tagBDSMWeekend in Vegas Ch. 04

Weekend in Vegas Ch. 04


Saturday Morning

"Good Morning slave."

Her Master's voice woke Brenda from a deep slumber. It took her a minute to remember where she was. It started coming back to her, naked in a king size bed with her Master, Las Vegas, Caesar's Palace, dinner, show, playing craps.

Her eyes popped open when she thought of how she had exposed herself in the casino and the hallway. When she thought of how her Master fucked her on the balcony she relaxed, and stretched.

"MMMMMmmmmm...Good Morning Master," she cooed.

"I've ordered breakfast slave, it should be here soon. I'm playing golf this morning so I have to take a shower. I've made an appointment for you at the spa. We'll go to the pool this afternoon when I get back. Time to get moving."


He gave her a light spank on the ass as he got up and went into the bathroom. Brenda lay there listening to the shower running. She didn't want to be left alone while Master played golf. She scolded herself for thinking that. She was a slave. Slaves do what her Master tell them to do and like it. It occurred the spa at Caesar's Palace should be pretty nice. She started looking forward to the day.

Brenda started to think about masturbating naked in the hall and getting caught by the young couple. She thought it should embarrass her but she was getting excited just thinking about it.

Then she heard the knock on the door followed by, "Room Service."

Brenda got up and looked around. Seeing her Master's dress shirt draped over the chair she walked over and put it on. She started to button the front and then stopped. She walked to the door, holding the front of the shirt closed just below her tits with one hand. She opened the door and saw a cute young man in uniform holding a roll cart.

"Good Morning ma'am."

"Good Morning, come in." Brenda turned and walked back into the room. "Would you set it up by the balcony door please."

The young man pushed the cart into the room. After folding out the table leaves, he set up two chairs and removed the covers from the food. He turned and held out the bill and a pen to Brenda.

Letting go of the front of the shirt, Brenda took the bill in one hand and the pen in the other. The front of her shirt opened slightly. Brenda could feel the material was still covering her tits but assumed her cunt was exposed. The thrill came back and she had a hard time figuring out how much tip to add to the bill. After signing the bill, she looked up and saw the young man staring at her cunt.

She handed him the pen and bill. After taking the pen and bill from Brenda, he absentmindedly stood there with his hands out in front of him. He never took his eyes off the opening in Brenda's shirt.

Brenda put her hands on her hips knowing it would open the front of the shirt a little more. Giving her head a little tilt to the side she asked innocently, "Is there anything else?"

The young man seemed to snap back to reality. He looked up at Brenda's face and said, "Oh, no ma'am. Nothing else, thank you ma'am," and hurried to the door. As he walked out of the room he looked back just as the door was closing. He got a brief glimpse of Brenda facing the door looking at him while she took off her Master's shirt.

Brenda poured a cup of coffee and took it to the bathroom. She knocked lightly on the door saying, "Room Service," as she stepped inside. "Your coffee sir."

"Thank you, slave." He looked at Brenda's mischievous smile and suspiciously said, "What have you been up to slave?"

"Me? Why nothing sir." She turned and walked out.

Both nude, they sat having breakfast. Brenda was still excited.

"I had such a good time last night Master. I was embarrassed when I was flashing in the casino, but it really was exciting. And then outside the elevator, I never thought I would get so aroused by being naked in a public place. I know it was only that couple that saw us, but it still turned me on."

Master chucked. "Slave. Only the couple that saw us?"

"Well, yes Sir. I didn't see anyone else"

Master leaned forward looking at Brenda. "Slave, this is a casino. There are surveillance cameras everywhere. I'm guessing the boys in the security room started recording you when you were showing your pretty ass at the crap table. They most likely followed you into the elevator and the hallway upstairs"

Brenda was frozen, her mouth open. The thought of her Master videotaping her was one thing, but the casino security department seeing and taping everything never occurred to her.

"Master, do you think they saw...everything?"

"If you mean do I think they saw you with your legs spread on the couch finger-fucking yourself like a slut? Yes slave, I think they saw everything. I doubt they were taping while I fucked you on the balcony, but you never know"

"Master, what are we going to do?"

"Nothing slave. The casinos are very discrete. They're not going to make a video public of their guest's kinky behavior. I imagine they keep a library of interesting videos for fun. Who knows, maybe you'll be the featured entertainment at the next Security Department Christmas party"

Brenda sat quietly unable to finish her breakfast. She wasn't sure what to think of a someone watching a video of her for entertainment. She began to wonder if someone might watch her and masturbate. The embarrassment started to fade and the excitement returned.

"What are you going to do with the video you took last night Master?

"I'm going to post some screen shots on the internet, a site called voyeurworld. Maybe a few more for your blog. Don't worry slave, no faces"

Brenda felt a little more excitement and wondered how far this would go.

After breakfast Master left to play golf. He told Brenda to meet him back at the room at 1:00 so they could go to the pool for lunch and a swim. He left her the certificate for her to get into the spa. Brenda showered and put on her green dress.

As she got dressed she told herself she had to stop flashing. She was getting way too carried away with it. She tried to rationalize that she was only following her master's orders. Then she admitted to herself that it excited and aroused her. She looked at herself in the mirror and told herself that she was going to stop. Feeling better she left for the spa.

While Brenda walked down the hall she looked for security cameras. Mid way to the elevator she saw the dark round plastic dome on the ceiling and knew her Master was telling the truth about being videotaped. She saw another camera outside the elevator. Looking at the couch she imagined what she must have looked like with her legs spread and fingering herself.

When the elevator arrived she stepped inside and leaned against the rear wall. She stood in the same spot her Master stood when they were riding the elevator upstairs yesterday afternoon and last night. Brenda looked up to to opposite corner of the car and saw another round plastic dome that concealed a camera.

Brenda remembered how her Master had lifted her skirt both times the rode up yesterday. He even made her face the camera while he fingered her cunt last night.

He intended to display me for the cameras all along, thought Brenda. As the door of the elevator opened, Brenda looked into the camera and smiled. She made a flirty wave at the camera before stepping out into the casino.

At the spa Brenda was greeted by the enthusiastic staff. The spa was designed and decorated as an updated version of a Roman spa. There were men, women and couple's facilities. Brenda was directed to a dressing room where she took off her dress and put on a robe provided by the spa.

She opted for a manicure and a pedicure followed by a full body skin treatment and massage. Afterwords she was seated in a women only tea room and enjoyed some herbal tea listening to soft music and quiet fountains. In all she spent about three hours in the spa. Returning to the hotel room at about noon she lay down for a nap.

Saturday Afternoon

Master woke Brenda for the second time that day. They lay in bed talking. She told him about her spa experience, he told her about his golf game.

"We're going to the pool now slave. We can have a late lunch and relax for the afternoon," He said.

"But Master, I don't have a swim suit."

"I've taken care of that slave. I have two for you to choose from."

Brenda got up and Master showed her two swim suits he had set out on the foot of the bed. They were both white, one piece suits.

One was small but full coverage with leg openings cut high very high. It had a low neckline and it dipped low in the back with full coverage for her ass.

The other suit was like nothing Brenda had seen before. The front consisted of two strips of material about three inches wide that formed a V from the shoulders down the front. The bottom of the V joined just above the crotch. From there a narrow piece of material went between the legs.

The back of the suit was a single string that came up from behind and split at the shoulders meeting up with the top of the V from the front. There were no sides to the suit. She held up the suit in front of her. She had to stretch the material to make it fit from her shoulders to her crotch. The material would just cover the front of her tits and her cunt. The suit would leave the rest of her body completely exposed.

"Master, I've never seen a swim suit like this. I'm not sure I could wear this outside."

"It's called a Monokini Slave. You'll turn heads in either of those suits."

Brenda put the Monokini down and picked up the other suit. Holding it up in front of her it covered her where needed even if it was small. She felt the material with her hand. It was very stretchy and thin but she couldn't see her hand through it.

"Master, which suit should I wear?"

"It's your choice slave, whichever you prefer."

"I think I'd like to wear this one sir," she said.

"That's settled then. I brought you a cover up and sun hat as well. Now go get ready, I'm starved."

Brenda dressed in the bathroom. Looking at herself in the mirror she thought of the green dress. It looked good on her but it was pretty revealing.

The suit was skin tight, the neckline was very low, just covering her nipples which strained against the stretchy material. The leg openings came up high on her hips making the lower front of the suit narrow where it went down between her legs. The suit covered most of her ass, but left her back bare.

Brenda was relieved to see the white material would not allow the outline of her nipples or the crack of her ass to show through. Compared to the Monokini this suit was relatively modest.

The swimsuit cover-up Master had bought for her was a large piece of slightly sheer white material that could be worn several different ways. Brenda had worn this type of cover-up before. She knew it could be worn around the waist, crossed in front and then tied behind the neck like a halter.

Today she tried it on around her waist like a sarong. It covered her legs leaving her upper torso covered only by the swim suit. She could see the outline of her legs through the material but it looked like proper resort wear. The wide brimmed white sun hat completed the outfit.

This is good, she thought. I'm not going to make a spectacle of myself flashing but I'll still look good for Master, Keep your clothes on girl.

Brenda walked out of the bathroom to see her Master looking at her. She put on her sunglasses, turned a little pirouette and said, "Do I look alright Master?"

"Just as I thought slave. You're going to turn heads."

They took the elevator to the pool level. Walking through the extensive pool area they followed the signs to the Venus Pool. Unlike the other pools, this one had an entranced attendant where Master signed in.

A young woman escorted them to a crescent shaped fabric cabana with two chase lounges. She explained that this was their assigned cabana, showed them the towels and said a waiter would come by to take a drink or food order if they wished.

"Master, why did you have to sign at the entrance?" Brenda asked when the attendant left.

"Caesar's has 7 pools slave. This one is the only one that the guests have to pay extra to use. Its for adults only and the extra charge keeps it less crowded and quite a bit nicer than the other pools."

"Its beautiful Master," Brenda said as she looked around.

The pool area was decorated with Roman columns. There were private cabanas everywhere, some small like theirs, others much larger to accommodate bigger parties. Brenda took off her cover-up and spread a towel on her chase lounge. She lay on the lounge in the sun enjoying the heat on her skin.

She looked at her Master and saw her reflection in his mirrored sunglasses. She could clearly see her skin in contrast with the white swimsuit and towel she was laying on.

Master ordered lunch and cold drinks. Brenda started people watching and noticed that it was a younger crown. It was mostly couples, the oldest looked to be in their 40's, most were younger. Brenda noticed some of the women were wearing swimsuits that were quite revealing, even a few micro thong bikinis that were drawing quite a bit of attention.

Brenda noticed two young guys, college boys she guessed. They looked very young but she knew they must be at least twenty-one to get in here. They were gawking at the pretty young women in the skimpy swimsuits. They tried not to be obvious but weren't very successful.

Brenda felt a little disappointment that she wasn't being noticed and had to remind herself about her no flashing rule. The waiter brought their lunch and drinks. After lunch they lay in the sun for a while until Brenda started feeling hot.

She asked permission to go for swim to cool off. Master told her to go and he would stay at the cabana. Brenda used a barrette to put her hair up and then walked to the pool.

She walked past the two college boys and noticed they were staring at pretty twenty-something girl wearing a tiny bikini. She was giggling and flirting with a good looking man twice her age. The college boys were mesmerized. Brenda felt a twinge of jealously and quickly dismissed the feeling as foolish.

Brenda stepped into the pool and dipped down to her neck. She felt the cooling relief of the water on her body. She slowly swam the length of the pool enjoying the way the water felt caressing her skin. She felt refreshed as she stood up and looked toward the cabana.

Brenda saw her Master looking at her. If felt good to know he was watching. She gave a little wave and headed for the steps.

As Brenda walked up the steps she noticed a couple next to the pool looking at her. She didn't think much of it. As she stepped out of the pool she realized she had left her towel at the cabana and looked back in that direction. Her Master was still watching her.

As she started to walk back to the cabana she noticed the good looking guy with Miss Twenty-something was looking at her and smiling. His young girlfriend turned around and looked at Brenda. Her face immediately went from a bright smile to a pout.

How odd, Brenda thought.

When she walked past the college boys she heard one of them say, "Whoa".

Brenda walked up to the foot of her Master's lounge and said, "Oh Master, the water feels wonderful."

Master was smiling broadly at her but did not reply. Brenda saw her reflection in his mirrored sunglasses but something seemed strange. She could see her skin the same as earlier but now her swimsuit looked different. It took her a few seconds to realize that she didn't see the suit in the reflection.

Brenda looked down at herself and was shocked to see the suit was no longer white. It was almost completely transparent, revealing her body like a wet t-shirt. She looked up at her Master in wide eyed shock.

"It's a sheer-when-wet swimsuit slave. Didn't I say you would turn heads?"

Still in a state of shock it took several heartbeats for her to realize she was standing as much as naked in front of dozens of people. She reached for her towel.

"Don't touch the towel. You look lovely. You may lie down on your back and put on your sun hat if you wish."

After several more heartbeats Brenda slowly stepped to her lounge and lay down. She looked down at her body she saw the suit hid nothing. Looking past her tits, her dark nipples showing, she saw the sheer suit stuck flat against her smooth skin disappearing between her legs. The material hugged the crease between her cunt lips accenting it for all to see. She looked up and saw most of the people in the pool area looking at her. She quickly crossed her legs. She put on her sunglasses and sun hat in an effort to cover herself.

She thought of how humiliated she was when her skirt blew up at the airport yesterday and how much more she was exposed now.

"I prefer you didn't cross your legs slave."

She looked at her master seeing the reflection of her nearly nude body his shades. She uncrossed her legs but held them tightly together trying to conceal her cunt. Looking at his face she realized she didn't feel like she did yesterday. She didn't feel humiliated, only a little embarrassed. Then she felt the butterflies in her stomach.

She thought about last night when her Master was fucking her on the balcony. He held her legs spread while she fingered her cunt and fondled her tits. She had fantasized about the whole city watching her. Now that was almost a reality. The thought of being naked in front of all these people was somehow exciting.

She remembered what Madam Claudette said yesterday. "Don't you understand that your Master wants to show off his beautiful slave? There are much worse things. Would you prefer to be ignored?"

Brenda squirmed on the lounge, scooting herself into a more upright position. When she stopped moving, her legs were slightly apart. She could feel the coolness of the water evaporating from between her legs and knew that she was exposing herself a little more than she needed to. She sighed at the tingle she felt in her cunt.

"Your nipples are hard slave."

Brenda looked down and saw her nipples straining at the stretchy transparent material. The tingle in her cunt was getting stronger.

She squirmed again and spread her legs a little more.

"Are you having a good time slave?"

Brenda looked at her Master and smiled.

"Yes sir. I am."

She leaned back and closed her eyes. She thought everyone seeing the slit between of her shaved cunt lips. She didn't understand why this excited her but she no longer cared. Then she realized that her Master could show off her body whenever he pleased. He was exercising his control over her and she liked it.

After a while Brenda opened her eyes and saw that suit was drying in the hot sun. The white color had returned and she could no longer see her skin through the material. She could feel the back of the suit was still damp against the towel.

Brenda rolled over, adjusted backrest on the lounge so it was flat and lay down on her stomach. She rested her head on her forearms and looked at her Master. He smiled at her and nodded his head in approval.

Later when her suit was dry, Master told Brenda she was getting too much sun and to move into the shade of the cabana. Brenda got up and Master moved their lounges into the shade. Brenda stood next to her lounge.

"Master, may I get back in the water again? It's very hot."

"Yes slave, I'll go with you."

In the pool they alternated between holding each others hands and embracing. Several times Brenda turned around and rubbed her ass against her Master's cock playfully. They worked their way into the deep end of the pool and Brenda put her arms around her Master's neck and then wrapped her legs around his waist. She could feel his cock getting harder under his suit.

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