tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWeekend with Sis Ch. 04

Weekend with Sis Ch. 04


The alarm went off early the next morning. I glanced over Shawna's bare shoulder and saw the clock read 7:00 AM.

"I gotta get up Larry. I've got practice before the big game. I'll be back to get you before I go over to the stadium." She whispered in my ear.

"Ok, I'll just get ready. When will you be back?" I asked.

"Oh, probably around 10:00. We'll go to the stadium about then so I can pick up your ticket." She said.

"I'll give you some money for the ticket hang on." I said as I struggled to get up.

"No I get two free one to every game for being on the dance team. That's one of the perks. If anyone else wants to other one tell them to be here at 10:15 or so, so we can go pick them up." She explained.

"Oh ok, Could you set the alarm for another hour and a half?" I asked.

"Sure, big boy!" She laughed as she reached out and grabbed my cock which was hanging between my legs.

She set the alarm and I went back to sleep. When it went off again, I woke up and brushed my teeth. Then I took a quick shower to help me wake up. As I rinsed off, I heard a door open. I wondered Shawna was home early.

"Is that you in there Shawna or is it that hung stud of a brother you got!" I recognized the voice as that of Ann.

Just then, Ann threw open the show curtain and laughed as she checked out my cock hanging low between my legs as I had me hands on my head.

"I missed that monster cock!" She laughed.

"You did huh?" I asked feeling a little brash at this cute co-ed gazing on my cock.

"Yeah, I also missed your tongue in my pussy! When is Shawna coming back?" She asked.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"About 9:30." Ann replied.

"Well, she's at practice and said she'd be back around ten to go to the stadium." I replied.

"Are you almost done? I'd like to get in there before she gets back if I could." Ann asked.

"Yeah, I'm almost done. Just need to rinse. Why don't you just hope in now Ann?" I laughed.

"Not a bad idea Larry." She said as she reached out for my cock.

She gave my flaccid cock a squeeze and pulled off her t-shirt and shorts. She had on a bright blue thong, which really accented her plump ass nicely. My cock jumped at the sight of her large tits and tiny thong.

"If I help you, you'll get done faster." I said grabbing her rose scented shower gel.

"Ok, I'll wash my hair while you soap me up. You can be like my personal stud shower boy." Ann smiled wickedly.

I soaped her large tits and pink nipples then her slightly tubby. I was surprised she had a belly button ring similar to Shawna's. I thought only really fit girls got those. Ann's turned me on because it reminded me how naughty she was. I dropped to me knees and soaped her legs. Finally, done I told her to rinse.

When she finished, I reached up and put me hands on her tits then buried my face in her pussy. In minutes her cunt was dripping with her natural lube and it was damn hot!

"Ohhh Larry! Ooooh! OoooH! Ohhh!" She cooed.

"That's right Larry, Oooooh! Just like I taught you! That's oooooh ohhhh yeah that's it!" She moaned.

"Damn, your hung cock looks sooooo ooooh sexy bouncing ohhhhh between your thighs." She groaned.

"Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh," she moaned, "Ohhhhh yeah! I'm, I'm cumming looking at your hard on! Oh, lick my clit again, again, again! Ooooh!"

Finally she finished her orgasm and told me to stop. I rinsed her juice off my mouth and hopped out of the shower. I brushed my teeth naked as Ann got dress. She put on a red velvet thong and then a matching bra. She looked so sexy walking around her room in it. Then she pulled on a black mini skirt and a tank red top then her red "State Mustangs" sweatshirt.

I finished brush my teeth just as Shawna got home.

"Why are you still naked? I thought you'd be ready to go" She asked.

"Oh, Shawna, be nice to him he was sooo nice to me this morning." Ann said as she hugged me and shook my cock in Shawna's direction.

"Ha, is that why? I hope he treated you well. Looks like he did the pleasuring cause he's still hard as a lead pipe." Shawna laughed.

"Lead pipe is a good name for him! He ate me out like a pro." Ann laughed.

"Great. Hey Ann, do you want to go to the game? I have a free ticket. You can sit with Lead Pipe." Shawna asked.

"Oh thanks! I was going to buy a ticket that’s awesome of you!" Ann said, "let me put some jeans on and I'll be ready to go."

Ann unzipped her mini shirk and let it fall to the floor. She grabbed the pair of jeans behind her and slowly pulled them on giving me a great shot of her round ass. I got hard again.

"You're such a prick tease Ann!" Shawna giggled as she handed me my boxers briefs.

"Get dress so we can go. Maybe your pipe will get some relief when we get back!" Shawna laughed.

Shawna quickly changed into her game uniform. She took off her spandex practice outfit and her sports bra. She stood before me in only a black thong. Next she pulled on her tight bloomers that went under to short cheerleader type skirt then she put on a padded push-up bra that made her C cups look like Ds and then a tight white t-shirt and finally her "State" sweater. Then she pulled up her extra short pleated red cheer skirt. Her black bloomers peaked out from beneath. I knew she must be one of the student body's favorite dance team members.

We headed over to the stadium and got there just in time to pick up Shawna's free tickets. Ann and I headed to our seats on the 30-yard line. Shawna said to meet her at half time outside the cheerleaders' locker room. With twenty seconds left in the half State was up 14 on Western, so we started heading down to meet Shawna.

"Would you do us a big favor Larry? We need some one to video our halftime dance. Liz's dad didn't make it to the game, but you could use his camera." Shawna asked frantically.

"Yeah, no problem!" I said.

"Ok I have to change. I'll bring you the camera!"

Minutes later Shawna and Shauntel appeared from the locker room dressed in black spandex pants and bright red cut off spandex halters. Shawna handed me the camera and told me how to use it. Then she said they'd be dancing right in the center of the band when the band played an old Beetles song. I said fine and they turned to walk away. I noticed Shauntel's red thong peaking out of the top of her low slung pants. She was the hottest black woman I ever saw.

Ann and I headed back to our seats and video taped the routine. After halftime ended we went back down to deliver the camera. Shawna met us outside.

"Hey Larry, did it work ok?" She asked.

"Yeah, that was a nice routine." I said.

"Cool I'll tell Shauntel she made it up." Shawna said.

"Well I'm thirsty I'm going to get a cola." Ann said.

"Just come in here and get one guys. The girls are all dress by now." Shawna said.

"Are you sure?" I asked not wanted to get into trouble.

"Yeah, the girls have guys in here all the time, even when they run around in there bras." Shawna laughed.

We entered the locker room and sure enough the first girl who saw me shrieked.

"Who are you?!" She shouted.

"He's my brother. Its cool, Sarah. You've got you're clothes on." Shawna said.

"Ok, I just don't want strange guys in here." Sarah explained.

"I understand completely." I said.

"Hey Sarah, if you want strange have him take off his pants!" Shauntel exclaimed and another girl who I saw at the pool party laughed.

"Why, what have you two hos being doing with this guy?" Sarah asked.

"You missed a great pool party at Shauntel's house girl!" The other girl smiled.

"Whip it out for her Larry! It’s the biggest white meat I've ever seen, Sarah!" Shauntel hooted.

"Uh I better not, well not here Shauntel." I stammered.

"Yeah, Larry whip it out!" Shawna called out.

Shauntel stood up and unzipped my pants. I figured it was ok and dropped my pants and boxer briefs.

"Holy Shit! How do you keep your hands of it Shawna? That's one hung cock!" Sarah laughed.

"Shit girl, she doesn't keep her hands off of it and you wouldn't either if he was your brother." Shauntel laughed, "Ain't a girl in this room that don't want to touch that cock!"

"All right I admit it. I wanked him off last night!" Shawna said jokingly as she winked at me.

"Take his shirt off!" Another girl called out.

"Yeah we want the full effect!" Sarah laughed.

I looked at Shawna and Ann. Both were smiling as they watched the dance team react to my cock.

"Hold up girls!" Shauntel yelled and ran into another room.

Shauntel returned moments later with the State Mustang Mascots head.

"Now we've got the full effect!" She shouted as she plopped the big foam horse head on my shoulders.

"Jackie get your camera." Sarah shouted.

"Uh I don't know about..." I started.

"Its ok Larry, we took Tyson's picture with it on too. It’s all between us besides your disguised." Shawna said.

"Yeah, we need a white horse to go with our black one." Sarah joked.

Liz then appeared in front of me with her father's video camera and another girl who must have been Jackie started snapping still shots of me.

I posed for pictures in several positions with several of the girls around me and a few with the girls holding my cock or balls.

Next Shauntel walked over to me with a bottle baby oil and dripped some on my cock. Then Liz put the camera up to her eye.

"Spank that long, thick cock for the camera!" Shauntel ordered.

I stood motionless. I'd never been taped before and I wasn't sure I liked the idea.

"Need some help Horsey?!" Sarah called and dropped to her knees in front of me.

She started wanking me as Liz began to film. Soon the entire dance team had me surrounded and they took turns jacking me for Liz's camera.

"Hey girls, hurry up we have to be out there again in five minutes." Shawna called on.

"Ok this will help!" Shauntel said as she flashed me her huge brown tits as Julie stroked me.

"OHHHH! I moaned as I shot my load across the locker room.

Shawna grabbed my clothes as the other girls headed back out on the field.

"Get dressed. I'll meet you two back here after the game." She said as she left.

"Thanks for all the footage. We'll have a great highlight video thanks to you!" Liz said as she passed by.

"The dance was really good." I said.

"Oh, that's not the highlights I meant. Between you and Tyson were got 24 inches of cock on this tape!" Liz laughed as I watched her sexy little ass saunter out the door.

The end of the game was very exciting Western tied to score with a minute and 24 seconds left, but the Mustangs had a long drive and kicked a field goal for the win with two seconds left.

After the game we headed back to Shawna's room and drank a few beers before heading over to a party at Liz's apartment. Maybe we'll get to watch the highlight reel!

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