tagInterracial LoveWeekend Warriors: Pay Day Whores

Weekend Warriors: Pay Day Whores


We believe that we know people, we laugh and wink at friends and strangers who we see doing the nasty, but aren't we suppose to know family, 'right'? I thought so too, but that was until that summer morning when I truly found out about my family, and myself. As I look back I'm astounded at my ignorance of the world. Money was tight, the economy a shit hole, and job creation, that was ludicrous! Mom and dad where college graduates both with accounting degrees and as a result of downsizing, found themselves on the unemployment line in my sophomore year of high school.

Eventually they found work as part time tellers at a small bank branch near our new, but economy sized apartment. It wasn't much, but it was home; a very tight home. Somewhere along the way the situation grew tighter as the pay check grew tight. I graduated high school, and accepted to the counties community college; and scared shitless on how to pay for it all. Mom and dad hoped for that full time slot, somewhere . . . anywhere. The branch managers came and went, and eventually a new manager by the name of Vanessa Tighs arrived. She seemed like a normal everyday business woman. She took a liking to mom and dad, as well as two others of my friend's parents who worked there. She seemed to understand the home situation, and slipped them some overtime from time to time; but, eventually she became more than a family friend.

Over time, our parents seemed to be doing more OT then the others, and spent many a long weekend and over nights that I thought were spare under the table jobs. I should have known something amiss when Mom began 'acting' more open and less inhibited. Dad, well that was a totally bizarre story in itself. He was a bit feminine to begin with; but he began to change before my very eyes! Changes that I couldn't conceive, but felt in my soul; He was becoming 'more' feminine, girlish, to be exact. Three months before the revelation he started wearing oversized clothes, as well as mom from the locale good will. I thought it was because of the cost of 'real' clothes. I would snicker at them as they wore those out of size things. Dad, began to grow his hair longer, and his looks where changing.

I noticed, but yet didn't notice; I was having a few problems of my own. I finished the first year of community college, and the cost of the second was very predominant on my mind. The semester was going to start in another month, and the summer employment never materialized. It seems the whole world was spinning out of control. I was looking at the Guard; after all, they promised to pay for my education, but the idea of going to war, a meat grinder, and having that promise paid posthumously wasn't appealing. Little did I know that the weekend warrior image was going to take on a life changing experience for me.

Then that Friday came, the day my life changed, and a new 'me' grew as well! That whole week was bizarre, mom was more flirting, more 'grab' ass with dad; they were more like lez then wife and husband. That whole week was psychologically strange, and that Thursday night was a fitful night sleep for me. I kept 'feeling' something . . . different in the apartment. Vanessa was known to be a hatchet, and was sent to my parents' branch to 'cut costs'. I kept on expecting the worst; waking up and being told we were now homeless.

It wasn't the alarm that woke me that morning; it was a grunting coming from the parlor. I didn't think much of it, relegating it to that part of sleep between deep rem and wakefulness. But, it kept on going on and on! Then I heard the squeak of springs, and a man's voice; "yeah that it! That's it bitch, keep it going!"

Okay, that's weird! I got out of bed, it was only six a.m., the squeaking grew faster, and I heard a soft moaning. I came down the hall and saw Vanessa sitting on the recliner, fascinated at whatever was going on in front of her. She glanced at me; a very sly smile grew on her lips.

"Oh there you are Tommy." Vanessa cooed. "I was hoping you'd wake up; I was about to send in Jasmine after you to wake you up. Now you can witness the whole thing."

"What thing?"

"Both your former parents wanted it this way. They wanted for you to see their final breaking in. You can't see from there, come over here silly boy. Sit on mommy' lap."

The soft moaning grew into a deep husky breathing, and when I got to the room I froze! My mind reeling from what I saw; mom on top of a big black man, his dick deep inside her! And she loved every moment, bouncing on him, grinding deep and hard into that thick black dick into her cunt. A colorful tramp stamp of roses blossomed over her ass crack.


She didn't stop, didn't look at me, just ground down on top of him. Her tits bounced in his face, a nipple in his mouth; the man's huge hands on her hips. And, then I saw her other tattoos! A black rose on her right tit; and a barbed wire around her ankle. Both her tits were pierced, and a shiny, dangly, bounced on her navel. She threw her head back, eye lids fluttering in ecstasy, moaning like a cheap whore.

"Come here Tommy." Vanessa pulled me onto her lap; I should have been repulsed, ashamed, but I wasn't, my heart suddenly thumped in my chest. Although in her forties, she was gorgeous; slim waist, big firm tits, and deep ebony tone. And I couldn't believe what I was thinking! This is my mother!

"You see what I turned your mom and dad into?"

That's when I heard another deep moaning from behind, and the table creaking wildly. Vanessa coolly looked behind her, my eyes following like a slave. My temples pulsed and my crotch quivered at what I saw; dad, bent over the kitchen table, and big black man pumping into his ass. But, this 'man' had huge tits that brushed dads back with each stroke! My mind cleared enough to take in the whole picture! Dad had tits! They were small, but they were tits! Woman's tits! And a face, it was a woman's. Dad, bent over the table, a huge black she male pumping into his ass; his eyes, half lidded and in the midst of orgasm. His dick, or what was left of it, snuggled up to his now girlish body; nothing more than a big clit, oozing clear seaman on the table. His dick, it was pierced with a silver ring. He had the same tattoos as mom, and the same piercings'. His hair now a platinum blond.

"How? Why?"

"Because they wanted it. You see, whores are not made Tommy, their born."

"No! No, mom was never a whore! And dad . . ."

"Oh yes she is Tommy. When I got here, both your mother and 'father' where so . . . suppressed. Their true selves, buried beneath tons of psychological barriers of old world propriety that their parents put on them, pitiful it was. It didn't take me long to identify them; and offer them a resolution. They fervently become my property. Without any promises that they keep their jobs."

"Your property!"

"Yes. 'My' property. Well, on weekends of course, they're now Pay day whores. That's the agreement your former mom and dad made with me."

Mom groaned out one last time; in a half lidded bliss she howled at the ceiling, her body shuddering, and then slumped onto the man.

"Tricy, come here when you clean Mark up. You know you don't want to send him to work with a messy dick."

Mom looked over her shoulder and recognized me sitting on Vanessa's lap; she purred and smacked her lips in a wonton desire. "Of course mommy."


"That's your mom's new name. And that's what 'you' will call her too from now on. No more moms! And your former dad, he's Prissy now. And every Friday at six o'clock in the morning, to Sunday at ten, they will work my patch. For the time being. She is not your mother, and she (nodding to dad) is no longer your father; and you will never call them, or refer to them in those terms ever again."

"Mom! DAD!"

Vanessa pulled my hair back, hard, bringing tears to my eyes; I expected mom to yell, to defend me. Instead she just leered over her shoulder in a prissy face.

"I said, you will NEVER Ever, refer to her as your mother again!"

I nodded, the pain echoing every time I did. I cried, and Vanessa let me go.

"Now, this is what's going to happen from now on."

Mom, slowly got up, the man's dick was long, thick; she was standing up when it finally 'popped' out of her. She quickly knelt between his legs and eagerly licked the cum off of it.

"Tricy and Prissy will be in my patch, from six o'clock every Friday morning to ten o'clock Sunday night. They will prostitute themselves, along with 'other's' that I now own. You will not be a part of their life, during that time. Do you understand?"

I nodded but my fascination was with what was going on I front of me; I watched my mom, gently place that dick in the man's pants. She was like a child with a very fragile doll; so . . . bimboish! He got up, and handed Vanessa two fifty dollar bills and left. Mom walked him to the door, a final deep sloppy kiss; and then sat down on the floor beside Vanessa; laying her head on Vanessa leg, nestling like a long lost puppy.

"Oh Tricy, you're such a good slut." Vanessa tussled with her hair and mom just purred contently. Then another man came in. Mom looked to him, her demeanor becoming one of lust. She twisted her face to Vanessa, in a please let me play look. Vanessa smiled down on her property and nodded.

Mom got up, her tits bouncing and her ass swaying she sashayed to him; her arms embracing his waist, he bent down and their lips locked. Both their cheeks were moving as their tongues wiggled in their mouths. Her hand slid down and then rubbed his crotch with eagerness.

"Tricy go into the kitchen and take care of Johnny here. It's time to pop that cherry ass of yours!"

Mom giggled childishly as they walked past me, and I saw the other modifications; an outline of a rose bush tattoo rose up from her right breast, over and down her shoulder and arm. I never noticed this, but mom would always were long sleeves, she said it was 'cold' and I left it at that. But, that much detail, it had to take at least several months.

"Now, to what the rules are."

"My dad; what did you do to him?" The pain of her slap seared through my face.

Vanessa glared and I apologized. Her face just as quickly to a wickedly prideful smirk.

"We began him on hormones three months ago." Vanessa was matter of fact through the whole thing. "Friends of a friend you might say; we make so many of them in this profession. Our payroll list is long and very distinguished. Eventually we'll send her to Mexico and have the surgeons give him a cunt, and a bubble butt. As you see, he fleshed out well in three months, and he became so quickly girlish, I had to put him on sedatives to keep him from going insane with the charade to keep the manliness image for you."

Dad groaned out, loud and hard as he came. The she male was still pumping, his long thin hands cupping dad's tit's; then she fell against him, spent and happy. He pulled out of dad's ass, a loud pop, and dad licked her dick clean. I was beyond stunned; I was watching my father, suck dick; and my dick popped hard against my underwear. 'I', wished I was like him! Vanessa must have felt this, and she pulled me closer and began to rub my crotch. "Oh now what do we have here?"

The she male glanced at me, and a very sadistic smirk grew on his over sized lips. Her eyes went half lidded, and she kissed my dad deep on the mouth, I could see the tongues darting and writhing in their cheeks. The she male, Karla, dressed in a tight tube dress, her dick head, just the tip, hanging below the high hem. Vanessa called dad over; he came and knelt beside her, like a little girl with her mother. "Prissy, tell Tommy what's going to happen now."

Prissy looked up at me with those half lidded, just got fucked eyes; I didn't see 'any' thing of my father there. He cooed his voice like a dumb blond bimbo.

"Tommy, when I'm well fleshed out, mommy is going to get me implanted, with big tits! And, make me a 'real' girl; I'm going to go to Mexico to become a real cunt; because I'm going to have one." Vanessa leered at me, a smirk of well earned satisfaction;

I was barely hearing her; my mind was spinning and twisting. I should be appalled at this! Disgusted! But, I envied them. They reached the table and the man dropped his pants, and pushed mom over the table. His dick was long, but not as thick as the other man's was. And, I was jealous of her.

Vanessa saw me staring at mom and my dick swelled harder, that it hurt! At the tip of my dick, a wet spot grew across the stretched fabric of my shorts.

"My, my, my?" Vanessa smirked, her hand pulled down my soaking underwear, and slowly began to rub it; back and forth, the pain grew, I wanted to blow my load then and there. I grabbed for my dick, but Vanessa swatted my hands away. "Oh no, not yet." She slowly slipped my shorts down, my dick popped up, hard, and the pre cum seeping out.

As Vanessa slowly stroked my dick, I watched as Mom was bent over, her hair spilling alongside of her, and a mask of pain as Johnny slowly stuck his dick into her ass. And I was envious of her!

"So, I see it runs in the family." Vanessa pulled me closer and kissed my forehead. I shuddered in her arms, and leaned further into her. My heart beat thick and hard in my temple, my soul wanting to merge into hers. I opened my eyes and mom was bouncing forward and back, smiling at me; approving. Vanessa matched the rhythm of mom and the man, I moaned, groaned; then I blew my load. Mom was spent and so was I.

"Go, get dressed Tommy. There's only a few more formalities to do, and then you leave for the day. "

"But . . . Mom?"

Vanessa slapped me hard across my face. "What did I tell you! 'You' have no father! You have no mother. Whores are not people, they, are property. Go!"

Grudgingly I showered, thinking of what mom was doing. What she did that I didn't know of. And dad, what happened to him; my mind swam with the thoughts of the transformation, and I grew hard again and rubbed my dick until I shuddered and orgasm again. When I came out of the shower, and saw mom and dad sitting on the floor beside Vanessa; Mom's cunt (my mind swam at this, what I was calling my mom and dad.) swollen with strands of cum dripping on the floor; Dad, his dick now just a small head poking out of his body, the piercing shining in the sun; his scrotum just a thick bulge of flesh hugging his crotch.

"Tommy, one last thing before you leave. You need to know this; sort of, like what your life is going to be like from now on. She stood up her eyes were a half lidded sluttish leer as she circled mom, caressed her shoulders, and kissed her long hair. "Tricy, 'who's' your mommy?"

Mom was shuddering in ecstasy at the touch, her eyes fluttered, and she gasped "you are". Vanessa knelt down in front of her; cupped mom's face and smiled: "Who's your owner?"

"You are mommy."

Mom was on the verge of orgasm, her voice halting and husky,"then, show me your everlasting servitude."

Evilly she gleamed, and moved to dad.

"Prissy, who's your mommy?"

"You are mommy." His eyes slid into a half lidded flutter as Vanessa caressed her face, slowly, moving downward to those little girl tits. He gasped as her fingers massaged the pierced nipple.

Vanessa stood up, "Only one more thing after this."

And I fell to my knees my dick aching. I'm eighteen, going on nineteen, and my dick is hard for what I see mom and dad doing!

"Now you are my whores." Vanessa cooed, I didn't see Kyla move, I was so engrossed what was going on. Mom and dad kneeling before their mother, their 'pimp', and Kyla now stood with two chromed steel rings, at least four inches wide. They were open and I could see the latch, and there was no key hole. Vanessa took one and placed around mom's neck, the latch snapping with a sharp echoing clap; it looked one piece, there was no lines or seems, just one piece of chromed metal. Then she repeated the same thing to dad.

"Now it's official." Vanessa was proud; "you are now both my property. Now and forever."

Mom and dad fingered their collars, the finality of their transformation now over. They looked at Vanessa, and tears began to roll down their faces. Almost on cue they bent over and licked Vanessa' feet.

"Now, get ready, you go to the patch now."

Vanessa turned to me. "And you will spend the day at the mall."

"Vanessa . . ." I was stuttering, floored.


"Can I . . . watch?" I couldn't believe that this was 'me' talking. The surrealism of the moment . . .

"We'll see." She looked at me; inspecting me like a cut of meat. "I see some potential in you; maybe you'll be joining my stable!" Her voice was husky and seductive; looking me up and down, her mind I could see was turning all the possibilities of what I can become.

I wasn't focused was an understatement. I was lost all day, nothing fit. I thought I knew them! I thought I knew . . . myself. I sat, walked, ate, but I wasn't there. My mind was like a Kaleidoscope, the shifting colors of my conscious and mind spinning and turning. And through it all, I began to see myself. The feelings I pushed down all these years. The thoughts, the 'feminine' desires. The longing to play with the girls, as a girl; the demands of a conservative world.

Vanessa called me and told me to meet her around five at the bus stop. I caught myself, I was obeying her! My heart fluttered as she spoke to me, I had this . . . weird belief that I was now part of her.

Vanessa pulled up, and two of my friends were inside, Mark, and Tammy; both their parents worked with mine at the bank. "I thought it over, and came to the conclusion, that 'you' and your friends should see what I did to your moms."

Nothing was said we just looked at each other; they as dumfounded and lost as I. I got into the back seat with them, and we drove across town. No one spoke, but we all saw it on our faces; and, we couldn't keep our hands out of our crotches.

Finally we pulled into a part of town that wasn't seedy yet, but getting there. Vanessa pointed us to two whores walking on the corner; strutting, and showing off to cars. It was Tammy's and Mark's moms. We had to look hard to recognize them. Tammy's mom was Vietnamese, petit, and I never saw her outside of Capri's and sweat shirts. But oh my god! She was in a g string, bondage sandals, and tattooed! She was wearing a jacket, and was flashing her tits to cars. Her hair was dyed darker black then I ever knew existed; so dark that it glowed.

Marks' mom is tall, athletic, and now wearing a g string, tight mid thigh leather bondage boots, and a see through bustier. She was strutting around and her hair dyed a bright pink.

Mark and Tammy sat there, eyes wide and mouths open. A car stopped, and the two shimmied up to the open window. They tossed their hair in girlish fashion, and then Tammy's mom got in and drove away with the guy.

"Where's mom?"

I felt the temperature rise as Vanessa glared me. "I mean Trissy!' Vanessa cooled down just as quickly as her ire rose. "She's here, she's with a trix."

The car with Tammy' mom didn't go far, and pulled into a parking lot, across the curb from where we were parked. Tammy's mom, chatted with the guy, and then leaned over him. Her head bobbed up and down, it wasn't hard to think what she was doing. Tammy groaned out. And her fingers went to her crotch.

Vanessa chuckled.

Then I saw mom, oh god I saw here. She came from an alley, in a g string like the others; thigh high's, stiletto heels, and jacket like Mark's mom. Behind her, a big man, Hispanic, came out, pulled her back and planted a big kiss on her lips. Mom reached down and massaged his dick as he worked his finger into her ass.

"She just made me fifty dollars. And herself fifty as well."

Mom strutted over just as Tammy's mom was strutting back to the corner. They chatted, the way they tussled their hair and frowned, posing for the passing cars; so whorish. Then a group of gang bangers strode onto the corner. Two black whores with them. They came up to our mom's and they chatted, and huddled on them; massaging their bulging crotches. One of the black whores told something to mom and Marks mom. They squatted down, unzipped their flies and sucked them off right there on the curb.

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