tagIncest/TabooWelcome to La Hotel Familia Ch. 08

Welcome to La Hotel Familia Ch. 08


*This is a work of fiction*


Tracy sighed as she shut the engine off. It had been a long couple of weeks, she had been visiting suppliers and different vendors for Maria and now had finally gotten back to the hotel. Terri beside her had unlatched her seatbelt and opened the door before the car had completely stopped, now she stood there stretching to the sky as she groaned a little, rolling her head around and pulling the pin holding her long red hair in place, letting it fall down to the small of her back.

"Oh my god that feels good!' standing on her tip-toes stretching, her large breasts stretching the fabric of her blue formal shirt to the bursting point. Her short stylish blue skirt rising up almost to her thighs, the very edges of her turquoise lace panties showing.

Tracy got out and set her briefcase down and copying her agreed with a groan as she worked the stiffness out of her back and legs, then reaching forward stretching her arms, her knee-length casual yellow dress riding up slightly showing off her tanned legs. She was far along now, at 8 months she was showing quite a bit, her belly poking out, the little man inside kicking every so often, letting her know she would soon be a Mommy. She had been on the road off and on for the past few months, making deals with different people, negotiating contracts and taking care of what Maria needed at the moment, which was far more than she had ever thought a small hotel owner would need. She looked over at Terri as she finished stretching, noticing the twin wet spots on her chest and seeing the almost imperceptible tell-tale bulge under her shirt.

"Looks like someone is glad to be home" She said giggling as she shut the car door and hit the lock button as she moved around to the front of the vehicle. Shaking her blonde hair loose from its confines on the top of her head and dropping the pins in her purse.

"You have no idea Tracy! The minute I see Bill and Susan I'm grabbing them both and locking us in our house and we're not coming out until we can't walk straight!" she laughed, running her hands over her breasts and her just barely showing tummy. Reaching behind her under her shirt she quickly unfastened her bra and viciously ripped it away from her and tossed it into the trash can by the front door. Tracy seeing what she did just giggled and picked her briefcase up as they made their way inside, the cool air blasting over them in the office.

Inside was the space they had seen many times before, but it was somewhat different, now that Tracy's mother was the manager of the front office she had added her touches to it, a nice big leather sofa on one wall with magazines and books to the side to read if anyone cared to, a water cooler and a drink cooler, both free by the door, and a gumball machine that just had a single button to push, no quarters needed.

As soon as they walked in the door to the back opened and Betty came walking through, her mature bronzed figure looking fantastic in a simple white summer dress, nice heavy teardrop shaped breasts sitting atop a slim waist and big womanly hips. Her luxurious brown hair piled on top into a neat bun, looking sexy with full lips and a smile.

"Hey you two, welcome home." She said coming around the counter to hug them both, then giving them both a rather serious kiss on the lips, one that promised of things to come.

Pulling back and taking stock of them both Betty rubbed her daughters belly with one hand while the other did the same for Terri.

"Looks like both of you are coming along." Grinning as her hands roamed, looking from one to the other.

"Yea Bill's little guy or girl is still a long ways away, but I could have sworn I felt a kick last week when Tracy was... well, helping me out.' Terri said while blushing at the memory of her and Tracy's night in San Diego at the Hilton. Tracy had just grinned on hearing her mention it and only blushed a little when looking back at her mother. Betty winked at her as she leaned close to Terri and whispered in her ear.

"My baby girl is a wonderful lover Terri, she can really make a woman scream." Betty nibbled Terri's ear causing her to groan and pant slightly. Tracy looking on just laughed.

"Hey if you two are going to lez-out then we need to go into the backroom, away from any customers that might walk in." Her laughter having died down to giggles, seeing the two ladies kissing again, both of their hands exploring one another.

Betty broke their kiss and stood back, smiling at Terri, agreeing that Tracy was right and led them both around the counter back into her office. Walking in they saw she had changed it a little since Maria had worked out of it, the artwork was still there, the paintings lined the walls, the sculptures were still there, but she had changed the furniture a bit, making it more modern, a bit less rustic. One long sectional covered in one corner, another very wide couch covered the other wall with a glass coffee table in front of it. Her desk was still the same polished wooden one from before with stuffed leather comfortable-looking chairs arranged in front but now she had pictures and frames aplenty gracing it. The twins and their new little girls, her with her new little baby boy, and in almost all of them their proud papa was there with them, smiling and waving to the camera.

Sitting down at the desk Betty switched into manager mode and started grilling the women on their tasks while punching in info on her new high-powered desk-top, numbers, names, and dates of shipping companies, retailers, etc. Tracy and Terri sat down in the chairs in front of her desk and filled her in on everything, handing her documents from their trip, expenses, receipts, the works.

Closing her briefcase and setting it to the side Tracy leaned back as her mother filed everything away and closed out the program she had been running on her computer, then gathering her papers on her desk she stacked them to the side on a small file-tray, checking her watch on her slender wrist as she did so.

"Well junior is still with the nanny for another two hours so that means..." She looked up at the two women and smiled as she reached behind her and started undoing the buttons as she stood up in front of them.

Tracy and Terri looked at each other then grinned as they looked back at Betty and started disrobing, buttons coming undone with ease, the cloth parting as if by magic, and soon each woman was naked.

Betty, smiling wickedly led them both out of a side door. The room inside was large and spacious, the bed in the middle was the large one that Tracy had first seen when she came to the hotel. Betty pulled them both to the bed and then pushed them over onto their backs, both women lazily stretched out on the red silk sheets, Terri pale, Tracy bronzed like her mother, their different skin tones contrasting with the color of passion they lay upon. Moving over to Terri first Betty gently stroked her friends body, running her hands over her hips, then up to her large pale leaking breasts, then further up to her neck which she then pulled the woman's face up to hers and kissed her long and deep, both women moaning as their tongues wrestled with each other.

Tracy, laying on her side watching the two kiss leaned closer to run her hands over her mother's body, running it up her back, then back down to the curve of her bottom, fingertips trailing and tickling. She marveled at how her mother recovered after giving birth, her stomach was as smooth as ever, with only a slight bulge to show from the weight gain.

Pushing Terri back and getting her to slide up further on the bed Betty smiled at her and brought her lips down to her folds. Parting her folds she licked lightly on her inner walls, the pink flesh moist and juicy, the tip of her tongue touching the inside causing Terri to gasp and moan, hips jerking in small movements. Betty just grinned as she teased and taunted her with her tongue, quick little movements that soon had Terri writhing on the bed as Tracy sat beside them, one hand busy between her legs, rubbing her clit slowly, the other on her breast, nipple pinched and was twisting it gently. She was taking in the sight of her friend and her mother enjoying themselves, her breath coming in a little faster, her own arousal now building.

"Betty don't tease me anymoreeeeee!" Terri moaned with her eyes squeezed shut, writhing on the bed with her thighs in the firm grip of Betty, her face now just a breath away from her pussy.

Betty then smiled at her daughter giving her a wink then attacked Terri's poor aching pussy with a vengeance. Her tongue started lashing out at her friends moist lips, tongue flicking quickly, tasting the drops of juice on her folds. She started to work to bring her friend to orgasm, tongue stabbing inside, then out, licking, then latching onto her clit, sucking and pulling on her little hot button.

Terri was having one long non-stop orgasm. Betty was a queen when it came to pussy-licking, not even Maria had ever gotten her off like this, she was seeing stars and felt like she was constantly exploding, her body nothing but fireworks with Betty being the lit match. She started squeezing and pinching her nipples, her breasts leaking, almost pouring now, she writhed and then screamed when she felt Tracy's lips on her nipple.

Tracy suckled hard on her friend while her mother sucked and licked her juicy cunt, and she could juice up quite nicely. Tracy had experienced Terri a lot when they were on the road together, almost every night they would share a room, they would be on their sides eating each-others pussies, or drinking each-others milk occasionally in a hot 69.

Now as she suckled and pulled that creamy goodness from her friend's breast she squeezed the other breast causing milk to leak out faster, the flow squirting upwards, releasing the nipple she quickly latched onto the other, her bulging belly brushing against the leaky tit she had just let go of.

Terri was shaking and moaning constantly, but she wanted more, with Tracy pulling back a moment to gulp down her mouthful of mothers milk Terri tried to maneuver her to bring her pussy to her lips. Tracy soon got the idea and facing her mother straddled Terri's face and leaned forward slightly, her pregnant belly resting on her friend's big pale breasts. Feeling Terri's tongue start to work on her hot little pussy caused her to groan softly, she was so turned on and fired up that she knew it wouldn't take much for her to start her orgasm. Grinding her pelvis on her friend's face she started boiling over and gushing her hot girlcum all over Terri's mouth, with Terri slurping and sucking away below.

Betty was planting soft little kisses on the outside of Terri's pussy now, stopping her ministrations when she felt her friend had gone limp, her legs now just lying there, giving little after-shocks of her orgasm. Smiling she got to her knees and straddled Traci's leg as she rubbed her leaking cunt over it, sliding back and forth, loving the smoothness rubbing against her clit. Smiling at her daughter as she was in the throes of ecstasy from Traci's tongue and feeling herself on a slow boil she reached forward and pulled her daughters head to her breast.

"Suckle from Mommy baby, that's a good girl...' gently placing her nipple to her lips, urging her to drink. Tracy, mouth open, almost in a daze now latched onto her mother's proffered nipple and started pulling deeply, the creamy sweetness flooding past her lips, moaning at the taste.

Terri was almost exhausted when she placed her lip-lock over Tracy's clit once more, sucking it hard into her mouth, that hot little button now angry and swollen, she felt her tense up again as Tracy crested that wave. Reaching up and gripping her hips she kept her locked in place as she sucked her clit and bathed it with her tongue, the tip circling it as she sucked.

Tracy's hips started bucking now, her orgasm taking over, feeling herself locked in place she gave in and shook, moaning and groaning as she still nursed from her mother. Reaching and holding onto Betty now, holding her as she came again.

With her daughter suckling and the rubbing of her clit on her friend's thigh Betty was having an orgasm of her own. She slowly started shaking, then it really hit her when Tracy switched nipples and started draining her other breast, she threw her head back and wailed as she reached her crest and came. Quivering as she humped her friend's leg, her juices smeared all over the pretty pale skin. Reaching up and pulling Tracy off her breast and standing on the bed, gently but quickly guided her daughter to suck her juicy cunt.

"That's Mommy's good girl...' Betty moaned as she saw her daughter start to dive in, feasting on her juicy gash, tongue swiping inside and out, with the angle she was in Tracy's tongue was constantly going over her clit, causing Betty to continuously moan and groan with pleasure.

They continued that way for another good half hour before they collapsed in a sweaty but well satisfied heap of female flesh on the bed, arms and legs tangled together, planting little kisses on each other as they each came down from their euphoria.

After a few minutes Betty knew she needed to get up and get back to work, it wouldn't be too much longer before she had to go pick up her son and she still had a few things to do. Sighing as she got up and started slipping on her clothes, she looked over at her other two lovers, still running their hands over each other, caressing.

"You two are insatiable" She giggled as she saw them kissing again.

Tracy pulled back and grinned at her mother "Well, after weeks of being on the road it's nice to have some time off Mom". Winking as she leaned over and nibbled Terri's fat leaking nipple, teasing it.

Terri just smiled at them both then laughed as she managed to get Tracy off her leaky breast, saying she had to go find Bill and Susan, that she loved pussy but really would like a nice hard cock to go with it. Tracy had just giggled and agreed, sliding down to the edge of the bed with Terri right behind her, her pregnant belly like a beach-ball attached to her stomach, she turned to the side and got up, pulling her clothes back on as Betty kissed them both and left to attend to the hotel.

Once she had gotten dressed Terri had said her good-byes and went looking for her nephew and sister. She left the building and then went around the back to the bigger section of bungalows, coming around a corner she happened to spot one of the new buildings that Bill was supervising the construction for. Thinking he might be there she set off for it to say hello, it was still daylight and she knew he would still be working.

It was very large, about the size of a big ranch house, the ones with 4 or 5 bedrooms and 3 stories tall, but this building was made all of marble, glistening white in the desert sunlight, it had the look of a great palace almost, at least that's what it looked like to her. She walked to the front and saw some workers there, they looked to be latinos, short guys with tanned complexions that were very fast and very skilled. Walking up to one she asked if Bill was around, the guy had turned to her and just looked blankly at her, he didn't understand a word she was saying she realized.

She thought for a moment "Bill...estas ci tie?" At least she thought that was how it was said in spanish and it appears she was right, apparently the man understood and pointed over to a distant corner, clear on the other side of the building. She thanked him and left to walk over.

Coming around the corner she was greeted by the sight of Bill, standing there in the shade as naked as the day he was born, smooth tanned upper body with a light covering of chest hair, his pale untanned cute little butt cheeks contrasting with the dark color of his torso. His mother just as naked, with her short black hair cropped close, tanned skin with her big breasts and waist graced with tan lines that just enhanced her over-all beauty as she was bent over a slab of marble that looked as if it weighed 10 tons. She was gripping the edge as he plowed his biggest tool, his big cock, in and out of his mother. With their backs to her Terri could see their combined juices leaking down Susan's legs as they did the mating dance.

"Fuck me Bill! Fuck me Son! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Fuck your mother!" Susan was saying in a loud whisper. Terri just grinned as she watched them go at it, Bill grunting as he pounded inside, his hips slapping with hers.

"Oh god Mom, you're so damn hot, you and Aunt Terri are the hottest women on Earth!" Bill groaned and panted as he shoved in hard and fast, Terri saw his leg start to shake, a certain indication that he was about fill his mother once again with his hot cum.

"Yesssss baby! Mommy wants it, she needs it! I never want to be empty again! Fill me baby, fill your mothers hot cunt!" Susan was using one hand to milk one of her leaky tits, the milk streaming out onto the ground below as her son pounded her hard. All too soon he groaned as he filled her pussy, he slammed his hips to hers and Terri knew he was cumming, his hips shook and he moaned as he pumped his mother full of his sperm.

Terri just leaned against the marble wall, smiling slightly as they finished, him pulling his fat cock out of her sister's pussy with a pop, the warm sticky mixture running out and down her legs, such a sexy sight she thought. As Bill leaned on the marble block to catch his breath and still with his back turned Terri cleared her throat loudly causing them both to jump, turning around quickly.

"Well, well, well, I see our dear Bill is keeping his Mommy happy" Traci said grinning. She walked over to Susan who had stood up straight and was about say something when her sister locked her lips with hers and gave her a deep kiss. Pulling back Traci reached down between Susan's legs and ran a finger up her thigh, gathering some of their juices on the tip, then brought it to her mouth. "Mmmm, Sis and Nephew, you taste so good together" sticking her finger in her mouth she suggestively sucked on it.

Bill turned slightly and sat down on the block, chuckling as he pulled on his pants and tied his boots "Sorry Aunt Terri, but Mom has got the best of me for the moment, you'll have to wait a little while, I've got to get that rear wall finished before we knock off for the day and Mom took up all of my break time." Smiling as he glanced over at his mother who was using her shirt to soak up the mess between her legs, wiping herself as clean as she could.

Susan tossed her shirt to the side and slid her shorts back on, denim cutoffs that barely reached her thighs, then slipped her son's t-shirt over her head and looked over at Bill.

"You don't mind if Mommy borrows your shirt do you baby?" She said in her sexy Mom-voice, smiling sweetly at him, causing him to laugh at her antics and nod his head.

"Go ahead Mom, I'll be re-claiming it before the night is out, trust me on that" He winked at her then walked over to his Aunt and kissed her deeply, a kiss filled with passion and promise. Breaking off the kiss and pulling back he said his good-byes to the ladies then started back to work, walking around the corner and back to his crew.

Terri came over and sat on the block with her sister, the shade bringing relief from the hot desert sun.

"It's good to be home." She said, looking around at the grounds, the new buildings, their home over on the other end of the block. Looking at her sister she reached over and pulled her into a hug.


Betty had just finished feeding and rocking the little ones to sleep when Davey came in to check on them and her.

She looked up at him as he entered. Seeing her handsome son, so masculine now, deeply tanned from his work outside, looking so cute in only his gym shorts as he leaned over one crib after another whispering goodnight to each of his children. Gently she took his arm and led him out of the room, making a motion so as not to waken them.

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