tagMatureWeekend with George Ch. 02

Weekend with George Ch. 02



I woke up later than usual on Saturday, already anticipating a day of fun with my neighbor George. Rather than feeling ashamed of our twenty something year age difference I found it actually made everything more exciting. I had known George a long time and even had a crush on him when I was high school. I think he noticed recently how much I had grown up because I found him staring at me a lot this summer. His divorce had been finalized two years ago and my mom mentioned that he hadn't really dated since they split. After our afternoon yesterday I was inclined to agree with her.

Just thinking about it made me hot and wet. Before getting out of bed I decided to release some tension and pulled my favorite dildo out of the nightstand drawer, glad that I always sleep naked. It was a realistic one about 7 inches long made to feel like the skin of a real cock with a set of balls on the end. I lay it next to me on the bed and began to play with my breasts as I thought about George and what we did yesterday. When my nipples hardened, slowly I let my hands drift down, sensually stroking my sides, belly, and eventually my thighs. I then began to rub my clit in a circular motion that had my tits tightening even more.

By this time my pussy was dripping and I knew I wouldn't need any lube as I reached for my dildo. I rubbed it against my clit a few times making sure I had soaked it in my juices then I slid it into my slit and gradually pushed it up to the hilt. Then I began thinking about the shower yesterday, pulling the fake penis out and thrusting it back in. I repeated this process, steadily increasing the speed until I thought I would burst. All at once I came hard screaming out for George.

As I lay there recovering my breath, George called to see if I was okay after yesterday's fucking. After a little prodding I convinced him to come over again around eight for a visit and some more fun. Then I got up, realized it was already four, and headed for the shower to clean myself up. Once I was under the spray I couldn't resist playing with my nipples as I lathered on my body wash and getting myself off on the shower head massager as I imagined what George and I would do tonight.

I thought it might be fun to go out to the pool and swim while we watched the sunset so I put on another of my bikinis this one was black with a skimpy top that skimmed low on my breasts just covering the nipples and not much else. The bottom was a boy short that showed of the shape of my ass well. I put a robe on and waited for George to arrive. He came promptly at eight and knocked on the back door. We chatted over drinks again for a while before I suggested we move out to the pool. He didn't have a suit so I told him his boxers would be just fine since he might not be wearing them long anyway. As we headed outside I only turned on the underwater lights, leaving the surrounding area to the lengthening shadows of twilight. This way we wouldn't have to worry about anyone else in the neighborhood seeing us.

George quickly stripped down to his boxers and jumped into the water. "Nice shorts," I called to him as I admired the He-Man cartoon character print. Then he watched me disrobe, his eyes practically popping out of his head when he saw what I had on. I then joined him in the water where we splashed and played until the sun completely disappeared. By this time our play had transformed more into foreplay. I pressed against him and felt that he was getting hard which turned me on even more. I knew my tits were standing out as I dove under the water and removed his shorts. When I surfaced I tossed them aside and grasped his stiff member with my hand. I began to leisurely wank him, twisting my hand around and varying the pressure with my fingers. He stopped my hand when he was fully aroused by grabbing my wrist. Then he grunted "my turn" and proceeded to pull my top off in one quick motion. Tossing it aside he began to rub my nipples with his thumbs until I moaned with pleasure.

Next his mouth came down on mine and as our tongues danced and swirled together he reached down to remove my bottoms. Lifting me up by cupping my ass, he pressed his dick against my hot, wet pussy and rubbed my clit against his shaft. "Oh yeah, fuck, fuck me George. Please fuck me now." I whimpered. He pressed my back up against the wall of the pool and my legs spread wide, giving him complete access to my pussy. He pressed the head of his cock against my slit and made me beg before finally sliding it deep inside. He pulled back and thrust in, picking up speed with each thrust. He was fucking me so hard that I felt my backside slap against the pool wall each time he plunged into me. Several minutes later I came hard and the spasms in my pussy caused him to cum with his seed coating my insides.

We hoisted ourselves out of the water and cuddled up together on one of the lounge chairs. As we lay there we discussed some of our sexual history to keep a bit of arousal in the air. George confessed that he had been celibate since his wife left. I told him about my dildo and he suggested we might play with it together in a bit. I also confessed that, while I had sucked a lot of cock, he was only the fifth guy I had actually fucked. I giggled as I told him I fucked one guy in high school and three in college, one each year. Though I had fucked each numerous times and in various positions and places. Eventually George said, "why don't we go inside and you can show me your toy."

We picked up our clothes and walked back into the house, heading straight for my bedroom. I pulled out my dildo and set it next to the bed by my handcuffs. George picked up the handcuffs and used them to tie my hands to the straight back of my desk chair with me bent over the seat. He then proceeded to arouse us both with his wandering hands and mouth. He moved his mouth in a string of kisses from the nape of my neck down my back while his hands sculpted and caressed my front. I noticed he seemed to take extra time on my tits as his hands worked downward. When both his mouth and hands reached my now soaked pussy he stopped and knelt behind me. He then widened my stance and began to eat me. He used his lips and teeth in addition to his tongue as his mouth assaulted my clit. Next he thrust his tongue in and out of my slit until I came hard against his face. He laughed as he stood up to show me his erect cock and said, "see what you do to me."

He then took his time rubbing his cock in my pussy juices, pressing his head against my slit only to take it away again. Next he placed the dildo onto the seat of the chair. Making me straddle the seat and lower toward a sitting position he guided my pussy onto it, eliciting another moan of pleasure. Positioning his now lubed dick he slowly began to work it into my asshole. It took him a few minutes to fully embed himself inside me. As he slowly began to thrust in and out I felt the movements of my pussy against the dildo. It felt like I was being fucked by two guys at once and I enjoyed the sensation so much I came before George had built up any speed.

He continued to fuck me through the climax and reached around to play with my tits as it subsided, his thrusts increasing in speed. When I climaxed again I heard George say "Fuck, Annie, I want to cum on you." I moaned in reply "yeah, George, spray it all over me." He cock had popped out of my ass before I had finished speaking.

George came around in front of me and with a few jerks on his rigid shaft his cum load sprayed all over my face, chest, and tits. I couldn't help smiling as I sat covered in cum, still handcuffed, while I watched him dress. "Time for me to go home, Annie. But if you're up to it you should come over to my place around three tomorrow." He said as he uncuffed me. I sat there watching him walk away covered in cum with the dildo still in my pussy. I couldn't help but think that tomorrow would be even better.

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