tagLoving WivesWeekend of Surprises Ch. 03

Weekend of Surprises Ch. 03


Note: I suggest you read the earlier installments of this story before reading this part.

I woke up the next morning with Carla nestled next to me in bed, sound asleep. I had long suspected that Sarah and Bob were swingers, but last night's events confirmed it for me. I had loved rubbing Sarah all over her body, and then I had a great orgasm as Sarah sucked me off while Bob fucked her in the ass. It was so erotic, the whole thing, and I had great sexual dreams throughout the night. At one point in the middle of the night I woke up, and Carla wasn't next to me in bed, but I figured she must have gone to the bathroom, so I just rolled over and went back to sleep.

I dragged myself out of bed, threw on some boxer shorts and a t-shirt (I saw no reason for modesty given what had happened last night), and went into the kitchen. The smell of coffee brewing helped awaken my senses, and I found Sarah there whipping some eggs. She had on the same robe she was wearing last night, and she certainly looked none the worse for what had transpired. As I walked in, she turned toward me, smiled, gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek, and said, "Good morning, Andy, did you have a good night's sleep?"

"Just great, thank you." I wasn't sure what the proper etiquette was in a situation like this, where you'd had sex with a woman who wasn't your wife the night before. So I just played along as best I could. I asked her if there was anything I could do to help.

"Well," Sarah replied, "you could get down here on your hands and knees and lick me to orgasm."

I looked at her quite stunned. I mean, it was great last night, but I sort of suspected it was going to be one of those once-in-a-lifetime things, and what the four of us experienced would never again be repeated (or talked about, for that matter). But I figured, what the hell, if she still wanted to fool around, I might as well go ahead.

"Uh, okay," I said, and proceeded to get down on my knees in front of her. But before I got all the way down, I heard a hearty laugh come out of her throat, as she looked down at me and gave me a big smile.

"That's okay, sweetie, I was just joking. But it's nice to know you would have been willing to do it anyway."

I turned beet red with embarrassment, and quickly picked myself up. Not knowing what else to say, I simply replied, "Oh, I was just playing along, I didn't think you were serious."

Sarah gave me a little wink, and a smile, and just went back to her eggs. I opened up a cabinet and found a coffee mug, and helped myself to a cup. I found the sugar and cream in the refrigerator, and after dosing my brew, stood leaning against the counter sipping it as I silently watched Sarah finish whipping the eggs around the bowl.

As I looked at her, I wondered why I had never thought much about her when we lived near each other. Back then, she was just another one of the women in a circle of people we knew, a mother, wife, PTO board member, etc. I don't like that label of "soccer mom," but as far as I could tell, it fit Sarah. But now that I'd seen this different side of her, it was impossible not to think of her as an entirely different person.

Carla and I had always enjoyed a healthy sex life. We didn't talk much about it with other people (at least I didn't), as this just wasn't something you did in polite company – "How about those Red Sox?" – "Yeah, weren't they great last night? And you should have seen the pussy licking I gave my wife after the game!" This just wasn't the kind of conversation I had with my friends. Carla and I just assumed we were the only ones who liked sex as much as we did and enjoyed the variety of activities in which we engaged. But clearly there were others out there like us, others who we probably never suspected. And seeing Sarah and Bob the way I did in the last 12 hours made me remember the truism, "you never can tell."

I was awakened from my reverie as I heard Carla padding into the kitchen. She came over and gave me a hug and kiss on the lips. She then went over and did the same to Sarah in what was clearly a very friendly gesture. Sarah smiled back at her, returning the kiss, and said, "Help yourself to coffee, sweetie. I just made it."

"Yes, the wonderful aroma helped motivate me to get out of that bed," my wife replied.

"Did you sleep okay?" Sarah asked her, giving her a quick wink. I assumed the wink was in reference to our activity before bed, but it wasn't until later that day that I discovered there was more behind it.

"Oh yes, just wonderfully, thanks," Carla replied. "The bed was very comfortable, and it's so quiet out here in the woods, just the sound of the birds to wake us up in the morning."

"Yes, that's part of the reason why Bob and I love it out here. We miss the city, of course, but the quiet and privacy out here can't be beat. Well, as soon as I can wake up my slumbering husband, I'll get these eggs on the stove – I'm sure we all must be famished! Andy, be a dear and slice those bagels and put them in the toaster oven, will you? You'll find some cream cheese in the fridge."

"Sure," I replied, only happy to help her out. Sarah walked out of the kitchen, and a minute or two later returned with Bob in tow. He had obviously just awaken, and he was wearing a t-shirt and what looked like some gym shorts. He said hello to us, and made a beeline for the coffeemaker, Carla and I easing out of the way for him.

Sarah headed to the stove, and in a matter of minutes whipped up a lovely omelet for the four of us to share. We chatted as we sat eating our breakfast, getting caught up on our lives, our kids, and the gossip about the people we knew in common. There was no discussion of what transpired last night in the hot tub or in the living room in front of the fireplace, thus solidifying my belief that it was a one-time event that would never be repeated and likely never be discussed again.

After breakfast we all showered, Carla and I seizing the opportunity to take one together. We enjoyed showering together, and the guest bathroom at Bob and Sarah's house had a nice glass block stall shower that was more than big enough for the two of us. As we were drying off, Carla said to me, "Well, you'll never guess what happened to me after you fell asleep last night."

I looked at her somewhat blankly, having no idea what she was talking about, so simply replied, "What?"

She smiled, and proceeded to tell me the whole story of how Sarah and she made love themselves in front of the fireplace while Bob and I were each blissfully asleep. My jaw dropped as I stood there listening to Carla describe for me (in not quite gory detail) how Sarah had dominated Carla and forced her to pleasure her. Carla and I had discussed her curiosity about bisexuality before, and after seeing them in the hot tub and after, I was not surprised to hear that she and Sarah had played around. And while Carla and I had talked about dominance and submission before, expressing some curiosity about it, we had never played around with it. So I was surprised to hear that she and Sarah had played out such a scene. I listened quietly, not saying a word, until Carla got to the end of the story, describing how she had squirted so forcefully when Sarah finally allowed her to come.

I didn't know what to say, other than, "Wow!" I can imagine what it would have been like to be able to watch what transpired. Interestingly enough, I didn't feel a tinge of jealousy, but rather was incredibly aroused by the whole experience. I went over and gave Carla a hug, and said, "Great for you, honey, I'm really happy you had that experience. I guess there's quite a bit about Sarah we didn't know." Carla just laughed, agreeing with that assessment of our hostess. We discussed a little bit of what had transpired when we were all still awake, and Carla assured me that she was not at all jealous of what Sarah had done with me. We were both so secure in our relationship that we could take a good deal of pleasure in knowing what a great time the other had had.

The rest of the day was spent at the lake near their house. It was a beautiful day, and we just lounged on the beach, talking, reading books, and going for a couple of canoe rides. Bob had gone back and brought a light lunch and drinks down for us to help tide us over until dinner. Sarah looked radiant in a red, low-cut one-piece bathing suit. It really accentuated her body, showing off her tits and ass in a very flattering way. Carla's suit, while also flattering, was more conservative and I think she was a little jealous of how good Sarah looked in hers.

Around 5:00, Sarah said, "Well, we're going to be losing the sun in a bit. So what do you say we head back to the house, grab a shower, and get dressed for dinner. Bob, what do you think about Le Jardin for dinner?"

Bob answered, "I think that sounds great. Soon as we get back I'll call and see if we can get a reservation." He turned to us and said, "Le Jardin is one of the nicer restaurants in town. French, as you can imagine, very quiet and intimate – just a nice atmosphere with wonderful food to match."

Carla and I both agreed that it sounded like a good place to go. We packed up our things and headed back to their house. Bob called for a reservation, and getting off the phone, told us, "We have to be there by 6:00, or we would have had to wait until 8:30. So make it a quick shower, and we'll head out. Wear something sort of nice, but it doesn't have to be too dressy."

We jumped into the shower, quickly washing the sand and suntan lotion off of our bodies. I threw on a pair of khakis and the one clean dress shirt I had left. Carla had a black silk dress she had worn at the one fancy dinner we had attended at my conference. It was still clean, and she looked great in it. It had a modest neckline and buttoned down the front, but was tight enough that it clung well to her tits, and it ended just above her knees.

As we came out of the bedroom, Sarah and Bob were waiting for us in the living room. Bob was dressed similarly to me, but Sarah was – well, the only way to describe it was "dressed to kill." She was wearing a red crepe dress, the same shade as the swimsuit she had been wearing less than an hour before. It was cut very similarly around her cleavage, showing off her tits very nicely, but not in an inappropriate way. It was sleeveless and ended about mid-thigh, well above her knee, but was still very flattering to her legs. And it hugged her ass in a manner that made me jealous that it wasn't my hands snuggled up against her cheeks that way.

I whistled at her, and said to Bob, "Hey, I thought you said 'not too dressy'?" with a smile.

Sarah seemed to blush a bit, smiled and said, "Oh, this little thing? It's not dressy, I wear it a lot."

Bob replied, "Yeah, and when she does, she gets a lot of responses like yours, Andy!"

Carla chimed in, "Oh, don't listen to them, Sarah – I think you look great in it, and it's very appropriate for a Saturday night dinner."

Sarah laughed, saying to Carla, "Thank you, sweetie, I appreciate hearing that from another woman." We all laughed and headed into the car.


I knew that Andy had been looking at me and my red bathing suit on the beach. I had definitely intrigued him with my performance giving him a blowjob last night, and I wanted to tease him a bit into wanting more of me. But I wanted it to be on my terms. So when I got dressed for dinner I chose my red crepe dress that I knew would only increase his desire for me. His little performance at breakfast, when I had jokingly suggested he get down on the floor and lick me – and he had begun to comply – confirmed for me that he wanted more. I had a plan for dinner tonight that I was hoping to lure him into.

We arrived at the restaurant, which was out in the country in the next town to ours. I had suggested it for two reasons – it is very private, with booths spread far enough apart that you could engage in conversation without being easily overheard, and we were unlikely to bump into anybody there we knew. It was also very dark, with heavy red curtains over the few windows and an interior lit primarily by candles on each table. It seated only about 20 people. The maitre'd showed us to a booth in the back, and as we headed there I glanced around the restaurant and confirmed there was nobody there who would recognize us. The booth was circular, encompassing about 270 degrees of a circle, and seating just four people comfortably. Carla got in and started to scoot over, but before Andy could follow her I quickly cut in front of him, scooting over to the far side of the circle next to Carla. Andy had no choice but to follow me in, and Bob went around to enter on the other side, putting him next to Carla.

As I sat down, I patted Carla's right knee with my left hand, nudging her hemline up just a bit, and saying, "Now, doesn't this look nice?" I knew that nobody could see what I was doing, between the tablecloth which hid her knees and the low light provided by the single candle in the center of the table.

Carla jumped just a bit, probably imperceptibly to Bob or Andy, and turned to me replying, "Yes, it looks wonderful, I'm glad you chose it."

I smiled back, and turned to Andy, who was already browsing the menu. "How does everything look to you Andy?"

The four of us were seated very close to one another in the booth, so that when Andy turned to look at me, I knew that his height over mine and his proximity gave him a good view of my breasts. I was wearing a low-cut red demi bra that left the upper part of my breasts nicely exposed to him. In fact, so much of them were exposed that I realized he could see a band of white skin on each that had been covered by my bathing suits all summer.

Sure enough, as he began to reply to my question, I caught his eyes glancing down at my breasts. Even though he had seen me nude last night, I knew there was still a good deal of titillation for a man in seeing a woman's body partially clothed in sexy undergarments. After a quick glance that he probably thought I had missed, he replied nonchalantly, "The menu looks very nice. I think the only problem will be choosing what to eat among many great choices."

I continued flirting, replying to him, "Well, if you need any suggestions at all, don't hesitate to ask." I laughed, and turned to Carla, saying, "And that goes for you too, sweetie." Bob was just taking the performance in. He knew me enough to know that I had something up my sleeve, even though I hadn't discussed with him what I was planning for tonight.

Bob asked if everybody wanted wine, and after we all agreed, he chose a nice Cabernet, and the waiter brought it along with four glasses. When he asked if we were ready to order, Carla began to answer in the affirmative, but before she could get it out, I quickly jumped in to say, "No, can you give us a few more minutes?" The waiter answered, "Of course," and returned to the kitchen. We all began to drink the wine as we discussed the menu, what we were going to have, and our day at the beach.

By the time the waiter took our dinner orders, we were already well into our second bottle of Cabernet. I knew that the combination of the little food we had eaten during the course of the day and the heat of the sun would likely get everybody a little tipsy. Sure enough, I could see that both Andy and Carla were beginning to act just a little bit drunk. Their voices got a little louder (though not so loud others could hear us from our corner in the back), and their laughs got a little bit stronger. I was purposefully holding back a bit, sipping my wine more, as I wanted to maintain control. Bob, I saw, was keeping pace with our guests.

I had ordered rack of lamb, a dish that the menu warned took 30 minutes to prepare. I didn't want the evening to be rushed, so I decided that would be the perfect choice, knowing that would delay the delivery of everybody's entrees.

After the salads, by which time, we were on our third bottle of wine, Andy excused himself to go to the restroom. I jokingly said to Bob, "What dear, you men don't all go to the bathroom at the same time like we ladies do?" He just laughed back at me, saying, "No, we don't, and when we do go, we don't take our pocketbooks either." Andy laughed as he headed to the men's room.

A moment later, I turned to Carla and said, "Well, speak of the devil, I do have to go myself. Would you like to join me?" Bob laughed, and Carla smiled, replying "Yes, I will, thank you." The two of us scooted out of the booth, grabbing our purses (of course), and headed to the restrooms.

The restrooms in Le Jardin are actually upstairs, in the second floor of the building (I never figured out how they could get away with that, given all the fuss about access for the disabled, but I always assumed they had been grandfathered in or something). The building must have originally been some kind of inn, because it looked like at some point there were guest rooms on the second floor, but now it looked like other than the bathrooms they were just used for storage.

As we got to the top of the stairs and walked down the little hallway where the bathrooms were, a woman came out of the ladies room. She smiled at us and said "Hello" as she walked by, and headed down the stairs. We smiled back, and I heard the toilet flushing in the men's room next door. I said to Carla, "Why don't you go first, sweetie. It's a single stall, and I can wait. I'll guard the door." She laughed, saying, "Thank you," and went in.

A moment later, Andy came out of the men's room, almost bumping into me upon his exit. He backed off, saying, "Sorry," and began to walk down the hall. But before he could, I grabbed his hand, and spun him around causing a surprised look to cross his face. I said to him just two words, "Follow me," and pulled his hand along with me as I opened the door to the ladies room with my other.

We quickly entered the small room, pulling the door closed behind us. I locked it and turned to find an equally surprised Carla sitting on the toilet, her black dress hiked up around her waist being held by one hand, and a pair of exquisite, baby blue lace panties down around her ankles. She had a few squares of folded toilet paper in her right hand, obviously ready to complete her toilet routine.

Before she or Andy could utter a word, I put a finger to my lips and said, "Shhh. Just do as I say." Neither of them spoke, and I saw both of their eyes glued to mine, not quite sure what was going to transpire, but also not willing to make a run for it either. Carla proceeded to wipe herself, dropping the paper into the toilet, and reaching back to flush it. But as she reached down to pull up her panties with her free hand, I said, "Wait."

For the second time in just a few seconds, a look of surprise came across her face. But she did comply, no doubt at least in part due to our experience together last night. In the meantime, Andy just stood next to the door, looking back and forth from his partially naked wife to me.

I knew we didn't have much time before Bob would wonder what had happened to the three of us, so I quickly got things moving. I turned to Andy and said to him, "Get down on your knees in front of the toilet and face your wife."

He looked at me incredulously, getting ready to say something, but before he could I said in a strong, commanding voice, "Just do it."

He shrugged his shoulders with a look that said, "What the hell," and proceeded to comply with my command. I knew it wouldn't be the most comfortable thing for him to do, given the hard tile floor, but he did, having the good sense to grab some paper towels from the dispenser and putting them on the floor to protect his pants as he got down.

When he was positioned, the two of them looked up at me, and I said, "Okay, now lick her pussy." Again, he started to say something, but this time, he stopped himself, shaking his head, and he turned to face Carla again. By this point she had a look on her face that was very similar to that I had seen there last night when I was dominating her. I knew that she would go along with whatever I said.

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