tagBDSMWeekend with Sir

Weekend with Sir


**i have only recently starting writing, and this is my first submission. i hope you all enjoy it**


Her clit throbs as she gently fingers it. Her legs are spread wide, and the skirt that Sir had asked her to wear is hiked around her waist.

She tries to keep her mind calm as she waits for the taxi that Sir has sent for her. All He had told her was to pack a couple of slutty outfits, one specifically that was ok to wear in public without getting arrested the minute she set foot outside. She wore that outfit now. She had chosen the outfit to please Him. The outfit consisted of a short black skirt with a slit up the side, and a white sheer blouse. Her bra was a half-cup, so her nipples are displayed over the top of the cups, and she isn't wearing panties under her skirt. Thigh high nylons and high heels complete the look. She has also spent extra time carefully applying her makeup; dark eyeshadow, and liner, and of course, red lipstick.

Sir likes her pussy wet, very wet. She smilesd to herself; Sir will not be disappointed tonight. Her pussy is leaking juice because of what was to come.

She hears a horn honk outside; she quickly looks herself over in the mirror. A slut looks back. The wetness from her pussy starts to slowly slide down and coat her inner thighs. A nervous excitement overtakes her. She grabs her overnight bag that lays by the door, looks at her cat and tells him to be good before closing the door behind her.

She runs down the stairs, and glances towards the driveway. There is the taxi waiting, the driver looking her over and smiling to himself. He gets out and opens the door for her. She starts to slide into the back seat when the driver hands her an envelope. He smiles and says that she is to read it immediately. She looks at the envelope and recognizes the writing, it is from Sir. She feels the butterflies in her stomach as she looks down and contemplates the envelope. She gulps and starts to slowly open it. Before removing the contents, she looks up and sees the driver staring at her in the rear view mirror. He smiles again, not taking his eyes from her. She pulls out the piece of paper, which lay hidden inside. The car starts up and proceeds to back out of the driveway as she starts to read the note.


"I look forward to seeing you this evening. I hope that you have prepared yourself in the way that I have asked."

She thought about her smooth pussy and smiles. Sir likes it when she was hairless, but during her preparations this time she had taken extra time to make sure there were no stray hairs. The letter continued.

"The man who has picked up for me is a friend of mine, his name his Tom. Be polite Princess and say hello to Tom."

She looks up and again catches 'Tom', as she now knew him, staring at her. "Hello Tom" she says quietly.

Tom nods his head and smiles again. She continues reading.

"Your destination is a surprise, so don't bother asking Tom. You have a bit of a drive ahead of you, so I want you to get comfortable Princess. Move to the middle, lean back in the seat and spread your legs. Don't forget to pull your skirt up."

She gulps loudly. Tom looks back at her and sees the flushing in her cheeks. He chuckles quietly and adjusts the mirror. She looks up and can see herself from the waist down in the same mirror. She gulps again and lifts her ass off of the seat and pulls the skirt from under her. She moves to the middle and she sits her bare ass down on the leather seats. A quick intake of breath results as the coolness of the seat catches her off guard. Tom chuckles again, and readjusts the mirror to the center. As the front of the car has bucket seats, there is no obstruction to Tom's view. He grins widely and mutters "Very nice." She wants desperately to close her legs, but Sir's instructions were clear. Spread your legs.

She feels her cheeks flush again as she contemplates that her pussy is spread wide open for Tom's viewing.

"Wow you're wet," he notes as he licks his lips.

She looks down and sees the glistening juices between her legs. She picks up the note again and continues reading.

"Princess, I think it is very nice of Tom to pick up and drive you to M, so I want you to entertain him on the long drive. I want you to unbutton your blouse and pull it from the waistband of your skirt. You can leave it on, but I want it spread open for the entire trip."

She swallows deeply and unbuttons her top, pulling it away from her skirt at the same time. She looks down and sees her hard nipples poking out from above her bra.

"I want you to make sure he doesn't get bored Princess. To make it more interesting I have left a bag of toys for you on the floor beside Tom. You need to stand up and lean over the front seat and ask Tom for the bag."

As instructed, she stood slowly and leaned forward over the seat. She felt her tits swing loose from their confines and swing below her. "Tom" she says shyly "could you hand me the bag on the floor please."

Tom smiles and pulls the car to the side of the road. He reaches down and retrieves the bag. He smile turns to a smirk as he sees the toys hanging out of the bag. Right on top is a large black dildo and a butt plug. He turns completely in his seat to hand her the bag. As he does, his hand reaches out and touches her nipple. She feels a slight shudder run through her body. Tom sits and watches her for a bit as she sorts through the items the bag contains. Her entire body flushes. He smiles again, turns and starts the car down the road again. Back to the note again.

"Princess, as you know, you are not to cum. You are to play continuously, but you are NOT to orgasm. I know you will not disappoint me. I will see you in about 2 hours. Have fun."

And He had signed it "M".

Her mind was racing. She never wanted to disappoint Sir so she spread her legs again and lifted her skirt. Using her fingers she started to slowly caress the insides of her thighs. She knew she had to move slowly, or she would surely cum. It was going to be difficult as she was already so horny just thinking about seeing Him.

She dipped her finger in her juices and surprised herself with how wet she was. Slowly she trails her finger along her pussy lips, feeling how swollen they are. "Oh god" she thinks to herself "2 hours of playing and not being allowed to cum." Would it be possible?

She looks in the mirror and sees Tom watching her every move. She closes her eyes and tries not to think about how horny she is.

Her hand moves slowly, circling her pussy, but never making contact with her clit. Her juices are everywhere. She can't believe how wet she is getting being such a slut for Sir. Tom clears his throat and with an impish grin says, "What's the stuff in the bag for?" It was obvious he knew full well what the items in the bag were.

Her hand reaches into the bag and feels another piece of paper. It's another note from Him. She begins to read it.

The first line tells her that she is to read the letter aloud and all the way through at one time.

She glances up at Tom and begins to read.

"Tom as you know I am a submissive, a slut, a dirty little slut, and I have given myself to Sir. I gladly do as he asks me." She blushes deeply. Never before had she said that aloud to another person.

She continues, " I want to thank you for being so kind as to drive my slutty ass to my Sir, so for your viewing pleasure I will be shoving a large black dildo deep into my pussy after licking it thoroughly. I will finger my ass while I slide the large cock in and out of my swollen pussy. I will then pull the cock out of my pussy, and lick the juices off of it while turning in my seat to show you my ass. Once the dildo is licked and sucked clean I will set it down and then reach back and pull my ass cheeks apart to give you a better view of my slut pussy and asshole. Then, as you watch, I will cover my buttplug with lube and work it into my ass. You can watch while I push it in and pull it out, slowly fucking my ass deeper and deeper. Once it is deep and in its proper place in my ass, I am going to turn and sit down on the plug forcing it even deeper."

"Once I am sitting and facing you again, I will tug and pull at my nipples making them big and hard. I will then take my nipple clamps and place them on my nipples. The chain that hangs between them will dangle between my tits and every time you hit a bump in the road the chain will pull on my tits, making me squirm." She feels her pussy spasm and release more juice. "After my tits are looked after I'm going to take my big black dildo and shove it into my slut pussy and pump it in and out while you watch me. Both my ass and pussy are going to be full. Every time you hit a bump the plug is going to force itself into me further. I'm going to ram the dildo hard in and out of my pussy, making my pussy juice splash out around it. I'm such a slut and I love to play with myself in front of strangers". She blushes deeply. She was about to fuck herself in front of a complete stranger. Her stomach lurched, and her pussy twitched. She continued to read.

"Tom I need you to keep a close eye on me and make sure I don't cum. If I do, I want you to tell Sir."

Tell Sir? Tell Sir?!? What was she saying? She could not believe she was reading this letter to Tom, and it was making it sound like they were her words. She was telling him what a slut she was what she was going to do for him, and that she was asking him to tell on her if she slipped and came without permission.

She put the letter down and hangs her head. She is such a slut. She would do anything for Sir. She wanted Him to be proud of her.

She reaches over to the bag and withdraws the black dildo and starts to suck on the end of it. She pushes it into her mouth and runs her tongue all over it, coating it in her spit. She looks at Tom in the mirror and shoves the huge cock deep into her pussy. It slides in with no resistance at all. She closes her eyes and pounds her pussy, feeling her lips stretching around the shaft of the rubber cock, her juices coating the black cyber skin. She reaches down below the cock protruding from her pussy and pushes a finger into her ass, pumping it in and out. She could feel her orgasm building, surfacing quickly. She pounds a couple of times more with the black dildo and adds another finger to her ass. She is very close to the edge. She then pulls the cock out of her sopping pussy with a pop, raises it to her mouth and starts licking the pussy juices from it. She licks and sucks the fake cock, loving the taste of her own juices. She turns in the back seat while still licking happily. Her ass faces Tom. She can feel his eyes burning into her ass. When the large dildo is licked clean she places it on the seat beside her and reaches back and spreads her ass cheeks pulling hard and wide, spreading herself completely open. She can't see Tom's face, but she can imagine it. She flushes red again. She is such a slut. Here she is face down in the back seat of a taxi, which is covered, in her pussy juices. Her asshole and pussy are gapping open for all that want to look. She hears Tom unzip his pants. She gets even wetter thinking that her humiliating display is making him hard.

Her right hand leaves her ass and grabs the lube and butt plug. She opens the tube with her teeth, and squeezes a generous amount onto the plug. Her left hand is still pulling her left ass cheek open as she reaches around and places the plug at the opening to her ass. She sucks in air as she pushes gently on the butt plug feeling it inch its way in to her ass. It's a spiral plug so it twists as she pushes. In and out she works it. Deeper and deeper it slides into her ass. She hears Tom groan, and she looks over her shoulder to see Tom pulling on his cock. She moans and gives the plug another push. She feels her asshole close around the plug as it nestles itself in her ass. She lets go of her cheeks and turns to sit on the plug, whimpering a little as she feels it push deeper. She sits still for a moment, getting accustomed to the feeling.

As her ass relaxes she thankfully realizes her urge to orgasm has subsided. She starts to play with her nipples as the letter instructed. She pinches them hard and pulls them out. She can feel the blood rushing to them, making them hard little pebbles in her hands. She continues to grab and mash her tits, the nipples huge. Looking over at the bag she sees the chain for the nipple clamps. She pulls the chain from the bag, and the clamps follow. Pinching her left nipple as she places the clamp firmly on it, she lets out a little rush of air, bites her lip and continues onto the right nipple. Again she places the clamp. Once they were in place she looks up and sees Tom's eyes staring at her. All of a sudden the road seems to be a lot rougher. Pot holes and bumps everywhere. The chain between her nipples tugs gently as she sways in the back seat. Softly she moans.

It was time to shove the black cock back into her pussy. She seriously wonders if it will fit now that she has a butt plug buried deeply in her ass. She uses both hands to steadily force the phallus deeper into her cunt. She throws her head back as the sensations hit her. Fuck she is soooo close to cumming. Just then her cell phone started to ring. With both her pussy and asshole stuffed full and her nipples clamped at attention, she breathlessly answers her phone.

It is Sir. He is calling to make sure that His little slut is behaving and not cumming. She pants into the phone telling Sir that she is being a good girl, but she is having a hard time not cumming. Sir chuckles. "I know Princess; I have been watching you on the camera on Tom's dash. I'm proud of you. You have been a very good girl, and you shall be rewarded."

She looks at the dash and sees the red light, indicating the camera. She blushes, realizing that she has also been performing for Sir. She smiles shyly, and asks Sir if she can cum.

"No princess," was the answer. "You're almost here. I want you to keep the cock and the plug shoved deep in you. You are not to remove them. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir," she responds.

"I want you to feel full, feel every bump and twist in the road. Ride hard on the objects deep inside you."

She nods her head. "Yes Sir."

To be continued...

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