tagGroup SexWeekend Sexcation in Mexico Ch. 01

Weekend Sexcation in Mexico Ch. 01


I have a friend named Elysia. She is almost exclusively into girls, rarely sharing the company of men. She and I had only ever had sex once, after a drunken night at the strip club, but honestly I don't remember much about it. So I was a little surprised when she came to me with a proposition.

One of her closest friends (wink) was a girl by the name of Chantel. Chantel was an extremely sexy girl that I had fantasized about many times. She was into men and women, and if it wasn't for my friendship with Elysia I probably would have hit on her before. She was of mixed ethnicity, Puerto Rican and African American, with the most perfect Mocha/ Chocolate skin, flowing brown hair and the lightest green eyes I have ever seen on a girl with such a dark skin tone. She stood a little taller than most at about 5'8" and was beautifully curvy but athletic with, perfect legs and exquisitely perky round large "C" cup breasts.

Elysia came to me one day and said that they were going away for the weekend, down to Mexico for a sex-filled, stress-relieving fun filled getaway from everything. A little jealous that I wasn't whisking off to some orgy filled paradise, I told her to have a great time. She hesitated slightly before asking me if I wanted to go along.

Now as would any man in my situation, being propositioned to a weekend sexaway by two very attractive women, my first instinct was "hell yes!" But I was a little apprehensive. I asked her if she was sure, I knew she wasn't normally into guys and she and I had never really connected on that level before. I told her I didn't want to be a fifth wheel

She told me that it was more for Chantel, that she was equally into guys as girls and Elysia would rather have me there than some strange guy they picked up somewhere. She proceeded to tell me that the hotel they were going to in Cabo had an entire floor dedicated only to adults and adult related activities. They even have special room rates for "triple occupancy". I told her I would love to and we were off.

So let's fast forward a little. We get settled into the hotel and make our way to "The Living Room" which is the private club for the adult part of the hotel. This place was fantastic. The best way I can describe it is an upscale orgy. There were naked and half naked people everywhere. The ones who still had their clothes on were dressed in fancy dresses and suits, not the typical club apparel you may expect.

I arrived first since the women were getting ready, and found my way to a drink at the bar area. I turned just in time to see them walk in and was floored. Even in this room with all its distractions, they still turned heads, and hardened others.

I nearly dropped my crown and coke as they entered. Elysia wore a strapless white cami-style top with a frilly short skirt that left pleasantly little to the imagination. Elysia was a little shorter than Chantel at 5'4", with blond hair. She was skinnier than Chantel but had the most perfect ass I have ever seen, the kind you just wanted to smack, and hard. She had rich brown eyes and softly tanned skin, and as she walked in she exuded sex.

Chantel was dressed in a black evening dress, complete with high heels that framed her perfect legs. The dress touched the floor on one side and tapered upward to just below her thigh on the other, showing off her shapely left leg as she strode across the room. Between the high heels and the cut of the dress, I couldn't wait to see what my touch would do to her as it rose up along those delectable thighs, edging closer and closer to her warming crotch.

I sat and watched at first, partly because it was a voyeurs dream, and partly because it was difficult to stand at that point. I saw people going at each other like animals in dark corners, even a tall redhead who was bent over on the dance floor, with a large black man buried in her pussy from behind as she grinded onto his dick in time with the beat of the music.

Chantel and Elysia worked the room awhile, drinking, kissing, grinding on and groping each other as well as some others as they danced for over an hour. I couldn't stay on the sidelines any longer and joined them on the dance floor. By the time I did, Chantel's beautiful dress was bunched up around her waist and Elysia was on her knees with Chantel's left leg draped over her shoulder, eating her pussy right in the middle of the dance floor. I couldn't believe that this was real.

Elysia was going to town on her pussy, and seeing that black dress bunched up around her waist was sexier than if she had been completely naked. I grabbed Elysia's hair and thrust her head farther into Chantel's pussy, causing Chantel to throw her head back in approval. I walked around behind Chantel to help balance her as she was still in her heels, and only one touching the floor. I kissed the nape of her neck, softly at first, then taking a nibble here and there while fondling her breasts as her nipples protruded through her dress.

Elysia came up and kissed me to give me a taste of her lover and I could tell by her flavor that she had already made Chantel cum. As she pulled back, I surveyed the scene before me. Elysia stood there, a pure sexual creature, hair tousled for her endeavors. Her pink lipstick was smeared and her swollen lips glistened with her lover's juices. It turned me on knowing that the lipstick that was gone was now covering Chantel's clit.

After releasing my lips from hers, Chantel turned around, knelt down, unzipped my trousers, releasing my rock hard cock and swallowed it instantly. I thought I would come right then, but the alcohol allowed me some pause. As she began to blow me, Elysia leaned over and whispered" I made a bet with her you know"

"Really" I managed to groan as Chantel began to take my dick deeper into her throat, fighting off her gag reflex as she did...

"Yep" she said, "I bet her you could make her cum three times before you cum once. Think you are up for it?" She asked with a mocking, instigating tone. She was baiting me and I knew it, but really how could I care at this point?

"That's quite a challenge, I am sure I can give it my best shot!" I blurted eagerly before being a little embarrassed at how cheesy my comment was.

"Good boy, if you do I have a surprise for you" she again remarked with a sexy condescension

"A surprise, you mean one better than this?" I said. About that time, I could tell Chantel knew how to suck a cock. She took me so far into her mouth that I was in her throat, and she gave a good hard swallow. I could feel the ripples of her throat muscles contracting around my cock, trying to pull it further down. This was too much for her as she began to gag and pulled off, only to do it again and again, and again.

"Yep" Elysia said as now I was straining to pay attention,"Get her off 3 times, all three with your dick inside her without cumming yourself, and I'll let you fuck me tonight!" Seeing as I had always wanted to fuck her and had always regretted being too drunk during the one opportunity that I had to remember it, I was determined to give it every effort that I could.

So needless to say we were back in our room in no time. There was no real need for foreplay at that point; we were all ready to go. I was sporting a hard on that wouldn't have gone away in an ice bath, and the girls were covered with a mixture of sweat and pussy juices that clung to their bodies. As we all stripped Chantel left her heels on and Elysia took over from there.

She told me to lie down on my back and pulled her giant bag of toys and goodies form under the bed. I did as she asked, and laid on my back on our king sized bed. My erection was standing straight up in the air, aching for a mouth or pussy to envelop it. Chantel positioned herself over me, with her back to me and began rubbing my rock hard cock over her clit. I could feel the heat and wetness pouring from her pussy, dripping down to my balls, and wanted so desperately to thrust upward into her and see how luscious her pussy felt, but she was content for now to tease me and pleasure herself.

She rubbed the sensitive head of my penis around her clit, between her labia and grinding back and forth on it, jerking her clit off as if my cock was a dildo in her drawer. As she was enjoying her camel toe slide, I tried to take deep breaths and pace myself, wanting so badly my final prize.

This got her pretty worked up and she finally placed the head at the opening to her pussy. She sank so slowly onto it that it felt like it took an hour. A blissfully seductive, teasing hour before she finally rested her sopping wet pussy mound against my testicles, dripping her juices down my scrotum with my full length inside her. She was so tight; it felt like she hadn't had sex in years. We both let out loud moans and she began rising and sinking on my cock over and over, faster and faster.

Before long she paused and leaned backward, positioning the head of my penis against her g-spot on the inside front wall of her pussy. She stayed there barely moving, just enough to cause sensation and pressure against it, grinding a little to rub the area deep within her. I wanted her to keep going, but this allowed me the reprieve I needed to hold off a while more.

Suddenly I felt my legs being spread open by Elysia. I couldn't see what was going on but I had hoped that she was going to caress or suck on my balls while I slowly fucked her friend. Instead I felt something at the entrance to my ass. I had only ever had a couple things shoved into my ass during sex and had always had the benefit of seeing what that was before hand, so I was a little nervous. She slowly slid the well lubed vibrator into my ass, burying it deep enough to find my prostate and then a little more. She gave me a moment to get used to the sensation and then turned it on.

It vibrated strongly and sent a wave of pleasure through my cock that was buried deep inside her friend. Her friend moaned loudly, screaming that she could feel the vibration though my cock inside her pussy and that it was hitting her g-spot just right. Elysia didn't move it in and out at all; she just held it there greatly increasing the pleasure of both of us. I could see Elysia's naked body there, smiling devilishly as we were both now her fuck toys. Chantel and I were perverted Barbie and Ken dolls completely under her salacious control.

Before long I heard Chantel moan even louder and heard the unmistakable sounds of her pussy being eaten. She was in heaven. She was straddled on top of me in reverse cowgirl position, with the head of my dick stroking her g-spot while vibrating form the toy in my ass and was having her clit licked and pussy eaten by a very talented woman all at the same time. I wouldn't have believed myself a week ago if I came back in time and told myself I would be in this exact position.

At that moment I was almost jealous I wasn't a woman. It only took her a moment or two before coming hard and covered Elysia's face with her juices. I too was rewarded with strong contractions around my dick as she convulsed almost violently while her orgasm rolled in wave after wave. When she was finished she quickly pulled off of me with her increased sensitivity and Elysia pulled the vibrating toy from me. I felt a little dirty for enjoying it so much, but it was too late for that, I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life.

I had made Chantel cum once and was bound and determined to do it twice more. Well in actuality we made Chantel come, but I was still counting it as one in my corner.

I asked Elysia what else she had in mind next, since she was the one seemingly in charge, and she pulled a strap on from her bag. It had a long somewhat skinny dildo attached protruding toward her lover, and a smaller one that inserted into her as well when she wore it. She put it on loosely so that as she used it, it also penetrated back into her with each thrust. She took my place on the bed and Chantel took position on top of her in cowgirl position.

She slipped her pussy easily onto the strap on and leaned forward to kiss Elysia passionately. She immediately began to ride the strap on with some fervor. She was now sweating from her effort and beads of it were slowly tracing their way down the small of her back. She still had the black heels on, so I removed them and began fondling her again from the rear and they fucked wildly. Elysia broke their kiss, not missing a thrust of her artificial cock and looked at me. "Are you going to fuck her from behind or not?"

I needed no more encouragement so I lubed up my already glistening cock. It was now twitching with anticipation of finding another hot, silky orifice, and so I slid it slowly into Chantel's ass. She was even tighter here than her pussy was. As my head passed her asshole felt my dick being squeezed on as I bottomed out in her, balls rubbing against the dildo moving in and out of her pussy. This was the first time I had ever been inside a woman's pussy or ass when there was a toy inside the other. I felt the strap on slide past the head of my cock on the opposite side of the thin membrane that separated the two.

I wanted so badly to fuck her hard and fast and empty my load deep into the depths of her ass, but refrained. I stayed mostly still and let Elysia fuck her. Every time she thrusted upward against Chantel, it caused Chantel to rock backward onto my cock as my balls slapped Elysia's pussy underneath. You could tell that between all three of us, Chantel was enjoying this the most, being penetrated softly but strongly by two cocks all the while kissing her lover and fondling her sweat covered breasts.

Elysia came first, shoving hard into Chantel, causing her in turn to cum almost instantly. It is amazing to me how different it feels to have a woman cum with something filling her pussy while you are in her ass. The contractions of orgasm tightened around the dildo and I could feel it being pulled deeper into her and her insides quiver around my cock. She nearly collapsed with exhaustion and pleasure and I barely staved my orgasm again. I told the girls I needed a break or I would not last but they would not allow me one. If I wanted my reward, I had one more orgasm to give before I could have mine.

Chantel took Elysia's place on the bed, on her stomach, with her pussy and ass stuck invitingly into the air. Her mocha colored pussy lips were swollen from the workout and her clit was three times the size from earlier in the night, engorged from the pleasure. I wanted to bend down and taste her but she was too intent on getting a cock inside her.

The room smelled of sex. That raunchy, wonderful scent of sweat, cum, and lube assaulted my nostrils and I loved it. I positioned myself behind her and gave her exactly what she wanted. In one strong, single stroke, I buried myself in her balls deep, my balls slapping her clit with an audible smack. I began to take her doggy style and buried myself as far in her pussy as I could each time. By this time the only stimulation that worked for her was hard deep pounding, and I was happy to oblige. Over and over I pounded, the bed squeaking from the effort. The squeaking of the bed was overshadowed only by the sounds of her moans as my desperately aching cock fucked her tight little pussy over and over.

As I began working her, I felt Elysia come behind me. She still had the strap on secured and positioned herself at my ass. The strap on slid easily in, covered with the juices of our lover and Elysia just held there. Every time I pulled out of Chantel, I was pushing back onto the dildo, fucking Elysia and myself with it. This slowed my pace as I was not used to having something fucking my ass this way but Chantel was not happy about it. "Fuck me Mick, fuck me harder" She screamed needing the extra stimulation to get her off.

She reached down and began furiously rubbing her clit, trying desperately for one last orgasm. Elysia decided that if I was going too slow that she would help. Instead of me pounding forward into her friend and then sliding backward onto her proxy dick, she took control. She began fucking me with the strap on, and every time she pounded a little rougher, forcing me more roughly into her friend. The sensation was more than I could take. My prostate getting more stimulation than ever before, pounding so hard into the hot pussy I was buried in and needing release so bad.

Chantel reached around and between her legs and grabbed by balls, tugging on them slightly and it sent me over the edge. I came so hard, I could feel spurt after spurt of cum emptying into her pussy. I felt like I had been saving up for weeks to unload. She felt her pussy being filled and the sensation made her come too. Elysia wasn't far behind and pulled the dildo from my ass as she did, shaking it violently to finish her orgasm.

I collapsed on top of Chantel, spent from one of the most intense orgasms of my life. Elysia pulled me from her friend and slowly took my cock into her mouth, tasting the mixture of my cum and Chantel's. She held me there, sucking and licking me clean before allowing me to fall back onto the bed. She then kissed her lover passionately and said "see I told you he'd come before your third!" I tried to protest, but at that point I didn't care.

There we three laid, Elysia with her perfect ass taunting me, almost begging for a cock to invade it or her pussy, Chantel completely exhausted, worn out from the effort, my cum slowly dripping from her pussy, and me wondering if I would wake up and this all be a dream...

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