tagAnalWelcome to Dallas

Welcome to Dallas


You know how you have that one friend that you have a good vibe with where there is a sexual chemistry but you haven't taken advantage of it yet? Well, Tasha is that friend. She lives in Orlando, Florida, where I grew up. We became friends through Facebook and learned we have a few things in common. She's in her 40s and she's also a Cowboys fan like me. We talk quite a bit as well about all sorts of shit. Anyway, she told me she was planning a trip to visit one of her best friends in Dallas. She planned this trip in August and I figured this was going to be my chance to get her ass. She's a sexy short woman, about 5-3, DD tits and a fat ass. I'm a witness to this by her sending me racy pics on a not so regular basis. I still have the memory of her bent over on her bed wearing only a blue thong. I don't care what anyone says, thongs are sexier than boy shorts.

Anyway, she made it to Dallas and I met her over at her best friend Diana's house. I surprised her with a bottle of Hennessy Black. Man, if you saw the look on her face!! Before she realized it, she jumped up and kissed me. Oh well, there went the nervousness of the first kiss. Based on the suddenness of the kiss, I didn't have time to be shocked. Anyway, this was our first time meeting in person and this seemed like it was going to be really eventful to say the least.

We spent the next 3 hours shooting the shit and drinking. She pulled out a blunt to smoke it but I declined. Her and her friend smoked it up and we departed shortly after. Once we got back to my place, I presented her my other gift, which was Ciroc Pineapple.

She asked me to show her my restroom. I pointed her to that direction. She went in and I sat down to get on my racing game. 20 minutes later, she came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. I was playing my racing game, looked up and said AW SHIT!! When I stood up, she kissed me but kept the towel around her waist and told me to sit down.

"I wanna watch you on this game. I have to see if it's as funny as when we're on the phone and you're wilding out."

So I get back on the racing game and choose a race that's hard as hell to beat but winnable. I get back to racing the same race 5 times over; with a few cuss words flying out at random. Tasha is just back there laughing her ass off. I tune her out and play Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3. I'm on a survival mode and get into character when shooting the African guys. Once again, she laughs some more.

"You like that accent? You like when I talk like dis??" She's rolling, laughing her ass off!!


So I get back to the game, and about 15 minutes later, she taps me on the shoulder. I turn and she's under the blanket.

"Finish the next 2 levels then turn around," she says.

So, I get back to the game and it's like 15 guys to kill each level. I'm dropping C4, grenades, Claymore mines and spraying ammo from the machine guns and assault rifles my character is packing. As I finish, I hear her moving around the bed. I turn around and she's duplicating the pose with her on all fours wearing only a blue thong. The ass is just looking at me, saying "bite me!!" Time to put down the controller!! Fuck this game, time to play with that ass!!

I get myself behind her and kiss both cheeks. I smack the right cheek, then the left. I pull the thong to the left and stare at her pussy and asshole. My face is close enough where she feels my breath. I lower my face so my tongue is at the same level as her clit. She feels my breath again, then I flick my tongue. She shudders. I lick again, but slower this time. As I get ready to move my face away, I suck on her clit. She shakes again!! I feel some liquid oozing out of her. DAMN, did she just squirt on me? I think she did!! So I suck on her clit again and stick 2 fingers in her pussy while she's still bent over. I'm looking for her G Spot and I move my tongue to her asshole. As soon as her tongue hits her browneye, it eases the tension and opens a little. I push my tongue in as far as possible and she squirts again!! My dick is growing and hard to the point of almost painful. I know she's wet enough and the pussy is looking so inviting at this point.

As I remove my fingers from her pussy and my tongue from her ass, I line up behind her. She turns around and has me lay down. She decides she wants to give me head. Who am I to stop her? She focuses on the head and I'm laying back and enjoying it all. I ask her to not use her hands and she complies. She has me feeling so good!! She's going up and down the shaft and drops down to the balls. She takes in one at a time, then both. She goes back up to the head and slurps hard. My dick is gooey looking from her deep throating me and I feel like I'm gonna bust any second. I sit up and tell her to stop.

"I gotta get in that pussy."

She smiles and bends over. I want her on her back but she refuses.

"Poke that thing in me from behind."

She senses my apprehension and asks me if I'm scared.

"Scared? No. Doggy style is my Kryptonite."

Her response was: "It's ok. Let's get your first one out of the way. Go ahead, baby. Dig in this pussy."

Obviously, I'm not refusing this offer.

I line up to enter her and rub my head on her clit. She instantly gets wetter. I go ahead and plunge my dick in her, full length to the hilt. I fit in her pussy perfectly, my head kissing her cervix. I start stroking at a reasonable pace. I slow down when it gets too good. I'm really trying to not bust this nut regardless of how many more times we're going to have sex. I'm trying but she throwing that pussy on me and about 5 minutes later, I bust what feels like the biggest nut of the year!! As I begin to cum, she squirts again.

She turns over and lays on her back. I go get a rag. She wipes me down then wipes herself. She goes to the restroom I assume, to push the cum out of her. She comes back about 10 minutes later.

"You ready for round 2?" I look at her kinda sideways because my recuperative abilities aren't as great as they were 15 years ago.

She gets in the bed and then says. "Don't worry I got something for that, too. Just watch me."

She's flat on her back playing with herself. I want to join, but she won't let me touch her. She puts a finger in her pussy, then licks it clean. Then she puts in 2 fingers, and licks them clean. She does this a few more times and I feel a stirring in my loins again. As I look down, she does the same. She sees me growing. I let her continue with this for a couple more minutes. I get up and stand on the bed. She kneels on it; her face to my crotch. She begins to suck me to total hardness. When I get there, I back away and lay her down. We start kissing and I line myself up to enter for round 2. DAMN, it feels good to enter her. I pump for about 2 minutes then pull out to play with her entrance. Pull out, push back in. Pull out, push back in. Pull out push back in.

"Stop playing and give me that dick!!"

She wanna talk shit, huh? I roll her legs up and suck the hell out of her clit and make her cum again. THEN, I slide the dick back inside of her. Slowly and almost agonizing. Pushing pulling, changing positions every 2 to 3 minutes. Missionary, Left leg on my shoulder, right leg on my shoulder. Her on top then both legs on my shoulders. I turn her over into doggie style. Man, the second round is a MONSTER!! While in doggy style this time around, I'm in her strong and she says

"Pull out, pull out!!"

I pull out and she squirts again!! I take my fingers and rub them across the squirt and from the clit to her asshole. I rub the squirt juice in the browneye. I get back in Tasha doggy until she cums once more. I slowly slide a finger in her ass at the same time. Once I know her ass is loose, I keep her in that position but lower her just a little bit. As I enter her tightest hole, I'm expecting her to be somewhat tight but I slide in easier than expected. I'm just glad she's taking it well. We're getting a good rhythm going and I feel her squirt again. That just turns me on even more. I feel myself going faster and damn, her ass feels real good right now.

I'm thinking of pulling out and going back to the pussy. I pull almost all of the way out of her ass when she tells me to leave it in there. I pull out everything but the head. I slide back in with one hard thrust. We're working up a real good sweat and it's obviously worth messing up the sheets.

So we're going at it. I turn her over on her side and I go right back in her ass. This is a hell of a session we have going here!! After a few minutes of this, I have her get on her back and I lift her legs up to finish her ass from the missionary position. I slide in, lean down to her and we kiss. It's a long, lingering kiss as I pick up speed plowing her ass. She's feeling it, I'm feeling it. She sticks her tongue out and licks her lips. I lean in to kiss her and before you can say OH SHIT, OH SHIT, I'm cumming and nothing can stop it. I fill her ass up and then lay down next to her and we both doze off.

Welcome to Dallas!!

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