tagIncest/TabooWelcome to La Hotel Familia Ch. 05

Welcome to La Hotel Familia Ch. 05


This is a work of fiction.

Bill Gibbons looked over at his mother and aunt sleeping beside him and smiled. Both had had a wild time that night.

His mother Susan and his Aunt Terri had suggested they stop in a club in the next city on their list on their trip out west. Both women had a fun time that night and even Bill had fun dancing with the two sexy gorgeous women, even if he couldn't drink. After both women were hit on by what seemed like every guy in the club, they had asked Bill to get them out of there before they left with some of their new friends. Bill who had been talking to a pretty little red-head apologized to his new friend and escorted the two ladies to his truck. After that they had immediately curled up together and fell asleep while Bill drove around trying to find a motel for the night.

He had stopped at several places but they had all been full up. He had started to think they might be sleeping in the truck tonight until he came across this one place that didn't look too nice but had a vacancy sign on it. But when he had pulled in he saw a woman standing near the front office. Not the hooker you would expect from a place like this but to his amazement it was a pregnant lady, standing there with a shopping bag in hand, in a nice dress looking directly at him.

Getting out he couldn't help but stare, there was something about this woman that just seemed, well, good. He couldn't shake the feeling as he walked up to the door to find it locked. The pregnant lady standing there just smiled and spoke to him.

"I don't think they are there, I knocked earlier and got no answer." She said smiling.

"Well I'll give them a minute and see Maam; I think this is the last place in town to get a bed in." Bill said.

"In town yes, but I think there is another place, about 15 miles down the road if you don't mind driving that far." She said.

"What's the name of it?" Bill asked slightly wondering now who this woman was.

"It's called La Hotel Familia; it's a very nice place." She said still smiling.

"I see, well forgive me for asking Maam, but what are you doing here if this great hotel down the road is better?" Bill asked slightly amused.

"I had to do a little shopping at the store across the street, and it has very little parking so I told my son to pick me up over here. I had been hoping the office was open so I could sit down a moment but no luck." She said laughing softly.

For some reason those few words and soft laughter immediately put Bill at ease and it made perfect sense to him. The thrift store across the street did have very little parking, an all-night store, but the lot was very full. Turning back to the woman he thanked her for the directions just as a new BMW turned in from the street.

"Well my rides here, the hotel I told you about is just down the road there, you can't miss it." She said smiling and getting into the car.

Bill waved as the car drove off, wondering if the lady was right about the place being so close. After all he was in the desert; he couldn't just trust anyone out here.

Climbing back into his truck he checked the fuel gage and saw he had over half a tank and started the truck. Making sure his mother and aunt were buckled in still by tugging on the belts a little he couldn't help but notice how sexy they both looked. His mother, Susan, with her bronze skin and pretty little pixie haircut, beautiful black hair that shined as the light caught it. And his aunt, Terri, with her long red braids, 2 trails of fire weaving down to the seats, light skinned and fair she was a very good looking woman.

Sighing to himself and laughing softly thinking about all the men the two females had disappointed tonight he drove out of the parking lot and started out down the road to look for the place the pregnant lady had told him about.


After driving for 10 minutes down the long dark highway Bill finally saw some lights in the distance. Getting closer he read the sign 'La Hotel Familia'. He figured it must be a chain from south of the border with the Spanish name. Shrugging to himself he pulled in the drive and up to the front office.

Opening the door Bill couldn't help but look around in slight amazement. The parking lot was half full of cars and brightly lit. The Hotel seemed somehow out of place, like it wasn't supposed to be here, and yet, he felt good, almost as if he knew this was a safe place. Shrugging off the feelings he closed and locked the door softly so as not to disturb the two semi-hammered females and went into the office.

As soon as he walked into the office that feeling of safety returned, only stronger, he actually felt good, almost like he was home. Walking up the front desk he rang the little bell and waited.

A minute passed and just as he was about to ring it again a door in the back opened and a very attractive middle aged Spanish woman walked in with a bright smile. Dressed in a simple yellow sundress with an attractive tan she walked over to Bill and introduced herself.

"Welcome to La Hotel Familia Bill, I am Maria and we have a nice little cottage set up for you in the back." She said smiling while she took out some paperwork.

Bill was now staring open mouthed. What in the hell? He thought.

"Excuse me Miss, but how did you..."

"Oh Betty said she spoke to a nice young man earlier while waiting for her ride in town, she said you would be stopping by tonight." Maria said smiling and handing over the forms for Bill to sign.

"Oh, well, I uh, I can't really afford more than one room Miss." Bill said, signing and handing the papers back to Maria.

"No worries dear, because it's so late I won't charge any more than I do for a single room. Now you just go around the end of the main building and take a right, it will be the third cottage on the left." She said handing the keys and the papers to Bill.

"Thank you Miss, but about payment?" Bill asked getting his wallet out.

"Oh no need to pay upfront Bill, you can take care of that later, I know you have two very inebriated and very sleepy women to handle. I'll see you in the morning dear." Maria said winking as she walked out the office door in the back.

Bill stood there a moment surprised. He hadn't been expecting that, hell if anything he had expected to be charged double the normal rate for a room and he certainly hadn't expected a cottage. Something was very strange here. He suddenly had the thought of one of those horror movies where people stop for the night at a hotel and end up being the main amusement for a bunch of psychopaths. Then he laughed to himself at being paranoid and went back outside to his truck.

Climbing in he started it up and went around the end of the building. Fully expecting to see a bunch of run down houses with the look of a ghetto he was surprised yet again.

Looking down the drive he was amazed to see each small dwelling looking to be kept up perfectly. The grass was cut; each cottage and bungalow was painted and clean, hell even the trees looked like they were pruned regularly.

Seeing the 3rd cottage he pulled into the concrete drive and stopped near the lamp-post outside lighting the front. Getting out he slowly walked to the front door glancing around still not sure what to make of this place. Walking in he felt that good-feeling again, it was getting to him, he actually felt like he was home, very strange he thought.

Taking a look around he couldn't believe the lady was going to charge him less. It had a full kitchen, a living room with a fireplace, a huge flat-screen and what looked to be a full bar. Shaking his head he checked the bedrooms and found not 2 as he expected but 3! He had thought he was sleeping on the couch tonight but fate smiled on him it seemed. Grinning now at his good fortune he walked back outside and to the passenger side of his truck and opened the door.

"Ok ladies, your rooms are now ready." He said in slightly raised voice.

The two women didn't stir a bit, they continued sleeping.

Bill sighed to himself and shook first his mother and then his aunt to try and wake them but still no luck. I didn't think they were THAT drunk he thought.

Ah well, a son's work is never done he thought as he unbuckled first his mother and gently lifted her in his arms. Flicking the lock on with his thumb he nudged the door shut with his knee and carried his mother inside. Crossing the threshold he felt his mother's arms circle his neck and she snuggled in deeper as he carried her, still asleep. Bill going to the first bedroom gently laid his mother down and walked out.

Back at the truck he found his aunt fumbling with the lock and trying to get out. Bill laughed as he opened the door and caught her from falling.

"Whoa Terri, you'll hurt yourself." He laughed.

"Bill... where are we?" Terri asked still trying to get out.

"We're at a hotel, it's the only one I could find except one in town and this one looks a lot better than that one." He laughed helping his aunt climb out on her shaky legs.

His aunt informed him she could walk but needed a hand to steady her as she giggled drunkenly. Locking and closing the passenger door Bill got his aunt's arm over his shoulder and helped her inside.

After they got inside Terri seemed to be a bit steadier on her feet and shook her nephew off as she staggered only slightly now and asked which was her room.

"It's one of those two in the hall Terri, which one would you like?"

"The one with the biggest bed!" She giggled.

"I think they're all the same size." Bill laughed.

"Oh I guess that one then" She said feigning a pout as she opened the door and shut it behind her.

Bill seeing her door close let out a sigh of relief at the ease he had gotten the drunken women to bed. He was tired himself but decided to stay up a bit longer and make sure neither of them did anything crazy like walk outside and sleep on the front lawn.

Going to the bar he inspected the contents and was amazed to see some high dollar liquor stocked, along with a mini fridge with very expensive beer. Normally he wouldn't even consider taking something out of a hotel fridge because of the cost but he figured he deserved a good German beer after his duties tonight.

Taking out a bottle he sat on the couch and turned on the TV with the remote intending to watch whatever was interesting enough to keep him awake. Finding a late show he silently watched it and drank his beer.

Soon enough he started thinking about the trip and why they were on it.

His asshole step-father had run out on his mother just a year ago and never came back. They had gotten married when Bill was 15 and had tried for years to have another baby, something his step-father and mother had wanted badly. Finally after 5 years of marriage and doctors telling them Susan's ovaries were the problem his step-father had given up. Telling Susan he wanted a family he had split and they were divorced in less than a month. His mother had been heartbroken, she had really loved the guy and Bill had to admit, he was a nice guy. He just wanted a big family and wouldn't consider adoption. Bill hated him for leaving his mother and him but in the back of his mind he couldn't condemn him for going after what he wanted, he was just human.

He had been very generous in the settlement, giving half of everything to his mother without a fight, everything went nice and civil.

He could still remember the way his mother looked that day when they both signed and finalized the divorce. Pale and drawn she had been a wreck, his beautiful mother sad and depressed.

After that it had taken Bill a year to get her back to normal. He took a break from his last year at college and came back to live with her. Held her when she cried, put her to bed when she drank too much, etc.

His Aunt Terri had also been around every day to help, doing chores, and running to the market when they needed something. She had been an executive for a big corporation and retired for 10 years now as a result of having prospected her money and won big on the stock market. This trip was his Aunt's idea; she had come in one day while Susan was in one of her more gloomy moods and had suggested it to us.

Susan had rejected it outright but Bill had asked that she hear Terri out at least. Terri then laid out the plan for a cross-country trip, from one ocean to the other, just the three of them. Susan had looked at her like she was crazy but Bill had thought about it. Road trips were a good vacation; you see a lot of places and have a lot of fun on them. Bill agreed with his Aunt Terri, it was a good idea and Susan should go.

His mother argued of course. But every excuse was met with a solution until finally Susan had given up and said ok. His Aunt Terri had laughed and told them they were leaving tomorrow which brought another round of protest from his mother but eventually she agreed.

And now, 6 cities and innumerable towns later here they were, in the middle of nowhere at a nice little cozy place for the night Bill thought.

Getting sleepy he noticed a clock on the wall and it read 3 am, he figured the ladies must be out by now so he finished his beer and went to his room where he took off his clothes and promptly feel asleep the moment his head touched the pillow.


Waking the next morning after a series of very vivid dreams involving several women from the club the previous night Bill yawned and stretched. Seeing sunlight streaming through the window Bill got up and yawned again as he made his way to the bathroom in the hall.

When Bill walked out of the large bathroom he felt a hand smack him on the ass, hard.

"Owww, hey..." Bill said turning to look at his grinning Aunt Terri standing there leaning against the door.

"You been in there for 10 minutes, a girl needs the bathroom too you know." She said as she walked in and closed the door behind her laughing softly.

Bill just watched as she entered and closed the door admiring the way her ass swayed as she moved.

Looking at the closed door for a moment Bill suddenly had a feeling, it wasn't a bad feeling, but something nagged at his mind. Not that something was wrong, just very different.

Looking around he saw nothing out of the ordinary, just a hallway with doors, he looked down and saw nothing but his naked body. Strange he thought, something is unusual here. At that particular moment the door to his mother's bedroom opened.

Running a hand through her hair as she yawned Susan ran the other hand from her mouth down past her bare breasts to her stomach rubbing it as she walked down the hall towards her son.

"Morning baby, what are you standing in the hall for?" Susan asked her son standing there as he looked around with a strange look on his face.

"What? Oh nothing Mom, just felt kind of funny for a minute is all. Let's go get some breakfast." He said with a lopsided smile and turning towards the kitchen.

"Sounds good, i was hoping someone had made coffee already." She said laughing as they made their way to the small kitchenette.

Bill taking a look around spotted a coffee maker on the counter in the corner and started to prep it for a few cups. Susan was rummaging around in the small refrigerator when they both heard a knock on the door to the cottage.

Both turning towards the door Bill took the initiative and went to see who it was. Looking through the peephole he saw the manager standing there with a tray in her hands and he could smell the food through the door.

Opening the door he was greeted by the manager.

"Good morning Bill, I thought you and your family might want be hungry so I brought you all breakfast." Maria said smiling as the sunlight glinted off her oiled skin.

Bill smiled appreciatively at the thoughtful host and thanked her as she came in to set the tray down on the kitchen table, admiring her very womanly hips and breasts as they swung freely in the morning air.

Susan now seeing the manager of the hotel came over and introduced herself with a hint of embarrassment about the night before.

"Oh it's my pleasure to meet you, have no worries about last night, your son took care of everything and was a gentleman." Maria said smiling at Susan.

"Oh, well still I am sorry for my condition, I don't usually drink so much." She said laughing.

"Women need to let loose sometimes too." Maria said laughing as she set out plates and silverware.

Bill watched the two women as they chatted and that feeling returned. The feeling of strangeness he had felt earlier in the hallway. Something weird was going on but he couldn't put his finger on it. He looked around the room for a moment to try to figure it out.

He studied his mother as she helped set the food out, the way her breasts hung down when she leaned over, the way the light glinted off her bronzed legs and how it highlighted the shaved lips of her pussy. His eyes traveled down to her legs and noticed she must have shaved that morning, her legs looked as smooth as teenagers. But when did she? Shaking his head he turned his thoughts to the manager.

He studied Maria as she went about pouring coffee into cups. Her hair hung loose behind her gathered with a single brown ribbon. Her breasts slightly smaller than his mother's but with very big nipples just begging to have someone suckle them. Next he observed her neatly trimmed and almost hairless pussy, the lips poking out with just a hint of moisture showing,

As the ladies finished their preparations he shook himself and sat down to eat as his mind turned over everything.

As he was about to eat his mother asked Maria if she had a moment to sit and talk and Maria agreed, taking a cup and filling it with coffee, sat down beside her as they chatted about the area.

A moment later his aunt walked into the room with smile as she saw breakfast already made and more importantly coffee. Sitting down her tits seemed unnaturally buoyant as they rode high on her chest with nipples pointed straight outward as she raised her cup to her lips and sipped gratefully.

Susan introduced Terri to Maria and they shook hands politely. Terri asked if there were any cream and Maria held up a small silver pitcher with a lid on top that allowed drops to fall rather than to be poured and tipped some into Terri's cup. Terri smiling her thanks took another sip and purred with pleasure.

"Mmmm, this has to be the best coffee I ever tasted Maria, even better now with the cream, what flavor is it?" Terri asked taking another sip.

"I'm glad you like it, it's a special mountain blend that comes from down south, and very few people know of it, it's very special." Maria said winking as she sipped her own.

Intrigued both Bill and Susan added some of the cream to their cups and sipped and both instantly had smiles on their faces.

"Wow, you weren't kidding, this tastes wonderful, just seems to make me feel alive!" Bill said as his mother laughingly agreed with him.

Bill also noticed something else, he felt it at first so he slid back a bit and looked down at the hardest erection he had ever felt and also the biggest. Bill wasn't the largest man in the world when it came to size, just a little over six inches but now as he looked he gasped, he was now well over nine inches long and thicker to boot!

The women saw Bill looking down and heard him gasp. Curious they came around peaked at what he was looking at and giggled as he glanced up at them. Turning slightly red Bill slid his chair back under the table and buried his face in his cup as the women resumed their seats laughing softly.

"Someone certainly has become a big boy..." Terri said giggling as Maria and Susan started laughing harder as Bills face turned even redder.

After a moment the women got their laughter under control and Maria spoke.

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