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Weekend Sex


We were sitting around watching TV. Nothing exciting going on. I was on my laptop (looking at porn as usual, yes I know I have a problem) and minding my own business. Suddenly he is standing in front of me, his only words, “shut the laptop”. I close it and move it aside. He immediately takes out his hard cock and puts it in front of my lips. I look up and open up at the same time. I slowly suck on him, getting him wet and slick so I can take it deeper and deeper. Just as I get used to him down my throat and getting a rhythm going, he pulls away. His only words, “get in the room, naked”.

I immediately stand up and head to the bedroom. There I undress and sit at the edge of the bed. Waiting for him to voice his next command. ”Suck me bitch, get me wet enough to fuck you”. I immediately started sucking him, getting him nice and wet. Knowing that any minute that thing was going to just shove it’s way into me. I either get it soaking wet or pay the price getting torn up.

He was anxious, stopped me way too soon. I was just enjoying myself. He quickly reached down and put his hands on my shoulders, pushing me back onto the bed. ”Get in the position, now”. I turn face down on the bed (we are directional sideways on the bed, short side). He kisses up my spine, up to my left ear. He whispers “put your hands down the side, in between the mattress. You are going to need to hold on and shut up”.

The chills immediately went through my body. I put my hands in the position requested and held on. I was scared/excited. He got in between my legs and shoved himself inside. I was wet, but not wet enough. It went in, but I was torn open a little. Now while this hurts, it all hurts good. Does that make sense? I enjoy it rough. I enjoy being punished. So while I cringed a little inside, I started to flood. He quickly had no issues sliding in and out of me. He slowly slide a hand under my breast and squeezed a nipple till I yelled out. Now he knew I had to be punished since I made a noise. He slide out and slapped the inside thigh. I knew to now bite down on the mattress. We have a rule, every punishment comes in threes. That seems to be my pain tolerance threshold. So I got smacked three times. There was definitely a red hand print left there now. But that throbbing feeling just caused me to get wetter. I could feel it running along my pussy lips. He now slide right back into me and fucked me through a few small orgasms. He knows me enough those were just warm ups. I need a few really deep ones to get satisfied.

He now starts to turn it up a little. If I push him out while I orgasm then he gets to punish me. So by now I've had my ass smacked a few times as well as getting hit in the same inner thigh area again. Just to remind me how bad I was being. After a while he leans back over to my ear and whispers “I want both your hands on your pussy, rubbing yourself. You need to make sure both hands are busy since I’m going to turn this up a little”. I am soaking wet now. I put my hands under me and start playing.

He slides back into me and all the sudden I hear the sound of my most hated toy turned on. He has a bug zapper in the shape of a racket (I have a fantasy to be spanked by a ping pong paddle, no one has ever done that yet!). It’s rigged to send a small current through me when it makes contact with my skin. So when I hear this toy turned on, I tightened up, pushed my upper torso up and cried out NO! I hate that thing. I don’t want to play with that. He laughed. Knowing I’d given him full control and he was allowed to do as he pleased. I was pushed back down flat on the bed and told to get in position and to shut the fuck up. He told me if I got myself off quickly, he wouldn't use the toy. I got to work right away. Knowing that no matter how fast I went, he would use time to his advantage. I of course didn't cum fast enough so the toy was used on my ass. I bit down on the bed. It never hurts all that much, the noise is scarier than the current. I get soaked again and he goes back to fucking me. I get off, a nice hard orgasm. I feel it from my toes to the top of my head. My pussy pushes him out. It’s punishment time again.

He again reaches for the toy. Turns it on and now zaps me three times on the ass. I am so worked up now, I love it. I am enjoying the current. So he gets back to pounding me hard. Goes in past the cervix It hurts but I cum and I cum hard. I am shuddering. I push him out. He slides out and spanks me on that same spot on the upper thigh. I don’t care. I love it and just keep gushing. I can feel my cum all over my inner thighs. He pounds me to orgasm a few more times. I am worn out and am ready for him to stop. He stops. I catch my breath and just as I relax he slides back in.

We have sex for one last orgasm. My body is done! I am ready for a nap. I nap and then get ready for my date with guy #2 later that night.

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