tagMatureWelcome Home, Mr. Greenburg!

Welcome Home, Mr. Greenburg!


I wrote furiously in my diary about my latest spat with Len. Len is my boyfriend and we've been getting into so many arguments lately.

Usually what will happen is that we will get in a fight about something stupid, I'll vow never to speak to him again and he and I will get back together when he calls me to apologize.

I'm 22, and having just graduated college. I am now working as a secretary for a pediatrician. That was how Len and I met, he was bringing his little niece in, Emily, because she had an earache. I thought back to that day, sixth months ago.

I stood at the fax machine that day, organizing a fax that just came in, when the most beautiful man I ever saw came into the office area. I swallowed and came up to him, smiling.

"Hello Miss," he said. "My name is Len Greenburg, this is my niece Emily, we have an eleven o'clock appointment with Dr. Palazzo."

I sat down at my desk and looked up their appointment and nodded, "Yes, Mr. Greenburg please fill this out." I handed him a clipboard with papers on it that he needed to fill out.

He looked through the papers, "All this?"

I smiled, "I'm sorry, I know it's very long."

Emily took him by the hand and dragged him to the waiting room. Len winked at me as he went in with her. I grinned back at him.

I organized the fax and filled out some of the paperwork that needed to be done. Len was a very handsome man. Maybe late 30's or early 40's, I guessed. He had the most gorgeous dark brown eyes I'd ever seen.

I heard the nurse out in the waiting room ask for Len and his niece to come back to the examining room. I then heard a little girl shrieking. I went out into the waiting area to see what was the matter. Emily was shrieking, scared of going into the doctor's office.

Both the nurse and Len were trying to get Emily into the examining room, but she was a strong little cuss and was not going to have any of it.

I held one of Emily's hands and Len held the other as we made our way down the hall to the room. The nurse walked ahead of us with a clipboard, while Emily shrieked and cried. We finally got to the room and Len set her up on the examining table.

"You did great Emily," I said to her. "You certainly are a big, brave girl to go to the doctor's like this. You know what I did when I was a little girl?"

She shook her head.

"Why I'd wiggle and squirm around so much that the nurses couldn't even handle me!"

Emily giggled.

"Now will you be an extra good girl for your Uncle Len?"

She nodded. "Lady," she said to me. "That's a really pretty bracelet!"

I moved closer to her so she could examine my bracelet. She held my hand with her little ones and studied the jewelry.

During this whole time, Len was standing in the room with his hands in pockets, smiling at the little conversation that Emily and I were having. I smiled at Len. His thick dark hair was nicely combed back. Or at least it once was. With his struggle with Emily, it was kind of out of place.

"Tell you what," I said to Emily. "If you be a good girl, I'll give you my bracelet."

Here face lit up, "You will?"

"I sure will."

She squealed in delight.

At that point the head nurse, Pauline, came in and needed to do her work. I started to leave when Len stopped me.

"Miss, um -"

"Valerie. Valerie Briggston."

"Thank you, Miss Briggston," he said.

"It's no problem," I replied and made my way back down the hallway and then turned into the ladies' bathroom.

I looked in the mirror. I didn't look too bad. I'm about 5'6", fair-haired with a slender figure and big baby-blue eyes.

About forty-five minutes later, Emily and Len was ready to go. Or at least Len was. Emily was out like a light from her exhausting struggle of the morning.

After paying his bill, Len quietly asked me to help him carry Emily out to his car, so as not to wake her. I agreed, and he gently scooped up Emily as I held the doors open for him and such. Once we got to his Ford, he put her in the backseat.

We walked a few feet from the car so we could talk for a few minutes.

"Mr. Greenburg, it certainly has been eventful morning with Emily here," I said laughing.

He chuckled, "Yeah, she's a stubborn little thing."

We talked for a few minutes and then he asked me out for dinner. I said yes, and I gave him my address and phone number. He was to pick me up that Friday evening at 7 o'clock. We said our good-byes and went our separate ways.

Almost inside the building, I ran back to Len.

"Did I forget something?" he asked.

"Yes," I said, taking off my bracelet. "Be sure she gets this," I handed it to him.

He smiled, "I'll do. Bye."

"Bye," I waved and went back in the building.

It was a wonderful day, but that was six months ago. Now my eyes and nose were red from crying, I looked like hell. I dug up my old diary and read my entry about the first date for Len and I. It read:

November 12th, 2006

Dear Diary,

I just got back from my first date with Len, and it was wonderful! He took me for dinner and dancing. We didn't go dancing in a nightclub, we went to a place that played mostly slow dance songs. The way he held me in his arms, and the way he led as we danced, you would've thought it was 50 years ago, but I loved it.

After a few dances, he held me close and I could swear I felt something in his pants up against my tummy. Could it have been? I hope it was!

He looked so sexy tonight. He was wearing nice tan slacks and a white button up shirt, that was just a little unbuttoned at the top, so I could see a little chest hair. Most young girls like smooth chests, but I like the chests with hair on them.

Those dark brown eyes of his are so glittery and beautiful. During dinner he kept looking at me in a way that I think meant he liked me. He looked so handsome. During the date I found out the he was 42. His age didn't bother me and I asked him if mine bothered him, and he said no.

It's too early to tell if I love him. Much too early! But I know I already like him a lot. He twirled me around the dance floor like he owned it and we had such a nice time, talking and laughing.

But the end of the night was really the best part. He walked me upstairs to the apartment door and gave me a soft kiss good night. He made no effort to try and get me into bed, which I like. He was a respectful young gentleman (he maybe 20 years my senior, but he's still young!)

After he kissed me good night, he wrapped his arms around my waist and told me I was one of the prettiest girls that he ever knew. I swear my heart was going to pound right out of my chest! I had these rush of butterflies, which I still have now just thinking about him.

I stood there with the diary in my hands. It was about three months after that entry that Len and I started to have sex. The sex is great. He's such a gentleman, I never would've thought he'd be such an animal in bed. Not that I'm complaining though.

The telephone rang and I went to answer it.


"Honey, it's me," Len sounded odd.

"Len, what's wrong?"

"I've just been in an accident, I'm ok though. I'm in room 518 at St. Eve's hospital."

I started to cry, "I'll be right here."

I drove to the hospital and panicked on the way there. I parked my car into a space and rushed into the hospital. The elevator ride seemed to take forever, but finally it stopped on the fifth floor.

I ran down the hallway to room 518. The room was open, so I quietly went on in. Len laid there in a hospital gown, with a blanket up to his waist. He had cuts and bruises on his arms and a big bruise on his head.

"Oh god, Len, what happened?" I sat at the edge of his bed.

"Sweetie, I'm so glad you came. I parked outside the Hallmark downtown, and you know that part of town, you always have to park parallel. And I got out of the car, and this truck, this Chevy truck, glided right into me and I fell on the ground. I lost consciousness, but I woke up when they were taking me into the ambulance."

Tears streamed down my face, "Are you going to be alright?"

He nodded, "I'll be ok. They gave me something for pain. Damn, that stuff works good." He chuckled. I saw that his right arm was hooked up to an IV. I couldn't believe he was still so optimistic at a time like this.

"Anyway," he continued. "They tested me and gave me a Cat Scan. I'm going to have to stay here for the next couple days, for observation. My head smacked right into the cement."

I hugged him to me, "I'm so glad you're ok. I'm so sorry about everything. Our fight, the accident, everything."

He hugged me back and told me that everything would be alright.

I laid my hand on one of the sides of his face and leaned into to kiss him. It was a long sweet kiss. I pulled my head away and look down at him. He gave me a soft smile.

"I love you, Val. I'm so glad you're here," he held my hand on his face.

"I love you too."

"But you better be careful with your kisses, you're going to give this old man a heart attack," he chuckled.

I giggled and bent down to his ear and whispered to him that once he was released, we'd go at it all night long. We passionately kissed again.

"Ah-hem," I stood up and turned around to see a stern looking nurse. She smiled, "Now you two kids wait till you're out of here."

We laughed.

After about two hours of visiting with Len, visiting hours were over, so I needed to go on home.

On the way back to my apartment, I realized how much I really loved him. It takes something so dramatic like this to happen, for two people to realize how much they really mean to each other.

Once at my apartment, I unlocked the door and went to my closet, trying to look for my old diary again. I flipped it open, here's what it said:

February 20th, 2007

Dear Diary,

Last night I lost my virginity to Len. It was so different than I would've ever expected. And it was much more emotional than I would've ever expected. But it was rough. Len wasn't rough, but it was just a difficult thing all together.

First, Len and I made out. We both knew it was the night it was going to happen, and the lump in his pants was bigger than I had ever seen before. And the way he kissed me, he was like a lion trying to get out.

I love to suck Len off, but he said that we should skip it because he wasn't going to last very long that night, and he wanted to cum inside me. I was excited that I was finally going to have sex, but so nervous too.

We went into his bedroom and we started to take off each other's clothes. When he took off my bra, my hands went up to cup my breasts and I distinctly remember blushing at my small chest size. But after a little while I was relaxed and felt comfortable being naked in front of him.

Don't get me wrong, I wanted to have sex so badly with him, but with me, there was that fear and that anxiety about my first time. We laid on his bed, both of us naked.

He never looked more beautiful. Of course, I had seen his naked chest before, but the light layer of sweat on it inside the darkened room, it made it that much sexier. I've probably mentioned his cock size in an earlier entry, but he's probably about 7"! That's a lot for a girl - especially a first timer - to take.

I was lying on my back and he was on top. I was trembling with fear, my fingers clutching at the sheets. He started to put his cock in me, little by little. I knew he was trying to be as gentle as he could, but it still hurt badly.

Then when he reached my hymen, I nodded at him to keep going, and this strange, sharp pain shot through me and I shrieked in pain and started to cry. He kissed my tears away, and started to move in and out of me.

Looking into his eyes, I remember what he had told me. He had slept with four other women before me, and all these images of sexy, mature, experienced women came into my head. I would never be able to satisfy him the way they did.

I quickly got up from the bed, disgusted and humiliated by how foolish I must've looked. I ran into the bathroom and threw up in the toilet and sobbed, and then I looked down and sobbed more.

My pussy and the inside of my thighs were bloody, and there was trickle of blood running down to my left leg to my ankle. I threw up again, embarrassed by myself. Bleeding and puking and crying like a helpless child.

Then Len knocked on the door and said something like, "Honey, we don't have to do this now. Why don't you take a quick shower, and I'll leave some clean clothes you can wear, ok?"

I told him yes and hopped into the shower. I was so tender between my legs, that I could hardly wash at all. While I was showering, he had set a t-shirt of his, a pair of boxers for me to slip into, a toothbrush and toothpaste.

I dried myself, brushed my teeth, put on the clothes and headed out into his living room where he was fully dressed. I ran into his arms and started apologizing. It was through his comforting that made me horny.

His strong hands were stroking my back and his sexy voice was soothing and whispering in my ear.

Again, we began to neck, and our second time in the bedroom was much better than the first. He put his cock in me again, and although it was uncomfortable, I was glad we were finally doing it. I was able to get into it after a little while and it was from then on into the morning we made love to one another.

I put my diary down on my night table and tucked myself into bed. I will make him one hell of a welcome home party, I thought to myself.

After two days of visiting Len and arranging for his surprise welcome home party, this was finally the moment. We drove to his apartment from the hospital.

In his apartment, I had already set up balloons, a couple gifts, a banner, and festive looking plates and napkins for the cake I had in the fridge.

"I'm so damned happy to be out that hospital, you just don't know baby," he said when we were in the elevator. "Baby, they gave me the shittiest food there. It wasn't fit for mice, much less men."

When the elevator stopped, we walked down the hall to his apartment and he unlocked the door. He saw all his welcome back things in shock.

"Surprise!" I yelled. "Welcome home, sweetheart!" I wrapped my arms around him.

He laughed, "Oh baby, thank you!"

"And I made you a cake," I opened up the fridge and showed him the cake and set it on the table.

"Oh baby, you are so sweet! Thank you! And oh god, do you know what you're doing to me in that outfit? Shit honey, show anymore cleavage or leg and you'd be arrested."

I giggled and pull out a chair at the table for him to sit at. He took a seat and I sat on his lap. I scooped a little bit of the cake frosting onto my finger and held it to his lips.

"Open up, baby," I said, and he obediently opened his mouth and sucked the frosting off my finger.

I scooped up some more frosting and put little dots of it on his face, gently kissing them away, licking up any extra frosting in the process.

He ran his hands up my smooth legs and growled, then hungrily kissed me. I kissed him back. It had been the first time in a couple days when we really had been alone, and this two-day abstinence program was playing havoc with our hormones.

His hand reached up my mini-dress and he moaned when he found I was not wearing any panties, "Oh shit baby, no panties. Oh you sexy little girl, no panties just for me....Mmm, and a nice wet pussy too."

I started to grind my bottom against his erection. He groaned again. He quickly picked me up and carried me to the bathroom. We love to fuck in the bathroom.

I held onto the sink counter, while he lifted up my dress from behind my bottom and stuck his cock into my pussy from behind. He was so frantic.

We started to fuck and through the bathroom there were these grunts and moans and whispers. His pants weren't completely off, and his shirt was still on. The top of my dress had came below my breasts, so as he fucked me, my tits jiggled.

"Oh fuck," I said. "Oh yess, fuck me, fuck me with that huge dick of yours. Come on baby."

He went faster, pumping his cock in and out, "Ohh, shit baby, you are the sweetest, tightest little fuck I've ever had. Mmm, what a sweet little pink pussy you have."

I spread my legs more. He was using my body and I enjoyed every bit of it.

"Use me, use my body," I told him. "Fuck it harder."

"Harder? Does my little baby want it faster?" he grunted.

I moaned in affirmation.

He fucked me faster and faster, till he came and shot a nice white load into my pussy. My pussy lips started to quiver in orgasm too, gripping at his cock. I moaned.

"Oh god!" he cried as he spurted into me.

After we both finished cumming, we were panting and gasping for breath. That was one hard fuck.

I straightened out my dress and he pulled up his pants. He held my hand and lead me out into the living room where we both sat on the couch. We were both feeling lazy and sexy, and wanted to kiss some.

"I didn't know you'd be so crazy for this dress," I commented.

He growled again and I giggled.

"Oh Valerie, honey, my dick got so hard when you came to get me this morning from the hospital. You have such a nice tits, such a nice ass, such nice legs, everything."

"Well, I just wanted to welcome you home," I said to him as we necked.

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