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Welcome to Florida


"Dan," Dad said with his goofy grin, "This is Lisa; Lisa, my son, Dan."

"So nice to finally meet you, Dan. Welcome to Florida," she said, taking my hand. "Your father has told me so much about you. How was your trip?"

I suddenly felt feverish as I mumbled a reply. Mom had died just over a year ago after a prolonged illness, and Dad had been devastated. After 40 years together, he had watched her waste away and he was left living in a 55 and over community in Florida that they had purchased just prior to Mom falling ill.

I had offered for him to move back to New York with Vickie and me, but he declined, which worked out fine because we were going through some rocky times ourselves.

Since then, we had divorced and Dad had met and married Lisa. I was unable to attend the wedding due to an injury on my job, but the pictures he had sent me did not do Lisa justice.

Now, meeting her for the first time, I was awed by her sleepy brown eyes and deep, smoky voice. Her hair was light brown with blonde streaks and she was about 5'4".

"It was a long drive, but I stayed over in Savannah one night," I explained, still holding her hand. Dad finally came in for a big hug and Lisa seemed to reluctantly release her grasp. As I hugged Dad, she stood just beyond us, smiling warmly. I tried looking away, taking in the place, but my eyes returned to Lisa, dressed in white slacks, pink polo shirt and white visor. She was so different from Mom, younger, prettier, warmer, and definitely built better. Mom was petite, moody and easily bored. Lisa was none of the above.

Since the injury, I wasn't able to continue working as a laborer. My leg had been broken in two places, so scaffolds were too challenging. Dad suggested I come down for a long visit. I could check out the area with an eye on relocating.

"We have plenty of room, Danny," he had declared. "The guest room has a private entrance so you can come and go as you please." A change of scenery may have been just what I needed, so I hopped in my SUV and headed south.

"You must be exhausted," Lisa interrupted the long hug. "Do you need help bringing your things in?"

"Yeah," Dad chimed in, "We'll get you settled. Baby, do you have time before your tee time? We don't want to keep the foursome waiting."

Lisa smiled even wider, her bright, white teeth glistening against a deep tan. "Of course, Bobby, we always have time for family."

"Thanks, but that's not necessary," I replied. "Please, don't let me interfere with your plans. I can bring my stuff in just fine, thanks."

The pout Lisa gave us was too exaggerated and her eyes drifted to my healed leg, but I persisted. "Really, please go. It'll give me and Dad some time to catch up."

She reluctantly agreed, giving Dad a kiss on the cheek, and me another flash of the ivory.

"Isn't she something?" Dad proudly asked after we settled in the sun room for a few beers.

Even if she hadn't been so amazing, I would have politely agreed. He told me that after a few months of Mom's death, his friend Wally had dragged him out for a few drinks at the country club. It turned out that Lisa had just finalized her own divorce and, as a friend of Wally, she had stopped by to say hello at the bar. Dad was smitten, which was understandable, to say the least. Soon after, he got up the nerve to ask her to dinner, and a whirlwind romance came to fruition with a small, hastily organized civil ceremony.

"Lisa was so excited when she heard you were coming down," he continued. "And so was I!"

"Well, thanks for having me."

We settled into a routine, with me trying not to disrupt their lives and them trying to include me. Dinners at the club were frequent, with many of the divorcees who stopped by to visit Lisa gave me come-hither looks. Though they all seemed well-heeled, they were quite a bit older than my 37. Hell, they were older than Lisa, too, it seemed.

One night, a member of her regular foursome said hello. She asked if I played golf. "Not in a while," I answered.

"Danny, you used to love to play" Dad interjected. "No more?"

"I haven't had the chance."

"Well, you do now," Lisa beamed. "I can get us a tee time whenever you like." Dad agreed, enthusiastically.

After a visit to the ladies room, she returned to announce, "It's all set: 9:30 tomorrow."

I began to protest but Dad assured me, "When Lisa sets her mind to something, there's no sense arguing."

The next morning, we were at the Pro Shop, with Lisa's clubs on the cart. "I wasn't sure if you were a leftie or rightie," she advised. "They have decent clubs available." When the clubhouse boy put a set of Pings on the cart, I knew she was right. They put my second-hand Wilsons to shame.

"I hope you don't mind, but we'll be playing alone today," she informed me.

"That's fine. It's been so long since I've played, I'd rather not embarrass myself in front of too many people."

Lisa laughed heartily. "It's like riding a horse. Or sex. It'll come back to you with a little practice." Her devilish smile chilled and excited me.

She was right: After the first few holes, I was playing better, although not as well as she. "You're very good," I said.

"Oh, thanks. I've been playing all my life, which is a long time!"

"Well, it shows... I mean about your talent, not how long your life has been," I stumbled to apologize. She laughed again, touching my arm.

"Believe me, I didn't take it like that." She paused and I looked over to her, and her eyes bore into mine. "I'm not a gold digger, you know."

My face wrinkled. "Why did you say that? Did I give you the wrong impression or something? I didn't mean to."

"It's just that when some people see couples that are... separated by a few years, they seem to automatically assume there is a monetary motive. Believe me, there isn't. My family left me quite well-off, and I did well in the divorce settlement."

It was my turn to smile. "It never crossed my mind. Unless Dad hit the Lottery, I don't think there's all that much in the bank."

My stepmother smiled again. ""I have no idea what he has, nor do I care. I love your father in a very platonic way. We have similar likes and dislikes. We are happy."

Platonic, I thought. Why did she include that? Does she mean there's no sex?

I let it slide and we played in silence for a while.

"How's your leg holding up," she asked.

"Oh, pretty well, I guess. I'd forgotten all about it so I guess it's okay." I was relieved that she eased the tension and changed the subject.

"I would've asked you to play golf earlier, but I didn't want to pry."

"No problem. You have a regular foursome, so I hate to intrude."

Her hand touched my leg this time. "You're not intruding, not at all. It's been refreshing having you here. Your father is thrilled, and so am I. You're welcome to stay as long as you like. Why don't you move in permanently?"

"Oh, I couldn't move in with newlyweds," I joked, and felt her hand squeezed my thigh.

I stopped the cart by my ball, which was along the tree line. When I tried to climb out, she squeezed tighter and I looked at her. That deep stare seemed darker now.

"Dan, what do you think of me? I mean, really think of me."

I eased back into the seat. "You seem very smart, honest, and good people. You make Dad happy and that's the most important thing."

"Thank you, but I meant how do you feel about me?"

I could feel the sweat forming on my brow. "You've been super, opening up your home, making me feel welcome..."

"No, no," she whispered, moving slowly towards me across the cart. "Do you... find me attractive?"

She was so close now, I could smell her scent, and I hadn't been with a woman in quite a while. "Lisa, I ..."

She released me and moved away in one move. "I'm so, so, sorry, I can't believe I made such a fool of myself," she sobbed, turning her head away.

I hate to see women cry. Reflexively, I grabbed her shoulder and turned her to me. "You didn't make a fool of yourself at all."

For the first time since I met her, Lisa refused to make eye-contact with me. "Yes I did. I thought... when we first met, I thought I saw something in your eyes... that look that says... oh, I don't know, that there was a connection."

I touched her chin and raised it, making her look at me. "You are right. When I saw you, I thought how lucky Dad was. You're gorgeous. He deserves happiness after the last few years he's had... and you make him very happy."

Her eyes glistened through the tears and she gave me a wan smile. "Thanks, Dan. I'm sorry that I forget how old I am, and that I should act my age."

"Why? Because you married Dad? Like you said, It's obvious that you are much younger than him. In fact, you're probably closer to my age than his."

She smiled now and laughed. "Oh, how I wish? How old do you think I am?"

It was good to see her smile again. "I don't know, I'm terrible with women's ages. Late forties?"

She laughed again. "Try fifty-seven. But it was sweet of you to say."

"Wow," I replied with genuine astonishment, "I would've never guessed. You don't look it... or act it."

She turned her head and kissed my hand. The moisture of her tears seemed to burn me. "Your father and I have an understanding, Dan. I never do anything to cause him embarrassment and he doesn't question me about my relationships. I hope you don't think poorly of either of us."

I felt the gap between us closing again. This time, it was mutual. "I could never think poorly of either of you," I mumbled as our breath mixed, and she closed her eyes again, and our lips met. Softly, tentatively, at first. I kept my eyes open, amazed at what I was doing. She seemed to sense my stare and opened her brown eyes, kissing again as she wrapped her arms around my neck. The stare continued as I felt her tongue press my lips and I opened for her. Flickering, swirling, our tongues danced and I felt a dizziness.

"Fore!" I heard before a ball flew down the fairway, startling us both. The foursome behind us had caught up.

I jumped up and grabbed my ball, saying, "I'll just pick up on this hole." We sped down the fairway, scooping up Lisa's ball along the way. Then she began to laugh, gleefully like a child.

"We're like Bonnie and Clyde, racing away from the bank!"

She was right, and although I was embarrassed by almost getting caught kissing my stepmother, her sheer joy was contagious. We went directly to the eighteenth tee, and I shanked my shot. She was laughing so hard that she did the same. "We might as well just quit for the day," I suggested.

"Might as well. We can't seem to concentrate now," she agreed.

We retired to the bar for a drink and we sat at a table on the patio. She seemed to get serious again. "Do you regret that?" she asked.

I had been pondering the same thing. "Yeah, I guess so. We just got lost in the moment."

"Not me," she said. "You look so much like a younger version of your Dad. Since the day you arrived, I've wanted that."

"But, it's wrong..."

"Is it? Like I said, we have an arrangement, your father and I. If he follows the 'Don't ask, don't tell' theory, who are we to argue."

"Lisa, look. You are amazing. I haven't been able to get you out of my mind since I met you. But you are my stepmother."

"Look yourself. If you don't want to, I'm not going to force you. It's not like we're blood relatives, after all. You could always think of me as a single sister-in-law. If you were attracted to her, would you claim to be related?"

"Dad would kill me, kill us!"

She smiled that sexy smile again." I won't tell if you won't."

We drank in silence and I blurted out, "Even if we did, what would we do? Go to some motel?"

"If that is what you want, fine, but I still have my villa here. It's been on the market but it's still vacant."

Interesting, I thought. A stepson helping his new stepmom organize and clean things. "I heard my voice say, Where is it?"

Ten minutes later, we pulled into the two-car garage and the door closed behind us. She wordlessly led the way into house which was bigger than Dad's, then announced, "This is it!"

I started to say how nice it was but she was on me in an instant, her lips hungry for mine. I had been semi-hard on the drive over. In fact, since that last kiss. Now I felt myself grow to my full seven inches. The way she moved against me, she felt it, too.

Her chest was soft but firm against me and I slid my hand from her hips, up her ribs, to grasp her breast and she moaned into my mouth.

"The bedroom," she breathed, taking my hand.

The master bedroom had a king-sized bed and she pulled me to her as she tumbled backwards. I went for her breast again, and she wriggled out from under the red golf shirt to expose her red, half-cupped, lace bra. Since she stood only 5'4", her C cup seemed so much larger. I squeezed again and could feel her nipple harden as she moaned.

She was ripping off my shirt as I fumbled with the latch between the tits. When it came free, her breasts spilled out, much paler than the rest of her, but still with some tanned. I felt my shirt go over my head then her hand was reaching between us.

I lifted my body to suck at her nipples and that gave her ample room to massage me. She groaned when I bit gently at the nip. She seemed to drift across the mattress, leading me with her. Now she was fidgeting with my belt. Her frustration was audible as she growled, so I rolled on my back and undid it myself.

She hungrily yanked my zipper then tugged, tugged, until I arched my hips and the slacks slid down, followed by my briefs. My cock sprang to life, twitching with a will of its own. Lisa was half-up now, smiling at it as her hand wrapped around my shaft, squeezing and stroking it.

It was all I could do to hold my cum and then she bent over and swallowed me in one motion, her eyes focusing on mine as she slowly began, up and down, flicking her tongue, then up and down again.

I tried to push her away, but her silent protest let me know she wasn't ready to quit. "Please," I whispered, "I'll cum too soon."

Still holding my shaft, she looked up and smiled. "You must need it pretty badly, huh?"

All I could do was nod, which Lisa took as a green light. She was back on me with a vengeance, sucking and stroking as I fondled her nipple. As I predicted, I couldn't hold out much longer. Lisa's massaging of my scrotum didn't help, that's for sure.

Within minutes, she was slurping, saliva dripping down my shaft, and I Knew it was coming. "Oh, Gawdddd!" I groaned as my hips thrust upward and I let go with a solid blast down her throat and she swallowed hungrily.

I arched again and another rip torn from me as she stayed on me. Again and again, less now, and finally I slumped back on the mattress. Sensing I was spent, Lisa slid up my chest and her lips were on mine. Our tongues met and for the first time, I tasted my own cum. I was grossed out, but more excited. I swallowed like a bird taking a worm from its Mama. My stepmom was nasty, and I loved it.

We laid there catching our breath as I toyed with her nipples and she caressed my chest and thighs. When I felt myself growing again, I eased her slacks down and, kneeling on the floor, I kissed my way up Lisa's thighs until I was at the honey hole. I spread her legs as she moaned, then flicked my tongue at her engorged clit. She writhed on the bed, holding my head in place as her sweet moistness ran down my chin. I lapped at her as she moaned, urging me on, telling me how wonderful it felt.

I felt her body shudder, two, three times, then she pulled me away, pulling me up to kiss her. By now, I was fully erect again, and I raised myself over her. She took hold of my shaft and guided me to her. Her wetness made it easy to enter and after letting myself settle in, I began moving and she moved with me, up, down, around, with her whispering encouragement the entire time.

Sweat coated us both, and the slickness made our movements more erotic. The way she squirmed beneath me had me close to the brink again and I told her that.

"You already made me cum once," she whispered, "I'm ready, too."

Faster we went, until I grunted and she thrust up to meet me. We both shouted together as I shot deep inside her. We slumped together, both catching our breath.

After a while, she stirred. "Your father will be expecting us soon. We should get growing. Are you in the mood for Chinese?"


She fished her cell phone out and pressed a button. "Honey? We're just leaving the club. Huh? Yeah, we had a lot of fun. We're going to stop and bring home Chinese for dinner, okay? Yes, I know you love it, Baby. We'll see you soon."

She hung up and dialed the restaurant and ordered for the three of us. On the ride home, she said, "I'm going to mention to your father that since my villa is sitting empty, I offered to let you move in, you know, to offer you more privacy."

I looked over and she was smiling again. A young man needs some privacy to host women friends, right?"

I shrugged, realizing that I wasn't going back to New York any time soon.

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