tagMatureWeekend with George

Weekend with George


"Oh, yeah fuck me. Fuck me harder George." I moaned as he thrust his dick into my pussy again and again. I was just beginning to feel my body tighten, ready to cum hard. When the buzzer on my alarm clock went off pulling me from my dream unfulfilled.

I couldn't believe I had had that dream again, and it seemed I always woke up on the brink of the good part. George was our neighbor and a friend of my parents. Though he was pushing fifty he still looked pretty good, he was well toned and about six two with clean cut brown hair with a little gray. The one good thing about being stuck home with my parents all summer was getting to see him regularly around the yard. It had definitely been too long since I had been laid and I was starting to think it was time to do something about it before I had to wake up horny one more time.

I am twenty-one and on the brink of my final year of college. I am tall for a girl around six feet and though I am somewhat slender there are definite curves. I have well defined hips and a 38 C chest. My sexual experience wasn't as well rounded as I would have liked since the most available population to screw at school were horny frat boys. I decided it was a good thing George was divorced since I never go after a married man and at the moment I had my eye on him.

As I got up and took a cold shower I realized that today was the perfect day. My parents had left for the weekend for some conference and I had the weekend off from my job serving drinks at the local beach club. I knew it was wrong to go after someone my father's age but it would also be fun to seduce him. With this in mind I put on my skimpiest string bikini, which happened to be an eye-catching shade of red, and headed out to the pool to keep an eye out for the perfect opportunity.

It came a short time later when I spotted George pulling the mower out of the garage. As he began mowing the back yard I climbed up on the diving board and loosened the ties on my top. Then I called a greeting and dove into the water making sure my top flew off as I went. When I surfaced at the other end of the pool my tits were completely exposed and I noticed a bulge in George's pants as he stared. Just to have a little more fun I jiggled them up and down as I climbed out of the water, feigned embarrassment and grabbed a towel.

"Sorry to bother you, George, but did you happen to see where my top landed?"

He seemed slightly embarrassed as he picked the top up from his yard and brought it over to me. I smiled as I took it from him, again noticing the bulge between his legs. "Thanks for the rescue, can I get you something to drink for your trouble?" I asked as I gently stroked his arm and flipped my hair.

"How about an iced tea?" he suggested

"Would that be long island or regular?" I asked as I continued to send him flirty looks

"Long island sounds good" he chuckled as he finally caught on to my maneuvers.

I led him into the house and made him his drink as well as one for myself and we proceeded to flirt as we drank. When we were about halfway through our glasses I moved to sit next to him on the sofa and began to rub his thigh as we continued our flirting.

When the drinks were nearly finished I could tell he was getting ready to leave, so I made the first move. I leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips then gradually made it deeper until our tongues swirled together. Suddenly he pulled away and said "Annie, I can't do this with you. I've known you all your life, it would be wrong."

"I am not a child anymore and what is wrong with two consenting adults having a little fun together? I haven't been a virgin since I was sixteen and I'm on the pill if that is what you're worried about." I replied as I leaned in and stuck my tongue down his throat. He must have really liked seeing my tits because that was all the resistance he put up. As we kissed he removed my top again and I unbuttoned and removed his shirt. Proceeding to feel every muscle in his chest and back.

Then he sucked on the bottom of my ear and gradually made his way down my neck. I was already feeling my nipples peek as he sucked one into his mouth. His tongue did wonders as it swirled around my nipple, furthering my arousal. He then moved onto the other one and repeated the process. I knew it really had been too long because I was already close to cumming.

Next he continued traveling downward until he reached and removed my bottoms. As I spread my legs for him, he thrust his fingers inside my dripping pussy. It didn't take long for me to cum on a long moan that had him chuckling: "I guess you needed that." As he spoke his head lowered and his tongue swirled around my clit, making me moan again. When I was again fully aroused, his tongue thrust in and out gradually picking up speed. After a few minutes I found myself self screaming out as the biggest climax I ever had hit me like a tidal wave. When I could finally speak I said "Fuck George, you really know what your doing."

To give myself time to recover, I got onto my knees and began to unbutton his pants. The grin on his face told me he knew where this was heading as I removed his pants and boxers. His giant swelled cock then popped out in my face. "Wow, your cock is huge," I murmured as I admired his wide twelve inch cock. Then I lowered my mouth and began to suck on the tip. As I slowly lowered my mouth I twirled my tongue around his shaft. When I reached halfway down the shaft I pulled off and then went down and deep throated him. Then I proceeded to suck and bob my head until he was on the verge of cumming. That is when he grabbed my head to stop me.

"Shit! If you don't stop now we won't be able to reach the main event" George said. "Where did you learn how to suck cock like that?"

I giggled and replied, "I'm a member of the slutty sorority at school. I've sucked the dick of every guy in our brother frat. It was one of my pledge tasks as a freshman and I go down on every new brother each year."

"Well it seems that practice really does make perfect," he said as he reached out and twisted my tits. Then he flipped me onto my back.

As I lay beneath him my legs opened and his dick began circling my pussy. He rubbed me clit with its head then thrust deep inside me. He then pulled out, rubbed the clit and thrust again. He repeated this pattern several times, making me moan louder each time. After a dozen or so of these thrusts he buried his entire shaft in my pussy and then began pounding in harder with each thrust. "Fuck! Harder, fuck me harder George! Keep fucking!" I moaned repeating variations of this over as I came closer to coming. Then just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore I screamed, "Fuck I'm cumming" as another huge climax came over me. I swear I blacked out for a second because George kept thrusting until finally I felt his warm cum spread through me as he moaned and collapsed on top of me.

We lay like that for a long while, dozing off with his now flaccid dick still inside my hot pussy. When the shadows began to lengthen I finally suggested moving up to my parent's waterbed for round two. George looked at me and said "won't your parents be home soon?"

I explained that they were gone all weekend and he agreed to follow me upstairs. As we made our way to the bedroom, stopping periodically to make out, I decided it was a good thing I had planned ahead and put clean black satin sheets on the king size bed. "Are you ready for some fun?" I asked as we entered the room. George just nodded and grinned like a teenager when I pulled out my black fuzzy handcuffs. I then pushed him back on the bed and handcuffed both his hands around the headboard. I then looked at his dick and said, "It looks like you need to get a new hard on." Then I knelt next to him and began to suck his cock again until it was straining in my mouth. Then I straddled him and slowly lowered myself onto his fully erect shaft. When I'd completely impaled myself I began to slowly rock back and forth hitting my g-spot. I knew George liked it too when I heard his moan of pleasure after just a couple of minutes. I continued to pick up speed and also rising and lowering along his shaft, until he yelled out "fuck, I'm cumming for you now sweetheart." Then his cum burst hotly into my already wet pussy. I continued my movements until every last bit of cum had been rung from his cock and my climax joined his. Then I collapsed on top of him and began playing with his nipples.

When he began to get hard again I uncuffed him and suggested a nice warm shower. My parents' shower is done in all glass brick making it quite see through. I climbed in first and began to lather my tits and pussy while George watched from the outside. When he was fully erect he finally joined me in the stream of hot running water. He played with my slippery tits then fingered my pussy to a climax while I ground against his hand wanting more. When he finished I told him I wanted his cum in my mouth and all over my body. I knelt down with the spray to my back and sucked his cock until he came. I let some sit in my mouth while he sprayed the rest over my tits and down my front. Then I showed him my gulping swallow as he licked his cum off my tits. We then washed each other off and since the lathering got him hard again he pushed me up against the wall and spread my legs. After he thrust inside me I wrapped my legs around his waist and he took me to another climax that night.

After we finished and dried off I got his clothes from the living room. "Thanks George, this has been the best day all summer." I told him.

"It has been one of the best for me too. Who would have thought you'd grow up and know how to handle a man like that?" he replied.

"My parents are gone until Monday morning," I reminded him. "If you come over tomorrow I might even share my toys."

With that tidbit of information I pressed myself against him and stuck my tongue down his throat. As he left with a smile on his face I just knew he would be back tomorrow. Fucking George was definitely better than any other lay I've had.

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