tagAnalWeighted by Love

Weighted by Love


Seer/Domme’s special foot-pan had a thermal component, which is what made it special. As quickly as I could manage, I returned with it and put it in place at Seer/Domme’s feet, beneath Her computer desk. After plugging it in, I squeezed every drop of my essence from the condom into the pan, then hurried off to gather the other ingredients: Seer/Domme’s unique Jam required half a thimbleful of Her personal musk oil, a jigger of cooking Sherry, and several drops of banana oil ...

I mixed these four ingredients together with a rubber spatula, the confluence already warming and coming together to create that sharp and wholly intoxicating aroma ... the pan would heat the mix pleasantly, to a temperature ten or so degrees warmer than normal body heat.

My Loveliness had trained me so well – almost the instant my olfactory nodes were assaulted by the Jam’s aroma, I could feel its effects in my bowels, a kind of welcoming heat that traveled up my outer and inner sphincters, on to my inner rectal and urethral channels, and from thence deeply up into my rectum ... despite the fact of only so recently being so totally milked, my penis itself stirred. And finally, I darted off to get Seer/Domme’s #7.

Her #7 was not notable for its length, only seven inches actually, but it was thick and pliable. It was also hollowed, so that a vibratory probe could be implanted. And at its base it lodged against a nicely contoured girdle, so that its vibrations as Seer/Domme drove it home would communicate to Her clitoris. In fucking me, Seer/Domme was thus fully self-empowered to simultaneously fuck Herself.

I placed #7 on the computer table near Her, then reclined down onto the pallet directly in front of Her desk. Her feet were both already immersed in the heated Jam and She lifted one foot out of the perfumery, placing it upon my chest. She slowly and firmly massaged my nipple with Her warmly dripping toes, then gradually let the foot steal stealthily up my chest to just beneath my chin. I commenced massaging Her slippery toes, inhaling the Jam’s thick pungency, licking my dry lips in humble anticipation. When She lifted Her big toe toward my lips and tongue, I was ready.

I pressed my thumbs firmly along the arch, massaging it deeply as my lips wrapped themselves intimately around Her largest toe. I was fellating that toe with slow and thorough lip-sucklings when I felt Her other foot come to rest on my other nipple. My tongue sank between each toe in succession, taking the Jam onto my taste buds, feeling how Her toes would spread and then clench upon my tongue’s seeking length, embracing it. Although the taste of the magical mix was exotic, it was its heady aroma that triggered me and brought tears to my eyes.

My nipples were hard as dimes as I commenced to alternate my attention back and forth between Her feet, kneading and suckling each in turn. My nostrils flared and my anus wept mutely, for I, and it, knew what was coming . . .

Having licked the exotic the Jam completely from Her toes, I moved myself into a position upon my belly upon the pallet. I heard Her chair squeak as She rose.

“On your back!” She commanded.

I turned over and gazed up at Her. She stepped over me and stood there, a foot on either side of my ribcage. With Her hands on Her hips She leaned back so that all I could see was Her calves and thighs and her cunt-fleece above me, catching the light where Her own juices were just beginning to leak into view, the dark crease of Her outer lips pouting forth bewitchingly. When She bent forward, the swells of Her bosoms depended toward me. She squatted down close to my chest, and I could feel the radiant, almost subtropical heat from Her loins.

Then She was on Her knees, straddling me, Her strong thighs having replaced Her feet on either side of my ribcage. She fastened the strap-on’s girdle around Her waist, pulling its under-strap snug up under Her and fastening it behind Her. I stared into Her eyes, which were imperious and pitiless and mocking in the way they stared back down into mine.

“Do you want my cock, Lover? Tell me you want my cock now.”

She placed #7 in my hand, and I rooted its base fast to the girdle, anchoring it against the contoured cup that was snug against Her clit.

“Grease it,” she ordered.

I dipped my hand into the foot-pan and withdrew it, the Jam coating my fingers. Putting both hands together in a washing motion, I spread the Jam to both hands, and then I took hold of #7.

“Have a taste,” She teased, easing Her hips forward so that the head of #7 touched my lips. I made an “O” with my lips and took just the head of #7 into my mouth. It smelled of Jam and it tasted of Jam and I knew that soon its very length would be jammed utterly between my cheeks. My two hands played along its shaft, spreading the Jam’s grease liberally.

“On your belly, Lover,” She breathed, the raspy urgency of aggression frisking and heightening Her tone of voice, “it’s time ... “

I moaned weakly in anticipation as I felt #7 trail down my spine to the crack of my ass. She paused there, briefly lifting #7 away from me. She then held Her special foot pan above my crack and let its remaining contents drip between ... the warm goo of that Jam, dripping ... its slippery seeking, seeping down ... a low and throaty chuckle from Her as She then placed a hand on either cheek and spread me wide. I felt #7 nudge with firm and proprietary intent, lodging itself neatly against my now involuntarily tensed rosebud ...

“Oh my,” Seer/Domme mocked, “what have we here? Resistance!??” The sense of command was casual and mocking, and its assurance was like a basting broth causing me to melt . . .

And with that Seer/Domme commenced to fuck me, the greasy bulb of #7’s head gaining purchase easily, sliding in. I hadn’t even noticed that She had emplaced the vibratory probe up into #7's hollow, but I could feel its whirr as #7 eased past my prostate. Even though I had been milked dry, the sensation was powerfully arousing and I lifted my cheeks high to lend thorough entry to Her thrust. The deep grunt I had uttered as it slid in was now replaced by protracted moaning as Seer/Domme took complete possession, taking hold of my hips for leverage, Her own hips inducing a steady penetrative rhythm that took over my consciousness completely, so that my very identity began to dissolve as I lifted with matching rhythm back against Her, focusing on Her confident motion, feeling the thick and fulfilling inner massage dominate my awareness totally. Such intimate enslavement, indeed!

With #7 thus deeply lodged, Seer/Domme began an elaborately odd assortment of strokes that I could tell had more to do with Herself, with Her own clitoral stimulation, than with invasively controlling me – I solaced myself by concentrating on the continuing vibrations, my mind seeking to regain for itself some semblance of solipsistic equanimity.

Seer/Domme suddenly sank the full weight of Her body onto my hips and my back. I could feel the warmth of Her breasts and the taut buttons of Her nipples crushed against my shoulder blades. Her teeth chewed on my earlobe and Her fingers pinched and yanked hard on my own nipples and I could tell Her orgasm had taken Her far, far away from me. Her breath roared raggedly in my ear, a powerful revelatory signal of Her release. I could feel Her tremors peaking all along my back, from my hips and on up my spine, an elongated and dynamically rolling festival of lubricious imprisonment coming onto me from where She lay, luxuriating in the spasms of delight She had given Herself. For a moment there, even though Her form held me fast, I felt alone and abandoned, so total was Her self-absorption . . .

My libidinal faculties commenced to fully focus on the vibes still whirring up inside my hindquarters and I was somewhat exclusively meditating with fundamental rapture on the loosely clasping grip of my anal sphincters along Her shaft when She, recovering Her sense of Her control, whispered, “You’re having too much fun, Lover ... “

I felt #7 retreat wholly out of my ass and cold air touch me there, causing the pucker to return to my anus. Seer/Domme lifted off and away, that tone of utter command returning to Her voice:

“Keep ‘em spread, don’t move a muscle.”

Actually, I cheated and began tightening that muscle inside my bowels gingerly as I waited for Seer/Domme to return. Sure enough, there were traces of pre-orgasmic arousal inside me, and I could tell that my essence was ever so slowly replenishing itself. The sensation was subtle but manifest: Juice was re-entering my vesicles, and by alternatively tightening and relaxing my inner muscle, I could sluice that minimal amount of juice forth and back thru the vesicles, causing wee waves of delicate, rapturous sensation. I lost myself in that sensation, but took great care to maintain my spread-eagled posture, my cheeks wide and my pucker exposed. I kidded myself, thinking She would be unable to tell what I was doing inside myself ...

The reality check was swift, hard, and hot - Seer/Domme returned and fell to paddling with great vigor, my cheeks dancing beneath Her assault! Burning outrage filled my awareness, quite beyond even what #7 had wrought, so that my cries were almost a musical accompaniment to the sounds of the paddle’s strenuous impacts. Forgotten was that selfish inner rapture I’d only just been indulging myself with…

When She finally applied the lotion to my beaten buttocks, I wept in relief, softly and breathlessly murmuring my gratitude repeatedly as Seer/Domme spread the soothing balm. Her touch was so soft and personal, so reassuring, gentle and restorative. She turned me over and covered my face with Her bosoms. She stretched Herself on top of me and took my half-hard member in a tight embrace between Her thighs. She kept moving Her breasts side to side so that I would suckle one nipple for a spell, then the other, back and forth, back and forth, drawing them more and more deeply between my lips with each turn, feeling Her wide nipples’ hardness. Despite the tight hold Her thighs had on my cock, it too began to respond: Seer/Domme murmured low, guttural encouragement as my engorgement continued.

I knew my essence had not yet replenished itself enough for another milking, and Seer/Domme knew that as well ... perhaps that was why She rewarded my valiantly reasserted tumescence by completely smothering me beneath Her heavy bosoms, taking my breath away and causing a kind of breath-deprived panic to overtake me ... I squirmed helplessly and sought vainly to catch my breath ...

She released my cock and rose along my torso, Her own copious fluids leaving a trail upwards along my front till Her thick tuft tickled my lips. I inhaled the raw quarrel of Her arousal, lifting my face against the creased vestibule hidden within Her fleece ... my lips pursed and pressed with delicate intent onto Her clitoris. She was so very wet, and I made a slotted quiver of encirclement with my tongue, folded against itself from the sides, so that I had a crease of my own with which to enclose and frig Her clit with. By the way Her mobile loins increased their vigor, I knew I was giving Her renewed pleasure … it was so thrilling, and I was so glad!

She spun around on top of me so that I was staring up at the high moons of Her ass. She rode Her cunt all along my face, taking my tongue from Her clit all the way to the bottom of Her cunt lips ... as Her ass cheeks hove low onto me, I was encouraged to flat-tongue Her outer sphincter, then to tickle it with my tip ... Her butt cheeks tensed and down-pressed around and upon my up-pressed face . . .

I felt Her take my cock ever so gently between Her teeth, and then, more than I could count, Her fingers were up my ass ... Her vulva was awash as She ground it forth from my nose to my chin, painting me with Her own exotic oils ... my tongue ached as I stretched it up into Her pussy, and then -- She began to pee! and it was so extraordinary that I put my entire mouth upon the pee-spout and drank directly from Her, as from a divine fountain, swallowing Her pungent issue in great and grateful gulps, hot down my gullet, and I could feel the laughter in Her, a rich quaking that rolled down thru Her and that enveloped my entire face as She allowed Her own good humors free reign … Her laughter made what little there was of my replenishing essence seek its humble release and I could feel the faux-ejaculate rise and be sucked away, my shape-shifting member toyed with by Her, and drained anew . . .

As if in a dream of profoundest, joyful Love, I drifted off beneath My Seer/Domme’s laughing wet pussy then, a mere man, nameless and satisfied beyond all reason . . . She spun once more upon me and slid the hot cleaving of Her source back down along my body, till Her mouth found my aching nipples and drew them deeply between Her teeth . . . my every least erogenous locality taxed and dispatched, took, taken, and tucked . . . abundantly servile extremes of gratitude waxed and waned all throughout Our embrace, as I lost consciousness . . .

“Hey Now! Go get your tan slacks, Lover, we’re going out!” Her voice came suddenly, at long last and seemingly from far away ... “And hey - you do remember where we left those little weights, don’t you??”

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