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Welcome Home


I am writing this as a task for my Domme.

I was racing around the house bare naked trying to make sure everything was exactly as it should be before she returned home. She would be walking through the door in a little over an hour and I still had so much to do. My heart sunk into my stomach at the thought of that disappointed look on her face if I failed to attend to every detail. I pushed the thought out of my mind, instead focusing on the list of tasks I had to accomplish.

She had texted me the afternoon with one simple instruction: "When you get home from work, take all of your clothes off. Stay that way until I tell you otherwise."

By those standards, I had done everything she asked of me. The moment I walked through the door, I set down my bag then promptly removed my clothing. I set my shoes back in their spot along the wall then placed the rest of my clothes from the day in the laundry basket. I was fairly certain I would not be needing them again today. But I was also certain that her expectations of me did not end there. I knew her well enough by now to understand what she wanted to come home to after a long trip and an exhausting day of traveling. I knew what she deserved to come home to, and that is exactly the welcome that I was going to make sure she received.

Time was limited so I had to work quickly. I started by stripping the bed and loading the linens into the wash along with the rest of my dirty clothes from the week. Then, I set to scrubbing the bathroom top-to-bottom, careful to leave the window open so that any scent of cleaning supplies would dissipate before her arrival. Next, I vacuumed and mopped the entire house. I dusted every surface I could reach, then got a step ladder for those I could not. I made sure every dish was clean, dry, and put away. At that point, it was time to switch the laundry from the wash to the dryer. After checking the time, I decided that it was the exact right time to start dinner. Once the pot was set to simmer, I laid out a place setting at the table and arranged a vase in the center with lilies I had purchased on my way home. I returned to the bathroom and found that the smell of cleaning products was gone. So, I shut the window, giving the room time to warm back up before she arrived. I returned to the dryer, made the bed, folded and put everything else back where it belonged. Back in the kitchen, I lifted the lid to the pot and noticed the food would not be done until slightly after she arrived home. Not wanting to leave her waiting, I quickly made a salad with blackberries and goat cheese that I know she loves.

The second I set the salad on the table, I heard her keys in the door. I hurried to the hallway to greet her. I could not hold back the beaming smile on my face when I saw hers. Her expression was more composed as always, but she did smile slightly as she looked me up and down. In all my running around, I had nearly forgotten that I was completely naked. My ears grew hot with embarrassment. I stepped forward to take her bags out of her hands. She placed a gentle kiss on my cheek as I did.

"You look like you've been busy," she remarked, glancing around the house. I smiled and nodded, happy to see that she appeared to be pleased.

She excused herself to the restroom for a moment to wash up. As she did, I got the bottle of wine I had been saving for the occasion out of the cupboard along with a glass. I set the glass beside her place setting and poured, leaving the bottle on the table. She returned and sat down at the table, taking a sip of her wine while I made her a plate of food. I moved behind her chair and started massaging her neck and shoulders, feeling her tension release. Her skin felt so soft and warm under my hands that I could not help them from wandering down the front of her chest, pulling her closer to me. A bit lost in the moment as well, she allowed her head and shoulders to relax back into my chest. I kissed down her neck and shoulders, then back up to her cheek. She turned her head to meet my lips and kissed me, slowly and softly at first but the kiss grew deeper by the second. I could tell she missed me too. She reached a hand back, grabbing the back of my head and pulling me into her. Though I never wanted it to stop, I mustered the willpower to break the kiss and told her that she should eat while I prepared a bath.

I drew a bath and tossed in a bath bomb and some bubbles. The room filled with the relaxing scent of lavender. As the bath finished filling, I lined the sides of the tub with candles and lit each of them. She entered the bathroom just as I finished preparing and set her glass of wine alongside the candles. She turned around to allow me to unzip the back of her dress. It fell to the floor, revealing a matching set of black lingerie that was new to me. I bit my lip, lost in looking at her for a moment. Amused by the look on my face, she unlatched the back of her bra and let it slid off her shoulders and into the floor with her dress. I bit my lip harder still and stepped forward to kiss her, but she stopped me with two fingers in the middle of my chest, holding me off at a distance. I whimpered quietly but stopped when she gave me a stern look, remembering she valued patience and it always paid off. She slipped out of her underwear so that she was finally as naked as I had been all evening. I held out my hand to help her into the bath. Once she was settled in, I sat down on the floor beside her. I grabbed the book of the windowsill and picked up where we left off before her trip. She relaxed deeper into the water and shut her eyes with the glass in one hand.

After a while, she finished off the glass of wine and set it to the side. I decided to test my luck. I watched my fingers glide over the top of the purple water, ran the back of my hand up her arm, onto her shoulder and across the top of her chest. She opened her eyes and looked at me. My hand paused, waiting hopefully for her approval. After a long moment of tense eye contact, her eyes sparked and her mouth parted into a playful smile. I smiled back and tossed the book aside.

I dipped my hand into the water, cupping her bust. I ran my thumb across her nipple, pinching slightly. She moaned a bit and arched her back into my hand approvingly, raising her tits out of the water so that I could see them as she did. I immediately felt myself get wet and shifted forward into my knees so that I could be closer to her. I ran my fingers down her side, over hips, then down outside of her thigh and back up the inside. I repeated this several times before she opened her eyes and looked at me.

"Stop teasing," she ordered. I did not have to be told twice.

I slide my hand between her legs, feeling myself grow even wetter. She gasped quietly and pushed her hips into my hand. My hand went to work finding a rhythm that quickly turned her quiet gasps into loud moans. She grabbed the back of my head, pulling me in for a kiss. I held onto the side of the tub with my other hand, hovering just over the water, close enough to feel her chest graze mine every so often. She grew even louder when I slide my fingers inside of her, calling out my name and words of approval. She bit the side of her own hand, trying to quiet herself but failed. She grabbed the back of my neck pulling my closer again so that now my chest was in the water with her.

"Get in," she told me.

I climbed over the side of the tub and kneeled over her hips in the water. Now I could use both hands to please her and her moans grew louder still. I leaned forward, placing kisses all over her neck and collarbones. She ran her hands across my chest, grabbing my tits, making a great effort at distract me. But I was singularly focused on making her come.

"Don't stop!" I would never dream of it. Her whole body shook with pleasure, one hand grasping the side of the tub, the other wrapped around my lower back, pulling me into her body. I did not stop until she reached down into the water and grabbed my hand, gasping to catch her breath.

I stood up, got out, and wrapped myself in a towel. I returned a moment later with the bottle of wine so that I could refill her glass, and handed it to her. She smiled, her chest still rising and falling heavily. I placed a clean, folded towel beside her and added a bit of hot water to the tub. Then, I went to wait in bed for her, still naked as she had asked.

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by RenataAshe09/10/17

Made me smile

Lovely story! A fantasy really if only I had a Domme.

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