tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWeekend Nightmare

Weekend Nightmare


It was a long day for Camille, which started on the wrong foot when she had gotten up late for work. She had to rush through her morning routine in order to cut corners and save some time. She had a quick shower, not washing her short blonde curly locks. She left her flannel jammies in a heap on her tile bathroom floor and quickly threw on a black satin blouse and red jacket and a red wool skirt that came to her knees. She had decided against wearing a bra and underwear as she was in a hurry. Camille quickly strapped on a pair of red leather heels and dashed through the kitchen, grabbing an apple and juice box on her way to the back door. She hastily unlocked the door, grabbed her keys on the adjacent counter and scooted out to her car. She managed to save 15 minutes in her rush to get to work and only arrived several minutes late. Her boss, Kevin Scatcherd didn't even notice her tardiness as she hung her purse on the back of her office chair in her pod created by filing cabinets, located outside of Mr. Scatcherd's door.

She logged onto her computer and while it searched the server for the day's unread messages, Camille stood, smoothed the wrinkles from her clothes and graciously sauntered into Mr. Scatcherd's office.

"Good Morning Mr. Scatcherd," she chirped.

"Oh, good morning Camille," he responded, "I didn't see you come in this morning. I've been so swamped with these month end reports. I left you an email this morning. I don't know if you have read it, but I'm going to need your help getting these reports done for Gerhard."

"No problem sir. I saw the email and came in to get started," she lied, as she hadn't had time to read any messages.

Feeling a little better now that she realized that her tardiness went unnoticed, she smiled at Kevin and asked him if he wanted a cup of coffee to give him an energy boost.

"I would love one. Thanks," he retorted with his head focused on the paper work on his desk. He hadn't even looked up once to notice how ravishing his assistant looked this morning. With her hair tussled, no make up or panty hose and wearing the passionate colours that she was, Kevin was surely missing out.

Camille bee-lined to the cafeteria. She hummed to herself some self composed tune she had been working on during the past couple of days. She dreamed of someday getting out of the insurance business and becoming a songwriter. She nodded to a couple of colleagues on the way and flashed a smile to Vanessa. Vanessa was a friend of hers since she had joined the company four years ago at the innocent age of 18.

As she poured a coffee for Kevin and herself, she heard the cafeteria door open and close. She looked over her left shoulder and smiled again after seeing Vanessa.

"Hey Cammie Baby. How ya doin'?" Vanessa cooed.

"Hi Nessy," she responded, "I feel better now. I fuckin' got up late today, but fortunately Mr. Scatcherd didn't notice me. How you doin' hun?"

"Great!" she bellowed, "I went out with Tom last night and had a great time. We went to Stargazers for dinner and then went back to my place to watch a movie and have dessert."

"Dessert?" Camille questioned coyly, "Is that all that you had?"

"Well, you know me Cammie," she giggled, "I never kiss and tell. Now we fucked like rabbits all night long, but I wont kiss and tell."

"Oh you nasty slut," she quipped back, "You and Tom? Was he as good in bed as he looks like he would be?"

"Let me just say, NNNNNNNNNNNNN," she moaned poetically as she licked the outside edge of her top lip.

"Stop it," Camille responded, "Don't rub it in. You know how long it's been for me. If you don't stop, I'm going to have to go to the ladies room and frig myself."

"O.K., O.K., I'll stop," she said knowing how slow her friend's love life has been, "But I must tell you, I think we're getting back together again tonight."

With her coffees prepared, Camille turned toward the door and added, "Well, I hope you have fun. I have to finish our month ends today with Mr. Scatcherd and then I am going home to soak in the tub."

"Do you have any plans this weekend, Camille?"

"No, I wanted to do some spring cleaning and take some clothes down to the Salvation Army. What about you?"

"Well tonight it's out with Tom and then tomorrow I will be heading to my sister's place in Toronto."

"Well if you get back early enough on Sunday, give me a call and maybe we will go to the show or something."

"O.K. Cams," Vanessa replied, "Have a good weekend and I'll see you Sunday.

Camille returned to Mr. Scatcherd's office with his coffee.

"Here you are sir," she offered.

"Thanks Camille," Kevin said as he lifted his head and looked at her for the first time this morning. He flashed her a smile and quickly stood up to help her find some space on the desk to place the coffee.

The two sat next to each other and began reviewing the month's numbers together. Camille typed the information as Mr. Scatcherd with some assistance provided the information.

The day flew by and numbers buzzed throughout Camille's head. It was four o'clock and she had finally completed the tedious report with her boss. Kevin felt so good about the report and its quality that he decided to call it a day.

"Well let's call it a day Camille," he stated with an exhausted smile.

"Really?" she retorted.

"Yeah, I'm beat, but I'm very happy with this report and the numbers we made this month. We need some time to reward ourselves. We did work through lunch too, so its not like we're ripping the company off."

"Sounds great to me."

"What are your plans this weekend?" Kevin enquired.

"Not much really. Just some down time planned. I wanted to recharge my batteries, soak in a nice hot tub and read a couple of books," Camille conceded.

"Sounds pretty good to me. I wish I could do that. Jimmy's got baseball tonight and Margo wanted to hit some garage sales tomorrow and Sunday, I've got to cut the grass and get caught up on some yard work too." Kevin complained.

"Wow, I feel for you sir. Well if it's alright with you, I'm going to skidaddle," Camille said as she scooted out of his office.

Camille headed to her pod and logged off of her computer, shut off her monitor and grabbed her keys and purse and headed for the elevators.

The day was fantastic. The sun shone brightly down on her as she made her commute home. As she drove home, Camille organized her thoughts. She was hoping to get some groceries and her car washed this weekend and just take it easy for the rest of the weekend. She decided to park on the street in front of her house rather than going to the back to the alley to park as she was going to complete her shopping first and get that out of the way. Besides, cars were allowed on the street from Friday at 5pm until Sunday at midnight.

Camille got out of her car and quickly shuffled up her front sidewalk. She had to get her grocery list before getting her groceries. She fumbled for her keys from her purse and once she had found them, she slid the brass key into the front dead bolt and turned the key one rotation counter clockwise. Once in, she made her way through the front rec. room and to the kitchen and the fridge where her grocery list hung. Upon entering the kitchen, she felt something was out of place. She couldn't put her finger on it but got goose bumps as her eyes scanned the room.

"Oh fuck," she mumbled to herself, "I forgot to lock the back door."

In her rush to leave the house that morning, she had left the door ajar slightly. No wonder she felt like something was out of place. She walked to the door and closed it tight and turned the dead bolt to secure the lock.

She headed back to the fridge, grabbed her grocery list and made her way back to the front door. Half way there, she stopped dead in her tracks, dropped her keys on the floor and covered her mouth in fear. Her eyes bulged and she could feel her legs begin to tremble. A man was standing at her front foyer, he had just completed bolting the front door and turned to face her. He was a tall man, probably six foot three or four. Camille was a tiny girl. The top of her blonde hair reached the five foot four inch mark at her doctor's office height chart. She weighed only 105 pounds. The man took a step toward her.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" Camille quivered.

"I'm your new boyfriend Camille. I've been waiting for you since this morning to come home and take care of me," he said in the throaty voice, like he had been a smoker.

That was it, she thought to herself. What made her suspicious that something was wrong in her house earlier was the faint smell of cigarette smoke.

"I don't know you. How did you get in here? How do you know my name? I want you out of my house!" she demanded.

He chuckled, "My dear Camille, is that any way to treat your new boyfriend. I came in the back door this morning. The one you left open for me. I assumed that if you didn't want me here you wouldn't have left the door open for me to come in. It took you so long to get home that I had nothing to do but go through your mail today. You got the water bill, your Cosmo magazine and a letter from your Mom. She said she was hoping to get to visit with you next month when she comes through town on her way to her conference in Chicago."

"You have no right to go through my mail!" she scolded him.

"Oh, I'm sorry," he responded sarcastically, "So does that mean you didn't want me going through your closets and dresser?"

"You didn't," she shouted. Camille bolted towards the stairs and ascended them two at a time to the top. She entered her bedroom at the top of the stairs, covered her mouth and stood in shock.

Her closet door was open wide. It was dishevelled with shoes scattered around on the floor. Her past letters to friends and family were jout of their boxes and spread all over the floor. To her right she noticed her drawers had been opened. Her top drawer with her delicates was left wide open. Several bras and panties hung from the gaping top drawer.

The stranger had made his way to the bedroom and stood behind her. He put his hands on her waist and she abruptly turned and tried to knee him in his groin. The stranger blocked her attempt to injure him and slapped her face hard with his right hand.

"If I'm going to be your new boyfriend, you're going to have to treat me with a little more respect," he stated in a stern voice.

His hands held her wrists so tightly that the circulation was cut to her hands. The sting on her face sunk in. His finger marks were left welted on her left cheek.

"I don't want to hurt you Camille," he whispered to her, " But if I have to, I will. Now I have spent a lot of time in your house and I know a lot about you. I think we will make a good couple. I found your little pink friend in your nightstand drawer, and I read all about your break up with Donnie. I read the letter to Tammy and I know that you miss a man's touch and that you wish you could just go to a bar to find a guy to just fuck his brains out. Well I saved you a trip."

"You fucker! I'm not going to fuck you!" she spat back. Camille tried in vain to release his death grip on her wrists.

Without warning, the stranger kneed her in the stomach. The force was so great, it broke his grip on her. She flew backwards and landed on her bed. The pain was colossal. She was broken. As the pain pulsed outwards from the point of impact, she had time to think and collect her thoughts. She realized she was no match physically for this man. He repulsed her, although not an ugly man, his actions were repugnant. She thought about what she could do and her options were limited. The best solution she could come up with would be to give in to her intruder and sneak out from the bathroom or when he fell asleep. She remained curled up in the foetal position on her bed when he knelt on the bed and began to caress her hips and ass. He nestled up next to her in a spooning position.

Again he whispered, "My name is Eric. We are going to have a good time. I don't want to hurt you anymore but if you continue this resistance, the pain will only increase. I beg you to be a good girl."

She said nothing. She wanted this to end. She knew now she would have to give in to him. His light strokes on her hips and ass felt a lot nicer than the blow to her face or the knee to the stomach.

"O.K. Eric," she whimpered, "I will do as you want, but please don't hurt me."

"That's my girl," he replied "Now just relax. I know that's hard with what you have been through but I can be a nice guy."

He continued his soothing touch to her ass, hips and waist. His large hands explored her body effortlessly. She could feel his swollenness grind into her ass. Torn with reluctance, she reached behind herself and began to stroke his leg which rested next to hers. His hands had pulled the black blouse out of the waist of her skirt and his bare hands explored her bare stomach and ribs. He was surprised that as his hand made its way up her torso that she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Oh my, no bra?" he questioned, "Surprising, since you have such an assortment of frilly ones in your dresser."

His fingertips stroked and teased her big nipples. Being a petite woman, her breasts were only an A cup, but being so small ensured their firmness. Her large nipples made up for the plumpness she lacked in her tits. They were very sensitive as well and his manual stimulation was affecting her arousal state. This was starting to feel very good. This man could be gentle and knew how to stimulate her. After several minutes, Eric asked her to stand up on the floor. As she stood his hands roamed her side. He towered over her as he stood next to her. He slowly began to remover her jacket. She remained still and allowed him to remove the jacket easily. Eric tossed the crimson jacket to the floor in front of her closet. His fingers and hands returned to her blouse. He removed the back and her left side from the waistline of her skirt. Starting at the bottom, Eric slowly undid each button. As he did so, his fingers glanced her skin beneath the black blouse and tickled her. She giggled a bit and he smiled down at her.

"Does that tickle you Camille?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm ticklish and my skin is very sensitive."

"Do you like your nipples pinched and squeezed."

Camille began to blush. Her innocent smile gave him the answer he was looking for. He slid his large hands inside of the shoulders of her blouse and feathered it down her slender arms. The satin blouse collapsed on the floor. Eric began to caress her shoulders, breasts and then her nipples. He lightly pinched and squeezed her tense buds. With both nipples sticking out almost an inch and a half, Eric bent down and while he sucked in her left nipple, then rolled the other with his thumb and index finger. Camille placed her tiny hands on his shoulders and gently massaged the meaty intruder. Eric enjoyed her touch and the delicacy of her movements. He pulled her close to him and she returned the gentle embrace. As he cuddled and stroked her backside, he could feel his penis wanting to explode from his pants. He pressed his groin into her stomach, for some stimulation to his most sensitive organ. Camille noticed the action and could feel the hardness pulsing against her lower abdomen. Her hands now rested on his hips and as he slowly gyrated his hips in a coital motion, she allowed her hands to pull and push with the motion of his hips.

Eric's hands completely covered her rear end and made circular movements. As he rocked his groin back and forth into her torso, he grabbed and squeezed her tiny firm buttocks. He moved his right hand to her left hip, unhooked the top of her waistline and slid the zipper down her skirt. The skirt too, fell in heap to the floor around her feet.

Camille stepped out of the pool of fabric on the floor and reached her hands out to Eric's waistline. He let her natural responses go and enjoyed feeling her pull his T-shirt out of his jeans. He was not fat, but he did carry a couple of extra pounds. His stomach she noticed was very hairy as was his chest as the shirt was forced up and over his shoulders. He helped her get it over and off his head and let her then work on his belt.

She was now slightly entranced. Her eyes focused on the belt and its shiny cowboy like buckle. With both hands, she grabbed the end of the belt, unhooked the stem from its lodging and let both ends fall to the sides, being held up by the loops in his jeans. Before going further, she looked up into his azure eyes, her hands roamed the crease made in his jeans from his erection. Her palm traced the outline of his manhood and she gently squeezed the head which was bulging on the right side of his thigh.

"Mmm, that feels good Camille," he groaned to her, "I want you to get on your knees when you get my pants off."

His voice now controlled her in a different way. She had lost her fear and gained a wanton desire for him. His tone melted her insides and she effortlessly unbuttoned the 5 buttons on his jeans. She again placed both hands at his hips, hooked her thumbs inside the waist and abruptly tugged the denim trousers down to the floor. She got both legs free from the bulky material and refocused her attention to the tent made in his boxers. Her hands played with the fun stick inside. She could see a wet mark, which she knew, was from pre-cum, located near where the head was outlined. Camille bent down and made her way to her knees. His groin was not at the same level as her head at this point and Eric corrected that by spreading his legs slightly. Camille's right hand snaked its way up the leg of his boxer briefs and her tiny jewellery free fingers wrapped themselves around the rock hard shaft.

She leaned her face in towards his steaming pole. His sex smelt wonderful and she was starting to become very horny. Her pussy was now starting to lube itself with her sweet nectar. Not being able to wait, she closed in on his cock. She opened her mouth and playfully bit his member through the boxer briefs. Eric stiffened his whole body, he prayed she didn't bite it. His prayers were answered as she playfully nipped at his penis head and sucked him through his shorts. Eric found his hands wandering through her short blonde hair. His palms eventually cupped her ears as he erotically jostled her head in his pelvis region.

"I don't know if you can tell Camille, but you are driving me crazy," he informed her.

"I'm glad you like it," she retorted.

"I can't wait any longer, I want you to suck my dick babe."

"Oh God, I want that more than you do Eric," she testified.

The two of them hastily pulled his underwear down to his ankles. Camille allowed her hands to roam his thick thighs and tight ass. This man's big body really turned her on. With her hands at his hips, she stuck out her slender pink tongue and gently slid it along the underside of his penis from the base just above his meaty testicles to the pulsing purple tip, about 5 inches away. His skin was soft but the taste was manly and musky. It was a mating scent and she was addicted. Her tongue swirled and slobbered along the entire surface of his cock. It glistened in the natural light beaming through her second floor window. Her no hands BJ was driving Eric mad. He grabbed his cock at the base with one hand and secured the back of her head with his other hand. Knowing what was coming, Camille opened her mouth wide and accepted his manhood into it. She quickly formed a seal around the flesh and added some vacuum suction. Slowly she worked her head back and forth in unison with his pelvic thrusts. She could feel the tip teasing her gag reflex. He was not overly huge but was managing to ram his cock fairly far into her mouth. Eric enjoyed Camille's oral skills. His hands held her head and tufts of her blonde hair tightly and quite forcefully. His thrusts became more pronounced as his excitement level increased. Camille was beginning to get a little worried. It dawned on her that this man, stabbing her mouth was not her lover, he was an intruder, a rapist. Fear began to percolate within her mind. She tried easing her head away from Eric's hips but he would have nothing of it. Eric was close to his peak. He was fucking her face and fucking it hard. Her lips and velvety tongue felt like heaven. It had been a couple of months since he had had sex. He started to sense Camille trying to pull away and he was going to have nothing of it.

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