tagBDSMWeekend Surprises

Weekend Surprises


I was at work, sitting at my desk. I was working on the computer, filling in some meaningless spreadsheet, bored as hell. The phone rang, and I answered.

"Hello, is Bert there?" I heard the sweet voice, and I knew it was Candy. Her name is Candice, but she liked me to call her Candy.

I had met her six months ago. She's a nude dancer, and she works at the Flamingo lounge. She's 22 years old, about 5' 8" tall, with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. She looks something like Marsha Brady or Jennifer Anniston. She has small round orange shaped breasts with tiny nipples that fold in. They can be coaxed out, but it's a lot of work.

She had just started working at the Flamingo, and she was wearing a bra under her lingerie. I bought her a couple of drinks, and we talked. I told her she might make more money if she didn't wear the bra. She thought that was a good idea, and took the bra off. She asked me for my phone number, and pulled out an address book. I was surprised. No dancer had ever asked me for my phone number before. I gave her my work number, and told her I'd hope I'd see her again.

Candy called me at work every three or four weeks. I looked forward to her calls, although she usually just asked me to come over to the lounge and sit with her. After she called me a couple of times, I decided to tell her yes, I would meet her at the lounge. I left work early, and drove over. I bought her a few drinks, and she kissed me and fondled my cock while I fondled her breasts. I had a good time with Candy.

One day a couple of months later, Candy called me and asked me if I wanted to meet her and her friend Nicci after they got off work. I had met Nicci the week before at the lounge, and I thought, why not, so I told her sure, I'd meet them at 7:30. Nicci was an older brunette, with floppy breasts and large sensitive nipples. She had told me that she hadn't been fucked in over a year, and that she wished I could fuck her. I thought that she was just saying that to arouse me, but now it looked like I might get the chance. I got to the lounge at 7:15, and Nicci sat by me. She told me that Candy was getting worried that I wouldn't show up. A couple of minutes later, Candy came by to say hi. I told them I was saving my money for them, and they could meet me at an adult bookstore on the corner. I left the lounge, and went to the bookstore to wait for them. They came in about 20 minutes later, and we walked over to the parking garage and to my car.

We drove to a motel, got a room, and went in. I brought some condoms and baby oil with me. I also brought some rope and a pair of handcuffs, in case I could get them interested in tying me up. They were a little nervous about that. I had them undress and sit on the edge of the bed smoking a cigarette while I watched from a chair. After they finished their cigarette, I got on the bed with them. We kissed, and they both tried to masturbate me while I fondled their breasts and nipples.

I asked Nicci if she wanted to fuck me, and she said "Sure".

Nicci got a condom, put it on my cock, and jumped on. I asked Candy to sit on my face while Nicci fucked me. They kissed and bounced on top of me while I sucked on Candy's blonde pussy. I'd never had sex with two women at the same time like this before, and I was happy they did this for me. After about 30 minutes Candy was anxious to leave, so I took them home.

I'd visited Candy at the lounge a few more times after that, usually because she called. She was a good kisser, and as she got to know me, she got better at kissing me. I tried to talk about my bondage fantasies, but she wasn't very interested in hearing them. I met other dancers at the lounge that were more interested in my bondage fantasies, but they worked odd schedules and weren't at the lounge many times when I visited.

I was glad Candy had called. I answered, "Hello Candy, this is Bert."

"Hi, how you're doin'?"

"Fine, how about you?"

"Good. Would you like to get together?"

It had been about a month since I'd been to the lounge. "Sure, do you have anywhere in mind, Candy?"

"How about my place?"

I was surprised. Last time I'd had to get a hotel room. "Sure. How much do you want?"

"How long do you want to be with me, Bert?"

"A couple of hours."

"Ok, $180."

"That sounds fair."

"Bert, could you bring the rope, handcuffs, and whatever else you have. I think I'm interested in trying to tie you up this time. Would you like that?"

I was surprised again. I wondered if she was serious. "Yes Candy, I'd like that. What's your address?" She gave me her address, and I wrote it down. "I'll be there in a couple of hours." "Ok, I'll see you then."

I hung up, finished up the spreadsheet, and left work early. Thank goodness it was a Friday afternoon, and others in the office had already left early for the weekend. I stopped at the ATM, and got $260. I wanted to give her a nice tip if we spent two hours together. I stopped at the drugstore to get some condoms and baby oil. It took an hour to drive to her place. I found a spot up the street and parked. I was lucky that I'd had the rope and handcuffs already in the car.

I got my stuff together, and walked back to her house. I walked up the steps on the porch, and knocked on the door. Candy answered the door, and kissed me. She was wearing a tee shirt and some shorts. She was barefoot, and didn't have any makeup on. I liked the way she looked better without all the makeup. She let me into the living room, and I gave her $180. She walked into the dining room, put the money away, and came back into the living room. She led me up the stairs to her bedroom.

She closed the door behind me, and said, "Where's the bondage stuff".

I opened the toolbox and put out the rope, handcuffs, condoms, and baby oil on her dresser. She peeled off her shirt and shorts. She was naked, and she looked lovely. She was standing in the light that was coming through the window shade, and she glowed.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Get your clothes off and let's get started."

I sat down on a large upholstered chair, and took off my shoes and socks. Candy had lit a cigarette, and was smoking while I undressed. I stood up, took off my shirt and pants, and put them on the chair. I took off my underwear, and put it on top of the clothes. I turned around, and kissed Candy. I put my arm around her, and we were walking towards the bed, when I heard a voice behind me say, "Well, aren't you the cutest couple."

I was startled. I had no idea anyone else was in the room. It took me a few seconds to remember the voice, and then I realized who it was. I turned around, and saw Melissa standing in the doorway. She was wearing a nice red blouse and matching knee length skirt. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. Even in the subdued light I could see her nipples poking through the fabric of the blouse. Melissa is another dancer that I'd met at the lounge. She's 22 years old, and about 5' 7" tall with short brown hair and brown eyes. She has torpedo shaped firm breasts, and even without the bra they stood out without sagging. She has large sensitive nipples that I had sucked on when I'd bought her drinks. I suspected she wasn't wearing panties. She had on a pair of red stockings with red pumps. She had her hands on her hips.

Melissa spoke again. "Well Bert, were you bullshitting me when you told me all about your bondage fantasies, or do you want Candy and I to dominate you?"

I thought for a second, and answered, "Yes Melissa, I want you to dominate me. But I only brought enough money to pay Candy. I didn't know you were going to be here."

Melissa glared at me. "Just answer the questions I ask. Do you want to be dominated by Candy and I?"

"Yes Melissa, I want you and Candy to dominate me."

"Very well. You will refer to us as Mistress Melissa and Mistress Candy. You must obey every command we give without question. If you hesitate, we're going to stop and send you home. Do you understand?"

I answered meekly, "Yes, Mistress Melissa".

Mistress Melissa took her hands off her hips. "Put your hands behind your back."

I put my hands behind my back. Mistress Candy walked over to the dresser, put the cigarette down, and brought back the handcuffs and rope. She handcuffed my wrists behind my back.

She stepped in front of me, and said, "Open your legs".

I did, and she tied a rope to the base of my cock behind my balls. When she was done, she said, "Kneel".

I knelt down, and I felt her tie my ankles together, and tie the end of the rope to the handcuff chain. My wrists were pulled away from my back.

Mistress Melissa walked over in front of me. My eyes were waist height, and I decided that it would be best just to look down at her feet. I heard steps around me, and knew Mistress Candy was walking around the room. I was wondering what they wanted me to do. I knew that Mistress Melissa wasn't kidding. I had to obey them no matter what they commanded. I'd hoped that I could do whatever they wanted me to do. I had shared many bondage and domination fantasies with both of them in the lounge. I heard Mistress Melissa command, "Look at me".

I looked up. From down on the floor, her breasts looked huge and menacing, hanging over me. I saw that she had my wallet. I watched as Mistress Melissa took the remaining $80 from my wallet, a platinum credit card, and my driver's license. She put the money and cards in her blouse pocket, and tossed the wallet on the dresser. I gulped, and realized that this was serious. I had no idea what these women were going to do to me. I decided to stay calm, and try to enjoy the domination as much as possible. If they were going to hurt me, there wasn't much I could do to stop it while I was bound.

Mistress Melissa walked over to the dresser, got a cigarette, and lit it. She walked back to me, bent over, and pulled the rope tied to my cock between my legs. She yanked on it hard, and it pulled on my cock. It hurt. I heard Mistress Melissa walk behind me.

Mistress Candy sat down on the floor in front of me. She had a pillow, cigarettes, a lighter, and an ashtray. I felt the rope tied to my cock get taut.

I heard Mistress Melissa speak behind me. "You told me that you get hard watching a naked woman smoke. Candy wants to see if that's true. She'll lie down in front of you and smoke. As long as you stay hard, she'll be happy. But if you get soft, her feelings are going to be hurt. If you hurt her feelings, I'm going to hurt your cock." She gave the rope a strong yank. "Do you understand?"

I answered meekly, "Yes, Mistress Melissa".

Mistress Candy lit a cigarette, and took a puff. She blew the smoke in my face, and lay down in front of me. She wrapped her legs around my legs, and pulled the pillow under her head. She took a puff from her cigarette every minute or so, as I stared at her. Lying on the floor, her small breasts had completely sunk into her chest. Her nipples weren't even hard. Her pussy was nice to look at, with her fine blonde hair.

I was hard at first, but as time passed, it was difficult to stay aroused. I enjoyed watching Mistress Candy smoke, but it wasn't arousing me. Sometime before the end of the first cigarette I got soft, and I felt Mistress Melissa yank on the rope a few times. The yanking, although it hurt, got me hard again. Mistress Candy finished her first cigarette. She sat up to light another, and blew smoke in my face before she lay down. I got soft twice while Mistress Candy smoked the second cigarette, and each time Mistress Melissa yanked on the rope to get me hard again. I noticed that Mistress Candy waved her left hand to signal to Mistress Melissa to yank on the rope. By the end of the third cigarette, Mistress Melissa was yanking on the rope almost constantly.

After Mistress Candy put out the cigarette, I heard Mistress Melissa speak. "You liar. You couldn't stay hard watching Candy smoke naked. You hurt her feelings. Apologize to her now."

I looked into Mistress Candy's face and answered, "I'm sorry Mistress Candy. I couldn't stay hard watching you smoke. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?"

Mistress Candy sat up, and pulled me down into her stomach. I went forward, and my legs went up in the air. I almost fell on my face, but Mistress Candy kept me from hitting the floor. When she wiggled her pussy into my face, she didn't have to tell me what she wanted. I licked around her pussy lips, and they were already wet. I found her clit and sucked. I could feel Mistress Melissa tugging on the rope, and that made me lick and suck even harder. I licked and sucked Mistress Candy to three orgasms (I think), and she pushed herself away from me, and rested.

It took both of them to get me back on my knees, which were getting sore. Mistress Melissa stepped in front of me, and I looked up at her. She pulled up her skirt, and let it drop. Now I knew she wasn't wearing any panties. Mistress Candy got a cigarette from the dresser, lit it, and sat on the bed watching me. Mistress Melissa walked over to a large upholstered chair that was a few feet in front of me, and sat down. She sat on the edge of the chair, leaning back. "Would you like to eat my pussy?"

I answered, "Yes Mistress Melissa".

Mistress Melissa pulled up her skirt, and said, "Crawl over here, and eat me."

I crawled over to her. With my ankles tied together I could only move an inch at a time. After I crawled about a foot, I felt the rope pulling on my cock. I looked behind me, and saw that the other end of the rope was tied to another chair. I realized I was going to have to drag that large chair two feet over carpet with my cock if I wanted to eat Mistress Melissa's pussy. It took about ten minutes, but I finally crawled over to her, and licked and sucked on her pussy. She was very wet, and she pushed me away from her after she had four orgasms (I think).

Mistress Candy walked over to me, and untied the rope from the handcuff chain and my ankles. "Stand up", she commanded.

I had a little trouble getting up with my wrists handcuffed behind my back, but I stood up and faced Mistress Melissa. My knees were sore, and I was glad to be off them. Mistress Candy got a cigarette for Mistress Melissa, and lit it. I looked at Mistress Melissa, and waited.

Mistress Melissa took a few drags from the cigarette, slapped my cock a few times until it was hard, and said, "You've been a good slave so far. Sit down on the bed."

I walked over to the bed and sat down on the side.

"Slide back."

I slid back until my legs were on the bed as well. Mistress Candy walked over to the bed and sat in my lap, and kissed me. She moved her hands all over my arms, shoulders, and back, while I sat there with my hands handcuffed behind my back. My cock was pressed hard against the outside of her warm pussy. We kissed for about ten minutes, until I heard Mistress Melissa say, "That's enough".

Mistress Candy got up, and after all that kissing, licking, and sucking I was thirsty. I looked up, and watched as Mistress Candy left the room. She returned with two glasses of water, and handed one to Mistress Melissa. They stood in front of me and drank about half the glass, and came and sat next to me on the bed. Mistress Melissa held the glass under my mouth, and said, "Drink".

I put my lips on the glass, but Mistress Melissa didn't move it. I tried to stick my tongue into the glass but the water was too far down, and I couldn't get any. After a couple of minutes Mistress Melissa pulled the glass away, and I wondered how they were going to tease me next.

Mistress Candy got up and left the room. She returned with a cereal bowl. She put the bowl on the floor, and poured the remainder of the water from her glass into the bowl. Mistress Melissa got up, and poured the remainder of the water from her glass into the bowl. She sat down in the chair and said, "Come over here and drink".

I got up from the bed, walked over to the bowl, knelt down in front of the bowl and rolled onto my left side. I sipped from the bowl, until I had drank about 2/3 of it. I licked the rest of the water with my tongue until I had finished most of it.

Mistress Candy picked up the bowl and put it up on the dresser. She sat down on the bed. I heard Mistress Melissa command, "Stand up and look at me".

I got up and looked over at Mistress Melissa sitting in the chair. Mistress Candy walked over to the dresser, got a cigarette, and lit it. She walked back to me, bent over, and yanked hard on the rope tied to my cock between my legs. I heard Mistress Candy walk behind me.

Mistress Melissa pulled the credit card and license from her blouse pocket. She must have put the cash somewhere else, because it wasn't in her pocket. "My services have already cost you an extra $100. I'm curious if you'll stay hard watching me smoke. I know you think I'm more attractive than Candy. I'm not naked, but for another $100 I'll take off my blouse, and we can find out. Do you want to spend the extra $100?"

I replied meekly, "Yes Mistress Melissa, please remove your blouse."

Mistress Melissa stood up and removed her blouse. She sat down and lit a cigarette. She took a drag and stared at my face and my cock. I was aroused, and I stayed hard through the first two cigarettes she smoked. Her torpedo breasts were enjoyable to look at, and I just had to think about what she had done to me to stay hard. On the third cigarette I softened. I saw Mistress Melissa wave her left hand, and sure enough Mistress Candy yanked on the rope. She yanked pretty hard, and it was all I could do to keep from losing my balance.

After Mistress Melissa finished the cigarette, she reached over to the phone on the desk. She dialed a number, put the receiver to her ear, and after a couple of minutes said, "Yes, I'd like to order 5 satin teddies, one blue, one red, and three black." She gave them the credit card number, the billing address from my license, and the shipping address. I guess the shipping address was her apartment. She repeated the total, which was $220. After she said thanks and hung up, she tossed the credit card and my license on the dresser. She said, "Go sit on the bed".

I walked over and sat on the bed. Mistress Candy came over with a leather blindfold. She put it on over my eyes, and I couldn't see. I felt someone unlock the handcuffs from behind my back. I heard Mistress Melissa say, "Lay down".

I lay down on my back. I felt someone pulling up on my arms, and I felt the handcuffs being locked on my wrists again. I knew my wrists had been locked through the headboard of the bed. I felt myself being slid around on the bed, and I felt the rope around my cock being pulled. I felt my ankles being tied together. A couple of minutes passed before I felt a nipple pressing against my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked. I could tell it was Mistress Melissa's nipple.

I could feel hands rubbing on my body, and someone would slap my cock every once in a while when it got soft. I sucked on Mistress Melissa and Mistress Candy's nipples and licked their pussies. I couldn't tell them apart. I heard them kissing each other, and I kept licking and sucking on whatever they put in my mouth. Finally, after a long time, I felt someone unlock the blindfold. I looked up, blinked, and saw Mistress Candy. I looked around, but I didn't see Mistress Melissa.

"Melissa left ten minutes ago. She told me I could keep you tied up and play with you for as long as I wanted. I'd never done anything like this before, but with Melissa directing everything, it was easy. I found out that I got pretty wet watching you obey us."

Mistress Candy sat on my lower chest and lit a cigarette. I lay there and watched her smoke the cigarette. When she was finished, she held the handcuff key in front of my face. "Melissa told me I should make you earn this."

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