tagInterracial LoveWeekend Lovers Ch. 02

Weekend Lovers Ch. 02


Antoinette had dragged herself up and out of the shower. Her body felt aglow with the aftershock of an intense orgasm. Each step had a kind of fluidity in it that made her feel as if she were a bit intoxicated. She quickly dressed herself in the bedroom and called out to Aaron to let him know she'd be out in a few minutes. Combing her hair and looking at her reflection in the mirror, Antoinette began to blush with the memory of what just happened. She concluded to try and put the thought out of her mind and just go have fun; otherwise she was not sure she would be able to face him. When she walked out into the living room, Antoinette found Aaron had already set out the food and was mixing drinks at the wet bar.

Hearing her step into the room Aaron warmly greeted her. Raising his head from the task of mixing their drinks, his eyes scanned her from foot to head. For a brief moment he thought what a beautiful girl she was and in the same moment he thought that some man, somewhere was going to be lucky to have her one day. When his eyes finally met hers a broad smile blossomed on her face and he felt a profound joy in having his friend back again. Walking around the bar towards the couch he offered her a drink and began to chat with her of old times.

Over the next few hours they began to renew their friendship seemingly picking back up where they had left off. They ate dinner and watched a juvenile comedy while playing a drinking game that involved taking a drink for each time genitalia were referenced in the film. Second came the Soft-Core porno and Aaron's big surprise. "So, in honor of our first official hang-out session in Vancouver I thought we'd try a little something special," Aaron announced as he stood an went to the bar.

Watching him as he walked, Antoinette had began the evening a bit worried that things might have been strange after her tryst in the shower. When she nervously stepped into the living room at the beginning of the evening she saw him standing at the bar and it was immediately like old times. Now, Antoinette sat on the couch next to Aaron with a considerable buzz going from their previous round of drinking. Drearily she thought to herself that the move up here had been completely worth it if only to have regained this priceless friendship. She gazed onward as he took out a medium sized glass bottle with a foggy green liquid inside.

Pouring out a drink for the each of them Aaron explained, "I learned about Absinthe in Amsterdam. It's a liquor distilled from wormwood that tastes a great deal like liquorish. The best thing however is the unique way in which you become intoxicated by Absinthe, more of a high than a drunk really. An almost dreamy blissful state of sublime detachment from any concern. At times people perform a ritual to flavor and water down their absinthe, but I prefer mine neat. " Aaron sat down on the couch and passed Antoinette her drink.

"To the best of friends and the best of times," she offered up as cheers. Not quite ready for the overwhelming taste of the Absinthe her face scrunched up into a sour yet achingly cute scowl. The liquor burned as it went down and she immediately felt her face flush and her pulse quicken. She sank backward into the couch and closed her eyes. Her previous drinks had gotten her buzzed but this pushed her entirely over the edge. The tips of her fingers began to tingle and head swam as if it swung wildly. At the periphery of her consciousness she heard Aaron laughing at the beginnings of the video. Sitting upright again, she breathed deeply and opened her eyes trying to steady herself. "Whoa," was all she could seem to say.

"Same here," Aaron said with wry smile on his face. "Oh goody, Spiderbabe," he chuckled pointing at the television. Pouring them both another shot, he took up his glass and laid back on the couch. As Antoinette leaned forward to grab her glass, her body was wonderfully profiled against the glow of the TV. Her every curve and feature seemed to be highlighted by the soft light behind her. As the colors from the screen played across her figure it seemed as if she possessed a supernatural quality floating in the air her form firm and her movements fluid. Aaron briefly ceased to see his friend and only the artistry of the body before him. He slammed back his second shot, the taste causing him to tightly squeeze his eyes shut with the shutter that shook though his entire body. Opening his eyes he again saw his friend and felt a pang of guilt. Quickly he dismissed the thought as a product of the absinthe and turned his attention to the poorly made film.

Antoinette groped clumsily forward for her drink feeling better than she could remember in years. She raised the glass to her lips and drank, shifting her focus to the television all the while reeling with strength of the taste. The second shot did not burn nearly as bad as the first, no, this shot only seemed to deepen her bliss. Falling back to the couch, she decided to cuddle up to Aaron as she had done in times past. She delighted in the warmth of his body and listening to the beating of his heart. Happily she finally began to pay attention in full to the scene on the television.

There were two girls, a brunette and a redhead kissing and holding one another on a bed while cheesy music played in the background. They were previously dressed as a spiderbabe and batbabe. Now their costumes lay discarded on the floor with each girl only wearing her mask. The redhead began to kiss down the brunette's neck as her left hand moved up to cup a breast. Her right hand continued to rub up and down her lover's back and to squeeze her buttock. Spiderbabe moaned and pressed the redhead's warm mouth into her breast. Pressing her mound into the redhead's thigh she ground herself slowly against batbabe's creamy flesh.

Gradually the kissing and heavy petting began to stir feelings of arousal in Antoinette. She slowly shifted her legs rubbing her thighs together gently stimulating herself and brought a lock of hair to her mouth to nibble on. Her shifting brought Aaron's attention back to her after being momentarily lost in the movie. As he looked down on her the familiar scent of her shampoo wafted past and he was assaulted with a hundred memories of times just like these enjoying her company, and yet this time he knew to be different. He could no longer look upon her as just a friend. He was faced with the stunning beauty of this woman and how much he loved her. Aaron wished to reach down and perhaps stroke her hair. He stopped for a moment and worried that this was the liquor talking. Reminding himself of how he had be led down the wrong path by drunken hookups; he decided to wait until morning and if he was still sure of his feelings perhaps act on them then. It was after this decision that it dawned on him that she probably didn't feel the same way and that they had tried dating before and it did not work out.

Antoinette continued watching the scene oblivious to all other things, engrossed in the two gorgeous woman now engaged in a 69 position. Lovingly each woman licked and tongued her lover's quim as they both moaned deep with the pleasure of it all. Her hand slowly drifted downward gently tracing the outline of her thighs, ever so slowly as not to be noticed. With each passing minute the deepening action on the screen drove her to higher and higher levels of arousal. She remembered how long it had been since she received oral sex. God, she loved the feeling of a talented lover who could tease her, then devour every inch of her wanting pussy. She recounted the time she had her best friend from high school, Michelle go down on her the first time and how she returned the favor later that evening. As she drove herself farther and farther along she began to feel the full force of the alcohol and other intoxicating substances. Her body once again felt aglow with a tingling sensation as she focused on each and every wonderful sensation pulsing through her body at that moment. She began to catalog what it was exactly that she was doing at that time. She was sucking on a lock of her hair, with her eyes half open intently studying the screen. Her nipples were pressed firmly against the material of her shirt, erect and excited. Her right hand was between her thighs, cupping her warm quim, and her left hand was tucked under her head supporting her head. Almost as an afterthought she felt the warmth of whatever it was she was laying on, then with a startle she realized her head lay in Aaron's lap and that she had been masturbating to a video for an indeterminable time.

Aaron could not believe what was going on. Antoinette had lost herself to the moment and was vigorously masturbating herself. Her nipples rudely stuck out of her t-shirt, begging to be touched and twisted. Her hand at first danced around her pussy but after a few minutes was cupping it and rubbing in circles. Still, most erotic was her chewing on her hair. As she chewed on it, she subconsciously simulated sucking a dick and ground her head against her hand thereby stimulating his now rock hard cock. The surreal nature of the moment mixed with the copious amounts of alcohol held him paralyzed as this played out. Finally coming out of her sexual trance, Antoinette blushed furiously and looked up to make eye contact with Aaron.

Aaron froze not sure what to do, consumed with love and lust for this woman splayed out obscenely before him. Antoinette had been lost in her sexual fantasies until now, once she realized it was Aaron she thought she would be embarrassed yet she was only taken back to her earlier fantasy. A brief fear of rejection flashed across her mind but was laid to rest when she felt the massive throbbing cock she had been nuzzling for quite some time. As their eyes locked they exchanged a look of understanding and without words, Antoinette took hold of Aaron's zipper and slowly lowered it. All the while, keeping her face mere inches from his crotch and her ass in the air. She had always heard him boast about having a massive tool, but like most guys she thought he was exaggerating. When she finally opened the zipper all the way, she reached in and wrapped her hand around his thick cock and slowly drew it out. She smiled with the size of it, 22.5 cm. Her hand began slow even strokes as she scooted closer to him. Aaron reached up and put his arm around her, drawing her close and allowing him access to her irresistible nipples. Their lips met and they kissed for what seemed an eternity, years of pent up feelings being hastily expressed. Their tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths all the while she kept up a constant rhythm on his cock. His hand finally reached her breast, cupping it softly over her clothes. He gently brushed his fingers over her nipples and held her breasts tenderly. Gradually he increased the assault on her nipples and she drove him closer and closer to fulfillment.

"Oh God, Antoinette!" Aaron gasped as he began to kiss her neck and tweak her nipples. His right hand found it's way down to her ass and he began to knead her ample ass cheeks in time with her manipulation of his cock. "I'm close to cumming. Oh, I can't believe this." Sensing his impending explosion she grabbed his cock by the base and clamped down with her mouth on the end. Faster and faster she jerked his cock off into her hungry mouth, sucking and licking his knob as she did it. Finally, she used her spare hand to grasp his balls and gently tug them. With a scream of raw pleasure he let loose jet after jet of cum. Antoinette continued her assault on him for a full minute after he came. Wanting to take as much as she could she swallowed his cum until it spurted out the sides of her mouth and sprayed all over his lap and her t-shirt.

Lifting her head, Aaron kissed Antoinette and wrapped his arms around her. She pressed her warm body into his and his hands found her ass. After a few minutes of kissing, Antoinette stepped back and removed her shirt, exposing her creme colored breasts. At the center of each breast was a brown nipple with an areolae about the size of a quarter. Bending down, he kissed each nipple in turn. Rolling it gently in his mouth and circling it a dozen times in different directions, exciting moans from her each time. Next he placed his hand around her mound and began to knead it. Rubbing her in small circles at first, growing ever larger. She grasped his head and forced it against her as she wrapped one leg around him as she came into his hand. Holding her for a few seconds afterwards, Aaron pushed Antoinette playfully back onto the couch and knelt before her.

Reaching up, he grasped the waist of her pajama bottoms and pulled them off. She was only wearing her panties now, a small pink pair that matched her pajamas. The front was soaked and adhered to her pussy. Her curly dark hairs could clearly be seen through the wet material. The thick lips and clearly defined slit glistened as she rubbed the top of his head and pulled him closer to her soaking quim. Aaron slowly kissed her outer thigh's beginning near her knees and working his way up slowly, licking, nipping and tantalizing with his fingertips. He persisted to tease her for well over 10 minutes until her panties were completely soaked through and pussy juice was flowing out the sides. After what seemed an eternity, Antoinette felt the first furtive licks at her aching quim. Then he pealed her panties off and the cool air hit her clit. She was so excited and aroused that she came a second time. Before she had fully recovered she felt Aaron lick her from the very base of her pussy every so slowly until he reached her clit. Once he found it he began to eat her out in earnest. He worked his tongue in circles, carefully applying suction to her clit and rolling it over and over inside his mouth.

Continuing his careful oral manipulation Aaron inserted first one, then another finger into her. Slowly at first then with gaining speed he pistoned them into her over and over again. Each time he buried his fingers all the way in he would use his thumb to brush against her clit and add to the stimulation he was already providing with his tongue. Antoinette's moans grew louder with anticipation of cumming giving Aaron a warning to which he responded by asserting himself that much harder. Her screams reached a fever pitch, at which time Aaron pushed his hand in and out faster and faster until his arm ached with effort of it. He picked up his oral attentions and made sure that he was directly stimulating her clit the entire time. Her hips began to buck up and down wrenching his fingers deeper and deeper as she fucked them in turn. Wrapping her legs around his head for support, Antoinette made sure she held his mouth to her pussy no matter how she bounced. Finally her orgasm reached it's peak causing her to arch her body as she went into a full convulsion as her pussy hungrily sucked at the fingers buried within. Pulling at them and coating them with cum. It ran down his arm and coated his face. Breathless and weak she pulled him up to her and clung close to him, simply wanting to be held. She fell asleep listening to the beat of his heart and basking in the warmth of their two bodies so close together and the radiating feelings of satisfaction from deep within her.

Antoinette slowly awoke as she felt herself being picked up and carried. Breathing deeply she savored the familiar scent of Aaron's cologne. It was a cologne that she had given him for his twenty-third birthday. He had apparently taken a great liking to it as she remembered how he had insisted on staying with that fragrance even after Sarah had bought him a designer cologne. Nuzzling her head to his chest, she felt warm and safe. He gently placed her on the bed kissing her forehead before turning and heading to the bathroom. Again Antoinette felt her head swim with the influence of the liquor and fell asleep.

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