tagBDSMWeekend of Surprises Ch. 02

Weekend of Surprises Ch. 02


Note: I suggest you read part 1 of this story before reading this installment.

The events of the last couple of hours were still swimming in my head. Here I was lying naked on the floor of somebody else's house, just having enjoyed a great orgasm from another man who was not my husband. But I wasn't feeling in the least bit guilty, largely because my husband was sitting just a few feet away watching the whole thing. And what was even more amazing was that my friend Sarah was sitting next to him with her hand stroking his penis, or at least she was before I had closed my eyes, crashing after the orgasm.

When we both lived in the same city, I had confided in Sarah that I was attracted to women. She had already told me that she was bi, so I knew I could talk to her without her getting all weird on me. But we had never really had the opportunity to discuss it in much detail, and I certainly did not know that Sarah and her husband were swingers. Or at least I assumed they were, based on what had happened since we arrived at their house that afternoon.

It had started when we were in the hot tub, and Sarah had sat very close next to me. The next thing I knew, she was stroking my thigh, and I realized her intentions were not all so honorable. As you read in the previous installment of this adventure, we had eventually gotten to the point where my husband, Andy, was pleasuring Sarah, and Bob was returning the favor with me. It was wonderful, but as I was still recovering from my orgasm, I was thinking again about being with a woman and how I could get Sarah to continue what she had started earlier.

A voice reached me in my reverie, lying with my eyes closed on the carpet in front of their fireplace. "So did you enjoy that, Carla?" Sarah was saying, and I realized quickly she was speaking to me.

I opened my eyes, turned my head, and saw that Sarah was still stroking Andy. He was quite hard, and I knew he was enjoying Sarah's touch as much as he had enjoyed seeing what Bob had done to me to make me cum. Andy and I had jokingly talked about the possibility with sex with another couple on a number of occasions, but it had never progressed past the point of a joke. But I could tell from the discussions that the thought of it greatly turned him on.

I looked Sarah in the eye, and with Bob still rubbing my ass, chuckled and said, "Oh god, yes, of course I enjoyed that – what wasn't there to like about it?"

Sarah smiled back at me, saying, "Just wanted to make sure." She let go of Andy's prick, leaned over and kissed my cheek, and before she sat back up whispered quickly in my ear, "I want to continue where we left off in the hot tub and before here in front of the fire, so play along with me." I just smiled back at her, my signal that I heard and would go along. She turned back to Andy. "You boys must be very aroused by now, I imagine, aren't you?"

Both Andy and Bob smiled and nodded their heads. Sarah replied, "I'm sure I can help with that little problem." With that she got on her knees, and put her head in Andy's lap, lightly tonguing his prick. He spread his legs to give her good access, and leaned back against the couch, making himself more comfortable. She began going up and down his shaft, but before she got too involved, she picked her head up, looked back at Bob, and motioned to him to come a little closer. As she did this, she spread her legs a bit, and Bob took that as an obvious signal. He came over to her from behind with his hard prick in his hands, and placed it between her legs. With the wetness caused by the earlier attention her pussy had received, Bob easily slid into her from behind. I rested my head on one hand, still lying on the floor, and watched the show unfolding in front of me.

Sarah bent back down, and continued her ministrations to my husband's prick. She was going up and down on it with her mouth, and every few strokes, she would stop and go at the tip of it with her tongue. As she did this, Bob continued pumping in and out of her from behind. As this continued for another few minutes, I could see the three of them approaching their orgasms, and sure enough, Andy was soon coming. Sarah managed to swallow all of his cum, just as Bob was cumming inside her, and she too was enjoying another orgasm.

The three of them collapsed on the rug, the men both clearly quite spent, and even Sarah needing to catch her breath. She turned her head to look at me, gave me a wink, and mouthed silently, "Later." I just nodded my head slightly, still unsure exactly what was going to happen.

After a few minutes of rest, she got up, saying, "Okay, I'm beat, let's go to sleep. We've got a whole weekend ahead of us." She received no argument from the men, as the two of them dragged themselves up off the floor and stumbled toward bed, obviously looking forward to the opportunity to crash on their respective beds and regain some energy for whatever the rest of the weekend may bring. I too got up, and as I started to follow Andy toward our bedroom, Sarah grabbed my arm, pulling me back for a second. She brought her head close to mine, stuck her tongue in my ear for an erotic little kiss, and whispered, "Meet me back here in 30 minutes." She then placed her hand on the top of my naked ass and ran a finger down my crack.

I felt like I would almost cum from that touch alone. I managed to keep from stumbling, and all I could get out was "Okay." I then followed Andy into the bedroom, cleaned up a bit, and climbed into the bed, where I found my husband already asleep.

The next half hour took an eternity. I kept glancing at the glow of the clock radio next to the bed, trying to will the minutes to move faster, to no avail. If anything, it seemed like my efforts were making time slow down. But finally, 30 minutes had passed, and I quietly got out of bed so as not to disturb Andy, threw on a sleepshirt, and tiptoed out of the room, carefully closing the door behind me.

When I got to the living room, I found Sarah lying on the couch in the light of the dying fire. She looked beautiful, with her round body partially covered by a robe that was open and showing off her breasts and beautiful, shaved pussy. She smiled when she saw me coming, and shifted her legs off the couch enough to make room for me to sit. I sat down next to her, still unsure exactly what would happen, but having an idea of what kinds of things I wanted to happen.

Sarah spoke in a low voice. "If your husband is anything like mine, I knew that after an orgasm he'd be ready to crash."

I just laughed and said, "Yeah, you're right, most men are exactly the same. He is a wonderful lover, but it's true, once he's had an orgasm, he's good for little else."

"Tell me about it – Bob's exactly the same way. That's why I knew we could meet back out here." She chuckled and asked if I wanted something to drink. I answered yes, that in fact I was thirsty come to think of it.

Sarah got up off the couch and as she headed to the kitchen, I followed her with my eyes. Her robe swayed back and forth over her cute ass, just covering it but leaving most of her legs exposed. They were strong, yet shapely, and accentuated the rest of her body nicely. She called back to me, asking me what I wanted. I asked for some ice water, which she was back with in a flash.

She handed me the water, and sat down on her end of the couch again, still not bothering to tie the sash on her robe. She took a sip of the water she poured herself, then put the glass down on the end table. She turned to me, beckoned with her hand, and said softly, "Come here, sweetie."

I put my glass down after taking a sip of water, and moved toward her on the couch. I moved my head toward hers, thinking she wanted to kiss, but as I got close, she took my head in her hands and placed it down on her breasts. I laid on my side resting my head on her large, soft breasts, and she gently began stroking my hair and forehead. It felt wonderful, experiencing a woman's soft, loving touch like this. I just relaxed like that, feeling her chest rise and fall with her breaths, her hands continuing the stroking of my hair and head.

After a few minutes of this, Sarah leaned forward, still not saying a word, and reached for the bottom of my sleepshirt, which reached just below my pussy. She began pulling it up, and as it caught between my hip and the couch, I assisted her by raising my ass and then my back slightly. She continued pulling it up, until she had exposed up to my breasts. She left the front of the shirt bunched there, and gently pushed on my body so that I was lying on my back on the couch, with my head still resting on her pillowy breasts. She resumed stroking me, but this time was running her hand in circles around my breasts, first one, then the other, purposely avoiding the nipple. I was wavering between incredible relaxation and arousal, as on the one hand her touch was the most soothing thing I had felt in some time, while on the other my body was clearly reacting sexually.

But Sarah appeared to be in no rush. She continued this stroking for what must have been a good ten minutes, still not touching the nipples, but just concentrating on the breasts. At times she would reach over and lift a breast with one hand, while running the fingertips of her other on the underside of the breast, gently tickling there.

And then she stopped, leaned over, and placed her lips upon mine. It was an incredibly sensuous kiss, her soft lips gently working their way over mine, her tongue lightly pushing its way into my mouth. I opened my lips to ease the way, and our tongues did a gentle dance, teasing each other, thrusting in and out in an alternating sequence. As I felt my pussy juices begin to flow again, relaxation was now way out of my head and I was in a full state of arousal. Just as I was enjoying this activity, Sarah pulled her head back. I was left with my mouth agape, and all I could do was stare at her, willing her to come back and kiss me some more.

But Sarah just smiled wryly, looking down on me. "Yes, you have something you want to say?" she asked me.

I stuttered for a second, unable to get out a reply at first. Finally, I mumbled, "Ummm, that was wonderful, can we continue?"

"We can, but I want to make sure you know what you're getting into," she replied.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I know you've never really been with a woman before, so before we go any further, I just wanted to make sure you really wanted this."

I was a bit shocked, because I figured Sarah could tell from the reaction of my body – both now as well as earlier – that I definitely wanted this. But I decided maybe she was just being cautious, not wanting to get me involved in something I couldn't handle, sort of "checking in" at each step of the way. "Yes Sarah, I truly do want this. You know I've thought about this for awhile, and I love the way I feel and what you're doing to me."

"Okay, sweetie, I just wanted to make sure. I will guide you in this experience, but you have to be willing to give yourself to me."

I continued looking up at her, not sure what she meant. I thought about it for a few seconds, but didn't know how to respond, other than "Okay, whatever you say." I trusted Sarah, and knew that she would not do anything to hurt me. But in the back of my head I was still a bit bewildered by her words.

"Good. Why don't we get a little more comfy back on the floor in front of the fire." She got up, threw another couple of logs on the fire to get it going again, and I got off the couch to join her. Not quite sure what to do, I just stood there next to her, waiting for an instruction. She stood next to me, just a few inches away, looking at me with that little smile on her face, and after a few seconds said, "Why don't you lie down on your tummy. And take your shirt all the way off."

I nodded, and did as she told. I crossed my arms, and she handed me a pillow. Resting my head on it, I stretched out and closed my eyes, unsure what would happen next. As I did this, I felt Sarah kneeling next to me. I heard the "pop" of the massage lotion, and then felt her hands on my back, and the cool feeling of the lotion being spread around. The cool feeling quickly warmed as her soft hands worked the lotion into my skin. She concentrated on my back, working the area between my neck and my waist. She had a wonderful touch, much gentler and softer than what I had been getting from Bob earlier.

I was greatly enjoying the rhythmic sensations as she continued to work on my back, her hands adding to the heat being generated from the fireplace. After a few minutes or so, and just as I was again beginning to lose myself to her touch, she stopped once more. I felt her sit back, and I opened my eyes and turned toward her. She said very softly, "Roll over on your back sweetie."

I complied, keeping my head on the pillow; as I did this I saw her rise up and walk out of the room. When she came back a few seconds later, I saw that she was holding something in her hand, but I couldn't see what it was. She kneeled down next to me, and planted a kiss lightly on my lips. She brought her hands up, and placed something over my eyes, gently lifting to place it around the back of my head. I realized it was some kind of blindfold, like the kind people wear to sleep when it is light out. It was very effective, as I realized I couldn't see any light, not even that coming from the fireplace a few feet away.

"I thought you might enjoy it to be surprised a bit," she said, by way of explanation. I responded, "Okay," as I felt her rising again next to me. Here I was, lying naked on the floor, blindfolded, with this highly erotic woman standing next to me. Twelve hours ago, if you had told me this would have been happening, I would have been totally surprised. But it all seemed so right now that it was actually taking place.

I heard Sarah walking around, followed by the rustling of fabric. I figured she must have been taking off her robe, which she had kept on all this time. I then felt her near me again, and just didn't know what to expect. I was praying that she would continue touching me as she had been on the couch, but with the hope that she would start paying attention to my pussy, to finish what she had started in the hot tub. For what seemed like a long time, but was probably no more than a minute or two, she seemed to be just standing there. Even though I couldn't see it, I felt like her gaze was upon me, that she was looking up and down my body.

"You know, Carla, you have a beautiful body. Curves in all the right places, just like my body, not too thin, built like a woman should be built." So I was right that she was checking me out, and I appreciated the compliment. Like all women, I sometimes get insecure about my body, so it was affirming to hear another woman – one who I had been so intimate with sexually – complimenting me on how I looked.

I began to reply, "Thank you Sarah," but before I could get the words out, I felt her kneel down next to me, and felt a finger on my lips. "Shhh, my sweet, no need to reply, I was just telling you how much I liked what I saw." I just nodded my head, trying my best to follow her directions.

I felt her move again, and then felt her body over mine. The next thing I knew, she was sitting on my chest, not with her full weight, but only part of it. I felt her legs on either side of my breasts, and could feel her shaved pussy resting lightly between them. I inhaled and could smell her sweet scent of arousal so close to my face. It smelled beautiful, a scent I hadn't experienced so close before. She scooted around forward and backward, side to side a bit, gently massaging my breasts with the cheeks of her ass. She was being very careful not to put too much weight on me, just maintaining enough pressure to make it feel good. I could feel my nipples begin to grow, enjoying the attention they were receiving from her cheeks.

After a minute or two of this, I felt her scoot even further forward, and before I realized what was happening, I felt her wet pussy on my chin. I had never been so close to another woman's pussy before. I felt a mix of both fear and arousal, fear because I wasn't sure if I would be able to do what I knew was coming next, and arousal because it smelled and felt so good. I knew I wanted to taste that wet pussy, but never having tasted another woman, I didn't know how I was going to react.

Before I could think about it anymore, she scooted a few inches forward again, bringing her pussy to my mouth. She leaned forward, placing her lips near my right ear, and whispered, "Start licking, sweetie." I tentatively opened my lips and stuck out my tongue, quickly making contact with the wetness flowing from her pussy. I wasn't sure what to expect; I had tasted my own pussy juices on my fingers after masturbating, but knew that every woman tasted different. I found Sarah's pussy to taste slightly sweet, but with a musky scent and taste to it, definitely a stronger taste than mine. Not bad, just different.

After a few tentative licks, I became a bit bolder. I stuck my tongue out further, stabbing it deeper into her pussy. The juices kept flowing, and I felt them running down the side of my cheeks. I alternated between her inner and outer lips, licking and sucking one, then the other, then moving to the other side. As I did this, I felt Sarah grinding her pussy gently against my lips and tongue, still being careful not to smother me, but clearly enjoying what I was doing and looking to make stronger contact.

I then licked up and started working on her clit. It was quite prominent, and I had no problem getting my tongue all around it. With a little adjustment, and some help on her part, I was able to raise my lips up to be able to suck on it. I gently sucked it, punctuated with an occasional lick around it from my tongue.

I knew that my pussy juices were flowing just as heavily as were Sarah's. It was so erotic, this incredibly sexy woman sitting on my face, her pussy surrounding my lips, my tongue stuck as far up in it as I could get it. I loved it! I was quickly over my original trepidation, and was licking at her full force. I couldn't get enough of all of her pussy – the lips, inside (try as I could, my tongue wasn't long enough to reach her g-spot), and her clit. I felt her responding more and more to me, and I felt that she would reach an orgasm soon. But just as I felt she was getting close, she pulled away.

Just as with her interrupted kiss earlier, my tongue and lips continued surging forward for a few seconds trying to find the sweet nectar they had been enjoying. She continued rising, as I felt her getting up from me. She quickly came back down again, but this time I realized she had turned around. Now it was her beautiful ass that was facing my head, and she gently scooted backwards, until it made contact with my lips and tongue. I heard one word emanate from her mouth now.


I did as I was told, and began to gently lick all around her cheeks. If I would have been surprised that I was having sex with a woman, I would have been absolutely shocked to think that I could be doing this to another woman. I didn't even do this to Andy, so couldn't imagine doing it with another woman. But here I was, and much to my surprise, I found it just as erotic as licking her pussy. Her scent back here was similar to her pussy, but slightly different – a tad stronger, more musky, but not at all offensive.

I became a bit bolder, and after a few minutes of running my tongue around her cheeks, I began to move toward her pucker. I lightly ran my tongue in circles around it, mimicking what Sarah had been doing earlier with her hands on my breasts. Sarah was clearly enjoying what I was doing, as I felt her body reacting and could hear gentle moans coming from her mouth.

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