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“Well don’t you just look like a Chinese finger trap” my father said with a chuckle from the doorway of my room. I was naked and on all fours on the floor with Derek’s cock in my mouth as he sat on my bed, and Simon plowing me from behind. Derek and Simon are my older brothers home for the long weekend from college. Dad came into the room and sat on my computer chair to watch.

“Damn dad, she sure does know how to suck dick!” Derek said.

“I’ve been teaching her a few things while you two were away son.” Dad said with an approving nod towards me. I gave him a wink as a response, after all it is impolite to talk with your mouth full.

Simon grabbed my hips firmly and started to really slam his rigid dick home into my wet pussy. I was moaning with my mouth still around Derek’s member. Simon’s pace quickened and he was moaning more and more. “Oh fuck Stacy” he panted “you sure do feel good.”

“You gonna blow your load in her bro? Come on, I don’t want any sloppy seconds.”

With a pop I pulled my mouth off of Derek’s dick and said “I’ll handle this D. I don’t want this to get too messy either.” I turned around and in one quick gulp I had Simon’s cock all the way down my throat. My tongue slid around the underside of his shaft and licked his balls as his head slid into my throat, Simon grabbed the back of my head and held me there as his cum exploded down my gulping throat. He moaned and writhed as I swallowed every last drop of his seed. As I felt his dick begin to go soft I heard Dad’s jeans fall to the floor.

“Now come over here darlin’ and help your pop get it up.” I crawled on all fours over to where my dad stood and knelt in front of him. Dad has one of those barrel-dicks. The kind that isn’t long per-se, but very wide. His head is huge and it flares out a lot. I was on my knees as he tenderly stroked my long blonde hair. “Such a good girl you are Stacy. Make Daddy feel good and I’ll give you a treat.”

I took dad’s cock in my mouth softly at first, just rolling my tongue around the head and flicking the slit with the tip of my tongue. He started to grow harder and harder as I teased him until he was pointing his stiff pole right at me. I took his meaty shaft in my hand and stuffed as much of the head in my mouth as I could. I let my saliva make everything slippery and tried to give dad the best blowjob I could. He moaned with pleasure as I sucked him with wet slurping noises and aggressive hand action. Pre-cum oozed out of dads cock and I licked it up greedily.

“I have an idea Dad.” I heard Derek say from behind me. I looked and saw him lie on his back on my bed. “She needs to learn how to take two in her at once.”

“Good one D.” Dad cheered. “Go ahead and get on top of your brother Darlin’. I’ll be right back.” And Dad left the room with a spring in his step. I did as he said and walked to the bed and climbed aboard. I straddled Derek and aimed his stiff prick at my now dripping snatch. I guided him in as I slid all the way down his pole. He moaned loudly as I bottomed out on his cock. I ground my hips back and forth feeling his head rub my G-spot as his pubic hair teased my clit. He reached up and grabbed my tits in his big hands and squeezed them hard. He pinched my nipples as I started to ride up and down on him. The bed was shaking and he was moaning as I fucked my older brother. Then I heard the door open and Dad came back in with a bottle of vegetable oil.

“Now you just relax there Stacy, this may take a little getting used to.” He said with another of his famous chuckles. “Lean forward and try to keep that pretty little ass of yours in the air with Derek in you.”

I was scared because I knew what would happen. Dad was going to grease up his monster cock and shove it all the way up my tight little ass. I looked down at Derek for a moment and he smiled with re-assurance. Then I felt a cool sensation as oil was poured down the crack of my butt and rubbed over my asshole. The cool slipperiness of it felt good, and when Dad started to rub his finger around the hole I moaned and wiggle against it. “Put a finger in Dad.” I said over my shoulder, and he did, slowly, and carefully, but deep and firmly pressed. I moaned as he spread my virgin ass open with one, then two of his chubby fingers. I was wiggling against Derek’s cock as Dad fingered my asshole. “I’m gonna cum Dad!” I said as sweat beaded on my forehead “put it in me.”

“Sure will Darlin’.” Dad said as he got on the bed behind me. His head spread my anus open to the point that I cried out with the pain of it, but pushed back against him at the same time. I felt so full, my brother dick deep in me, and my Dad’s beefy pole sliding slowly and surely up my ass.

“Now hold still Stacy.” Derek said, and he started to slide in and out of me, Dad did too but opposite of Derek. As Derek slid out of my pussy Dad shoved his monster deep in my ass. I was on fire. I came hard and felt my pussy and ass clench around two hard cocks. They kept right on fucking me, harder and faster with each stroke. Dad’s strong hands held me tightly as he drove into me and Derek squeezed my nipples. Finally I felt Dad’s cock start to swell and he burried himself deep in my ass as he came. I screamed with pleasure as Dad shot load after load in my ass, and my moans drove Derek over the edge as he pumped his own wad deep in my pussy. I just stayed there feeling the warmth of their cum in me and felt them go soft from the exertion.

I never complain when we have a long weekend at home.

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