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Welcome Home


I'm kinda sparse on the lingerie. I have one cute little number I'd love to model for you. It's red, an elasticized lace cami with dental floss panties (if you can call them that).

Imagine when you come home, park in the garage, and enter the house as usual through the mudroom into the kitchen. I meet you there in the kitchen, wearing my red lacy lingerie and high heels to match. You're a little startled as I've never met you coming home this way before. Usually when you come home your brain is reviewing the day's accomplishments. You enjoy your mundane plan of kicking off your shoes and lounging in your favorite chair with the newspaper while you wait for what seems like an unreasonable time for some lame supper. I usually just throw some packaged food in the microwave to warm up because the teenagers' schedules are so unpredictable. It's a rare treat anymore to all sit down to the table for a family meal together, much less to have an actual dinner of real food consisting of meat, potatoes, salad, a side dish of vegetables, and a light dessert containing the sweetness of fruit. You have missed the connection of a sit-down meal at the end of the day, but you don't mention it because the kids each have their own schedules and you don't want to begrudge them their activities. With me driving them around, and never knowing how many will be at home for food, it is easier to live on pot pies and tuna helper. At least it is better than the toddler fare of chicken nuggets and fish sticks, you rationalize. Besides, if you ever had reason to stay late at work, or heaven forbid have a date for drinks after, it would be nothing off anyone's back if you were not home on time. The date never happens, how could it when you don't actively seek it, and you always head home because that's what you always do.

Your mind suddenly shifts from these everyday thoughts to what is before you, me, standing in the kitchen wearing a lipstick red sexy garment you've never seen before with stilettos of stilt height (how can she walk in those, you wonder) that bring me almost eye to eye with you, and accentuate the once-a-runner calf muscles in my softer but still muscular legs. I smile, hastily explain the logistics - E has a history study group session with pizza at Sarah's house until 9, and T is going home from soccer with Kelly, also for pizza, and to kick the ball around and play until 9. We can make one round trip to pick them both up. JP is living with friends in their own apartment, and he is no longer our daily concern (well, always a concern, but not for supper).

As I've been explaining the kids' whereabouts I've been approaching nearer to you and I'm now standing in front of you, our bodies merely an inch apart, and I lean straight forward, no need for up with the high heels, and begin kissing your lips. My hand reaches around to cradle the back of your head to guide your mouth to mine. Your mind is still in shock making the transition from the mundane to this new type of "Welcome Home" before you finally realize you're cock already has the moment figured out, and you succumb, drop your papers on the floor not caring where they land when they scatter, and open for a deep passionate tongue behind the teeth then down the throat kiss. You run your hands up and down the clingy lace on my body, hooking your thumb in the g-string and feeling between my legs in the usually forbidden darkness there for wetness. I am already soaking and your finger slides in easily. You think about the after-work date you never pursue and think this might actually end up as a good day after all.

Stop! Hold off on that thought. I'm removing your fingers out of me and putting them firmly against the front of the refrigerator. What? You're confused, feeling dejected - again. Figures. I get all tarted up for a get-home greeting at the door and you can't even touch the goods. And now with a damn hard-on that you're sure is going to turn into blue balls within a couple hours unless you fake a need for a shower for the real need to jerk off. Fine, you'll just fantasize about stripping that red thing off me because apparently it's not really going to happen.

I begin to unbutton your shirt and untuck it out of your trousers, take it off you, and fling it the back of a chair across the room. T-shirt comes off easily over your head, and I tell you to stand there and relax, kick off your shoes, and cool off, while I heat some water for tea. TEA?? We don't drink tea. Do we even have tea in the house? You're confused as I busy myself putting water in the kettle that sits on the stove for decoration, turning on the burner, and getting out ceramic mugs. Sure enough, looks like we're having tea. Where are the teabags - who cares? The water heats quickly as I have used hot tap water in the kettle to get it started. I pour hot water in the mugs, leave them on the counter, and return to you, this time kissing you and running my tongue down your jawline to your neck, under your ear and around its top, kissing and nibbling all the way. You relax, as you have decided to play along with this little game, whatever it is.

I kiss all around your neck, down your chest to each small nipple, and linger there for moments as I twirl each one around my tongue and give each a gentle bite. You're still standing there, not sure what to do with your hands, as I make my way down licking and nibbling all the way to your stomach. I loosen your belt and zipper, give a tug on your work pants, and they fall to the floor. At this point I'm kneeling in front of you so I move the pants aside as you step out of them. Boxers underneath follow quickly and easily, so now you're naked except for your black work socks. You look gorgeous to me standing there in my kitchen naked with your cock standing erect ready for anything I might choose to embellish on it. Right now that is my mouth. I cup your balls with my hand and slide my mouth over the tip to get a taste. I swirl my tongue around a couple of times then release it, dragging my tongue down the shaft to the inside of your thighs. The tender crease between your thigh and your scrotum is always sensitive to my tongue, and it is even more so now, as you maintain your stance beside the refrigerator. You try to entwine your fingers in my hair but I waive you off so you just hang onto the fridge's handle with one hand, the other on your hip.

I tell you to close your eyes, and ask if you're ready for a surprise. You are more than willing to oblige, your eyes have already been shut in pleasure as there has been nothing more to see than the top of my head at your crotch as I indulge your cock with all angles of my mouth. I release it momentarily and cool air rushes against its warm wetness, then WTF! SHIT! OMG! You reel back in surprise then forward again in hot pleasure. Literally HOT pleasure. I have taken a mouthful of the hot tea water from my mug so my mouth is about 125 degrees warm on your cock. The heat is unbelievable and after the initial shock it feels incredible, a searing heat that practically makes the head of your penis explode with cum, not quite. The heat begins to dissipate as normal body temperature returns to both my mouth and your private parts. Again, I momentarily let loose of your hard cock but this time I reach for the ice lever on the freezer door. I have it set to crushed ice, and I let a few chips fall in my hand to transfer to my mouth. I suck on the ice chips for several seconds until my mouth is cold, then slide down over your still extra warm tip and shaft. The sudden cold you feel makes you want to withdraw but I won't let you, moving my mouth over you until we both gradually warm up to 98.6. I ask if you can go again and you give a wide-eyed nod, so back to the hot mug I reach, swishing the hot water in my mouth until I'm sufficiently warm for you to feel the heat wave. Again, you thrust forward in pleasure as the warmth surrounds you. I increase speed and you sway, you can barely stand, you're legs are shaking so you have to grab the fridge for balance to keep from falling over, you're so overcome with sensation. You begin to cum with incredible force in my mouth, shooting spurt after spurt. I don't release; I keep my mouth covering your penis throughout your orgasm, letting your jizz seep out down my chin and drip in a huge puddle on the floor. Finally you subside and tell me that's enough.

I reach up, open the drawer, and pull out a dish towel to wipe up the floor. I stand and hug you, saying, "Welcome home from work. How was your day?"

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Crap at this finest. 1* for this lame

Wasted 3 minutes of my time.
1* for this garbage

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