Weekend with Elaine Ch. 08


We were allowed to walk around the pit and inspect Elaine; we could see that her bottom had been well and truly punished and abused, as well as her naked, now swollen mons pubis and her engorged labia and clitoris.

Jenny opened up in a loud voice,

"Clare and Isabelle, you should know that Elaine is here for major punishment. As you are probably aware, she and Dr. Mark have had a relationship going on, and the Dommes think that it is now too unhealthy, even allowing for the fact that getting some nice cock is not a bad thing."

At this point the screens flickered on and there on screen was very clear high def footage of Elaine on a very large bed, similar to the one we had been on with Georgie and Tammy. Her small breasts were hanging down, and she was supporting herself on her arms, and being taken by Mark in her rear; his not-inconsiderable cock ravaging her love furrow and definitely pleasing her immensely. She was beetroot red in her face and chest, always a sign she was highly turned on, and in how she was riding back and forth on his spear, offering herself provocatively to him. And then footage of them cumming, the sperm emerging from her anal cavity, and Mark rubbing his sperm into her wet cunt, onto her breasts and then offering his fingers to her mouth with both of their cum on them, for her oral pleasure.

"Now, also you may both know that she has been developing a serious thing for pony play and she has now been on several training sessions, including yesterday, which was show-pony development in the stable yard. So her equine Domme has decided this is her punishment, to be trussed and prepared to be heavily subjugated to her Mistress, all in pony and riding mode."

Jenny continued,

"This process requires that the pony girl should be broken in, so as to be compliant and truly know and serve her female Mistress over and above an intimate man friend like Mark. She should also be aware of and, if necessary, be intimate with her equine stallion and that this should be ahead of any boyfriend. Breaking in also means that she will take a full saddle orifice plugging for being ridden on by her Mistress or whoever she deems shall ride her. In learning this, she will realise that there are better alternatives for such seriously fetish women as her than taking pleasure from a man, and that her equine Mistress is one of those who controls her pleasure"

At this point, the footage moved to Elaine orally enjoying her Domme's stallion, duly pleasing it and herself, manifested by the substantial, massive, pink cock that filled and stretched her mouth, something that she was obviously relishing.

Elaine knew we were here by the muffled sounds of protest that we got, and by her bottom moving against its two pleasure tools, perhaps also in protest.

"By the way, the panties have been given to her by her Domme; she had worn them for over 3 days and nights, including under her jodhpurs, so imagine the essence that this debased pony-girl is now inhaling. Finally, just before this session, Elaine had to wank the cock with them, so as to add the exotica of scent and entice her further into serving her Domme. Don't you agree that she should be weaned off Mark and serve her Mistresses?"

"Anyway, it is time we get on the road and leave the House."

Again, there was movement from Elaine as she realised we were moving on, out of the House , however her gagging and panties prevented anything being said.

"I now want you both to bring Elaine to an intense single climax to say your farewells. She will see you at home at some point when you whores have completed your service of your clients to their full satisfaction"

Yet another struggle movement from Elaine as she heard this; was it protest?

"Slave Clare, remove Elaine's panties and her gag; if she mutters one word, whip her bottom and the other slave will use the horsewhip as well. Screams of pleasure are permissible though."

"Isabelle, in the pit with you, and present your beautiful cunt to your mother. You may inhale the Domme's panties if you wish and experience the intensity of what your mother is taking in."

Isabelle duly complied and went into the pit and removed the riding panties and the pit slave undid the gag. Isabelle moved forward, lifting her nightie and buried Elaine's head and tongue into her cunt. And she lifted the panties up to her nose to inhale the unique exotic aroma, which had her quickly pressing forward on her mother's nose and mouth.

"Clare, remove Elaine's cunt and lick off her love juice from it and her and then bring her up to orgasm."

We obeyed. I quickly went to work, firstly on this 18+ inch wand, and on Elaine's naked lips and clit, gently teasing her, and then running my nose and tongue into her gaping, very sticky cunt. It was so stretched that I could see all the intricate folds and bumps of her vulva in there; it was evident by its openness and heavy cum in there, and her sexual aromatic perfume, that she had been in this restraint position for some considerable while and had cum several times. This was further supported by the time it would have taken to safely stretch her anus to the immense dimension it now was; it was such a size that it was forcing her cunt outwards as well.

Quickly, Elaine climbed her horsey mountain and she was soon moaning and started to scream with pleasure, guttural as I have never heard her and her bottom clenching so hard, pressing the rubber disc of the anchored balloon or plug further into her. As she brought Isabelle off, she came and came. Onto the screen came footage of her 'friend' cumming, so heavy that its jism streamed from her mouth and over her chest and breasts.

The screen switched back to Elaine and Mark in the master bedroom, the psychological torment was obviously going to be repeated, possibly with another variation. As I stepped back from the walkway, the anal plug was partly deflated in her so as to allow the reinsertion of the large wand back into Elaine's sopping cunt. Isabelle climbed out of the pit and straightened her nightie and we were quickly shepherded out of the room. Back in the ante room, we cleaned ourselves up and were quickly exited from this scene and the House.

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