Weekends with an Anal Lover


"Oh Walt, fuck me. Fuck me in my ass, it's so good so wicked, I love it," Bonnie cried out.

Bonnie was going wild with my cock in her ass and I had never seen anyone take to anal intercourse with such abandon. Bonnie balanced herself on both hands as she thrust backward impaling her ass on my thick cock. I knew that I could not hold out much longer. I reached around with one hand and found Bonnie's pussy and engorged clit. With the other hand I squeezed the rock hard nipples sticking out from her flat chest. Her clit throbbed as it clamored for attention and her pussy clenched my fingers as it released her warm love juice. The points of her nipples were excited beyond desire and my cock was clamped in her well stuffed bottom.

Bonnie was out of control as all she knew at this point was that she was being fucked up the ass with a very thick cock and it felt fantastic. She was on the verge of an intense orgasm and she struggled frantically seeking her climax. A few more seconds of rubbing her stiff clit sent Bonnie into a mind blowing orgasm. Her body stiffened and then she spasmed out of control as she moaned loudly and struggled to breathe. The intensity of her climax was too much for me and I grunted as I shot my spunk into her forbidden tunnel. Bonnie's eyes flew open as she felt my hot thick semen rush into her rectum and splash off her bowels. Her face was pure ecstasy as she turned to look at me as my cock continued to spurt its sticky fluid up into her.

"Give it to me, cum in my ass, oh I can feel it. it's so good so nasty," Bonnie cooed as she was overcome with passion

Bonnie fell forward on the bed as I continued to marvel at the beautiful ass that I had just fucked. As she lay before me she clenched and unclenched her ass muscles causing cum to ooze out of her asshole. It looked like a small spring as the semen intermittently bubbled up and trickled out of her ass between her ass cheeks and over her puffy pussy lips. I stayed hard and stroked my cock as the last tiny drops landed on her ass. I then realized that I was going to stay hard and I decided to try and fuck her ass again.

I told Bonnie that I wanted to fuck her ass again and in an almost business like fashion she pushed her self back up on her knees. She turned her head to the side and smiled at me waiting for the second penetration. I pushed my still erect slippery cock into Bonnie's now gooey asshole. Bonnie felt her sphincter being stretched again but this time she enjoyed the sensation of her ass being filled with my thick cock. As I pushed inside her my spunk from the previous ejaculation was squelched almost obscenely with my cock. My previous deposit squeezed out around my shaft and oozed from Bonnie's asshole running down between her buttocks and plopping on the bed sheets.

Bonnie was an extremely hot woman and her fucking technique was incredible. I stayed crouched behind her and placed my hands back on her hips as I fed my long thick cock deep into Bonnie's accommodating back passage for a second time. Bonnie pushed her hips back at me and her bodies slapped loudly together.

"Yes, yes, oh I love it. Fuck my ass with your hot cock," Bonnie yelled to me and then she cried out, "Make me cum again fuck my ass with that big cock."

As before Bonnie lowered her head to the bed and turned it to the side as she grasped the bed sheets. I could feel her taut muscles massaging my shaft in her ass as I held on to her slim waist and I caressed her curvy firm ass cheeks. Her sphincter grabbed the base of my cock as she worked her lithe athletic body. Bonnie was an incredible sex partner who was a fantastic ass fuck. I knew that I was getting close to losing it again as Bonnie manipulated my pecker with her undulations and muscles and that I would soon be adding more semen to join my previous load in her ass.

Bonnie had her hand back on her clit and rubbed herself frantically as she had another violent orgasm thrashing and panting wildly. I felt my seed travel along my scrotum and then spurt into the recesses of her ass. Bonnie felt the second ejaculation shoot into her bottom and she wallowed in the feeling of the warm liquid once again soothing her ravaged ass. Bonnie squeezed her ass muscles extracting every drop of cum from my cock until I went soft and slipped from her hot gooey ass with an audible pop. Bonnie collapsed face down on the bed and savored the moment. She was hooked on anal sex and she knew that she could expect me to fuck regularly. I flopped next to her and held her to me as we kissed and rested.

"I loved it. It was incredible I felt like I would never stop cumming. The feeling of your hot semen shooting into my ass was unbelievable. I never expected it to feel so good just from being so full," Bonnie murmured as we lay together.

"I am so glad that you liked it as you know I loved fucking your ass," I replied.

Bonnie then cuddled back up to me and we dozed in each other's arms. Later Bonnie rolled over and had me eat her pussy before we finally went to sleep.

Another time I met bonnie after one of her aerobic classes on a Friday evening. She hadn't bothered to change clothes so we just went to her favorite place for a burger. Bonnie was still in her leotards when we went into the tavern. After a few drinks and a burger we adjourned to my car so that Bonnie could suck me off. As she was blowing me she pushed her leotards down to her knees baring her ass and pussy. I played with her ass and fingered her pussy as she sucked on my cock.

She lifted her head up and said, "I wish you could fuck me in the ass right now."

I asked her if she had any lotion and she dug it out of her purse. I reclined the passenger seat all the way until it was almost flat and had her lay face down. I prepared her ass with the lotion and my saliva. I pushed my trousers and shorts down past my knees, lubed up my cock and got on top of her. It was tight quarters but I managed to get my cock into her ass and started banging her hard. Bonnie pushed up at me as hard as I pounded her. Soon we were both sweating and breathing hard. We made quite a sight if someone should happen to look in the car window but we were past caring about that as we raced toward our mutual orgasms. As soon as my spunk filled Bonnie's ass her body went into spasm with her own orgasm. I lay on top of her keeping most of my weight off of her until we recovered. We cleaned up the best we could and headed to her condo There was no shortage to our imagination and willingness to have sex in public as well as private places. Bonnie, I was to learn, was somewhat of an exhibitionist. She loved to be totally naked in private places and was really turned on by the chances we took in public places. She loved it when I ran my hands under her skirt and inside her panties. She loved it when I pulled her leotards down to her knees and played with her buns and pubes. Bonnie could never seem to get enough of my cock. She loved to fuck me, suck me and have me fuck her ass.

My five years with Bonnie were the best of my life when it comes to sex. I missed her dearly after she moved and I never hooked up with anyone again who was so adventurous and such a great lay. I still fantasize about her being on all fours with my cock sawing in and out of her shapely ass. I had other women who let me fuck them in the ass but no one enjoyed it as much as Bonnie. She never tired of anal sex and neither did I. I often wonder what she's up to and if she had met another anal lover to satisfy her passion.

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