tagTransgender & CrossdressersWeird but Awesome Day!

Weird but Awesome Day!


A new national day as been voted. Everyone going out in public on July 14th has to be naked exceptions being workers for safety reasons. My friend Anita slept over at my apartment, I woke up to her naked in my room besides the bed. She was looking at me in the mirror, smiling.

"Good morning, Kate!"

"Good morning... why are you naked??"

"It's the 14th... and we're going out!"

"What! No way!"

I sit up keeping the blankets on my thighs and around my waist as I stare at her naked back. Her hands rubbing down her sides to her plump but firm butt cheeks. She turned swiftly facing me, her small perky breasts pushed outwards as the parade outside cheers loud.

"Get naked or I'll strip you down myself!" She says, a smirk on her face.

Her arms still behind her back, grabbing her butt cheeks, makes her breasts push out even more. She takes a step towards me, I grab onto the blankets, she takes another step. I grab my shirt and throw it on the floor, my DD breasts exposed.

"Here, happy!?"

"Almost..." She says pointing at the blankets.

"Nope. I'm not going there."

She grabs the blankets and swipe them off too fast for me to be able to react. Her eyes widen and her cheeks redden as she looks at my crotch. A very obvious and exposed seven-and-a-half inch erect penis pushing my panties. I try to cover it but her hands slap mine away.

"Wha- How!?" She asks.

"Don't look!"

"Kate, how do you have breasts and a dick!?"

"I was born like this! Can I please dress back up!?"

Her hand slowly inches towards my painfully erect penis. The soft fabric of my panties being the only thing between us, she stroked me with them.

"No... Stop..." I pleaded.

She pushed the panties to the side and started sucking on the head. Her tongue rubbed on and around the tip as she slid the head in and out slowly.

"Anita... No..."

She pulled away. "You say no but do nothing to stop me. Plus my body made you like that so it's only fair I deal with it, right!?"

She quickly starts sucking on me again, taking the whole dick this time. She bobs her head quickly along the shaft without gagging. I stare at her feeling an orgasm quickly build up when she stops.

"Let's make a deal. We don't go out... kinda. We go on the balcony and you fuck me there."

My cock pulses as she says the last phrase. "But... it's a glass balcony, people will see!"

She was out of the bedroom and on to the balcony, cheering like the thousands of people down in the street. I get out of bed and make my way to the livingroom where I look at her ass move from side to side. I rush outside and push into her ass, she screams as I quickly fuck her fat bottom. The unexpected sudden penetration making her squeeze on my hard shaft. I hug her tight and unload in her ass. She moans and looks back at me.

"That's done... Now back inside!"

"Wait! You had your fun, now it's my turn!"

She kneels in front of me and sucks me hard and fast, emptying all the cum from my cock and keeping me hard. I look down in the street and feel like panicking when I see how big the crowd is and the giant tv broadcasting in direct. Anita gets up and bends forward pulling on one of her pussylips.

"You're clean again, fuck me!"

My mind says no but my body says hell yes. I grab one of her hips and place the other on my erect member guiding it inside her. Once I push in I grab both her hips and start moving mine as Anita moans loud, very loud.

"Shh! They'll see us!"

Suddenly the crowd cheers loudly and Anita points down. I look at what she points and see myself fucking her on the giant tv. Anita keeps moaning and her pussy tightens around my cock, I slide my hands up to her breasts and lightly pinch her nipples as she arches her back.

"You're too tight Anny!"

"Harder! Harder!" She moans between her teeth.

I ram harder inside her and soon her body starts convulsing. The crowd cheers again as she cums. My breathe becomes heavy as she tries to catch hers. I move slower but still hard when she shifts her weight and make me pop out exposing my cock to everyone. She grabs it and strokes it quickly aiming up at her body still bent forward. I squeeze her butt cheeks as I cum, shooting up all across her tiny chest and belly. Again the crowd cheers before they switch to a different camera.

"I love this new national day!" Anita exclaims.

She stands up and faces me again, kissing each other.

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You know you are in trouble when the comment is longer than the story.

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by IrvingParke06/20/18

You've got a good idea here, but I have a few tips for you.

First, you need to do more world building. Why was this new national holiday declared? What happened to make it a holiday, and why? Theremore...

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