tagLoving WivesWeekend Visit

Weekend Visit


Diane had just put the baby to bed that afternoon, and she collapsed on the couch, a little tired. Her husband, Jeff, was having an old friend over for the weekend and so, besides caring for the toddler, she had cleaned the house. Her thoughts strayed for a moment to Jeff's friend Darren.

She had always had a thing for Darren. An attractive man in his late twenties, he wore his blonde hair short, and his piercing blue eyes always made her heart skip a beat. He was tall, about 6'1, 200 pounds, and very charming.

She was an attractive woman who hadn't really lost her original figure after her pregnancy. She was small - about 5'1, 110 pounds, average sized tits and nice ass. Her brown hair was long and straight, and she had nice blue eyes.

Diane closed her eyes and her hand eased down her body to her crotch over her jeans. Her pussy was buzzing with excitement and when she touched herself over the denim, a wave of desire shot through her. Her nimble fingers undid her button and pulled down her zipper. She slid her hand into the white cotton of her panties, running her fingers through the curls of her pubic hair until they found the comforting warmth of her treasure. Her breath was shaky as her finger glided down the moist folds of her slit, sending powerful sensations up her body.

She hesitated for a moment. Jeff was home from work in about 2 hours, and Darren would arrive at around the same time. Why not? She didn't have the time to pleasure herself that often anymore.

Diane pushed her jeans down her legs and pulled her feet out of them one by one, leaving her socks on. She slid her panties down, taking them off as well until she lay on the couch naked from the waist down with her legs open and her feet flat on the couch. She then closed her eyes and reached between her thighs, losing herself in the intense feelings.

She took her time, enjoying every second. She pictured Darren pleasuring her, and her breathing grew labored. Diane had never been with anyone other than Jeff, so occasionally it was nice to imagine a new man.

"OH! Sorry!" said a voice. Her eyes snapped open, and she gasped. She saw the image of a man disappear around the corner. She realized she had been masturbating for over 10 minutes, so completely lost in the sensation that she was unaware of her surroundings. She quickly realized it was Darren, as she scrambled to grab her jeans and panties off the floor and put them on.

"I'm so sorry Diane," Darren exclaimed, "Nobody answered my knock and the door was open." He was around the corner out of sight, but he had seen enough! The image he saw when he peeked around the corner was burned in his mind. His buddy's wife lying spread eagle on the couch, fingers circling her clit. Her smooth, tanned legs opened wide, brown curls of pubic hair surrounding pink swollen lips. His cock was straining in his jeans.

"That's okay," she replied from the living room, "you can come back in now." She was fully dressed again, and she lay back on the couch, hiding her red face in her hands.

"I'm so embarrassed." she said, muffled into her hands.

"Ah, we all do it, Diane!" he answered. He was standing right beside her, as if wanting her to see how hard he was. He couldn't help himself, he was drawn to her like never before. He found that he wanted her to make a move on him, and he was almost daring her to.

"It's still embarrassing!" she said, reluctantly moving her hands away from her face. Her crotch was tingling like crazy - she was seconds away from orgasm! Another wave of desire came over her when her glance fell on the bulge in his pants. She looked away quickly, but it had lingered long enough for him to catch it. Now he was more turned on than ever, and thus more daring than ever.

"You have nothing to be embarrassed about, going by what I saw!" he said lightheartedly. She looked at him questioningly. "I really got turned on seeing you like that," he explained, "like never before." His words, just the fact that he seemed to really want her, had Diane grow even wetter. He noticed how interested she was and Darren decided to press further.

"Look what it did to me!" he said, waving his hand over his bulge. It was still at the point where the conversation was lighthearted, and no line was really crossed. When he noticed her squirm on the couch and her eyes wouldn't tear away from his waist he decided to cross that line.

Diane watched silently as he undid his button and pulled down his zipper. She was getting even more turned on, and she couldn't find her voice to protest. When she watched him reach into his underwear her pussy flooded in anticipation. He pulled out a very thick six inches of cock. She sucked in her breath, eyes locked on his member. She hadn't seen a whole lot of them, and this one wasn't too much different from her husbands. But the fact that it WAS different had her lusting for it hungrily.

"Do you like what you see?" he asked softly. She nodded, looking up at him briefly before looking back at his hard penis. He could tell he would have to walk the shy girl through this. He said two words.

"Touch it."

Hesitating, heart pounding, Diane slowly reached up with her small hand and curled her fingers around his organ. The first penis that she has held in her hand, besides her husband's, in over 6 years. The feelings and emotions that went through her were incredible, and she wanted more. He looked at his white penis in the grip of her tanned hand, and he watched as she slowly, lovingly stroked it.

It felt so hot and hard in her hand, and she couldn't stop caressing the smooth, taut skin. He eased himself down on his knees on the floor beside the couch, until his dick was mere inches away from her face. Time to convince her once and for all.

Darren reached down Diane's body, his hand squeezing between her legs over her jeans. She eagerly parted for him, and his hand gently caressed her pussy over the denim. Bolts of pleasure shot out from her pussy, and she sighed, squeezing his cock a little tighter.

With his free hand, he reached behind her head and gently moved it closer to his waist. When she was about an inch away, he didn't have to urge her any further. Eyes still locked on his dick, she leaned forward and softly kissed the side of the shaft. Her tongue snaked out and she slowly licked from the bottom all the way up to the top of this new penis.

Now it was his turn to sigh, and his fingers undid her button and fly. She didn't even notice, so engrossed in the task at hand. She kissed the mushroom head of Darren's penis, teasing him just the way her husband liked it (for that was pretty much her only point of reference).

He slid his hand into her panties, his fingers sliding through her pubic hair. "Ohhhh..." she sighed when he found her moist slit. She opened her mouth and slowly took him inside, easing her lips down most of his thick cock. He moaned, feeling warmth overtake his manhood. He looked at her and saw that his dick had disappeared into her mouth, her lips were wrapped tightly around him, and her eyes were closed.

He ran his finger up to her clitoris, teasing the tiny button as she moaned around him. Diane shed any remaining inhibitions as she began to suck his cock with abandon. 'slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp' the sucking noises grew louder as her lips glided up and down his pole hungrily. She began to writhe her hips up against his probing fingers, urging him onward.

He slipped a finger partway into her steamy hole. "Mmmmph..." she moaned, not taking her mouth off of his cock. She gave no thought to what she was doing, she was just doing it. This was completely out of character for her, completely unexpected. Everything just came together at the perfect time. Any deviation from the circumstances that led up to this and Darren would no doubt be watching TV and having a beer with her. Instead, his dick was in her mouth and his finger was sliding in and out of her needy pussy. And he still wanted more. They both wanted more.

Diane shoved his entire penis in her mouth, holding it there as if that would satisfy her desires. Her nose was right in his pubic hair, the tip of his dick was pressed against her throat, nearly gagging her.

To her disappointment, he slipped his hand back out of her panties. He grabbed the sides of her jeans and she found herself raising her ass off the couch, pulling his dick out of her mouth with, and allowing her husband's pal to slide them down her smooth legs.

She was gasping for breath, chest heaving as she watched him grab her panties. He forced them down her legs and she found herself kicking them off of her, helping him get her naked from the waist down. He dropped the dainty things onto the floor and stared at the lovely triangle of her bush. She was down just her white T-shirt.

He cupped her pussy with his left hand, running his middle finger up her slit as he grabbed his cock with his right.

"Ohhhhh..." she sighed, writhing her crotch against his hand again. Her eyes were closed, she was completely zoned into the feelings in her cunt. Darren ran the head of his cock across her cheek and over her nose. When it reached her mouth she opened it eagerly and he sunk his dick inside.

Her small hand cupped his balls and she opened her eyes, looking up at him as she began to bob her head up and down his penis. He dipped his finger inside her tightness again, and she closed her eyes, moaning. Her pussy was so wet! He ran his finger all around the inside of it, sliding it in and out while his thumb teased her clit.

By this point, his jeans and underwear had slipped down to the floor and he pulled his dick back out of her mouth and kicked them off. He leaned forward, sliding his hands under her soft ass, raising it up off the couch as he stretched to reach her treasure. Diane grabbed his cock and shoved it back into her mouth greedily as he inched his face closer to her pussy.

Still holding her ass in the air, he kissed the swollen lips of her pussy, tasting his friend's wife for the first time. "Mmmmm.." she moaned, hesitating briefly before resuming her incredible blowjob. His tongue snaked out, teasing the inside of her pussy, gathering her flowing juices.

She felt him wrap his lips around her sensitive button and his tongue ran over it softly, quickly. She moaned again as his tongue flecked over her clit relentlessly. His cock slipped out of her mouth as she lost all concentration. Darren held her ass even higher in the air, forcing her pussy right in his face as his tongue licked her clitoris faster and faster.

Her heart was pounding, she was gasping for breath...so close.... "....OHHHH........OHHHHH....!" she gasped, cumming. She was rubbing her crotch in his face as he continued to eat her out. The inner walls of her pussy were convulsing, she thought she might black out! This man gave her the best oral she has ever received!

Finally, she came down to Earth. Darren released her ass, raising his head from between her thighs. His cock was as hard as ever, and he was breathing laboriously. She didn't think she could stop him now even if she wanted to. He climbed onto the couch between her legs, which she kept open wide just for him.

It crossed her mind that if she let this continue, Darren's would be the second penis to slide inside her in her entire life. A pang of guilt crossed her mind. It was quickly erased when the tip of Darren's member touched her slit, sending waves of pleasure up her spine.

He gently ran his thick, mushroom head up and down her swollen, sopping wet lips. He stopped at the entrance to her treasure and slowly pushed forward. The petals of her vagina parted for him, and she slowly accepted half of his penis inside. "Ohhhh..." she sighed, that amazing feeling of filling up overtaking her.

The top half of his organ was gripped tightly by her heat, and he pulled back a little. He slid into her again, this time his entire manhood entered her deep.

They both moaned, and he held himself deep inside her for a moment, relishing the sensation. Holding himself up on his arms, he looked down on her as he began to slide his hard penis in and out of her needy pussy at a slow pace.

Diane closed her eyes, moaning as she felt his manhood ease in and out of her. He watched his cock disappear and reappear into her eager cunt over and over again, and he began to move a little quicker. They were both breathing heavily as he drove himself into her harder. "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" she moaned, raising her feet up in the air.

She was still wearing her white socks as her feet flailed behind his thrusting ass. Darren lay on top of the small woman as he drove his organ into her pussy even harder. He kissed her neck, and sucked her ear lobe into his mouth briefly as he fucked her, listening to her moan.

Diane's hands reached around him, clawing at his back as her feet bounced off his ass. Her mouth ran across his cheek, searching. Her lips found his and they kissed for the very first time. Her tongue darted into his mouth as his manhood shot up into her tunnel over and over. They kissed sloppily, moaning into each other's mouth as he took her right there on her couch. The couch was squeaking a little as his thrusts became more violent.

She could feel her orgasm rising, and she was forced to break the kiss, unable to contain her moans any longer. "Unh! Umh! Unh! Ohh! Unh!" her moans were very high pitched, and she was getting louder as his thick cock stretched her pussy so wide and he entered her so deep.

This was a new man! She has never had any man but Jeff before and this new man was fucking her silly! The thought brought her over the edge. She came, stifling her moans by biting her lip. Her cunt pulsated around his driving rod, and she rubbed her crotch up against him, trying to hold him inside her as her orgasm took control of her body.

He watched her as she came, still driving himself into her as hard as he could. Darren couldn't believe he was fucking his friend's wife! He couldn't believe this shy, quiet girl was so easy to get with! He began to lose it himself, pistoning in and out of her.

He gave it a few more thrusts, and then he was done. Just as Diane was recovering from her own orgasm, Darren lost it.

He slid his entire penis unprotected into her needy vagina and held it there. He moaned, cock jerking. A thick stream of cum fired out the end of his organ and into her womb. It jerked again, more semen spraying off the back of her horny pussy.

She rubbed her crotch up against him, milking him of his seed. More jism shot forth deep inside her. Darren collapsed on her, gasping for breath.

Her hands caressed his back as the last of his sperm trickled out of him and into her. He looked at her. The two of them were still catching their breath, but they leaned forward in unison, lips meeting. They kissed softly, lips smacking. He snuck his tongue into her mouth and their kissing grew passionate as his penis slowly softened inside her. Her arms and legs squeezed him tight, holding him inside her.

She felt a new bond with this man. The second man to make love to her in her 29 years she couldn't help but have feelings for. Finally, they broke the kiss. He pulled his semi hard penis out of her full vagina. The two got dressed wordlessly. She was too shy to say anything and he didn't know what to say.

Jeff came home 30 minutes later - he was early, but not early enough (lucky for them). The three of them had drinks that night, and Diane found herself thinking of Darren the entire time.

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