tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWelcome To Her Nightmare

Welcome To Her Nightmare


She is sitting on the back porch one night, enjoying the cool air and the sunset, thoughts of the days events running through her mind as she leans back against the door and closes her eyes. All of a sudden a hand is over her mouth, her legs are lifted and she is carried into the house and thrown on the bed. Her eyes open and she enters her nightmare.

She is able to see the two men that are holding her down, one is blonde the other brunette. Her mind is going a mile a minute, "What is happening to me, is this a joke, are they going to hurt me, why am I becoming aroused?" As these thoughts fill her mind the brunette takes a knife out and one at a time cuts the buttons from her blouse. She begins to tremble as she watches the intensity on his face.

The blonde still has his hand over her mouth, he leans down and whispers to her, "don't say a word and we won't hurt you."

She whimpers softly and nods her head. She still does not understand the wetness that is occurring between her legs. Why is her pussy starting to ache for the touch of them when they hold her life in their hands.

The brunette now takes the knife and slips it under her bra and cuts it exposing her hard nipples. The blonde reaches down and flips one of her nipples saying, "look the bitch is horny, she wants us. Don't you bitch?"

She does not know how to respond and he yells, "ANSWER ME BITCH, YOU WANT US DON'T YOU?"

She slowly nods her head and she feels the heat of her blush. She struggles with her thoughts again, "how can she want them so badly, not knowing who they are, where they come from, what they can do to her?"

As she is caught in her thoughts, the brunette takes the knife and runs it inside the left leg of her shorts and very slowly begins to cut it open, he then does the same to the right leg. He pulls them off her exposing her dark pussy, the aroma of her arousal filling the room. He immediately sees her wetness and takes the knife and runs it along the lips of her wet cunt, he brings the knife to his mouth and tastes her. She begins to tremble with fear.

The blonde tells the brunette to get the hell out of his way, he is taking her first. He undoes his pants and pulls them down just far enough to expose his long hard cock. She unknowingly licks her lips as she stares at his erection. He kneels between her legs, lowers his body to hers and as the tip enters her, she thinks, "oh my god what if he has a disease, what if I get pregnant?" and she tries to pull away.

He is too quick for her and he slams his hardness deep into her cunt. As it enters her she lets out a moan of desire. He pulls out and slams in again. She moans once more. He then starts fucking her harder and harder as he watches her breasts bounce at every thrust. The brunette has removed his clothes and is jacking off while watching her.

She looks over and sees this and begins to cry out, "Oh, Yes.....Oh Yes...." as the blonde pounds her harder and harder she begins to move her hips with him, wanting to feel his cock rub her clit as he penetrates her.

He notices her response to him and says, "you whore, you like this don't you, don't you, DON"T YOU. Tell me to fuck you now bitch. TELL ME."

She turns her head and sobs out, "fuck me pleassssse."

"What did you say cunt? Tell me so I can hear you."

The brunette puts the knife up to her throat and she says louder, "FUCK ME PLEASSSSSSSSSSSE."

He pounds her faster and harder, she knows he is getting ready to explode, she can feel his cock begin to throb inside her. His face starts to grimace and she feels him erupt. She cums slightly but not completely. He gets off of her and the brunette gets on. He urgently enters her sopping wet pussy and starts to move in and out of her. She begins making the sounds that he is so familiar with. He knows exactly what stage of her climax she is in and exactly where to stroke her.

He slows some wanting to ensure that she hits her full blown climax. Her moans getting louder as she cannot contain herself. She starts with, "mmmmmmmmmmm" and moves to, "Yes, Yes, Yessssss" and then to, "Oh Yes, Oh Yes, OHHHHHH YESSSSSS."

And he knows and feels her climaxes getting stronger and closer together. Every stroke of his cock done with explicit intent to make her moan. She cannot contain herself any longer and she starts her final explosion as he begins to cum deep inside her, he leans down and whispers the first words he has spoken to her since this began. He says, "growl for me like a pirate." And at that comment she cums so intensely and so hard because she knows that it is her phone lover and that he has just made her deepest, darkest fantasy come true.

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