tagLoving WivesWelcome Home, Lover

Welcome Home, Lover


When they were dating, Kelli and Kevin had enjoyed a completely satisfying sex life. They were both adventurous and fantasy played a large part in their sexual escapades, from dressing in costumes to surprising each other at work. They encountered little or no problems satisfying each other until they got married.

Kelli noticed her sex drive becoming more and more demanding and Kevin noticed that he simply could not satisfy her any more. As they lay in bed after a brief fuck session, Kelli looked at the man she loved and said, "Darling, I know this is embarrassing for you, but I think it will pass. You always used to satisfy me. Maybe it's work stress, or maybe you're trying too hard." She was nestled into his arm and rubbing his chest, running her fingernails over his nipples and pressing her hips into him.

"I don't know," he said plaintively. "I know we never had this problem until we got married. Before, we could fuck for hours and I always satisfied you. Now, you're just getting revved up when I come, and then it's a one-shot deal. I just don't know. Maybe it's me."

As sleep overtook them, Kelli began to devise a plan. She gave it plenty of thought for the next few days, and on Friday night, she met Kevin at the door wearing a sultry smile, sparkling sheer bra, and matching high-cut bikini panties. "Hey, Lover. Let's spend some quality time together," she said as she plastered herself to him and kissed him hard.

After setting his briefcase on the floor, Kevin swept Kelli in his arms and lifted her off the floor, returning her kiss and slipping his tongue into her waiting mouth. She wasted little time getting his shirt off, and knelt in front of him, rubbing his hardening cock as he unfastened his pants. As he was getting out of his shoes, she knelt on the floor with her ass towards him, spreading her knees and humping an imaginary cock. By the time he got undressed, she was rubbing her cunt through her panties, the wet spot becoming obvious as he knelt behind her.

"Eat my pussy Stud," she moaned, pulling the waistband of her panties over her full, round hips. Her glistening pussy beckoned him and he willingly succumbed to the call. Lying on his back, he slid forward until his face was directly below Kelli's delectable, sweet smelling cunt. Pulling her hips down gently, he extended his tongue, and as it made contact with her burning flesh, curled the tip so that it touched her clitoris.

"Oh, God, that feels great!" she exclaimed, as she lowered herself onto his stiff tongue, imagining it as a pliable cock. "Lick the sides," she said quietly, knowing that his gentle ministrations would soon drive her over the edge. She quickly began to press her pussy further onto his face and soon began humping back and forth. Kevin's tongue was a whirlwind of motion, licking her clit, then her lips, her asshole, and finally spearing into her depths. Driving his tongue in and out, he caused her to come quickly and rather violently, arching her back and standing on her knees, screaming at the top of her lungs, "Oh, yes!!! Fuck meeee with that tongue. I'm cummmmming!"

As her orgasm subsided and her breathing returned to normal, she crawled off his face and began kissing her juices from it. "Damn! That was fantastic!" he said, as she turned and pressed her body to his side.

"That's only the beginning, Lover," she cooed as she nibbled his ear and pulled his nipples, knowing he loved that attention as well as she did. "I've got another surprise for you," she said as she crawled to the coffee table and picked up the TV remote. "Close your eyes."

When he opened them, the television screen was filled with a very sexy blonde on all fours, fingering her obviously wet pussy and moaning quietly. Looking directly in front of him, Kevin saw that his wife had donned a blonde wig, and was in the same position as the blonde on the screen. It was really hard to tell any difference in the two beautiful asses. Kelli urged him on by saying, "Yeah, that's Amy. We've got identical asses, don't you think?"

Not knowing how to respond, he mumbled "I guess so."

"Oh, come on Kevin. I know you lust after Amy's ass. She's seen you looking at her and has even said if it weren't for being my best friend, she love to fuck you. Now, just pretend this is her ass and you get your wish," said Kelli, as she backed up to his hard cock and, reaching between her legs, pulled it to her pussy lips. "Look on the screen. She made this video just for you."

Still a little apprehensive, Kevin slipped the head of his cock into Kelli's cunt and felt her wonderful heat engulf him. Easing farther into her moist channel, he actually felt as if he was fucking the super sexy Amy.

"Come on, Kevin! Fuck Amy like she needs it! That's right, all the way! Bottom out, fucker!" shouted Kelli, as Kevin got into a rhythm and was plunging in and out quickly. Suddenly, he tensed and shot a load of cum deep in Kelli's cunt.

Expecting this, she then began gyrating on his cock, keeping it buried deep in her pussy. Using her cunt muscles, she milked his dick, not letting it go soft, and soon, he was ready again. "Ooh, Amy likes your big, hard dick. Fuck her some more! Stay hard and give Amy what she wants. Fuck that fat pussy!"

Kevin, amazed at his stamina, resumed fucking slowly, but steadily, allowing Kelli to enjoy the sensations of the cock that she loved as it plunged in and out of her pussy, filling it to the max, every nerve experiencing the delicious friction that drove her crazy. She began to moan, no longer coherent, and this only turned him on more. Knowing he was giving her the fucking she desperately wanted and needed, he quickened his strokes and soon had her on the brink of orgasm.

Slowing down, he leaned forward and cupped her b-cup breasts, pinching her nipples and increasing her pleasure. "Cummmming," was all she could say as he continued his assault on her body.

Allowing her to catch her breath, he gently resumed his motion and soon, she pushed her hips back, giving him even deeper penetration. Now, she began humping on his cock like the wanton bitch in heat she was, and soon, they were fucking like there was no tomorrow. The slap of their flesh was the only sound until Kelli began moaning again.

This time, she put her feelings into words. "Fuck me Baby! Love your pussy! You know what I need! F-u-u-u-ck m-e-e-e!" she screamed as his huge load of spunk splattered against the back of her cunt, driving her over the cliff again. Like an earthquake, her pussy quivered and vibrated for a full minute, causing her to lose her balance and collapse on the floor. His cock pulled free of her cum-filled pussy with a resounding "Plop."

As he crawled beside her, she turned and pulled his face to hers, kissing him with all the passion and love she could muster. Snuggling into his arms and laying her head on his chest, she said dreamily, "So, the stud I married has come back to life. That was the best fuck ever!"

"Well, we had a little help you know. Whatever made you think of Amy?" he asked.

"Like I said, she thinks you're hot, and she's got that fantastic ass. I thought the image of her would bring out the beast in you. Obviously, I was right-just look at your cock. It's getting hard again just talking about her," Kelli said.

He looked down and saw that his dick was growing stiffer, even after two intense orgasms. "You're right on both counts. Amy's got a fucking sexy ass, and my cock thinks it's ready for more," he said, turning on his side, rubbing Kelli's thigh with his shaft.

"Baby, you've worn me out for right now, but I'll be ready in the morning," she said. As they snuggled in bed, she continued to plan.

Kevin awoke to the delicious sensations of Kelli's tongue bathing his balls, his very hard cock wrapped in her hot hand. He moaned quietly, letting her know he was fully awake.

"Good morning, Stud," she said seductively.

Slithering up his body, she stopped to kiss and pinch his nipples, then his ears, eyes, and finally his lips. Sliding her tongue into his mouth as deeply as she could, she pushed it in and out, letting him know what she wanted and needed. After a full minute of tongue play, she pulled back and asked, "What do you want this morning, Lover?"

"I want more of your tight pussy, but first, I want to pee," he laughed, getting off the bed and bounding to the bathroom. Kelli padded behind him and embraced his body from behind, reaching around to help him aim his stiff dick at the commode. Laughing at her attempt, he finally relieved himself. Kelli wiped his drip with a piece of tissue and planted a loving kiss on his crown.

Stroking his shaft, she quickly had him hard and ready. "Want to fuck in the kitchen?" she asked coyly, leading him by the cock.

"Anywhere," he gasped, watching her twitching ass bounce and jiggle as she walked hurriedly into the kitchen and bent over the counter. She wiggled her ass and motioned him forward with her finger. "Fuck me!" was all she said, as he positioned his cock at her dripping cunt and plunged it in, his cockhead bumping her cervix. "Oh my God! It's bigger than ever. We're gonna have to talk to Amy if this is the effect she has on you. God, your dick is so fucking hard. Fuck me slow and deep."

Kevin slid his cock even deeper into her burning cunt and grabbed her hips. He fucked slowly and methodically, knowing he could last for a while. Reaching around with one hand, he massaged her tit, pulling the nipple in time with his strokes.

Kelli began to fuck back, meeting each thrust with a twitch of her hips. Her cunt muscles began to ripple along the length of his shaft, milking it slowly, insistently. As the pressure built, he picked her up by the hips, and began to slide her back and forth on his dick, loving the erotic bounce and jiggle of her fabulous ass as it slapped against his thighs. Holding onto the counter, she began to urge him on.

"Come on Fucker! Pound that pussy! Fuck me deep! I want your cum!" she yelled, causing him to fuck faster and harder. It was as if his cum started at the soles of his feet and worked its way up his legs, driving his cock deeper and harder than ever. His balls churned as his jism began to erupt into her searing cauldron of sex. "Here it is, Baby! Take all my cum!"

Kelli, already on the edge, clenched his cock as it spewed into her and blasted her into orgasm, coming at the same time, and loving it. She whimpered with trembling moans and clenched her muscles on his cock, holding it buried deep inside her. He twitched it, bringing her to another mini-climax.

Finally sliding her off his cock, he did something he had never done before. He turned her and slid her onto the counter. She squealed as her ass contacted the cool countertop, but Kevin, intent on his mission, gave her no time to complain. Hoisting her thighs over his shoulders, he buried his face in the cunt he loved so much and began to suck their combined juices, taking time to lick down her crack to her ass and clean it also. Working his way back to her clit, he realized she had his head in her hands and was approaching orgasm again.

As she pushed his face harder, he reached her clit and sucked it roughly, bringing on the third climax of the morning. As she came, he lapped up the juices, delighting in the taste, as well as the aroma of a freshly fucked pussy. Holding her by the thighs, he allowed her tremors to subside before kissing her clit tenderly and looking between her legs, said, "I love you."

"Oh, Baby, I love you, too," she said, as she began kissing her moisture off his face, cupping it tenderly and allowing her breathing to return to normal. As she slid off the counter, she plastered her body to his and tried to absorb every inch of his skin into hers.

They finally got around to cereal and coffee, never bothering to dress and soon began making out, this time with Kelli sitting on his lap, her arm around his neck and a tit in his mouth. His dick, still soft, was nestled on her hip. Thinking "It's now or never," she began to confess her plan.

"Baby, I think I may have a plan that will solve our problem," she said, kissing his ear and licking it gently. "Since Amy's such a turnon for you, how would you like to fuck her?"

Drawing back, he looked at the love of his life and asked, "Did I hear you right? You'd let me fuck Amy?"

"Well, it's not like you get to have all the fun. I need something in return."

She went on to explain all the details of her plan, and after some thought, Kevin said, "You know I adore you and would do anything in my power to make you happy, even allowing you to be gangbanged and me fucking your best friend. I know our love is strong enough to last and we might as well enjoy this ride while we can. Let's go for it!"

Squealing with delight, Kelli turned her back to him and slid her cunt down on his now rigid cock and quickly brought both of them to climax. An exhausted Kevin said, "Damn, just talking about it makes us horny. I don't know if we can carry it off."

"We'll just have to try," she said sweetly, kissing him and stroking his cock.

Kelli called Amy and gave her the good news and phone numbers she would need. As this fuckfest was to take place at a small, private lake that Kelli's family owned, new bikinis were in order, so a shopping trip was required. When they arrived at the Skinwear Boutique, they were two vixens on a mission. Explaining some of their plans to the clerk, they were soon seated and a display of erotic swimwear brought out to them. They had decided on orange as the color, and the fact that they would both buy the same size. Kelli's tits would be mostly covered, while Amy's would be mostly uncovered. Everything from full coverage, which was quickly nixed, to minimal coverage strings was displayed, and then modeled by a gorgeous, voluptuous model, whose name was Desiree.

Amy commented "Damn, she's hot. If I were into women, I'd make a pass at her!

Kelli giggled and said, "Me too, but I like cock too much! Why don't you try it and let me know how it is?"

As Desiree displayed more and more risqué selections, the girls made up their minds. When they announced their choice, and Desiree said, "You girls must be planning some serious fun."

"Yeah," said Amy, her desire taking over her inhibitions. "The bikinis are just for decoration. We're planning an orgy and probably won't be wearing them long."

"I'd love to see that going on. You two are absolutely gorgeous and I can just imagine a bunch of horny guys getting it on with you," Desiree said, as her breathing changed noticeably. Her breasts, already straining the bikini top she was modeling, began to rise and fall with her quickened breathing.

Acting on impulse, Amy walked over and, slipping her hand behind the model's neck, pulled her mouth to her own for a deep, wet kiss. "We've got this one planned already, but I assure you, we can work something out later," said Amy, as she pulled back and fondled Desiree's barely covered breasts. "You think you could go for that?"

"Oh fuck yes," said Desiree, as she hugged Amy's curvy body and squeezed her ass. "I will definitely put that on my to-do list."

On the way to the car, Kelli could not contain her curiosity. "Well, how was it? Did she smell good? Was her tongue soft?" she asked, getting in the car.

Amy didn't say a word until they were seated, then put her hand down the front of her shorts, and, drawing it back out, held her finger to Kelli's lips. "See how wet I am? It was fucking great! I could definitely go for some of that. She kissed differently than a man. Her tongue was wonderful!" As she was telling Kelli this, she had slipped her hand back into her shorts.

"Damn, I've got to come. Park somewhere away from traffic, quick!"

As Kelli moved the car to a secluded spot in the parking lot, Amy slid her shorts and panties off, wasting no time getting two fingers into her dripping pussy. Leaning back and putting her feet on the dash, she looked at Kelli and said, "Pull my nipples, please. This won't take long!"

Kelli reached over and, easily finding Amy's nipples on her d-cup breasts, began massaging them, pulling gently. Amy's fingers were flying in and out of her cunt, making a slurping sound and she quickly clenched her own hand with her thighs, groaning loudly and oblivious to anything but her own pleasure. "Yep, I could definitely do the girl thing. How about you?" she asked, leaning in to kiss her best friend, holding her hand on her breast.

"I don't know Amy. That was hot. Just to think that you were so turned on by Desiree makes me wonder," said Kelli. "And I must admit, your tittties feel pretty good, too!"

"So, what are we going to do about this discovery?" asked Amy.

"Let's get this party over and then we'll explore the possibilities!" said Kelli excitedly. "In fact, a little girl-play might just help our studs when we get to the lake."

The lake was actually a small pond, dug for the nearby interstate on Kelli's family's land. It had been their private, secluded beach for quite some time, and Kelli had given her virginity to Kevin on the very beach she was planning to use to fuck three of Kevin's male friends.

The big day finally arrived and Kelli, nervous about everything going right, reminded Kevin of her undying love and devotion as he left for a weekend business trip. Amy had told her co-conspirators to be at the lake by ten, so she and Kelli got there around nine thirty and arranged their towels on the small pier that jutted out into the lake. They had changed into their bikinis at the house and were lying in the sun when the three guys arrived.

Parking within sight of the dock where the girls had spread their towels, the three guys saw every hot-blooded young man's dream- two nearly naked, beautiful women wearing ridiculously small bikinis, and waving at them. "Holy shit!" exclaimed Kevin's friend, Mitch. "That's Kevin's wife, Kelli. She's fucking hot! Wonder where he's at?"

Mitch and his two buddies, twins Seth and Sam, jumped from the car and jogged over to the dock. As they got closer, their collective amazement grew. The girls sat up facing the guys as they approached the dock. Kelli's tits were barely covered but Amy's strained the fabric, spilling out the sides and drawing stares from the boys.

Amy said, "Look guys, here's the plan. Kevin's out of town and Kelli wants to be gangbanged. She's willing to take on all three of you for as long as you can hold out. You can fuck her anywhere, any way, as long as she's willing. Any questions?" she asked as Kelli untied the string behind Amy's neck and her luscious titties fell out of their confinement.

Cupping Amy's right breast and bouncing it in the palm of her hand, Kelli said, "So guys. What's it gonna be? Wanna fuck Kev's old lady?"

One of the twins seemed reluctant, and said, "But Kelli, Kevin's our best bud. What if he finds out?"

"So who's gonna tell him? Certainly not me. Amy's sworn to secrecy, so it's your call. By the way, it's all or nothing," she said, as she untied her own top and threw it on the dock, exposing her breasts, her nipples pointing upwards jauntily. "We'll give you a few minutes in the water to make your decision. She's got to get me warmed up first."

The guys dove in and swam a few yards from the dock. Kelli and Amy stripped each other's bikini bottom off and began an erotic make out session that dismissed any misgivings the boys had. Amy held Kelli close, kissing her neck and massaging her perfect ass, turning so that the guys got a complete show. Kelli had Amy's nipple in her mouth and was licking and sucking sensuously, her tongue leaving a shiny wet trail on the soft orb.

Hearing them wading back, Kelli looked over and said, "Well guys, what's it gonna be?"

"Oh, we're in!" said Mitch enthusiastically. "What's Amy's part in this? Do we get to fuck her too?"

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