tagIncest/TabooWelcome Home, My Love

Welcome Home, My Love


The following is an epic saga of discovery and fruition between a man and a woman. The storyline and characters are entirely fictional. I encourage feedback as long as it is positive and encouraging.


I read an interesting article last week in a national mental health magazine covering a recent case of a married couple in Florida. What caught my eye wasn't the fact that they were married, or living in the south, but how these two knew one another. Diving into the lengthy article, the details began to surface as to the length of their affair, and their seemingly odd ages. The woman was 42, and her mate was a strapping 20 year old man. Huffing to myself that this lady had the right idea, I continued reading the enjoyable article. I too had recently started back at dating; and at 39, I felt I was emotionally ready for a permanent and lasting relationship with Mr. Right. But of course, finding him was the insurmountable task at hand. I didn't like the singles scene at all, hated the 'get to know you' stage, and despised the introductory services that charged an unlawful amount to meet the 'one'. I had spent the last 15 years building my career as a Lawyer and raising my only child, Greg. I wasn't about to risk it all just for some idiot to come along and ruin. Yet my empty bed was becoming more and more a dreaded haven every night.

I didn't think I was that bad of a catch for any man. I had belonged to a local gym for almost two years now trying to rid myself of all that 'junk in the trunk', yet still had my naturally voluptuous frame. I only recently decided that I was personally content with being a larger sized woman. My 38-28-42 measurements held several curves for the right man to worship and admire. Frankly, I loved being a healthy sized lady. Since Greg and I live within 10 minutes of the beach, I could frequently tan to keep my golden hued skin as brown as possible. It also helped my naturally blonde hair looking as youthful as possible. With 40 approaching, I truly felt good about my looks. I honestly feel that no man really wants to bed a skeleton; for God's sake, we were meant to be curvy for all eyes to admire!!

Continuing on with the article, I became absorbed into how these two got along. They seemed the perfect couple... they knew each other in and out. Knew when the other needed an embrace, or could finish the other's sentence with just a glance. It was presented as the perfect relationship filled with the passion and zest I too was seeking in this vile world. But when I came to the part where these two met, I about vomited up my lunch. This romantic and fruitful romance involved a mother and her son. I honestly didn't know what to think. Setting aside the magazine in disgust, I went back to work since my lunch hour was just about up.

Luckily, I had no clients to meet with the rest of the afternoon. All I had left was some leftover paperwork on a case we just won, so my mind was pretty free to wonder the rest of the day. And yet, there I sat with continuous thoughts about this couple in Florida. Random thoughts would leap into my mind... "How could a Mother marry her own son?" Frustrated, I finally picked up the magazine and picked up where I left off. My curiosity was getting the best of me, and I had to find out more.

The article delved into their day to day relationship in every detail. When it came to their love life, I quickly called my secretary Patty to hold all calls for the rest of the day. Just thinking that I could have been disbarred for reading a romantic incest story in my office sent chills throughout my tense body. I hardly could believe it myself; here I was, a politically correct, professional woman getting turned on by how a Mother and son could make love together. But being the mild natured magazine it was, it left a lot for me to imagine and envision in my own mind. I had never considered something like this, let alone act on my taboo imaginations before, but before long I was locked away in my personal bathroom trying to compose myself. To say I was aroused was a terrible understatement... I wasn't only aroused, I was craving sex and bad.

It had been over 15 years since anyone had made love to me. There was a brief period where I explored my homosexual curiosities and dated a handful of lovely women, but nothing lasted long enough to build on. Masturbation and my friendly vibrator were my only means to feeling somewhat satisfied at this point in life. I was a free spirited woman, and could be quite the daring slut if I had set my mind to it... and tonight was going to be a night of quenching my budding curiosities.

I switched over the phones to voice mail at a quarter till 5pm, telling Patty I was leaving for the day. Flustered with myself, I made my way to my convertible to get away. I wasn't going nuts by any means, I just felt it was time to let my hair down and have some fun. I didn't know where I was going, but it certainly felt good not to know where my destination lie. I felt alive.

Stopping beside a news stand on Santa Monica, I got out and picked up a copy of the local 'beatnik' magazine, the ones where all those sex ads pollute the last few pages of it's floppy assembly. Even as I performed this mindless act, various thoughts and images of a passionate coupling between myself and a hunky man kept me breathless. I wanted to explore these desires the article triggered in me. A part of me wanted to break out in laughter at even considering a wild and taboo sex act with my own child. I tried to stop myself and maintain some sense of composure, but it was useless. All the thoughts and visions kept my mind going right back to square one... Gregory, my young and handsome son of just 20 years.

He was a strapping, dashing young man for his age. In his junior year of college at UCLA, he had come back home for the summer so he could train for the upcoming football season. He proudly stood at 6'3", weighing in at an awesome 230lbs. Since 17, Gregory made fitness his ultimate mantra by daily workouts and running. It was an amazing spectacle watching his once childish frame bulk up to a massive shrine of muscle and power. It made me proud to see him maintain excellent grades and make the starting line up every season. There was already talk on the campus that the NFL was keeping an eye on my tan, dark haired son. He seemed to be the perfect catch for any young damsel at UCLA, yet Gregory sparsely dated here and there, claiming that girls were only a distraction. He was just amazing to me. His proud, protruding chest that boiled with muscle... pecks that held a curvy, yet rigid texture... arms that could easily sweep a woman off her feet. And as taboo as it was, these images kept coming back into my mind's eye again and again.

I got back in the car, and told myself that if I just acted out these ideas, then perhaps these dreaded thoughts would go away. Rushing through the circular, I raced to the back section where all the local clubs were located. I knew that if I could find a person of passion and strength, then he could quench my taboo thirsts. I then decided that a gay bar might be a good place to start... If I wanted passion, then these types were for me. But how I was going to bed one would prove to be a challenge. I located what looked like a nice place (at least the ad looked somewhat classy), and quickly got on my way. My heart was almost out of my chest by this time thinking about what would happen and how. I hadn't done anything quite this spontaneous since college... and I was loving every moment of it.

My cell phone rang, breaking my concentration for the time being. Seeing it was my home phone number, I knew it was Gregory.

"Hey Mom, I called the office and Patty said you took off." said my ever courteous son.

"Yea, I had to get out of that damn office for a while." I replied, trying to keep my mind at bay while envisioning what he was wearing at the exact moment.

"Well I was wondering what you wanted for dinner." He added, always looking out for me as he had done since adolescence.

"I'm not gonna be home for a while tonight, Greggie." I said. "I've got some business to wrap up before I go to court tomorrow, so it could be a late night for me. Why don't you head out and get something, K?"

"Oh shit, Mom-- I was really hoping we could have that sit down dinner we've been talking about." he said.

My heart almost stopped right there. I wanted nothing more than to tell him I wanted him right then and there, but I hesitated. I knew I was acting irrational by this point, and hot steamy intercourse was all I could think about.

"Oh sweetie, I know. Let's make it for tomorrow night. I swear it, baby, okay?" I cooed back in a flirtatious, soothing voice. If anyone had bothered to translate that, it would have said 'I want us to make burning, passionate love all night tomorrow night.'

I could tell the tone of my voice got to him.

"Greg?" I replied. "You still there, honey?"

"Yea." He said in a somewhat nervous tone.

I knew he sensed something. We were far to close to try and outsmart the other. After all, it had been just he and I since he was five years old.

"I thought I lost ya, baby." I continued.

"No, no. I just... just got some stuff on my mind." He replied. "Well, hey-- have fun tonight and I'll see you tomorrow morning, okay?"

A smile eased across my face as I lowered my voice...

"Okay, sweetheart... I love you." I soothingly said.

A brief, yet eternal silence followed... Our souls seemed to connect in some invisible way.

"Love you too, Mom. See ya." he said rather abruptly, ending the call.

I knew there was a silent understanding that was just placed between us. A Mother knows these things about their children.

The Pursuit

Sauntering into the dark, yet lively club, my eyes were filled with several various men. I knew that the majority were homosexual, yet that didn't stop my untamed undertaking. Sitting down at a remote table, I eased myself into the stool so I could see who was all around me at any given moment. The stares from the female clientele soon started, and they were met with equal, if not shameless glances right back. If I were not to land a man tonight, then I would have gladly settled for a female... It just didn't matter at this point.

The piercing sunlight from outside burst in as my gaze tried to focus on the customer walking in. Standing proudly was a vigorous, gorgeous young man dressed in a tight t-shirt and jeans that looked like he was poured directly into them. Wow... he was certainly getting all the attention as he strolled in by himself, making his way to the bar. I could tell this boy was rather nervous, yet there was a calmness about him that was definitely alluring. He was smooth... sleek. Freshly washed hair that shimmered with hair gel, a nice even tan that accentuated his lean, chiseled jaw line. And the broadest, well-built chest any man or woman would just love having under their palms. He was simply a knockout, and I know everyone in that bar wanted to have sex with him at that very moment.

After two Long Islands, I began to loosen up a bit. A few other patrons and I started up a lively conversation as we watched various couples dance beside us in the cramped, yet relaxed setting. An attractive young lady by the name of Veronica introduced herself as she sat next to me, all the while keeping my eye on that hunky slab of meat at the bar a few feet away. Veronica was obviously gay; possessing a slight hint of butch, but she was so incredibly warm and outgoing. Then, almost as if I didn’t see it before-- I really saw Veronica. She too was a healthy, curvaceously gorgeous woman. Her sallow hued skin held just the right tone, complimenting her cute curved face. That with her short, stylish burr, she was definitely the type of person that doesn’t stand out in a crowd. But upon a closer look, she was indeed a veiled accolade. Seeing her curvy form tucked inside those formfitting jeans brought a sigh from me. Wow… this lady had all the right curves. We then locked eyes at last, falling almost right there; madly in love. The deepest emerald pearls I had ever witnessed. She perceived my visual acceptance, and blessed me with a lovely, blissful smile. God, even her perfect white teeth exuded a pure sexual craving. An It was nice to know that after so many years, I was appealing to someone. She soon held my hand as we shared one of several lengthy, meaningful gazes that evening. Those full, pouty lips begging for just the right kiss as I almost immediately crushed against them with my own famished lips. Having been with several women before, this was an enticing form of affection I craved. Any woman who denies herself this graceful deed of fervor is sorely flawed... The caring touch of female flesh simultaneously meshed together is a dialect that only two women can comprehend. My impatient hands swathed behind Veronica's head to ensure our ambitious kiss wouldn't end... The celestial scent of her perfume then satiated my heaving nostrils, only to further my reckless acts of wanton lust for this female. Oh my God… so intoxicating. Like a nourishing ritual, each sacred movement and act of desire was meticulously measured as I swallowed her succulent saliva. The meshy wetness of her syrupy tongue was briskly received in my mouth as our arms enclosed together in absolute precision. I could hear Veronica's subdued moans in the midst of the music and conversations... God she was so into this kiss... I could tell that she mandated every act with unconditional fervor and commitment.

Her unhurried, courageous kisses wriggled from my mouth, longingly savoring my cheek and jaw. Welcoming her shapely form into my unfilled arms, I finally sensed her complete form in my eager arms. Practically on intuition, my hands strayed to her lower back, feeling the plunging basin of her curvy spine. I gasped, realizing that this woman packed one hell of a body beneath her outsized, ambiguous clothes. My mind’s eye visualized what her seething flesh may have looked like unsheathed as I heard delicious slurps of her mouth with each long, drawn out motion of her plump lips. Just hearing her crude whimpers melted me with blistering desire. With my eyes sealed shut, I tightened my embrace of this woman of shape and boldness… Her boiling breath thawed the nape of my neck; quivering in shear bliss... It was then my eyes fluttered open to see my hunk across the bar staring right at me. I acknowledged his gaze with a thin smile as he quickly looked away in embarrassment. I wanted to chuckle at his youthful shyness, yet was too busy with my busty vixen's mouth sealed against my neck... I could see his dark Italian features clearly now... I sighed, knowing for sure that I wanted him to share my bed on this fateful evening. I had to have him.

Veronica's loving thrived as I leaned back somewhat to ensure that our union wasn’t getting out of hand just yet. Catching her soft hand in mine, our eyes met with an expression of pure, unadulterated lust for one another. Her short burr was certainly a diversion compared to her scrumptious, womanly figure... But that was fine. She was still incredibly sexy, and she saw this in my eyes as my left hand slithered around the back of her neck, dragging my nails through the short bristles of her burr with accurate reverence.

"Ssssh." I whispered to Veronica as she rolled her eyes back in her head, delirious with desire.

"I want you." she replied under her breath as she tried again to mesh our lips together.

Her lips fell upon my flushed face as I tried to keep a safe distance. My goal was not to bed a woman tonight, but if Veronica kept playing this hand right, she too would end up as my lover for who knows how long.

"Sweetness, I want you too, but I have a favor to ask." I whispered with her mouth pressed against my trembling ear.

"What, sexy?" she replied as her wet tongue slid into my ear.

"See that stud over there?" I replied.

"No." she answered with yet another lap of her tongue across my soaked ear lobe. I could sense in her tone that any mention of a man wasn’t welcome.

"Look, babe. Him over there." I said, with slightly more force this time.

Catching her breath, Veronica glanced her way to the studly looking Italian.

"Oh, David?" She said with a hint of recognition.

"David?" I bolted back with intensity.

"Yea, that's David. He's been coming in here for a couple of weeks now."

Not only was the possibility more at hand, but now I had to convince Veronica to arrange us to meet. My mind couldn't keep up with each surging beat of my already frazzled heart. I moved to stand up beside my lovely Sapphic partner.

"Let me guess. You want him?" Veronica said with a cocked brow.

I shook my head yes as she then let a sly grin be seen.

"He's been trying to meet a guy, but he's not sure if he's that way or not." she continued.

"So he likes us ladies, eh?"

"You could say that." she replied.

I took a deep breath, and focused all of my thoughts into this one moment of unquestionable craving and lust. Taking Veronica’s aching hand in mine, I lifted her hand to my mouth-- kissing the back of it with gentle affection; our eyes spoke what our voices couldn't. I knew at that exact moment that I would be sharing a bed with this amazing woman tonight, no matter where it might be. Her voluptuous figure and that porcelain face melted me... and if I had to have both male and female with me this evening, so be it.

Instructed to wait out in my car, Veronica promised to arrange the delivery of David to wherever we were going to spend the night. Flustered, yet excited, I went out to my Camero as I quickly arranged us a suite at my favorite hotel in Beverly Hills. After reserving the room, another idea quickly came into play. I would go to the suite and prepare the setting, that way when Veronica and David arrived, all we would have to do is begin the mating ceremonies. If all fell together as planned, I was going to experience my very first threesome. Needless to say, my senses were entirely out of control. I went to the doorman at the club, and gave him the hotel and suite number for when Veronica and David left…

The Mating Ritual

Arriving at the suite, I immediately began to set the scene for our long evening together. Ordering a dozen candles from the front desk, I wanted to establish that this room wasn’t just your typical low-priced get together. I wanted this to be an unforgettable night of love making and mutual affection in every sense. Hanging up my suit nearby, I slipped into the hotel’s feathery robe provided and awaited my guests arrival. I strode to the bathroom where I decided to give myself one last inspection before the mating began. Sliding the robe down past my shoulders, I gazed at the sight of my full nude body in the mirror as the material clumped around my ankles. My palms inched down my side, tracing the hourglass figure I luckily had. When my palms began caressing the wide flair of my motherly hips, an idea raced into mind as I knew exactly how this night was going to take place… This evening was to be a daring night of role-playing, myself and my two guests were to be victims to my every taboo whims.

Turning around to inspect my backside, my eyes inspected the fullness of my ass with painstaking detail. Would David find these healthy, large chestnut hued cheeks to his liking? Or would he turn away in disappointment? I have always been fond of a man or woman’s backside for some reason… Even when I was a teenager, my curious mind always craved this taboo behavior. In fact, Gregory’s father was the first man I ever experienced anal sex with. And it wasn’t just me who experienced the penetration of their forbidden haven of ultimate pleasure either.

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