tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWeekend in the Mountains

Weekend in the Mountains


I pulled into the driveway on Friday afternoon, relieved that a hectic week was behind me and looking forward to heading up to our small house in the mountains for a relaxing fall weekend. The autumn leaves were at their peak and there were some good games, college and pro, throughout the weekend. My wife Lisa and I had owned the house for a couple of years and enjoyed having the ability to escape on the weekends as well as wintertime skiing.

This weekend was going to be a little different. An old friend of my wife was coming along. Annie had recently broken up with her boyfriend and Lisa had invited her up to the house to get away from things for a couple of days.

Just as I was about to enter the house, Annie pulled up behind me in the driveway. I waited for her at the door, greeted her with a quick hug and led her into the house. We made some small talk. I was careful to avoid the boyfriend issue. She said, "Thanks for letting me tag along this weekend. I hope I won't be in the way."

I told her it was no problem at all. I was looking forward to the weekend. I then headed to the bedroom to change. When I returned, I saw that Lisa had arrived home and the two were already chatting away. They are both about the same height and build, about five three and thin. Lisa is a brunette with B cup tits and Annie is a blonde with what appear to be C cups.

I loaded up the car as Lisa got ready to go. We all piled into the car for a two hour drive up to the mountains. I drove and tried to listen to music as the girls talked. When we were near the house, we stopped and picked up a couple of pizzas and headed to the house. We arrived, quickly unloaded the car and then popped open some beers and ate.

As the night wore on, I found a game on TV and let the girls enjoy catching up. Annie was telling Lisa about the problems with the ex and Lisa was commiserating. I was minding my own business. After awhile, everyone drifted off to bed.

The house has a bedroom upstairs with a half bath. This is where we slept. There are also two small bedrooms downstairs along with a full bath. As we were lying in bed, Lisa was telling me how bad she felt for Annie about what had happened. She was saying that she hoped we could have some fun this weekend to help take her mind off things for a little while.

I awoke the next morning to a cold quiet house. I turned up the heat and headed out to the hardware store to pick up a couple of things. When I returned, the girls were up. My wife had just finished showering and Annie was now in the shower. I took care of a small repair on the deck and went in. Annie had just come out of the shower and Lisa was puttering around.

We were planning to go out for breakfast so I hustled up to the bedroom to get ready for a shower. I was in the shower for a few minutes when I heard the door creak. Though the almost clear shower curtain I could see a brunette head peak in and heard my wife say "It's just me. Annie left her brush in here."

I replied, "What are you, her gopher?" and received a sarcastic laugh in reply as she took the brush and left. A few minutes later, just as I had turned off the water, the door again creaked open. This time I could see a blond head. Annie walked into the bathroom, stood about two feet from me and said, "Sorry about that. I didn't mean to treat Lisa like a gopher." She then turned and left and I could hear the girls laughing outside the door.

I just stood there for a minute. It was a strange sensation. Annie had just been standing there and the only thing separating the two of us was this shower curtain. I was wondering how much she saw and at the same time trying to figure out how I felt about it. A part of me was embarrassed and another part of me was turned on. My cock twitched a little at the thought of Annie, who I had always found to be sexy, checking out my junk.

I dried, wrapped the towel around my waist and headed back to the bedroom to get dressed. As I exited the bathroom, Lisa was waiting for me. She was still grinning from ear to ear and asked if I felt better now that Annie had apologized. I gave no answer, just headed upstairs with Lisa trailing behind me trying to stifle her giggles.

When I reached the top of the steps, I turned toward the area where the bed is and saw Annie sitting on the bed, legs crossed, and her hands were leaning on the bed behind her. She smiled and only said "Hi." I smiled back and said that I had to get dressed. She replied, "I know", but didn't move from where she was sitting.

I stopped and just stood there for a minute. Annie had a smirk on her face. My wife came up behind me at this point, reached around me and suddenly yanked off my towel, leaving standing there stark naked in front of two laughing women. I was stunned and embarrassed and excited all at the same time. My cock started to grow semi-erect. So, this is what CFNM is like.

I turned toward my wife to get the towel back but she had already thrown it into the half bath which she was now blocking. I had two choices, physically move my wife so that I could get into the bathroom or go to the dresser to get my clothes. I chose the dresser. I attempted to calmly walk over and get my boxers. I'm not sure how successful I was. I pulled out a pair of underwear and put them on as gracefully as I could in the situation. The show was basically over. The girls couldn't stop laughing as they went back down stairs.

After I finished dressing I headed back down stairs. The girls were still having a good time at my expense but did apologize. I don't think it was very sincere. I acted like I accepted. At breakfast, I told them that they owed me, big time. The response I got was "Oh, yeah?" and more laughter.

After breakfast, we went back to the house. The girls left to go shopping saying they would be home for dinner. I had some yard work that needed to be done.

I took care of the yard work, grabbed a beer and settled in to watch Alabama play LSU. They were both in the top ten and it looked to be a good game. As I sat there, I was barely paying attention to the TV. I kept thinking about the events from that morning. Looking back on it, I was finding it more and more exciting. I was also imagining scenarios where I could see Annie naked. Since I had met her, I had wondered what she would look like naked. A bikini was the closest I had gotten.

As all these thoughts were going through my mind, my cock had become rock hard. I freed it from the confines of my jeans and slowly stroked it imagining watching her in the shower, soap running over her spectacular tits. When I finally reached a climax, the release was spectacular. It was what my body had been aching for. Afterward, I was able to relax a little.

The girls arrived home with food and wine for dinner and made a nice meal. The morning wasn't discussed. After dinner, we opened a second bottle of wine threw in a movie, settling in for the evening.

After the movie ended, Lisa stood, stretched and said she was going to go get new her pajamas on. Annie said she was going to do the same. They then started digging through their bags to get out their new PJs. As they were doing this, I said, "Why do you need to go get you pajamas on? You have them right here. Just put them on."

Lisa turned and said, "I bet you would love that wouldn't you?" They were smiling at each other.

I said, "Hey, after this morning, it's only fair. You two owe me."

"Oh, we owe you?" was the reply that I got from Lisa. "From the look of your dick this morning, I'm thinking you enjoyed it." They both laughed at this as they headed off to change.

When they came back, they were greeted with freshly filled wine glasses. I wanted to get them drunk, or at least very buzzed. I was pleased to see that neither of them was wearing a bra. Annie's tits were bouncing very seductively. It was clear that Lisa had hard nipples.

After they finished their wine, I poured more and the light hearted banter in the room was becoming more sexual. We began to discus what had happened with Lisa again saying she could tell I enjoyed it. She also said that Annie told her that I had a nice cock. Annie turned red when this was revealed. Using this as an opportunity, I told Annie I was glad she liked what she saw. She was now bright red and Lisa was laughing.

Lisa said, "Why don't you show her again? But this time you need to have a full erection." Annie made a token protest that that wasn't necessary.

I said, "OK, but what's in it for me?"

Lisa replied in total shock, "What's in it for you? What's in it for you?! You get to show off naked again and I know you got off on that. You probably jerked off today thinking about it didn't you?" My silence was all the answer she needed. "I knew it!" she said. Then turning to Annie said, "Didn't I tell you?" Annie only smiled.

"Come on, get naked" said Lisa.

"I'll do it, but I've got to see some tits first", was my reply.

Lisa pulled off her top and was now topless. I could see a surprised look on Annie's face as Lisa said, "OK, here you go. Now get you clothes off."

I slowly smiled and said "I don't think so. I need to see both of you." Annie was already shaking her head but Lisa started to badger her to comply until Annie finally gave in and unbuttoned then opened her top revealing her gorgeous breasts. They were spectacular and I just stared until Lisa broke me from my trance.

"Come on, get on with it", she said.

I stood and slowly removed all my clothes until I was in only my boxers. I could feel my cock growing. I hesitated and the girls started a "Take them off chant." I pushed them down. My cock sprang back and hit my stomach and the underwear fell to the floor. I stepped out of them and stood there facing two sexy, topless girls with my hands on my hips and my cock at almost full mast.

The girls whooped and laughed and made a few crude comments as I was instructed to turn this way and that. They had me turn my back to them with my legs spread to see if they could see my balls. They talked about me like I wasn't even there. I don't know why but I had never been so turned on. My cock was as hard as it had ever been in my life.

Lisa noticed how hard I was and stood to touch it. She looked and Annie and said, "I can't believe how hard he is. You have to feel this." I don't know whose eyes got bigger at that comment, mine of Annie's. Lisa, a little more urgently this time, said to Annie, "Come on, touch it. It's OK."

Annie slowly moved from the sofa and came over to stand with us. Lisa grabbed her hand and led it to my cock. Annie's fingers gently circled around and then squeezed me as she pumped me a few times. "That might be the hardest one I've ever felt" she said. After a few more strokes, she released her grip and stepped back with Lisa.

"OK, now jerk off for us", demanded Lisa. My hand gripped my cock. The girls each had a look of anticipation. I moved my hand away. Lisa shouted, "What are you waiting for?"

I looked at them and said, "If I'm going to do that for you, you need to do something for me. You need to be naked, completely naked."

They looked none too happy but Lisa slid her pajama bottoms to the floor leaving her naked. She wasn't wearing panties. She then looked at Annie who was hesitating. Annie said, "I don't know if I can do that?"

"Sure you can", said Lisa as she reached to start pulling Annie's top the rest of the way off. "You're going to get to see him masturbate. We've been married five years and I've never even seen that."

As Annie held on to her top, Lisa let go of it and then yanked Annie's pant to the floor. Annie wasn't wearing panties either. I got to see her closely trimmed bush framing her puffy pussy lips. Annie was shocked but since she was now totally on display anyway, relented and dropped her top. They turned to sit on the sofa showing me their lovely asses. They sat and almost in unison said, "OK, get on with it."

I spit on my hand and started stroking my cock. If I hadn't cum earlier I wouldn't have lasted more than thirty seconds. I never took my eyes off the two beautiful, naked women in front of me as I slowly picked up the pace. They were squirming in their seats, rubbing their thighs together. I felt my orgasm approaching and stroked faster, pointing my penis toward the girls. When I came, it felt like I shot a quart of semen out. The first two shots hit the girls causing them to squeal. The rest landed on the floor. I collapsed onto the other sofa.

After we all calmed down, we sat there naked, discussing what had happened. Lisa then announced that she wanted to go to bed and glared at me. I knew she needed to cum.

We got up to bed and she was hotter than I had ever seen her. I, however, wasn't quite ready. I laid her down and had to taste her pussy. My face was soaked within a minute. I couldn't remember her being this wet. In minutes, she came hard and loud. Her hips rose about a foot off the bed and then slammed back down. It was difficult to maintain contact since she was bouncing around so much.

As she was coming down from her orgasmic high she was stroking me to get me hard enough to enter her. This is when we heard loud grunts and moans coming from down stairs. Annie was getting herself off.

That was all I needed. I was hard again and slid into Lisa. I immediately started pounding her hard and fast. The bed was squeaking and bouncing. After awhile, I pulled out of her, flipped her over and entered her doggy style. As I pulled her hair and held her hip, I pounded her hard. The head board was banging loudly against the wall.

As I was getting closer to coming, I wet my thumb and stuck it in her ass. She was now getting some double penetration and moaning like an animal. She had another orgasm and the contractions in her pussy and ass pushed me over the edge. I came hard, almost painfully, and collapsed onto her. We heard more moaning coming from Annie. She was apparently cumming again. Afterward, we fell into a deep sleep.

The next day was filled with a lot of shy smiles but the events of the previous night were not discussed, at least not around me. We loaded the car in the afternoon and headed home from a fantastic weekend. I could only hope that I would see Annie naked again. I was also looking forward to being seen naked again. This would surely mark a change in our sex lives.

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