Weigh In

byDecayed Angel©

After six long weeks of dieting the final weigh in day had arrived and I would find out how my weight loss team did in the competition. The prizes were significant so I made a major effort toward losing weight, cutting out soft drinks and sweets altogether, cutting out the fatty, red meat and reducing my portion sizes. I also made a diligent effort at curbing my between meal snacking and I tried to exercise whenever possible.

At the halfway point, my team was in second place, only a few pounds behind the lead group, so I was enthusiastic about the results. While I was dependent on my team members for the competition, I knew one of them had lost at least as much as I had and the other two were losing a little, so I felt good about our chances. Additionally, when I talked to one of my teammates he said he had a special surprise waiting for me, something that would help suck that last ounce of weight out of me.

I wasn't sure what he had in mind, but knowing this guy it was bound to be good. Slipping on my jacket, I rode down the elevator and then crossed the street to the fitness center for my weigh in. Walking into the building I went to the main desk and asked, "I'm in the weight loss contest, where do I go for the final weigh in?"

"Oh a contestant, yes, you'll want to go in the first door to your right. You're in for a treat," she said, excitedly.

"I am?"

"Oh yes, wait till you see."

Well, I started getting a little nervous, not knowing what to expect. It sounded like my teammate had really gone all out, but what could it be? Heading to the door, I slowly pushed the lever down and opened it.

"Congratulation weight loser, no weight winner!" a strange looking little man with curly hair and wearing a day glow green outfit shouted out. "You are our first contestant to weigh in, so please walk this way," he said, walking toward a small screened off area with an exaggerated sway to his hips.

I followed him swaying my hips too, but when he noticed what I was doing he said, "Well, you don't have to make fun."

"I'm sorry, I thought... wait a minute aren't you... aren't you that fitness guy. Yeah, you're the one, you're the one Letterman sprayed with the fire extinguisher."

"I don't want to talk about that," he said pertly, crossing his arms.

"But yeah, you're the fitness guru, you're ah..."

Scrunching his head down some, he finally hinted, "Richard..."

"Yeah, Richard Simmons, that's incredible."

"No, you're incredible, losing weight like that. Now just step behind the screen and the lady there can take care of you."

I stepped behind the screen and noticed an attractive and very fit blond woman standing near a scale. Moving a bit closer I said, "I need to weigh in, I'm in the competition."

Picking up a clipboard she asked, "What is your name please?"

"I'm Tom Joson," I replied.

"Oh, Tom Joson, well, Jason sends his regards. He wanted me to do something for you to make sure you're the lightest weight possible." She stood up walked over to me and grabbed my pants and shook them, listening intently. "What's that jingle," she asked.

"Oh, yeah, my keys."

"Well, we don't those included in your weight and what about your wallet and you watch. It all adds up you know."

Following her instructions, I emptied my pockets and removed my watch. I was about to move toward the scale, but then thought better of it and asked, "Anything else."

"Well, this is the special treatment, compliments of Jason," she said unzipping my pants and pulling out my cock. It was flaccid, but quickly hardened and she slipped it into her mouth.

No sooner than she had started when Richard Simmons peeked around the screen saying, "What is taking you... oh my goodness what are you doing to that man?"

"This is a special favor, just trying to help him lose the most weight," she said, after pulling my cock out of her mouth. She immediately sucked me back in when she finished talking.

"Oh really, well you go girl, suck that cock, suck that cock, suck that cock!" he began shouting, cheering her along, dancing about like a gay grasshopper or something.

Trying to ignore the distraction of Richard Simmons cheering on the blow job, I concentrated on the sensations her incredible suction was creating on my cock. Looking down I watched as her blond hair bounced back and forth as her head bobbed on me. She reached up and began to gently squeeze my balls with one hand as she grabbed my shaft and stroked with the other.

In just a minute or so of her mouth bobbing up and down, the incredible suction she was applying and the feel of her hands on my balls and shaft I was getting closer. I arched my back and with Richard Simmons' voice chanting, "Suck that cock, suck that cock..." in the background I came, dumping my cum into her mouth. She continued sucking as I relaxed and my cock softened. Finally after sucking the last drop of cum from me, she moved her mouth off me, tucked my cock back in, zipped me up and pointed over to the scale.

"There you go, hopefully you are at your lightest," she said as I stepped up onto the scale. The digital readout flashed for a second and then a weight appeared. Where okay, you lost a full thirty one pounds. Those last few ounces helped some I hope."

"Yeah, they helped a lot."

"Okay, well some more people will be coming in soon. Could you go tell Richard I need to talk to him? This little extra help was just for you, I can't have him cheering 'Suck that cock,' for everyone who comes in here."

I nodded, grabbing my keys, wallet and watch and walked over to Richard.

"Suck that... oh you finished now?"

"Yeah, I think she needs to talk to you."

"Okay, well you have a wonderful day and suck that cock, suck that cock..."

I stood motionless watching him dance over to the weigh in lady. As soon as he fell quiet I headed toward the door, opened it and headed out, even more confident my weight loss team was going to win.

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