tagLoving WivesWeekend Swap Ch. 01

Weekend Swap Ch. 01


On Saturday night Cindy and I were getting ready for a weekend of swinging with our best friends. I was to go over to Jean's house for the weekend while her husband Jack came here to be with Cindy.

We had been swinging with this couple for over two years. Cindy had known Jean since high school. They went to nursing school together often sharing one guy between them or swapping dates. They were inseparable then and are still best friends today. Now they both work in the same hospital as nurses, sometimes even the same ward on the same shift. So it was only natural since they married the four of us would swing together. It was Jean and Jack who introduced Cindy and me to swinging in the first place. That was over two years age. We swing with other couples, but still get together for erotic weekends often. So we trusted them totally.

Cindy was wearing a very sexy satin lounging outfit low cut and tight enough to show off her beautiful ass to best advantage.

We live about a mile from Jean and Jack in a rural area on the same country road. Cindy and I usually like to stay close to each other for safety reasons when we are swinging but we are all such close friends in and out of the bedroom there is no reason to worry.

I drove over to Jean's about 6:15 so we could have time for dinner before play time. Jack and I must have passed each other on the dark road because when I arrived Jack had already left for our place to be with Cindy.

Jean was in her white nurse's uniform but I did notice she had left the top two buttons unfastened to show just enough cleavage to tease. The skirt was high enough to show off her great legs to best advantage. Nurses no longer wear those sexy caps but for me Jean had put one on. She knows I have a bit of a fetish for nurses in their starched caps.

I complimented her on how cute she looked but Jean just shrugged it off and told me it was just her work uniform.

I laughed and told her to stay away from the cardiac unit. If some poor heart patient saw her looking like she looked right now she would put him in cardiac arrest and push half the ICU unit over the edge with him.

Jean smiled at my wit, but I was only half joking.

She closed the door behind me and wrapped her arms around my neck pressing her body into me and gave me a passionate kiss. After we broke she put her palm against the crotch of my trousers, caressing my already hard cock through the material of my trousers. She gave me a very mischievous grin and announced "Dinner is ready."

Off she went into the kitchen with me following behind like a puppy dog.

When we sat down in front of two broiled ribeyes. She winked and said she wanted me well fortified so I would have lots of stamina for her later.

All through dinner we made small talk everything from garden pests to my new 2008 Mustang GT.

After dinner Jean said she wanted to slip into something comfortable, (corny cliche, I know, but that's what she said) While she was up stairs changing I started a fire in the fire place and put some soft mood music on the stereo.

She took quite a long time upstairs dressing, or more accurately undressing. I knew though Jean was worth every second I would spend waiting for her.

When she finally did come back down stairs the sight of her took my breath away. She was wearing a shimmering midnight black satin gown. It was low cut with a pushup style neckline to show off her rather large breasts to the ultimate advantage. Like they were being held up by two invisible hands. The gown came in to show off her slim waist and cute little behind. It was cut long just above the ankles. This only served to fire the imagination because of what you couldn't see. The whole thing was covered with a sheer black negligee long jacket this also came down to the ankles it enhanced the outfit and did as much to hide her charms as a cloud of cigarette smoke. Finally she was wearing a pair of long lacy black gloves they came almost up to her elbows.

She had let her hair down so it framed her face and tumbled down her over shoulders to about the middle of her back.

I know my mouth was probably watering at the sight of her. I've never seen a woman as beautiful. She was far beyond a Playboy centerfold girl. I felt like an idiot, I could barely talk without babbling. I could hardly breathe. I was worried I would shoot my bolts right there and then just looking at her.

From the look on her face she could tell the effect she was having on me and enjoyed every bit of it. Jean was a born exhibitionist. She enjoyed the looks she got both from friends and strangers. When she dressed to look attractive.

Jean has a terribly sadistic streak: She loves to tease a man without mercy. Sometimes even total strangers, if she can get away with it.

When I regained at least some of my composure I took her into my arms holding her like the rare valuable treasure she was, and brought my lips to hers in a firm but gentle kiss.

The music on the stereo changes to an old slow dance song called "The House of the Rising Sun." With our lips still locked in a passionate kiss we started moving with the music. I was trembling like a leaf in the wind but we danced on, lost to all the world. She ground her hips into mine in the wanton dance of love. I was totally submerged in our lust and passion.

When the song was over Jean dropped slowly to her knees in front of me and slowly unzipped my trousers.

I took the shirt and tie off myself.

Next came the belt which she unbuckled, pulled through the belt loops and tossed aside . Jean unfastened the buttons, then she pulled my trousers and boxers down at the same time and I kicked them off and was soon completely naked

Out my hard thick cock sprang in all its glory. I was so hard it actually hurt. I warned her to be very careful because in my condition at the minute it had a hair trigger.

She took on a pouty look and whined " but I haven't had my dessert yet and I was so looking forward to something nice and creamy."

What could I do?. I'm only human and she was gaining complete control over me. She told me to lay on my back in front of the fireplace.

I said to her, "wait we can do a 69." I enjoy making love best when I can give my partner at least equal pleasure to my own. This is a secrete many men do not know. If you try to give most women please for pleasure and Never be a selfish lover or in a hurry. Most every woman will give back five to ten fold more pleasure then she would otherwise give. If she let me give her pleasure for pleasure we would be on equal terms.

Jean would have none of it. She had me under her power and she wasn't about to let me escape her silk and satin trap. I was hers to command and she intended to do just that.

I laid down on the carpet and Jean moved up between by legs. She knew she would have to be very careful if she didn't want me shooting off before she was finished playing with me. She told me to hold on very tight and make it last for as long as possible.

Taking hold of my cock between her thumb and fourth finger she squeezed it off tightly at the base. Then she bent over and started to kiss and lick my inner thighs. It tickled just enough to keep me squirming like a worm caught outside of its hole. After she was satisfied with the effect she got from this action she lifted up my ball sack and started licking and tickling the erotic spot between the scrotum and the ass hole. This felt so wonderful I was actually whimpering and pushing my hips up desperately trying to get some friction between Jean's hand and my cock. She was wise to this, however, and simply moved her hand up and down with my hips giving me no resistance or friction to work against..

Keeping her tight grip on my cock she moved up my body, finally licking my ear and whispering all the dirty plans she had for me before the weekend was over.

I begged her and promised to do anything she could dream up if she would only allow me to cum. And put an end to my sweet agony.

She backed off and got serious for just a minute. She asked me if I was sure and she had dreamed up some very kinky things she wanted to do with me ever since we had been swinging together but she was afraid to ask me.

I got serious myself for just a minute and told her as long as it was not totally disgusting or illegal I would be her willing slave for the weekend.

Jean looked deep into my eyes and slowly a smile moved across her face. "VICTORY!!!!" she exclaimed.

She moved down my body until her mouth was just above my throbbing cock. She released her iron grip and plunged her mouth down over it. Licking the mushroom head and dragging her teeth over the sensitive shaft and tickled my balls with her finger tips. Jean knew I wouldn't last long so she plunged all the way down to the base pushing the head of my cock deep down her hungry throat.

My cock felt as though it was inside of a velvet glove. I was still trying to keep some control but was rapidly losing the battle. Jean's intense sucking and coaxing was breaking down every vestige of my resistance. Now she had stopped teasing and was eager to feed on my essence .

I dug my fingers deep into the carpeting under me. My breath was coming in sort gasps. I could feel my cum. boiling in my ball sack ready to shoot out of my cock like the geyser "Old Faithful" blasting into Jean's throat steaming hot and slick.

"HERE IT COMES!!!!" I shouted! Nothing could stop it now. It kept right on cumming more and more. Too much for Jean to swallow so she held my cock aiming it into her face slurping it down like it was the food of the gods.

I lay there totally spent, totally helpless. I was gasping for breath and every nerve ending in my body seemed to be shooting sparks.

Jean was still feasting on my cum. The cock head was back in her mouth using suction to get out the last few drops. Like some sort of cum vampire she was greedy for it all. She pushed all the cum that had hit her face into her mouth using her fingers to scoop it in.

I lay there watching her feed to exhausted to even speak all I could do was leave her to her pleasure. She lifted her head and looked up at me. Her eyes seemed to smolder like the eye of a cat watching a mouse just before it pounces.

The end of part 01, More to cum.

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