tagTransgender & CrossdressersWeekend of Love Pt. 04

Weekend of Love Pt. 04


After our sweaty late morning session, we had taken a long nap under the antiquated rotating ceiling fan, then jumped in the shower together to clean up, and were now lounging in a large easy chair by the balcony that faced the river. I was a little worried about the other guests seeing us like this, nude, with him lying on his belly across me, and both of us catching up on reading.

From time to time, he grazed or kneaded my balls as he worked through a passage, and I did the same to his smooth, slightly furry cleft, absentmindedly stroking along and occasionally dipping through, watching the colors in the clouds light up towards sunset.

Earlier, I had fallen asleep inside Lolita, and woke up before she did, finding myself behind her, my face in her long hair. I stretched out, and stared at the roof for a while, before gazing at her marvelous ass and saying a silent prayer of gratitude. I wished we could be together more often, but understood her limitations, not wanting to abandon family and all that (I had, but I couldn't expect everyone to be like me).

I reached my fingers down to massage around her hole, and found the cum that had leaked out. I brought it up for a closer look, pulling the strands apart. Just then she stirred awake, pressed back against me, and rubbed the soles of her feet against my leg. "Hey you ..." I brought my fingers to her lips, and kissed her neck as she licked them. "Hey yourself," I said, hugging her close.

Neither of us wanted to get up just yet, and I slowly felt myself growing between her ass cheeks. I tried pushing my way in but Lolita wasn't quite in the mood yet. She reached down and readjusted herself over my cock, bring it between her legs and alongside her own, arching her back to help them line up.

She licked her palm and held them both together. "What's on your mind, honey?" I asked, stroking her lower back. She just held us together, quietly for a while, "I need to plan ahead, don't I? I mean, if I want to keep us together."

"Oh shush, we are together right now, aren't we?" I reached down and joined her hand, squeezing it. The blood in our bodies rushed to our cocks, inflaming them side by side, in a sort of holy communion.

"Here, turn towards me." I pulled her around, and held us again. She was clearly disturbed, and we talked between kisses. "So do you still see Michaela? and Georgia?" This was taking a turn I didn't like. "You're being fucking ridiculous. Yes, I do see other people. And so do you. Last time I checked, you have a family of your own, right? Look, I travel from time to time. And we sometimes go weeks, even a couple of months without meeting each other. What do you expect?"

Lolita was struggling for an answer, and I felt her pushing away. I gripped us strongly, almost painfully, and grabbed her neck with my other hand, looking into her eyes as I slid my hand around us.

"Listen, you've got to get this straight in your head. It's not the same with the others. Georgia is a kid, and you know that. I was with Michaela before you, but she doesn't really care about being with any one person, and you fucking well know that too!" I began tugging faster, and Lolita gasped. "I don't care about anyone else but you, both of you, Leland and Lolita, you stupid, stupid idiots!"

I left us, and just held her now. This was one of our special grips: my thumb and little finger around the base, her balls in my palm, and my middle finger in her hole. It was both a timeout and a comfort zone, a safe space. She knew what it meant, and curled her knees up, and hugged me close.

"I know, I know, I just ... forget sometimes. We just need to go back to how we were once in a while, remind ourselves where we came from." We smiled, and I knew the moment had passed, and joy flooded my heart. I sat her up against the headboard and crawled between her legs.

"Sit back, I'm going to milk my baby, my sweet, sweet baby." I spat several times on her balls, and rolled them around, slicking them up. I laid her dick on her tummy, held it down lightly with my palm, and nibbled sideways on her fleshy base, feeling it slapping up against my palm, and hearing her moan.

I picked up one of her balls in each hand, and spreading her scrotal sac apart, nuzzled my face in its soft webbing. She found the sensation unbearable and bucked her hips up, but I kept up until she tried to push me away. I smiled at her, and lowered her sac over her penis, tucking one ball on either side, gently cupping my palms over them to provide a natural glove over her shaft.

Holding her this way, I began tonguing her hole, licking on the outside and then curling my tongue and dipping in. Her breathing had become ragged now. "Feel good, baby," I asked her, grinning, and releasing her, started stroking her thighs, then moved up to suck on the head, while staring up at her.

"Mmpf, yeah honey, that feels so good!" She turned her face into the pillow, and rubbed her nipples. I pulled off, and took her hands into mine, then kissed them in turn, and placed them on my head. She gave me a quizzical look, which turned to surprised pleasure when I bent down to engulf her in my mouth.

I flicked my eyes up and saw her look lovingly at me, as she stroked my cheeks. I wasn't a big fan of throating her and she knew it, but on this occasion I tried to let go a bit, letting the drool pour out on to her, the sight making her gasp. I pulled out again, and she knew what came next, and rolled over eagerly, spreading her legs.

I took a moment to admire the sight in front of me, her lovely hair, wonderful round ass and long legs. Yes, it wasn't a young body, but it was a loving body, a kind body, an eager body, my body. I pulled her penis out from under her and gripped it in my right hand around the base, pushing up, squeezing her balls against her ass, and prodded my left index finger against her hole until it gave in.

"Ohhh," she dropped her face, and groaned into the bed. I held on to her like a vice, while planting kisses over her ass, wiggling my finger inside her, though keeping it shallow, just until the second knuckle, and coaxing a second one in alongside. "Tell me what you want, baby." She throbbed in my hand. "Do you want me to take care of you? milk you? make you cum?"

I finally relaxed my grip and started stroking her up and down. "Yes, milk me honey, make me feel good!" I crouched behind her and adjusted my palm to hold her underside, and made my strokes long and slow. Both of us were along for the ride, and I closed my eyes for a while, losing myself in the motion, hearing only the ambient sounds of traffic, our grunting, and the slickened heartbeat of me pleasuring my lover, my hand sliding over his cock faster and faster.

"Ugh fuck, yeah, I'm close, I'm close baby."

"Hmm," I coaxed her, "that's what I want baby, let it all out." Sensing her balls tightening, I drove my fingers deep, to the hilt. She inhaled sharply, then pulsed in hand, once, twice, and a final time, before collapsing on the bed. I kept stroking her until she shriveled up, then milked the last few drops and lay down next to her.

"That was amazing," she said to me after a while, turning to me and letting me put my arm around her, bring up my fingers for us to slowly lick together, "I love how you take care of me. I mean, I'm always a bit anxious how you feel about my ... god, I don't know what to call it, my cock? my dick? my clit? my junk?"

I laughed, "are you crazy? I love it! You think I'd like you without it? Or without your balls? Yeah, some people do that, and good on them if it works for them. But baby, there's a reason we're together, and it's because I love all of you." (Yes, we were both acutely aware of how the "all of" changed things, but we let that pass).

She hugged me and kissed my chest. We turned to each other, holding each other close, lips to cocks. "See?" I can always tell how you feel and you can always tell how I feel, and ... not to be sexist, but ... I just can't get that level of no-bullshit from someone else."

Now it was her turn to laugh, "you mean I can't hide how horny I am from you, right? Come one, let's shower." She led me by the hand and turned on the spray at a low volume. "You know, I wish this was a tub instead of a stall, we could, er, spend more time together here."

"Surely this isn't that bad?", she knelt and looked up at me through the spray, water trickling down her face, slowly removing some of the color. I reached down, and as she nibbled on the head, slowly ran my fingers around her eyes, down her nose, around her lips.

Soft hands cradled my balls, and sheathed teeth moved down my shaft to nuzzle at the hair around the base. I sighed in pleasure, leaning my head back and allowing my hands to roam over her hair, I undid the knot holding them together and let them all fall out over her shoulders. Gagging a bit, she took a breather, and there, smiling back at me through running colors was my beloved Leland.

I smiled back, and as he left my balls to hold on to my hips, was possessed by a sudden fierceness, and holding his face in my hands, proceeded to insistently fuck his throat, until the trickle of the water receded into the background, and we moved in rhythm to the thwack-thwack-thwack of my cock against his throat and my balls against his chin. He slapped my ass, and I stopped, surprised, but he got up and turned around, hands against the wall, head bent down, moaning already.

Looking around, I found the conditioner, "this will have to do", and lubed him up with it, before urgently jamming myself in. "Fuck me, fuck me good." I gritted my teeth and proceeded to do just that. We were both close and knew it. My nails dug into his flesh and I found myself snarling loudly at him, while he whispered back, "Oh, do it, yeah, agh, baby".

I was so hard it was painful, and one, two, strokes more later, poured out my love into its welcoming home.

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