand was furiously jerking as I thought about the video she had taken earlier. I felt my balls slapping against my thighs as I maneuvered my hand around the entire length of my cock, taking care not to reach the point of ejaculation just yet.

Reaching back to the ledge, I grabbed the soap and started a round two of lathering myself up. Turning towards the spray of water, I began to rub the bar of soap across my shoulders. The soapy white water washed down across my body as I continued head to toe, rubbing every inch. Then, redirecting my attention back to my nipples, I pinched and twisted them with the water beating down on my pecks.

Looking at the camera I asked, "Should I keep going?"

There was obviously no response expected, but I was hoping she would question whether or not I was going to give her the show she wanted.

I dipped my head into the pulsating hot water, and then reached for the showerhead. Replicating her previous shower experience, I proceed to sit down on the edge and place my feet up across the shower, giving her a full view of my erect cock, balls hanging below and a peek at my ass. Taking the shower head in one hand, I directed it to the soft mound of skin separating my balls and asshole. With the other hand, I wrapped my fingers around my cock and started to pump it back and forth. My eyes closed as I focused on the memory of her earlier rendition of my current position. Working the pulsing water up and down I began to tease my ass with the massaging flow of water. My body started to tense as my hand tightened around my swollen member. Then, directing the stream of water right to the center of my tensed up asshole, I moaned loudly as my cock surged streams of cum out of the tip. The first squirt landed on my chest, the next couple covered my stomach, and pushing my cock towards the camera, the remaining silky white ejaculate exited my cock falling to the shower floor below. I watched as it got caught in the current of water, circled the drain and disappeared. I rinsed the remaining jizz from my body with the shower head and sat in liberation as the orgasm that had just overtook me receded from my body.

As I stood up, I felt a wave of blood enter my head making me a little light headed and dizzy. Then, looking directly at the camera, I said, "Hope you liked mine as much as I liked yours!"

I reached down, turned the shower off, pulled the curtain closed and pressed the stop button on the camera.

"How was your shower?" she asked as I came into the bedroom.

"As good as yours was!" I replied with a revealing smile. I stared momentarily at the sexy bikini bottoms she was slipping over her thighs. I only got a quick glimpse of her tender pussy before concealed it with the fabric of her suit. Then I saw my swimsuit laid out on the bed. As I dropped my towel to the floor, she reached out and took my cock in her hand.

"Do I get to see how good it was?" she asked, squeezing her fingers gently around my dick.

"Yes," I said, shuddering from her touch. "You can watch it on the way to the lake."

It was almost 7am and we had a two hour drive ahead of us. I pulled my swimsuit on, slipped a shirt over my head and we headed to the truck.

Chapter 2

The summer was coming to an end, but it was supposed to be mid 80's and sunny the entire weekend. Day one of our weekend was going to be spent at a small lake up in the mountains, but we had one stop to make before we headed out of town.

The mornings workout had made me hungry so we pulled into a little diner at the edge of town. It was a favorite stop for the locals. Their pancakes and eggs were top notch and the coffee had the taste of day old gas station brew.

Walking into the dingy lit entrance, I eyed the last remaining table in the corner. There were only 12 booths and a breakfast bar and it wasn't uncommon to have to wait around for the old timers to stop shooting the breeze to find a seat. Today we got lucky. The waitress greeted us and gestured for us to follow her through the crowded space to tattered bench seats on either side of a very dated looking wood table. As we sat down, she reached into her coffee stained apron, and pulled out two menus, laying them on the table in front of us.

"Can I start you off with something to drink?" she asked with a smile.

We ordered coffee and juice and reached for faded menus to select our breakfast. Minutes later, after reviewing the eight breakfast selections, she put down her menu and asked, "That was a long shower this morning, did you put on a good show for me?"

"You'll see, I said with a smile," placing my menu on the edge of the table to let our waitress know we were ready to order. "I think you're a better actor than I am."

"I wasn't acting love!" was her response as the waitress returned to take our orders.

"What'd you decide?" asked the waitress with a smile.

We responded with our breakfast choices and off she went to get them started.

"What do you mean you weren't acting," I said, continuing the conversation about the amateur videos contained within the camera. "You're a top notch porn star after that performance!"

"Hush...keep it down a bit," she said embarrassed, as the man behind did a quick glance over his shoulder in response to my comment.

"Well, you are!" I whispered.

She smiled, and then biting her bottom lip replied, "I'm glad you liked it!"

"I did, I really liked it. I can't wait to see your next feature film!"

"If there is a next one," she replied. "Yours presentation will be the deciding factor in that!"

Minutes later our food arrived, halting any additional conversation about our newly establish movie careers. Pouring syrup over her pancakes, she looked at me and smiled with a comfortable, loving grin.

We rapidly finished off our breakfast, paid the hand written bill that was left when our food was brought out, placed a $5 on the table for a tip and headed out the door.

"Thanks for coming in, see you next time," came a voice from behind. A quick wave and we were out the door, headed back to the truck for our drive to the lake.

Once on the road, she asked, "OK, where's the camera, I want to see!"

"I didn't grab it, I thought you did."

"Oh...no, I thought you got it. You mean we left it at home. I have to wait to see?"

Smiling devilishly, I reached into the door pocket, pulled it out and tossed it on to her lap.

"You ass! You had me worried. I have more plans with this today!" She said playfully.

"What kind of plans?" I asked curiously.

"You might never know after pulling a stunt like that!"

With that said she opened the little black case, pulled out the camera and put it in preview mode.

Seeing there were now two files on the camera brought a smile to her face. All I heard was the sound of the shower coming out of the slim silver camera as she put her bare feet on the dash and leaned the seat back. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her legs, almost unnoticeably moving ever so slightly back and forth. My cock twitched in my swimsuit as I imagined that little tingle her pussy was now feeling. She paused it and looked over at me.

"So far, so good," she said with a giggle, and then pushed the play button restoring the sound of the water coming out of the shower head.

I continued on my path to the lake, listening to the water, wondering what part she was watching now. Then the answer came. The same overpowering scream I had heard earlier was now echoing from the camera. She had just watched herself have an orgasm on cam while sitting next to me in the truck.

"No fair," I said, "I want to watch that again too!"

"I am a good porn star!" she said in a soft sexy voice. "Let's see how you compare now!"

Again, the sound of the water came from the camera. Her slight leg movements from earlier had become more defined as she focused on the small display in front of her. Then removing one hand from the camera, she placed it on her chest and started to squeeze her breast!

Pinching her nipple she asked, "Do you like your nipples being pinched?"

"Yes," I responded, entirely enjoying the fact that she was watching ME in the shower now.

"Your cocks really hard right now!" was her next comment.

"Not really," I said, "it needs a little help!"

"No...I mean on here. You're stroking it slowly. Does it feel good to stroke it like that?" she asked as she moved her hand down from her breast to her abdomen.

"Yes," I answered as reaching down to adjust my semi erect cock.

"Oh...you have a sexy ass, do you like rubbing your ass?"

Before I could answer lowered her fingers to her pubic area and asked, "Do you like touching your asshole? It looks like it!"

Putting pressure on the top of her pussy she started to rub.

My concentration was now off the road as I watched her press her bathing suit between the folds of her pussy lips.

"Wow...Honey, you look like your enjoying playing with your ass!" she said with a now quieter tone. "Can I watch you do this sometime in person?"

"Maybe," I answered, my cock now feeling like it needed to be let out.

My situation wasn't missed by her either. She briefly took her hand from her own lap and placed it on my cock. A firm squeeze was enough to confirm her assumptions.

With her hand back to her pussy, she continued the questions.

"Did your finger feel good pressing on your ass?"

"Yea," I said sliding my hand down my suit. Much more of this would require pulling over but I didn't care, we weren't on a schedule, we had all day!

"Why'd you stop honey?" Was the next inquisitive comment.

"Just taking my time love!" Knowing the finally was just around the corner, literally. As I rounded a bend in the road, I pulled the truck onto the shoulder and put it in park.

Her fingers were now exploring the elastic at the top of her bikini bottoms. Placing her hand flat against her stomach, she slid it down beneath her suit and found her pussy again, this time with nothing between her hand and the moisture radiating from within.

"What am I doing now?" I asked while I rubbed my cock slowly but firmly.

"Sitting on the edge of the shower, playing with the shower head. Did you like that? That's one of my favorite spots on your body!"

"Yes!" I answered. My tone was getting quieter as I felt the tip of my engorged dick open to let a drop of precum free.

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