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Weekend Getaway


It was anything but another dull, boring, routine Tuesday at work. The phones were ringing off the hook but that was to be expected in a company of this size. I was usually in charge of filing, routing phone calls, general correspondence and mail. However this week I was working as a personal assistant to Robert, the head CEO of the company. His regular assistant was off for the week and somehow I was lucky enough to be asked to fill in. Well I'm not sure if most would see it as lucky; he was a hard man to work for. He stood tall, well over 6', His short dark hair was cut almost military short and he had piercing blue eyes. He carried himself with great confidence and Alpha didn't even come close to describing him. With both his broad shoulders, and deep voice people just naturally got out of his way. No one dared seem to make eye contact for any length of time, and when they did, his dead on stare brought even the biggest bullies to their knees. But even with all that I had the biggest crush on him, almost an obsession.

So here I was, making sure my hair was perfect, clothes clinging to all the right places, makeup on just right, heels, all for nothing. He didn't give the time of day unless it was to bark orders at me or to toss a file on the desk for me to work on. However, I refused to give up in my quest to get his attention. I continued to smile through his scowls, answer politely to his orders, walked with just a little extra sway to my hips when I left his office. He never indicated that he noticed, not even once. By Friday I was a little discouraged, but then an opportunity of a lifetime came. Robert was away in a meeting when I placed a file on his desk that he requested, I noticed a corner of a paper peeking out from under his keyboard. Being the naturally nosey assistant, I peeked at it. It was an email confirming his reservations and the itinerary for the following weekend at a nearby resort hotel that was known for its underground swingers club catering to the Dom/sub couples. I had heard of his alternative lifestyle, not sure how much was just office gossip and how much was real, and while it seemed a little scary, it also stirred something deep within me. I was aching to learn more about his part in all of this.

The reservation was for two, but it didn't indicate the name of the person he would be going with. I assumed it was a female partner, maybe someone he liked to swing with or maybe a sub. Although I knew throughout the week I had transferred many phone calls from females to him, and had taken even more messages from females, none jumped out as anyone he was particularly attached to. I felt this was my chance to show him that I could play too.

I looked up the resort online and made my reservations for the same weekend. I had no idea how I was going to get myself invited to the underground party but I was going to do everything in my power to figure it out. I finished up my duties for the day and hurried home to get online. I visited several sites that catered to the Dom/sub lifestyle. I spent the whole evening learning and was more than a little surprised to find myself very aroused at the idea of being dominated. Not just by anyone, but by him. While I was no stranger to sex, it had never really been fulfilling for me. And I never felt connected to my partners. But now I begin to feel that maybe it was because I wasn't turned on by traditional, vanilla sex. As I searched through site after site of anything from light bondage to almost torture I felt myself get wetter and wetter.

By 11pm I was almost writhing in my chair. I felt flushed, like steam was coursing through my veins and my eyes were glazed over. I shut off the computer and decided a shower was what I needed. I stepped into the shower stall and although the water was hot, it felt cool on my overheated skin. The stinging spray did nothing to relieve my aroused state. I tried soaping my body but even the sponge against my skin seemed to turn me on more. I found myself dropping the sponge and caressing my body. The soap made my hands slide over the skin with ease. Running my hands over my belly, up my torso I then cupped my heavy, sensitive breasts. I gently squeezed them, pinching and pulling on the nipples. They were taunt and pebbled, and the pinching felt wonderful. I twisted and rolled the hardened peaks, feeling the moisture building between my legs. With each pull and pinch a jolt of arousal went straight to my clit. I could feel it pulsing and swelling, begging to be touched. I squeezed my thighs together, gently rubbing them back and forth, but I needed more.

With one hand still cupping my breast and pinching my nipple, I brought the other down to caress my engorged clit. The contact made me moan out loud and my hips automatically arched into my hand. I was slick with my arousal and with the added soap it was almost too soft of a contact. I still rolled the nub between my fingers, pinching slightly and dipping my fingers inside my very wet channel. I was pumping my hips, finger fucking myself deep and pulling on my nipples, but it still wasn't quite enough for me to cum. I looked up and remembered that the shower head detached into a hand held with an adjustable pulsing head. Grabbing hold of the hand held I quickly adjusted the head until it was spraying a pulsing, hard jet. I spread my legs and held the shower head so it was pointed right at my swollen clit. As soon as contact was made I knew this was what I needed. I rested my head against the wall of the shower and thrust my hips forward. I turned up the temp so it was just this side of scalding and started to rock my hips back and forth. It was wonderful. The sting of the water and me pulling on my nipples soon had me moaning and gasping. I could feel the orgasm building and bent my head so I could suck and lick my nipple. That little extra sent me over the edge. My knees almost gave out as I rode the incredible wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. As always, it was over too soon, but at least I felt I could sleep. Rinsing the last of the soap from my trembling body, I dried off quickly and crawled under the blanket, falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The next day I went shopping. Not just for sexy clothes to wear on my weekend getaway, but for toys, and not the kind you find at Wal-Mart. I Googled several different adult toy shops in the city and mapped out the ones that looked like they catered to what I was looking for. Not that I was all that sure what I was looking for. As I pulled up to the first store, I suddenly had a slight twinge of fear. What the hell was I doing? Was I even ready for this? I sat in my car and took several deep breaths. Reminded myself what my goal was and stepped from the car. The windows to the shop were tinted as well as the door, and when I opened it, my nose was assaulted with the scent of different oils and lotions. The woman behind the counter looked 65 with smeared lipstick and badly dyed red, poufy hair. She looked bored as she asked if I needed help and I told her I was just looking. The items they sold looked cheap and overpriced. And the only other customer in there gave me the creeps. After walking around for a short while I realized they didn't cater to the clientele that I was looking for. The second shop wasn't much different, but at the third shop I struck gold.

As soon as I walked in, the atmosphere was different. The front of the shop was full of sexy lingerie, costumes, corsets, and high heeled shoes. There were rows of flavored oils, lotions, gels, and stimulating creams. There was a separate section toward the back of the shop that had toys, lots and lots of toys. Just looking at the different vibrators, dildos, plugs, whips, floggers and canes, I started to get wet and I could feel my nipples pebbling and rubbing against my bra. As my fingers touched the various restraints my breathing became shallow, and by time I picked out what I wanted and made my way to the register, my hands were shaking and damp. The young woman behind the counter was clean and friendly, and offered suggestions to insure my experience with my purchase would be pleasant.

By time I finished my other errands and made my way home, it was getting dark. I quickly made my way to my bedroom and laid my purchase out on the bed. With trembling fingers I opened some if the packages. Among them was a vibrator with a clit stimulator, anal plugs in 3 sizes, nipple clamps and a DVD on various Dom/sub scenarios. I popped in the DVD and sat back on the bed. As scene after scene of bondage, submission, and roll play danced across the screen I became totally intrigued with what I was watching. Before I was even aware of it, I was totally naked on the bed and rubbing my wet pussy. My distended clit was throbbing and my nipples begging to be touched. I looked around at my toys and picked up the nipple clamps. As I clamped them on I yelped at the slight sting and then moaned at the jolt of pleasure it provided. I tugged on them gently and almost came. Reaching for the vibrator, my hand stopped instead on the smallest butt plug. I have never had anything anally and was a little afraid, but that only served to heighten my arousal. I reached for the lube and coated the plug. I let my lubed fingers trace lightly around my anus coating it as well. I was surprised at how much pleasure I got from playing there. I let one finger slip in, lubing the inside as well. It was so tight I had to add more lube, and soon I was fingering myself with ease. It felt so good I could feel the juices from my pussy running down to mix with the lube. I added another finger causing me to squirm with pleasure. When they were both slipping in and out with ease I reached for the plug. It fit nicely with the flared base keeping it from going in all the way. The sensation was incredible. I laid there for a moment just enjoying the feeling, slightly rocking my hips back and forth. I reached for the vibrator and turned it on. Not being used to toys, it was a moment I will never forget; the vibrator on my clit and the plug in my ass was almost too much pleasure to take. I reached up with one hand and gently tugged on the nipple clamps while the other moved the vibrator all over my soaked pussy. I could feel that I was getting close to an orgasm and I slipped the vibe inside. The added fullness of the butt plug made it a tight fit, but the slight pleasure/pain sent me over the edge. My back arched off the bed as I came hard. I could feel fluid gush from between my legs as the orgasm went on and on.

When it was over, I laid there thinking about this new adventure I was about to embark on. I cleaned the toys and put them in a small duffle bag and jumped in the shower. I knew if I wanted to be really ready for the next weekend I would need to play like this over and over.

The following week was spent with me reading books on the Dom/sub rolls, working out with my toys and wearing a butt plug for several hours a day. By Friday I was up to the largest size and decided if I was going to be ready, I needed to wear it all day. Work provided to be more difficult than I thought. Every movement in my chair brought a new wave of arousal and kept my nipples hard as I could feel the plug deep inside of me. I had to slip into the bathroom twice to masturbate to give my over sensitive body some much needed relief. By the end of the day I was exhausted and still horny. I had my bags packed before work and was very anxious to hit the road to the resort.

When I got there, I checked in, unpacked, and started to put my plan in action. I ordered a light meal from room service, showered and got dressed. I choose a black clingy dress with an open back, and a plunging neckline, black lace panties and black strappy sandals. I left my hair down which would be a change from what I usually wore to work. It tumbled in dark waves to mid-back. Satisfied with my outfit and makeup, I headed down to the meet and greet portion of the weekend. I was able to get my name on the list as an observer through a web site I found, meaning I could go to some of the open activities, but would need a sponsor to attend the private parties. I wasn't sure if he would be attending, but maybe I would meet someone who would get me into other events. As I made my way to the private suites where the party was I had to keep stopping and taking a deep breath so I wouldn't lose my nerve. When I got to the door, I gave my name and was briefed on the rules and allowed in. The room was set up with a full bar and overstuffed chairs and couches all around. There were quite a few people mingling and several groups in the surrounding couches.

My eyes scanned the room, looking for Robert. I spotted the familiar frame and the short haircut standing at the bar talking to a beautiful, leggy blond. My heart sank. I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but I just realized I might be out of my league. I stood frozen in place as I watched her make some gesture with her hands and him smile and lean in close to her ear and whisper something. She threw her head back and laughed and placed her hand on his chest showing perfectly manicured nails. I glanced down at my own short natural nails and grimaced. I took a deep breath, refusing to let myself get down and headed toward the bar. I slid into an empty seat, several down from him and the bombshell and ordered a drink of liquid courage. I tried not to stare, but couldn't help but let my eyes slide to his end of the bar every few seconds. On one such occasion my view was suddenly blocked by a large frame.

Trying not to be rude by showing my irritation at the man blocking my view, or my attempts to try and look around him, I met him eye to eye instead. He was a nice looking man, broad shoulders and frame that spoke of years on the football field. He had a shaved head and a well trimmed goatee. But best of all he had a smile that lit up his whole face, dimples and all and twinkling eyes. You just couldn't help but to smile back.

He introduced himself as Cole and we exchanged polite conversation for a while. He finally shifted in his seat and I was able to catch a view of the object of my obsession, just as he placed his hand on the small of Barbie's back and led her to a door at the back of the room. There was a man standing at the door and as he approached, he said something to him and the door was opened. I caught a brief glimpse of a darkened room on the other side and I could hear soft music, and then the door was closed again. Evidently the disappointment showed in my face as Cole followed my gaze. I asked him what was in there and he explained that it was the private party for elite members only. After I let him buy me another drink and flirted shamelessly, he offered to sponsor me and take me into the private room. We approached the door and my heart was racing, knowing that what was behind this door was what I had been preparing for all week.

Once my eyes adjusted to darkened room I tried not to stare at what I saw. There were couches and chairs with cushions on the floor scattered around them. People were in the chairs with others kneeling at their feet in various stages of dress. Some of the ones kneeling had thin chains attached to collars around their necks. I noticed they weren't speaking, and most were looking at the ground but every once and a while the person sitting in the chair would pat their head or offer them a bit of food. Occasionally I would see a couple get up and go into another room and close the door. Cole explained to me that the couples were Dom/sub couples and there were rooms set aside for their sexual pleasure.

I looked around for Robert and let out a breath or relief to see him sitting on a couch with the blond and talking with another couple, one who had a slender boyish looking man on his knees with a gold chain around his neck, attached to a delicate gold chain leash that the woman in the couple was holding. The sub was wearing only a thong and was looking at the floor with his hands clasped in front of him. When the sub was spoken to by his Dom, his whole body came alert and you could see the love and respect in his eyes. Cole saw that I was intrigued and before I knew it he was ushering me to a couch nearby. He introduced me to the group and when my eyes met Robert's, he was furious.

I wouldn't let him see how nervous I was so I squared my shoulders and smiled. He slowly raised himself from his seat and came toward me. I naturally backed up only to feel Cole's arm snake around my waist and pull me close. He met my bosses stare head on and demanded to know what his problem was. It became obvious to me that by the exchange of words, they were long time friends. Robert explained to my sponsor that he needed to discuss some things with me in private. Cole made it clear that he was responsible for me and he would not leave me to his intimidation. I was ushered to a private corner by both of them where my boss demanded to know what the hell I was doing there. I tried to explain that I had an interest in the lifestyle and that I had every right to be there. Cole looked slightly confused but soon realized he had been used by me to gain access into the private sector of the group. Now he too was looking pissed.

I could see by their body language that I was dealing with two dominate Alpha males and I was totally screwed. They exchanged a look that made me feel uneasy and decided that they would show me what really went on at these getaways. They took me to a darkened room and pushed me inside. Once I heard the door close they turned on the lights. I was shocked and aroused at the same time. There was a table in the center of the room with leg and arm restraints, various whips and floggers against the wall. Another wall held canes and other toys, most I had never seen before or had any idea how they would be used. I could feel my heart beat faster as I imagined myself tied to the table and at his mercy. He must have noticed my reaction because he came closer to me, they both did. Having 2 big males in my personal space was very intimidating. I found myself backing toward the closed door. Robert reached for some of the toys on the wall, a mask and a ball gag, telling me how he likes to play with his women. How they BOTH play with the women. I suddenly felt panic setting in. I never thought I would have to be having sex with two men at the same time. I knew he was into some kinky things, but I just didn't count on this. I backed slowly to the door as he came towards me with a look in his eye that was pure predator. Flight instinct took over and before I knew it, I was out the door and running for the elevator. Next thing I knew I was face down on my bed in a full blown panic attack.

I woke early the next morning thinking the best thing for me to do was to pack, go home, and start looking for a new job. And I planned to do just that as soon as I got myself some coffee. When I arrived at the cafe, it was almost empty. I made my way to a table by the window and ordered my coffee. I was so deep into my thoughts and humiliation that I didn't notice someone approach my table. I looked up with a start to see Cole standing there, with one of his infectious grins on his face. I couldn't help but to smile back, forgetting my humiliation and embarrassment for a mament. He sat down and asked why I was really here. Before I knew what I was doing I blurted out the whole story, I must have become emotional because by time I reached the end Cole was holding my hand and handing me a napkin to dry my tears. He suddenly started to chuckle and it soon turned into full blown, booming laughter. All I could do was stare open mouthed in confusion.

When he finally stopped, he was wiping tears away. Cole explained to me that he had the perfect plan to get Robert's attention. Tonight was the slave auction. All subs were welcome to volunteer to be slaves with the attached subs getting permission from their Dom's. The auction was for one night of pleasure with the slave. Cole and I laid out our plan for the evening and I started to feel better. Tonight was going to be great. I spent the day at the hotel spa under Cole's supervision, getting pampered, waxed, tweezed, massaged, and made over in preparation. Cole knew just how Robert liked his women and he was making sure I was perfect.

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