tagAnalWeird Sisters Ch. 01

Weird Sisters Ch. 01


Author's note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. Don't expect realism, and you won't be disappointed when you don't find it! Enjoy!


When I heard the door slam shut, I stopped typing. In the six months since my girlfriend Debra and I moved in together, I had learned that you could tell what kind of day she had just by listening to the sounds she made in the first thirty seconds after she got home. So I saved the piece I was writing, sat still at my desk and listened.

The slammed door didn't mean much in itself. In fact, it might even bode well for me. On many previous occasions, after that slamming sound, I had heard the clicking of Deb's heels across the apartment as she strutted her way to my chair to hug me from behind, biting my ear and murmuring in a sexy voice that she had a lot of stress to relieve and could I think of a way to help her out? That would be a good bad day.

But today was different, as I realized when I heard the clinking sound of her keys hitting the kitchen table, hard, followed by the heavy thump of her bag falling to the floor. Finally, there was the tumbling echo of her shoes being kicked off to scatter in the hall. That, I had come to learn, was the ultimate bad sign. Okay then, I thought with a sigh, so it's Dana again.

When I got to the living room, Deb was sitting on the couch with her legs tucked under her. Her dark pencil skirt had ridden halfway up her shapely thighs and she was nervously curling and uncurling her toes like she unconsciously does whenever she's really upset. Under her white blouse, her heavy boobs were rising up and down in time with her angry, labored breaths. Her brow was furrowed and she was staring at the dark TV screen, her delicate oval face set in a gloomy grimace. She was fidgeting with her ponytail, restlessly twirling her hair around her slim fingers.

"Hey Debs," I said, cautiously approaching the couch.

"I HATE her!" Deb spat, still staring straight ahead "I fucking hate her!"

I sat quietly beside her, careful not to unleash her wrath further. Then, ever so slowly, I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and just sat still, waiting.

Deb is the sweetest girl in the world, I swear. She's kind, quick with a smile and very caring. As a rule, getting angry is just not her style. Sure, she does often shift into tigress mode during sex, letting out all her pent up craziness and channeling it into passionate fucking session. But that's a good kind of angry, the kind that I get to enjoy. Outside of the bedroom though, the only thing that can make my girlfriend go berserk is a serious argument with Dana, her twin sister.

At a first glance, Debra and Dana hardly look like sisters at all, let alone like twins. Deb has a curvy, voluptuous figure to go with her gentle and warm personality. A former cheerleader, Dana has a slim body with perky tits and a taut little butt. At twenty three, Dana still acts like a bubbly, ditzy, flirty teenager without a care in the world. Deb and Dana have the same hazel eyes and light brown hair, but Dana's are often dyed blonde or at least highlighted. Despite their very different characters, their frequent bickering and a constant undercurrent of sibling rivalry, I know for a fact that my girlfriend and her twin are very close. Ever since I met Deb, I can't remember one single day when she and Dana have not spent time together or at least talked extensively on the phone.

Deb and Dana's father was a fairly notorious painter whose work got quite a bit of recognition after his early death. Thanks to their Mom's business acumen, their family ended up owning a small but well known art gallery. Both Deb and Dana work there. Deb manages the business end of things with their Mom, while Dana puts her charming flirtatiousness to good use in public relations. Reeling in potential buyers and sniffing out cool new artists is Dana's specialty, while Deb's is making sure that an actual deal gets closed at the end of the day. They make a good team, all things considered. But then, sometimes they do get in a real fight.

Strangely enough, their most bitter fights seem to revolve around small things between the two of them, stuff that anyone else would consider irrelevant. Honestly, their conflicts puzzle me. I don't recall my siblings and I ever getting as mad at each other as Deb and Dana do. Then again, we are not as close as Deb and Dana are. Maybe it's a twin thing: they love hard, they fight hard. As for me, I've learned that when Deb and Dana fight, the wisest move is to just wait it out.

And that's exactly what I did that day. I sat beside Deb on the couch, patiently waiting for her fury to subside while I feasted my eyes on her generous cleavage exposed thanks to the undone top buttons of her blouse. After a long silence, she finally spoke.

"I hate her, Jeff," she growled through gritted teeth. "God, how could she... This is so much like her, fucking Dana. I hate her!"

"Yeah, I know, babe," I said, hugging her tighter to me. Feeling her unwind a little, I added: "But you don't really hate her, Debs. We both know you don't. You guys get in these fights all the time and you always work it out. How is this any different?"

At that, Deb finally turned to face me. There was anger in her gaze, but she looked dead serious and a bit hurt as she said: "She had a buttplug up her ass all day, Jeff!"

"Oh," I said, dubious but suddenly very intrigued. "And what does that have to do with anything?"

"Jeff, she broke our pact!" Deb practically screamed. Her eyes were all bugged out. "That bitch!"

I nodded knowingly, having no idea what my girlfriend was talking about. Still, the thought of Dana with a buttplug up her ass had taken root in my brain and I felt my cock stir. After a bit I cleared my voice and tactfully asked: "What pact is that again, Debs?"

She sighed and shook her head. Looking at me like a was an idiot, Deb explained. "Years ago me and Dana made a pact, about sex and stuff. The idea was that we would always do things when we were both ready to do them. Basically, we promised to wait for the other before we'd try stuff out on our own. Like, in high school, she wanted to have sex with a cheerleader friend of hers. But she couldn't, because I didn't feel like doing lesbian stuff yet and we had the pact, so she had to wait for me. When we decided to lose our virginity, we talked it through between us a lot and we finally did it only when we both felt ready. And that applied to anything new we wanted to try ever since."

She exhaled and hung her head, looking sad. I pulled her tighter into my arms as she continued. "We always respected the pact, Jeff. It's something we've stuck to since forever. It was our thing, you know? And then today at work she was all giggly and she kept squirming whenever she sat down and she walked around kind of funny. So I asked her about it and she told me that she had a buttplug up her ass because Rodrigo flies in tonight from Venezuela for the exhibit next week."

"Yeah?..." I said, vaguely recalling Dana's most recent boyfriend. Cocky, vain, supposedly cool artist on the rise pretending to be poor but actually from a rich family, he was Dana's type alright.

"Yeah, and she's decided that she's gonna let him fuck her in the ass! Just like that, out of the blue! I bet she wouldn't have told me about the buttplug at all if I hadn't asked. And when I reminded her of the pact, she was all cool and dismissive about it, like it didn't even matter! Stupid Dana! I had to wait till I was nineteen to give my first blowjob because she was grossed out by the idea of putting a guy's cock in her mouth. I really wanted to try, I was sure I'd like it and I did, you know how I love giving blowjobs! But I waited for her. And this is how she repays me!? Fucking Dana!"

I just nodded, trying to sit more comfortably to accommodate my growing erection in the confines of my pants. This sounded exactly like the kind of weird stuff that Deb and Dana usually had going on between them, but so much hotter.

With her head resting in the hollow of my shoulder, Deb grumbled dejectedly: "And if breaking our pact isn't enough, she will have another first on me now. Except for giving blowjobs, Dana did everything before me. First to kiss a boy, first to have a boyfriend, first to pop her cherry, first to have sex with another girl. She even got first facial, though she hated it. And now first anal too..."

Suddenly, a vision of my cock buried deep inside my babe's plump ass flashed before my eyes. My hard-on twitched in my pants and the words were out of my mouth before I even realized it.

"You know, Debs, nothing's lost just yet. It's not like Dana's gonna get Rodrigo to fuck her ass in the restrooms at the airport... They'll probably go to dinner first and she'll tease him to death as she always does with innuendo and stuff. When does he even get here exactly?"

"At 20:00 I think," Deb said, looking at me quizzically "I can't remember, Jeff... What difference does it make anyway?"

A big one, I thought to myself. I pondered for a moment. Even though I adored Deb's round juicy bubble-butt, I never pressed her into trying anal. I guess I never felt the need for it. Her blowjobs were nothing short of masterful and she eagerly swallowed my cum like a good girl. Her big boobs were always available for a soft titfuck. Her hot wet pussy was incredibly tight and she could squeeze her silky folds around me so deliciously that, so far, anal was just a remote possibility that I never really felt compelled to pursue. But now...

"Jeff? Why do you want to know when Rodrigo gets here?"

I tried to contain my grin into a thin smile as I said: "Because you still can beat Dana, silly girl!"

My girlfriend just stared at me, blinking once. Twice. Three times. This was going to be tricky, but I felt I could pull it off. Deb always liked it when I played with her pink little asshole, licking it and fingering it as I ate her sweet pussy out. Plus, she was mad at Dana. I just had to stir her fury in the right direction. I needed to properly bait her inner tigress.

"Look, Debs, I'm just saying," I went on, as calmly as I could while envisioning my aching boner sawing in and out of her virgin ass, "Dana broke your pact, right? So technically you're not bound by it anymore. And if you really want to teach her a lesson and get a first, a major one at that I might add, well, here's your chance, babe."

She just kept staring at me, her lovely hazel eyes absolutely unreadable. I knew I was walking on thin ice. Still, she wasn't saying no. Giving my best attempt at a charming, winning smile, I breezily added: "But then, who cares about first anal. After all, Debs, you met the love of your life first, eh!"

My girlfriend's luscious lips quivered. Her pretty but so far sullen face finally brightened in a big smile. She sighed dramatically and rolled her eyes in mock exasperation, then she grabbed my head in her tiny hands and smashed her soft mouth into mine, kissing me deeply.

"You're such a dork, Jeff," she said, playfully slapping my chest. "But I guess you're right... I love you, baby."

"Love you too, Debs," I said, sucking on her full lower lip and slipping my tongue into her hot mouth. We made out for a bit and I was content enough with that. At least she wasn't mad at me for suggesting that I fuck her ass. When her hand went to my bulging crotch I perked up even more.

I had opened her blouse and I was cupping her big heavy boobs through her lacy bra when Deb broke our lip-lock. She looked at me with a devilish grin. "Okay, baby, drop your pants and let me suck you for a bit." Her voice was sultry as she murmured into my mouth, saying something I didn't expect: "I guess I'd better lube you up good if you're gonna stick your big cock up my ass."

My eyes widened. "What!? Debs, really?"

She nodded her head, looking me in the eye. "You're right, Jeff. Fuck the pact and fuck Dana. I want to be first at anal," she said, taking off her bra and offering me her splendid tits.

I immediately fell on those pillowy jugs, massaging them in my hungry palms, loving their soft fullness as they overflowed my fingers. Unable to resist my girlfriend's huge boobs, I dipped my head down and started properly worshiping them with my mouth. As I sucked hard on her puffy areolas and tormented her sensitive thick nipples with my tongue, Deb kept speaking huskily.

"I want to do it, baby, I want to try it in my ass... Mmh, yeah lick my big titties like that! Oooh! I know how much you love my ass, baby, and I always like it when you finger me there. Oooh yeah bite my nipples, suck my tits! Mmhh... I want it, Jeff... I want you to take my anal cherry."

I groaned when I was deprived of Deb's juicy tits. Pushing me back on the couch, she knelt beside me. She stuck her ass in the air and hiked her skirt up her thighs and past the sumptuous curve of her rump, until she had revealed her magnificent meaty bottom completely. She took off her thong panties very slowly, sliding them teasingly down her juicy round buttcheeks.

Giggling, Deb wiggled her ass, murmuring in a sexy purr: "Like this ass, baby? Wanna fuck it?"

Talk about tigress mode, I thought. I couldn't believe this was really happening. The vision of her naked upturned bubble-butt made my mouth go slack. My dick felt like it was trying to poke a hole through my pants. "Yes," I managed to croak. "Fuck yes! I wanna fuck your ass so bad!"

Deb snickered and leaned her head down on my lap, pushing her plump ass further up. I had barely the time to reach my hungry hands toward her fleshy rump before Deb unbuckled and unbuttoned me, yanking my pants and boxers down my legs. My cock sprung out, rock-hard, pulsing with need and leaking pre-cum.

Deb opened her lips wide and took me swiftly in her talented mouth. With practiced ease, she gobbled down my entire length in one single smooth plunge. The hot wetness of her oral cavity enveloped me as her soft lips slid all the way down to my root. Her squishy, contracting throat massaged my glans. I groaned and threw my head back as my girlfriend began bobbing her head fluidly on my shaft, treating me to one of her best deep-throating cock-milking blowjobs.

No matter how many times she blew me, I always marveled at her ability to swallow my cock down her throat just like that, effortlessly cramming her face full of my pulsing meat. I lost myself in the mix of sensations that Deb's expert cocksucking routine was giving me, unable to say what felt better; whether the massaging friction of her tender hollowed out cheeks, or the wet whirling suction of her mouth, or the smooth up and down of her cock-stretched lips gliding on my shaft, or the warm clenching grip of her swallowing gullet. In the end, I could only shiver and groan uncontrollably, feeling blessed to be in thrall to my own personal blowjob queen.

As always, Deb immediately reached a hand to her pussy and started frigging her clit while she applied her consummated fellating skills on my boner. It turned me on like crazy to see it, to know that she liked sucking me off so much that she had to masturbate while doing it. I lay one hand on her bobbing head, caressing her soft hair, while I moved the other down from her sumptuous round ass and into her smooth buttcrack.

My fingers made contact with Deb's clit-strumming digits as I dipped my fingertips in her soaked pussy, coating them in her juices before pressing them at the entrance of her forbidden hole. With slow circling motions, I began rubbing my girlfriend's little rosebud, massaging it into relaxation until I could slide one finger into her anus to the second knuckle. Deb moaned around my cock as I began slowly fingering her virgin asshole.

Cooing as she sucked me, my sweet babe slurped and slobbered messily on my tool. She was letting all my pre-cum and her spittle trickle sloppily from her lips to coat my cock rather than gulp down the slick mixture as she usually did. She's lubing me up for her ass, I thought. The mere idea sent pulses of pre-cum spurting into Deb's fellating mouth as she kept throat-fucking herself with gusto.

The purring vibration in her throat amplified my pleasure when she gobbled me deeply and the lather of saliva coating my pole made the seal of her cocksucking lips slide deliciously along my hardness as she increased her bobbing tempo, making me see stars. I was so lost in blowjob heaven that I barely remembered to saw my finger in and out of Deb's tight virgin asshole. I just left it there, twirling it every once in a while, slowly pulling it out and then sinking it in again, too caught up in the feel and sound and visual of Deb's face bouncing on my lap.

"Ooooh fuck!... Debs, you're gonna make me cum soon. You suck me so good!"

Deb slid her dick-jammed mouth up my dick giving me one last, long, deep suction. She stopped to nibble gently at my fat cockhead, nursing on it for a few seconds, then she let me out of her wet lips with a lewd popping sound. A shiny strand of spittle dangled a moment from her chin, connecting her face to my cock, then it broke and splattered down on my glistening rod.

Deb raised her head up and turned to look at me, wiggling her ass. She was moaning as my finger sank deeper inside her anus. "I love drinking your big loads, baby, but that will have to wait," she said in a lust-addled voice, grinning sexily. "Tonight I want you to fill my ass. I want to know how it feels to have my ass full of your creamy cum, baby. Come on, get the lube and grease me up."

I shot out of the couch and took off all my clothes before I ran to the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of baby oil, my spittle-coated hard-on waving in front of me. I felt my pulse drumming in my ears along with the echo of Deb's naughty words as I held the bottle of lube in my shaking hands. This was actually happening. I was about to sodomize my girlfriend's glorious ass.

When I came back, Deb was on all fours on the couch, completely naked. Her head was pressed down on the seat cushion, her huge tits squashed underneath her. Her arched back accentuated the mouth-watering curve of her plump ass. The position she was in, so willingly offered, emphasized the perfection of her majestic bubble-butt to the extreme. Deb's beautiful ass was a masterpiece. And I was about to fuck it.

I was practically drooling as I approached Deb's upturned booty. I reverently parted her meaty asscheeks and took a second to admire the treasures hidden in her crevice. The movement of her hand on her clit made my eyes dart down to her puffy nectar-glossy labia, but I immediately turned my gaze to her other hole. The pink little starfish of her asshole was winking at me in time with the shivers of pleasure coursing through my babe's bent-over frame. It begged me to lean my face down, to come closer, and I did so. Smooching and caressing the smooth globes of that sweet butt, I murmured: "Your ass is so amazing, Debs... So round and juicy and beautiful..."

Looking over her shoulder, cooing as she diddled her needy pussy, Deb giggled: "Aww, that's so sweet. Now lube me up, though, I'm going crazy with just my fingers to keep me happy. I need your cock, baby, I want you to oooooh!... Oooh my god, yeeees!"

Deb's breath caught in her throat as my mouth made contact with her tender rosebud. I started licking away at it immediately, like a man possessed. I didn't hope to rim Deb's ass as masterfully as she sucked my dick, but I sure gave my best as I slurped and lapped and gently munched on her little pink pucker.

With my lips locked onto her tiny butthole, I pried my girlfriend's fabulous asscheeks apart and pulled the edges of her anus open with my thumbs, gaping it slightly. As if it were her soft hot mouth, I french kissed Deb's asshole with abandon, slobbering away, poking and tickling and forcing my tongue inside her sphincter. Her high-pitched squeals and the increased speed of her clit-strumming digits told me all I needed to know about her appreciation of my lewd ass-worship.

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