tagIncest/TabooWelcome to La Hotel Familia Ch. 03

Welcome to La Hotel Familia Ch. 03


This is a work of fiction.


Jay Severs took long look ahead of him at the empty interstate highway. It was evening now; the sun was going down and not a car in sight. Sighing to himself he hitched his pack higher on his back and kept walking. He knew he was going to have to look for a place to sleep soon, hopefully a motel if he could find one. Seeing an exit up ahead he picked up the pace as the last rays of the setting sun touched the horizon.

Finally making it to the top of the off-ramp he stopped to take a look in both directions. To his left he saw more empty rocky terrain with a thin strip of highway stretching into the distance. To his right he saw the same, only he saw a slight shimmer, a small reflection of what looked to be a light in the distance. Making his way down the road the image he saw began to get bigger and bigger until finally he could see it.

It was a big brightly lit sign that read 'La Hotel Familia'.

Finally, a place to sleep, he thought.

Picking up his pace he walked for another 5 minutes until he set foot in the parking lot.

Seeing a few out of town and somewhat expensive vehicles and the condition of the hotel it didn't look to bad. Fresh paint on the walls, the lot nice and clean of trash, yes it didn't look too bad at all he thought.

Going up to the office door he opened it and went inside. The air conditioning was going full blast and he let out a huge breath of relief. The California sun was killer in the summer time, the dry heat was the worst thing about being on the highway.

Looking around he noticed a lot of old Aztec symbols and paintings on the walls. Quite nice actually, very detailed and well done, some of the stone pieces actually looked pretty old.

Turning back to the counter he noticed no one was around, ringing the bell on the counter he waited.

Not a minute later a middle-aged Spanish woman came out of the door at the back of the office with a set of towels in her arm. She was dressed in a light blue top with tanned shorts on. She saw Jay and a smile formed on her lips as she set the towels down on a stool on the other side.

"Welcome to La Hotel Familia, are you Jay Severs?" The woman asked.

"Yes I'd like a... wait, what did you say?" Jay asked, not sure he was hearing this right.

"I asked if your name was Jay Severs." The woman said still smiling.

"Well, yes I am but-"

"Yes I have your reservation right here, you are lucky; we got your reservation just in time to get the last room reserved for you." The woman said handing Jay his room key and telling him the price.

Jay opened his mouth to ask how she had a reservation for him when he hadn't made one but then snapped it closed. He hadn't seen another motel nearby and didn't want to camp it tonight so he decided to just go along with it. He quickly signed the form she handed him, paid, then went out the door to find S23.

The woman had been brusque and curt, but still very polite and nice. Attractive as well he thought. In her 40's most likely, with a husband and a gun in that manager's apartment too he laughed to himself.

Walking down the covered over walkway he finally spotted the room number on the door. Inserting his key he turned the lock with a clack and opened the door. Feeling a blast of cool air he felt relief, he wouldn't have to wait for the room to cool off.

Stepping over the threshold he suddenly felt slightly disoriented.

Shaking his head to clear the feeling it finally passed after a moment. It must be the heat he thought.

Once inside he quickly shut the door and set his bag down on one of the chairs.

Looking around he couldn't believe the size of the place, it was huge! It looked more like a small apartment than just a room. With a huge bed, a 40 inch widescreen TV, a Jacuzzi over by the bathroom, surely this had to be the wrong room.

Walking over to the phone he called the front office and spoke with the manager. It was the Spanish lady again, she assured him it was the right room and asked if he was comfortable, and did he need anything. He told her that he was fine and then hung up.

Taking his shoes off he kicked back on the bed and decided to wash some of the road dust off before checking out the room service menu.

Walking into the bathroom he was again amazed. The tub was one of the big round types that could fit 5 or 6 people with 3 shower head attachments. Shaking his head to clear away the shock he quickly undressed and turned on the shower. Hot water came streaming out immediately, turning the knobs to get it slightly cooler he then stepped into the flowing water and showered quickly.

Drying off and going back into the bedroom he rummaged around in his bag to find some clean clothes. Finding none he then realized he didn't have any, since he had left home a few months ago he had only been able to do his laundry when he drifted through a town that had a Laundromat. Sighing to himself he started to put his old clothes back on when he suddenly thought of something.

Calling the front desk again the Spanish lady answered and he asked if they had a laundry service, she told him they did and would pick up his clothes momentarily. Thanking her he hung up and found a new fluffy-cotton robe in the closet, which he quickly threw on and tied the sash.

He had barely got the sash tied and sat down on the bed when there was a knock at the door.

Damn that was fast he thought.

Grabbing his clothes quickly he went over to the door and opened it.

The Spanish lady was there, smiling with a laundry basket, one of those hand woven ones you see at art and crafts festivals.

"Is this all you need Mr. Severs?" The lady asked him.

"Ah, well I was going to order some food from room service too, and it's just Jay please Maam." He said smiling back.

"Ah, in that case call me Maria, it's a pleasure to meet you Jay." Maria said now setting the basket down and taking a pad out of her pocket.

"What would you like to eat Jay?" Maria asked in a soft voice while staring him straight in the eye.

"I uh..." Jay said suddenly losing his train thought as he stared into Maria's eyes. He suddenly had the image in his mind of his tongue making small swipes up and down her pussy, licking moisture from her wet lips.

"Jay? Hello Jay, are you alright?" Maria asked smiling again and glancing down.

"I... what?" Jay said seeing her look and glanced downwards himself.

Seeing a full blown erection Jay stammered an apology and quickly sat down on the bed and looked at the floor while he quickly explained he just wanted something simple to eat, anything was good.

Maria laughed softly and said she would return shortly with his food. Jay heard the door shut behind her as he sat there wondering just what the hell had happened.

Flipping through the channels he discovered it had a ton of programs, the service was excellent but his mind just wasn't on it right then. His thoughts were still on Maria, what the hell was that he thought. She just seemed to draw him in and only let him go when she wanted; it was so strange he thought.

Shrugging it off to teenage hormones he got his map out of his pack and checked his route again. He estimated his little hitchhiking adventure would last another 3 weeks before he boarded a plane in LA for the trip home. He had come clear across the country doing nothing but walking and hitching rides. He was actually quite proud of himself, he had traveled well over five thousand miles by his estimate, a feat no one he knew had done before.

Setting his map down he thought back to what his Dad had told him, that morning before he took off.

"Son you know there is a lot of crazies out there, be very careful who you meet up with, they can be very dangerous." His Dad said.

"I know Dad, I'll only be gone for the summer and I'll call once a week to let you and Mom know where I am, ok?" He had said hugging the old man one last time before his buddy picked him up for the trip to the freeway.

Jay loved his Dad and his Mom, but he felt like something was pulling him to do this, some need deep down inside was drawing him to hit the road. He didn't know what it was, just something inside told him to go.

He was still musing on it when he heard the knock again announcing the arrival of Maria and his food.

Walking over to the door he quickly opened it and to his surprise, and a little disappointment it wasn't Maria, there was another lady standing there, with an armload of clothes. His clothes.

"Mr. Severs?" The lady asked.

Jay just stared at her for a moment, she was a mature woman in her 40's to be sure, but she was drop dead gorgeous. Long brown hair in a single braid down her back with a light cotton blue summer dress on, with very big breasts and tanned skin she looked like a centerfold, not a laundry lady.

"Mr. Severs?" She asked again, this time snapping her fingers under his eyes while holding the basket on her hip.

Jay shook himself then and apologized for being startled and invited her in.

"I'm sorry, I just didn't expect my clothes back so quickly, I uh..." Jay stammered to a halt as the lady bent down to set the basket on the floor, he could see her blue frilly lace panties! When she got back up she immediately noticed where his eyes had been and grinned, asking if he needed anything else.

"I uh, no, no thank you Maam." Jay stammered as he grabbed his wallet and asked how much he owed.

"Oh it goes on your room bill Mr. Severs; you can pay it when you check out." She said.

"Oh, I see, well here's this..." Jay said holding out a five for her.

"Thank you Mr. Severs, if you need anything else just call the front desk and we'll see you have everything you need." She said smiling brightly again as she headed for the door.

If a fuck was on the menu then I would be one customer service calling motherfucker he thought.

"Oh that would be quite a naughty selection to have on the menu don't you think Mr. Severs?" She said grinning before shutting the door behind her.

Jay's face was now bright red, he had no idea he was thinking out loud until she said something.

"What the fuck is wrong with me?" He said out loud, wondering what this place was while sticking his wallet back in his bag.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed he picked out his clothes and decided to just stay in his robe, no sense getting dressed until tomorrow he thought. As soon as he ate he planned on passing out and getting a good night's sleep.

He sat there for less than a minute when he heard another knock on the door and when he opened it there was Maria with the eyes of a seductress.

Smiling he opened it wide as she brought in his food, it smelled wonderful. When she set it out on the table it was burgers and fries, his mouth was watering before he had a chance to sit down.

"Maria this smells wonderful!" Jay said eyeing the plate on the table as Maria picked up the bags and laid out the napkins for him.

"Thank you, I'll be sure to tell the cook you said so." Maria said smiling.

Jay smiled back and reached down to dig his wallet out of his bag on the floor, not finding it he picked it up to set it on the bed and suddenly his back locked up. Fuck! He thought.

Wheezing a second, he set it down and tried to bend over but he couldn't move. Maria noticing something was wrong placed her hands on his shoulders and asked if he was ok.

"Damn...muscle, spasm..." He said as he fought for control of his rebellious muscles along his spinal column.

Maria taking charge immediately got him to lay down on his stomach and told him she would be right back and not to move.

Jay didn't argue. He had run out of his muscle relaxers a week ago and his back had been giving him trouble ever since, only not this bad, this was excruciating.

He lay there a moment until his breathing got under control but when he tried to lift himself up pain shot through his upper and lower back, he dropped back down on his stomach.

Lying there for a minute he heard Maria enter the door again. Turning his head to look he saw she wasn't alone, the laundry lady was there again and both had concerned looks on their faces.

"Lie still Mr. Severs, I'm a masseuse and can help you." The lady said.

"I... I'm fine... just need to... stay off... my... feet for a little while..." Jay gasped out.

"Nonsense Jay, lay still while Suzie takes a look at you and works her magic, she is very good with her hands." Maria said wiping the sweat off my forehead.

Jay couldn't argue, hell he couldn't even move. Seven years ago when he was twelve he had tried to pick up an old tractor tire that was in the junkyard next to one of his buddies houses on a dare and it had started there. He had gone to the hospital and the doctor had told his folks that he had pulled a couple of muscles in his back and that he would be fine. But he wasn't fine. Year after year it would happen again and at the oddest of times, a suitcase, a chair, hell even bending a certain way would lock him up like a machine that had run out of oil.

Jay cursed his fate silently while the women spoke in whispers over him. Then Jay felt her hands. She was removing the robe from his back and sliding it down to his waist. After settling it around his hips she got to work. The minute her hands touched his bare skin he felt relief, her fingers probed and prodded locked muscles into releasing. It was unlike anything he had ever felt before, nice warm oil coated his back as she rubbed and swirled her fingers over rigid bumps and stubborn muscles, getting them to relax.

Her hands really were magic he thought.

Groaning and moaning in relief Maria asked him if he felt better and Jay assured her he did.

Suzie massaged him for several more minutes until finally she judged the job done and had him sit up on the bed.

"You feeling better now Mr. Severs?" Suzie asked with a concerned look in her eyes.

Jay staring at her for a moment assured her he was ok now and stood to prove it. Rolling his shoulders he felt wonderful now, and actually laughed out loud he felt so good. Facing Suzie he thanked her profusely for working her magic on him as he shrugged the robe back over his shoulders and closing the front.

Suzie smiling patted him on the shoulder and said it was her pleasure.

"Well, thanks again, I think I'm just gonna eat some of this good food and then get some sleep." Jay said.

"I really don't think we should leave you alone right away Jay, you couldn't even move a moment ago, what if it happens again and you can't get to the phone?" Maria asked.

"Well, I should be ok I think..." Jay said.

"We'll stay with you until you fall asleep, how's that sound? That way it will ease my mind that you are ok and won't be in any pain."

"Thank you Maria I would like that, but don't you have to watch the front desk?" He asked.

"Oh it's ok, people don't usually come in this time of the night and if they do then when they ring the bell I'll hear it, it's no trouble Jay." Maria said smiling as she sat down at the table and urged him to do the same.

Suzie held out the chair for him as he gingerly sat, still amazed at how quickly she had got his muscles to loosen.

Setting into his food the women asked him where he was from, why was he traveling, all the normal stuff. He answered around mouthfuls, careful not to talk with his mouth full. He was just traveling across country by himself, hitching on the open road, getting a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It seemed to impress both women, both had that look in their eye that told him, they were admiring of his sense of adventure.

"So what about you guys? Worked here long?" Jay said as he was finishing his fries.

"Oh I've been here a long time, I built this place and I make a good living from running it." Maria said.

"And you Suzie?" Jay asked.

"I think I've been here for a little over a year now, I'm waiting for someone." She said with a smile.

"You mean you don't work here?" Jay asked surprised.

"Oh no I do, I just didn't when I first came here, but Maria told me she'd let me stay here free of charge and with pay to boot if I did a few of the gardening and laundry jobs for her."

"Ah, I see." Jay said finishing the burger.

"Suzie is a great help, and as soon as the person decides to leave with her she will be departing, which will be a sad day for me." Maria said looking over at Suzie with a sad smile.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to pry really..." Jay said as he was wadding up the wrappers.

"It's ok, Suzie is still here now and that's to be thankful for."

"Well, since you ladies are insisting to hover over me till I sleep why don't we play some cards?" Jay said teasingly.

Both women agreed it was a good idea, Suzie suggested spades and Jay agreed.

After having dealt the cards and getting into the game Jay kept sneaking glances at the women's tits as he played his hand. It was very obvious neither woman had a bra on and their nipples poked out prominently in their tops.

Hearing Maria clear her throat Jay looked up and realized he was staring again. This time he didn't turn red, he just smiled sheepishly and played his card hearing soft laughter from both women.

He didn't know why but their laughter had an effect on him, not a bad feeling, but a good one, he suddenly felt light hearted. Like he could talk or do what he pleased and neither would think less of him. It was a very strange feeling, but he went with it, it was almost as if he was drunk and didn't have a care in the world.

"Why don't you ladies let me see what I've been staring at all night?" Jay suggested grinning.

"I thought you'd never ask." Maria laughed.

Both women grinning now removed their tops. Maria pulling her shirt up and over her head and Suzie pulling the straps off her shoulders and pushing it down to her waist.

Jay couldn't decide what set was better. Suzie's rack was bigger by far, softly tanned and at least a D cup but Maria's were a very pleasant handful with an attractive bronze color.

"Well Jay what do you think of two old ladies tits?" Maria asked looking at him with those seductive eyes.

"Absolutely wonderful ladies! The best tits in the world are in this room right now." Jay said practically drooling.

"Well Jay?" Maria asked in sexy ass voice.

"Well what?" Jay asked still smiling.

"We gave you a view, now give us one honey." She said winking at him.

"Oh of course!" Jay said standing he dropped his robe completely to display his already hardened cock waving free in the air.

"Ooh, very nice, very big, don't you think Suzie?" Maria asked her employee and friend.

"Indeed Maria, he is a big boy isn't he..." Suzie said licking her lips suggestively.

"Well ladies, why don't you two get out of those clothes you're wearing and we can have some fun!" Jay said grinning. In the back of his mind he heard a voice asking what the fuck was happening here. But at the moment he didn't listen to that voice at all, he was enjoying himself too much.

Maria standing and moving around dropped her shorts to reveal she wasn't wearing any panties and her bush was neatly trimmed and very pretty. Suzie on the other hand was wearing the same light blue panties he had seen earlier. Turning away from him she lowered them agonizingly slow to the floor. By the time she came back up and turned around he was hypnotized by the movement of her hips.

"Suzie you are always such a show off." Maria laughed as she smacked her on her bottom.

"Men love my ass Maria, you know that, you love it to ..." Suzie said as she leaned over and put her mouth on Maria's sharing a long kiss with her friend.

Jay's jaw dropped at that, that little voice was just a memory now as he watched two very hot older women make out in front of him. He couldn't resist, he took his cock in his hand and started stroking. Feeling the pre-cum leaking from the tip he rubbed it in as his hand glided back and forth over his rod, sending pleasurable signals to his brain.

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