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Weekend Work


Jeremy gulped as he walked up the brick path to his boss's front door. He'd been having a morning muffin and coffee while reading the review of the Friday Night Football game when the phone in his pocket had begun to ring.

"Jeremy, its Rachel, do you have the Spencer file with you?" he heard his new Section Head say when he answered.

Rachel had been with them for a month. He wasn't sure how old she was, certainly older then his 23 years, because her teenage daughter had just left home to go to Uni. He'd thought she was a real hardarse but hadn't quite worked her out yet. She looked all prim and proper, always wearing a variety of suit jackets and skirts with white or pastel blouses, which hinted at a pretty impressive rack for a woman with such a small frame. And yet there was something about her. Maybe it was the stockings she wore. Not plain ones like the other women wore but ones with black patterns woven through them or coloured. Like she tried to look all cool and respectable but there was something simmering underneath.

And then there was that conversation he had overheard when he was in the storeroom. Rachel had been in the adjoining room talking on the phone.

"Sorry, can't do it Jill, Gordon is coming to visit this weekend"

"Well just because we're not married anymore doesn't mean he stops being Chloe's father."

"Where he usually stays, at my place."

"No, not on the couch."

"Because just because we can't stand to live together doesn't mean we don't love to fuck. If he hadn't been so good in bed I would have divorced him long before I did."

Jeremy couldn't believe it; round the office she had already attracted the nickname Ice Queen. He had gone home that night and as he lay alone in his bed had thought about Rachel, her ex and what she was hiding under those austere suits. He soon found himself fantasying about her and what she would be doing with her ex that coming weekend. He soon substituted his face for the unknown ex and began to wank off as he imagined what they might be up to. It had become an often-repeated fantasy, replacing the one with the woman he meets in the fruit section of the supermarket.

And now here he was, walking up to her front door on a Saturday morning. His balls tightened involuntarily.

As I approached the front door it was obvious from the amount of empty paint tins and building refuse that a loss of renovating had been taking place. When Rachel opened the front door he was shocked by the change in her appearance. The usual sombre professional business suit had been replaced by a man's old flannelette shirt tied off at the front and a pair of raggedly cut off denim jeans that would have done Daisy Duke proud. From 9 to 5 to The Dukes of Hazard, he thought.

"Come in Jeremy", she said, a slight smile on her face. As she turned and walked away he couldn't help but notice the gorgeous arse projecting from the back of the short-shorts.

"Who's the dancer?" he inquired, referring to the many dancing trophies around the walls.

"Oh they're my daughter's," she replied. "Unfortunately you can't be a professional dancer with a body like this," she said, making an indication to the well filled shirt. "I still teach class occasionally, when the regular can't make it."

As he followed her, taking in the strong curves of her calves and thighs she turned to indicate a paper covered dining table. Leave the file there please and come and help me with something.

She led him into what must have been the master bedroom. A step ladder was in the doorway and beyond that he could see a large bed had been pulled out from the wall and sat centred by the door.

"I'm painting." She explained unnecessarily. "I just need to finish this wall off above the doorway, but it's a wobbly old ladder. Will you hold the ladder for me?" she enquired.

"Certainly.' He placed one hand on the ladder and stepped aside to allow her to mount the ladder.

On reaching the third rung she turned her head, "Can you grab hold now? This is a really wobbly old thing."

Jeremy reached round to grasp the other side. It placed his nose at an uncomfortably close position to her pert arse. As she continued her climb Jeremy looked up at her barely covered behind. Looking up he could look up the leg of the home cut off denims. The tight centre seam had moved to the left, the gap leaving her white lace panties on open display. A few wispy blonde hairs had escaped the confines of the pants. He longed to reach up and tuck them back in for her. He could see the outline of her lips pressed against her pants and his tongue ached to reach out and trace a path between them.

"Are you OK down there?" Rachel's enquiry jolted him from his reverie. "You're awfully quiet down there."

"Fine thanks, just thinking about a possible merger deal," he replied.

As Rachel continued Jeremy found himself leaning up the ladder towards her pussy. His right foot mounted the bottom rung as he tried to stealthily close in on her crotch of her shorts. Looking closely, he thought he saw her panties beginning to darken with moisture. He took a deep breath in through his nose, trying to catch a hint of her scent. He thought he had captured the faintest hint of her arousal.

"Surely she must be aware of what I am doing? What I am seeing? What I am feeling? The effect she is having on me?"

His nose was leading him up the ladder. His left foot began to imperceptibly leave the ground as he continued to stretch toward her madenly elusive pussy. His hands took up the load as his weight shifted upward. He continued to strain upward towards her.

Suddenly Rachel seemed to twist or turn and was plummeting towards him.

He proved this is hands forward and up to catch her. His left hand managed to enter firmly on the right breast was his right next to completely and ended up somewhere behind her. She fell onto him and the Kingston making him stay backwards. The momentum pushed the backwards and when backs of his legs met the bed he tumbled backwards onto it.

He lay there for several seconds, recovering from the shock and suddenly realised where his left hand was situated. Mortified, he tried to move and excuse himself to Rachel. However he found he could not release her and she merely smiled perplexingly at its awkward protestations.

"Its fine Jeremy", she said in a husky voice as he tried to extricate his hand from her breast.

She wiggled down the length of him and Jeremy breathed with relief as her breast was finally removed from his cupped hand. His relief was quickly replaced with shock as she knelt on the floor and lifted up his chocolate brown cashmere sweater. Rachel growled appreciatively at the tiger stripe of hair that descended from his navel to a place below his waist. She gently poked out her tongue and daintily lapped at the hair.

The shock of electricity that went through Jeremy then was nothing compared to how he felt as her hand moved to unbuckle his belt. He could feel the furnace of her hot breath on his stomach as she undid his button and fly.

"Uuuum." Rachel growled in appreciation of the prominent shaft that strained in outline against his white cotton trunks.

The fingers of both her hands reached up and drew down his trunks. Her head came forward as she licked him from the base of his cock, just above his balls, right along the underside, up and over the crown of his purpley bulb to the eye of his quivering cock, a drop of pre cum glistening there like a teardrop. She greedily lapped it up. She wanted to lick him again. Take his cock into her mouth and swirl her tongue around it. She wanted to lick it like an ice cream cone but rightly judged that this young man was ready to come on a hair trigger.

Instead she struggled out of her sodden panties and shorts and crawled up onto the bed. She straddled his legs and began to crawl on her hands and knees along them. Her eyes where zeroed in on his. His eyes were completely enthralled by the site of her closely shaven pussy advancing towards his cock.

Jeremy's head moved up and forward to meet Rachel's lips as she paused her journey. She rust gently shook her head and moved back. She rose up her hips as she grasped the base of Jeremy's cock and pulled it back to point up at her juicy wet hole. She paused, and then slowly, delightfully, enticingly, lowered herself down along the length of his whimpering shaft. She paused then and allowed her inner muscles to hold and grasp the now fully buried cock.

Jeremy struggled up onto his elbows and began to reach out to hold her close. He wanted to hold her, possess her, but she merely pushed him back onto the bed with another shake of her head.

She began to ride him now. Gliding up and down along him.

"Grab my tits!" she commanded. "Play with them. You can't pinch my nipples too hard!"

Jeremy reached up to obey, his thumb and forefinger rolling her pouting nipples between them.

Meanwhile Rachel had reached down with her own right hand to the apex of her slit. She found her clit, standing proud from under its protective hood. She circled it. Her first and second fingers massaging her outer lips. Harder and harder in response to Jeremy's fingers pinching at her nipples.

She rode him faster now. Faster and harder. Jeremy's arse-cheeks clenched as he strove to meet her. They were pounding into each other now. Rachel's fingers brushed faster and faster against her clit as she threw her head back and began to groan. Her left hand grasped Jeremy's right, digging in her nails, urging him to claw at her breasts.

Jeremy finished, his cum a hot geyser in Rachel's pussy and Rachel finished soon after, riding his still hard cock.

Rachel climbed off Jeremy and the bed. He sauntered over to the hatstand in the corner and wrapped the black satin robe that was hanging off it around her. She turned as she tied the sash of her robe and viewed Jeremy, lying on the bed, looking at her adoringly.

"You're fantastic", he told her. "Come here", he said, patting the bed, a dopey grin on his face.

"Sorry", she replied, "I've got to finish that paint job and then start on the file you brought over.

"But ... I thought we could spend the day together. You know, in bed."

"Jeremy, you're a sweet boy, but sorry."

"Maybe I could call you later. We could go out for dinner," he pleaded.

"Jeremy, don't you ever call me. Ever, get it," she instructed. "Now, don't get upset," she urged, seeing the broken look on his face. "You're a good boy, and good at what you do," she said, softening her lips to allow a smile. "Now don't worry, we'll spend some time together again. I like you. And to keep on top of my game, I need to occasionally, take the edge off. And I can help you. I'll make sure you get the right advice, make the right contacts, get ahead," she told him gently. "Now get dressed and go and I'll call you or see you at work on Monday."

She walked out of the room through a door opposite the bed. Jeremy saw her close the door and heard a shower begin to run. Dejectedly he climbed back into his clothes. He thought about trying the door, seeing if she had locked it or not, but decided against it. The hard tone in her voice had convinced him she meant what she said.

He carefully closed the front door and walked down the garden path. As he opened the gate leading out into the lonely street he heard his phone go off. He took it from his pocket and saw he had a new message. It was Rachel's number. He opened the message and smiled.

"I need u, now."

He closed the gate and hurriedly made his way back up the path, his cock already hardening.

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