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Welcome Back, Russell


The weekend was finally upon her. Rhyley had her heart set on a lovely afternoon relaxing at home with a new book. She wasn't much for romances, but she loved Stephen King and she had a perfect story all lined up, but she needed to fully relax to enjoy herself. She went to the bathroom and ran a superhot bubble bath. She decided that she needed a tad of mood lighting so she got out her tubby candles and shut off the overhead.

Satisfied, she waited for the water while she stripped. The water burned a bit when she eased down, but she loved that sensation. She had to breathe deeply because the air was so thick with steam, but it helped her sinuses, so she was happy.

It didn't take long for happy to turn to horny as she thought about how bad her lust for Russell really was. She moaned as her hands travelled down to her breasts, pinching her nipples. She loved the feel of her skin as she slowly slid her hand to her soft pussy. Her moan became more audible as she caressed her button with the tenderness of an intuitive lover. And her fantasy began....

A hard knock at her door made Rhyley jump and she was pissed to get interrupted during a fantastic bath. She got up, hoping this was going to be important, grabbing her robe. She walked carefully to the door to avoid slipping on the hardwood floor, cursing whomever was bludgeoning her door. She yanked it open and had to laugh as she saw a fmiliar face.

"I was thinking of you."

"I hope I didn't interrupt."

"Russell, how did you get into the building?"

"Mr Wantanabe let me in. When I told him that I was looking for you, he told me to go on up. I believe he is concerned about you."

"Yes, he is a very kind man. Sometimes he waters my plants when I leave the city for a few days. Come in, please."

He walked with a half hearted grace that is only perfected by one who isn't concerned with appearances. She loved watching his ass as it leapt around in his white jeans. The temptation was almost too much, but she had to keep a rein on herself. How good would it look if she mauled him as he walked in the door?

He was taking a hard look at her flat this time, seeing who she really was and who she used to be. As she admired his body, he called to her over his shoulder.

"You really ought not to stare so hard. You may burn a hole in my clothes."

"How did you know...ha, ha. At least that would be one way I could get you out of them."

He turned to look at her and grinned.

"All you had to do was ask." He grabbed her hand and took her back to the bathroom. He started to unbelt her robe slowly, but her impatience was strong. She grabbed his shirt and tore it open, revealing his nearly hairless chest. The Indian really shows in him sometimes, she thought as she leaned into his tender skin and kissed his nipples. His sharp intake of breath told her that she on the right track to a good fucking.

"Get in the tub, right now." He didn't want to talk, he was too into her body right now. Her heavy breasts made it difficult for him to think about anything other than worshipping her voluputous form with his own. He was excited at the sight of her lunging in the steamy water as she watched him undress, the heat in her eyes set him afire with uncompromised lust. His aching member was already purple and swollen.

She loved how open he was. There was no shame in him and he flaunted his thick body, knowing she loved every inch of his dark skin. He climbed into the water and hovered over her, waiting for her to tell her those words he loved to hear. "I want you."

"You have me." She enveloped him with her pale thighs and clung to him with need. Her hands were busy telling his body how to please her, where she wanted him to touch her next. He kissed her neck and bit the luxurious skin a little to hard. When she groaned, he kissed her neck again and sucked where he marked her.

She pushed against him slightly and he began to regret the bite, figuring she was upset at his aggressive behaviour. Instead, she made him sit back on his heels as she buried her face into his crotch. He shouted as her mouth smoothed over his fat cock, her tongue doing things he never thought were possible. Her moaning was sending shivers through him, making him tremble and shake. She is too much, he thought.

It was too much for him. He stopped her, and kissed her before she could register her disappointment. He took her legs and wrapped them around her waist once again and sank into her, her hot wetness searing his skin with a brand of love. The water sloshed over the edges as he plowed into her, making her his, making scream with the pleasure only he could give, the only pleasure she wanted. The candles were out and the acrid sent of the smoke made her lust come all out. She bucked against him as he pushed into her sopping pussy, her walls clinging to him with a tightness he had never known before her.

"Oh, please, don't stop. I want you so bad." Her pleading voice drove him harder. He wouldn't stop until she could no longer call to him. All he could hear was her moans, her groans. All he could feel was her tightness and her nails as they raked his back in the desperation of the moment. He loved how she reacted to him. She watched his muscles flex with every thrust and temble under his weight. His shoulders rounded with each withdrawl and becoming rock hard with each shove.

She couldn't talk. All she could do was grit her teeth growl she he fucked her into her own personal oblivion. She shivered and clenched as she came hard, biting her lip to keep from screeching her passion, his body working its magick. Russell stroked her, strumming her like a harp, letting her physical music overcome her mind and body.

His own groans were becoming louder to her until she thought he may be in pain. She watched his face as he released his seed into her, his body heaving and dripping with spent passion.

"Raaahh!, Ah, ah, ohh, yeah. Mmmmmm, oh yeah," he growled. His voice was deep with lust and his breathing was heavy. He had to take a moment to relax before he could move again. Rhyley stayed under him, cherishing his warmth. His cock slid out of her and she felt a small loss. He kissed her lightly and sighed into her ear.

"We seem to meet in wet places."

"That we do. Would you like me to move?"

"Only if you wish." She groaned as he lifted off her. "You tease me. I really don't want to move, Russell. But, I know I should."

"Don't get up on my account. But, I do have to go. I would like to see you Sunday. I have a surprise for you." She raised her brows a touch.

"Such as?"

"You'll love it. I promise." He dried off and started to dress stopping when he put his shoes on. He picked up his shirt and put it over his shoulder. "I suppose that putting this on would be pointless."

"I am sorry."

"Ruined for a wonderfully forgivable reason. Besides, it's just a shirt. I will see you Sunday?"

"Yeah. Give a note where to meet you and I will be there."

"You got it." He leaned over and kissed her into a frenzy again.

"Do you have to leave? Now that you got me all worked up again?"

"Like you said, you know my name now, so you know who to call to in your fantasies." With that, he walked out the door. She could hear his footsteps as he crossed to the door. She heard the lock click into place and the door shut again.

When she opened her eyes, she was alone. The bath had lost its bubble and the water was cold.

"How's that for a fantasy," she said aloud to herself.

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