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Welcome Home


Hi My Love,

You know I have never stopped loving you. You've always been the only one who holds my heart. Never, ever was there a day go by that I didn't think of you. When they say that everyone has one true love, Babe, you're mine. My soulmate, my best friend, my everything. You complete me.

As I close my eyes, I imagine when you finally come to be with me for always:

Since I have sent you the key and you know the address to our home, you come cloaked in the darkness of night, unannounced. I am asleep in bed, wearing only a button up shirt and a mist of the fragrance that makes your hunger for me stir. You slip the key quietly into the lock, grinning with anticipation of what lies just beyond the door. You shut the door slowly... as to not make a sound. You stand in the entry of our home and allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness that envelopes you. As your eyes adjust, you make your way through the house... peeking into the different rooms as you pass, smiling, knowing that there won't be a one that we don't break in properly...!

Ahh... you peek in the first room and find our Chris there... fast asleep. You let your hand softly touch his head assuring yourself that you are home and not just dreaming. You tiptoe out of his room and peek into the next doorway to find your little buddy, Mike, snuggled down and out for the night. You slip over and kiss his forehead and smile knowing how excited he will be to see you in the morning. And now... for the night to begin...

The next doorway you come to... ahhh... you've found your prey. Curled up with the bear you bought for me... I am sleeping... unaware of what's about to happen. You ease yourself free from your clothes... watching me the whole time... smiling... your need growing. The few nights we spent together have created such a hunger since we've been apart and you know... that you are about to feed that ravenous ache that pulls at your very core. You gently pull the covers back from my still body and find me... conveniently lying on my back. You lace the ropes you brought with you around the feet of the bed and quickly loop them up and around my ankles... and you smile as I start to stir. You hurry and restrain my wrists above my head in the same fashion.

You smile down into my smoldering green eyes as they open... startled and still half-asleep. You crush your mouth to mine in a brutal claiming kiss... your tongue plunging into the depths of my mouth... teasing me. After biting my bottom lip a little and flashing me that mischievous grin of yours... you slide down and start to kiss my neck... you feel me arching from my restraints... and you hear me moaning a little and you laugh. You bite down on my neck and hear me scream a little... then you proceed to mark my flesh as yours... finally... you've come to claim what has been yours for so long and you want everyone to see the passion marks as you create your own "collar" for me that cannot be taken off or hidden. The fact that I'm pulling against my restraints just excites you even more... and you proceed down to first my right nipple, which is already achingly erect and you tease and taunt me with your tongue... lapping lazy wet circles around it and flicking back forth with your talented tongue... then you suck the nipple in with one quick move and you bite down and smile at the whimper that escapes my lips... then you proceed to the left nipple to act out the same ritual of torture on my aching and hungry body.

Then your mouth traces a trail of wet kisses down my stomach and you find your intended place... you lace your arms under my knees and wrap your hands around my thighs... I'm struggling and squirming and you laugh... knowing that I have no outlet of escape. You languidly part the lips of my cunt with your tongue... searching out the nodule of flesh that you've been craving... flicking your tongue teasing across my clit... you illicit a whimper from me that makes your cock grow rock hard. Your thumb goes up to play with my clit and you start tongue-fucking me... sliding deep up in me teasing me with your tongue bar... as my hips start to grind and my thighs start to tighten down... you smile as you know the sweetness that is about to explode into your mouth.

You increase your speed and I'm begging you... telling you "MMMMMM... Ohhhh... plleeeeeasse... I'm going to cummmm...!!" and you smile and whisper... "Cum baby, cum in my mouth" and with that you slide your finger inside me with your tongue and you pump my pussy... hungry for the taste of me... and you feel me instantly start to quiver and tighten... screaming out your name... and you pull your finger out of me so that your tongue can catch the flood... "MMMM... OHHHHH... AAhhhhhh... YESSSSSSS... OHHHHH... TOMMY!!" and with that you feel a rush and taste the salty~sweetness flow into your mouth. You smile up at me... splayed out and spent... and let out a small groan... because your cock is now rock hard and you know exactly how to satisfy it's demands... You crawl up over me... nipping your way as you go... and you straddle my face... you trace your erect cock over my lips and you feel them part immediately as they open and I hungrily suck your cock deep in mouth...

You groan and look down into the lust mirrored in my eyes... and you know that there's no going easy and slow at this point... You feel me sucking your cock... my tongue caressing the underneath side of your shaft... and you lift up on your knees and start to fuck my mouth... you hear me moaning and you shove your cock deep into my throat and pump my mouth grinding down and gripping the head board you shoot your cum deep into my throat and as I swallow you... you smile down at me... knowing that we are only half done. As you slide your cock from my hot, wet mouth... I lick the last few drops of your cum from the tip... MMMMM... and you go down again to tease me with your tongue and sliding your finger deep inside... you find me wet and immediately feel my hips start to pump against you... and you know exactly what I need but you want to hear me say it...

"Tell me, babe, what is it your pussy wants??? Hmmmm... what does it crave?" and I moan out... "MMhmmmmm... I need your cock deep inside me... fuck me... FUCK ME PLEASE!!" With that you slide up on top of me and shove your hard, throbbing cock deep in my hot, wet, tight pussy... MMMMMMMM... AHHHH... and you start slow... relishing the feeling you've been dreaming about for weeks... and as I moan and whimper your need increases... and you start to fuck me faster... and I cry out... "HARDER... MMMMM... HARDER... "at this point you are slamming your cock deep inside of me thrusting into me with all your strength... and you feel the walls of my pussy tighten down on the shaft of your cock incredulously and you feel the flood of my cum start to drench your cock as my body quivers underneath you and my head thrashes from side to side... I scream out... "OHHHH... MMMMM... Ahhh... Ahhh... Ahhh... YES... YES... YES... TOMMY!!"

And you groan now, it's your turn... thrusting in and out of me at such a speed... you fill me with your cum... pounding my cunt... claiming all of me... taking me for always... you groan and collapse ontop of me...

We kiss each other tenderly and you release me from my ties... I roll over, totally spent... and fall asleep cradled in your arms with my head upon your chest... and you smile... as I whisper... "Welcome home, babe, I've missed you... " and you know I'm out. Running your fingers through my hair and feeling my body curled up to yours... you know... you are finally home.

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