tagMatureWelcome to Medicare! Ch. 02

Welcome to Medicare! Ch. 02


I guess I had to admit that that was one hell of an appointment. Sure, it was just a physical but Olivia, my lady doctor went way beyond any thing I had ever had done to me by any doctor before.

She had seemed to be fascinated as I stood there embarrassed, holding the stupid flower covered gown up while she sat on a roller stool and basically fondled my balls.

Then she skinned back my foreskin and spent a long time inspecting me.

Since I am sixty-five years old, things don't just spring to attention like they used to but mine was doing it's best and I was losing control over that.

At the end, she had me lay there while she whacked me off into a little jar, sealed it up and left, just like that.

"Assist, better sample that way." She had told me.

Everything perfectly normal.

Normal to her maybe, but over the next several weeks I couldn't get that out of my head.

What kind of a doctor had I ran into? Oh, right, not a doctor, a nurse. One of those Nurse Practitioners, they said.

Same damn thing to me, she was my doctor.

OK. I decided I liked her better than my last doctor, he usually just looked at his computer screen, sent me places to have needles stuck in me, then prescribed pills. If I mentioned my six times a night problem of getting up to take a pee he screwed up his face and changed the subject.

Usually to golf.

I had gotten so I didn't bother to go see my doctor unless I saw blood or read about some disease online that I then became sure I had.

Now I was looking forward to going to see Olivia, 180 pounds and red pants with sweater with cartoons on the front be damned.

Four weeks go by rather slow when a person is looking forward to something, but finally I found myself sitting in the waiting room again.

This time I made it to the second page of the National Geographic, there were drawings showing the differences between modern human skulls and Neanderthals, fascinating stuff.

"Come on back, Dan." A male voice said.


Where the hell was the cute little nurse that batted her eyes at me?

Reluctantly, I got up and followed the business like guy down the long hallway. He had me sit in a chair, told me that Olivia would be right with me, and left.

I looked around for one of those silly flower covered gowns, there wasn't any.

I only sat there for a couple of minutes before Olivia came in. I swear, she had on that same pair of red pants and that same sweater with the oversize cartoon character sewed onto the front.

This time I noticed that her boobs seemed to be making big bulges way low in the sweater. She either didn't have a bra on or she had a lousy one.

"Let's see here." She said, perching a pair of reading glasses on her nose and peering at the chart she had on a clipboard.

"EKG is normal, blood tests all look good, PSA test is at the edge of normal, I see you are way down on vitamin D." She muttered, more or less to herself. She typed something into the computer and hit the print button.

"Here, add 2000 units of vitamin D, not much sunlight here at the coast. Just over the counter stuff. You are doing pretty good, keep it up. Is there anything else today?" She smiled and closed the clipboard.

"Oh. I...uhhh..I thought you wanted to...do a second sample?" I managed, lamely, feeling my cheeks start to flush.

She looked puzzled for a moment, then opened the clipboard back up.

"Right, I see. You mentioned some erectile concerns? But I didn't really notice any of that, you seemed pretty normal for your age? In fact, your sperm count is pretty high, and your Testosterone is high for your age, too?"

She turned and looked at me.

"You don't even have any gray hair? You don't dye that, do you?"

"No." I lied.

"Right. Well. You really are in good shape."

"Oh. That's good, I guess?" I managed.

"Very good, yes. You should live to be around 100...if you quit smoking."

She closed the clipboard, and started to leave the room.

I stood up, I don't know what I had expected. Well, I did know what I had expected, but...

Olivia turned and looked at me, hesitated.

"You don't have a partner, do you?" She asked.

"Partner?" I asked.

"Yes, a sexual partner?"

"No. I don't. My wife....." Dorothy had been gone for over three years now.

"I saw that. OK. I want you to step into room six. We will do a followup, just to be sure. Medicare pays for it anyway." She pointed to another room down the hall, then she turned and went into a different room. I got a glimpse of an older woman sitting there, waiting.

I did as Olivia asked, the room was smaller and had a table with the little paper sheets on it. I sat down and waited, not quite sure of what this was all about.

After about five minutes, there was a knock on the door. It opened and the cute little nurse I had seen the month before stepped in.

"Hi! I'm Patricia, Olivia wants me to get a sample." She grinned. Then she reached for a pair of thin latex gloves.

"Go ahead and remove your lower clothing and slip this on." She said, handing me one of those silly gowns.

I did as she asked, she turned her back and got a small glass jar out of a cabinet. I was just stuffing my arms into the thing as she turned back to me.

"OK. Hop up on the table." I did as she asked, suddenly feeling mildly bashful again.

Patricia reached under the gown and picked up my still limp penis. Then she tugged the gown up and began to stroke me. It didn't take very long before I began to respond.

"There we go." She grinned. Her other hand was busy gently cupping my balls as she tugged away at me. Then as I began to snug up, she tipped the little jar and I blasted off one stream after another.

"Wow! You really do have a load there!" Letting go of me, she snapped the lid on the jar.

I had to ask.

"This is...different, don't they usually just send us into a room..by ourselves?"

"Yes, but Olivia is different. She believes in quality of life and sexuality is part of that, so it is important. I don't mind at all in assisting."

She gave me a final grin and left. It was all almost...matter of fact, she acted like this was...normal?

I guessed that from that point of view, it was.

I waited about 10 minutes and no one came back in so I figured that was it. I tugged off the gown and pulled on my pants. I opened the door, saw no one, so I started down the long hallway to the waiting room.

The door to a side room opened just as I got there and Olivia stepped out, I got another glimpse of the lady I had seen a few minutes before. She was wearing one of those gowns just like the one I had on. Her eyes met mine, she mildly blushed as I quickly looked away.

"All done?" Olivia asked me, with another of those big grins.

"Uhhh...yea, all fine."

At the front desk, the receptionist told me to have a seat, Olivia would be out in a few minutes with copies of my reports. She was grinning, too. I got the feeling that everybody knew everything around here.

I sat down and picked up the National Geographic again. A few minutes later the lady I had seen in the other room came out, she took a seat a couple of chairs away from me and also picked up a book. We glanced at each other and said hello, she smiled nicely. I took a note of her out of the corner of my eye, she was slender, attractive and well dressed. She wore a soft looking full length dress, it was colorful and flowery, and I noticed her bust was nice and full. Her hair was sprinkled with gray and just past her ears, parted in the center. I had gotten a glimpse of blue eyes and a hint of makeup. Her face showed some lines, I guessed her to be around 50 or perhaps 60.

Olivia came out, she stopped at the front counter and said something to the receptionist. They both turned and looked at me, then went back to talking in very low voices.

She then walked over to the lady sitting there, handed her some papers.

"Take a look at the reports, they are really good. I will be back in a moment." She told the lady, then she came over to me.

"Here you go, all of your test reports are excellent! You look to be about 19 years old from these test results." She said with a grin, in a voice that was just a little bit too loud.

Then she went back to the lady sitting there as I scanned the paperwork.

"Yours are great too, Maria. It sure is nice to get to see someone so healthy!" Then she turned to me and winked.

"But I will get both of you to quit smoking before I am done with you!"

I sat there reading the test reports, then I glanced up at the woman sitting there.

"My Welcome to Medicare stuff." I said, holding up the papers.

"Looks like I ain't dead yet." I wisecracked.

"Oh. Really? You look way too young to be....These are my Welcome to Medicare tests, too. I didn't think anything was wrong with me but it was...."

"Free?" I laughed.

"Yes, free is a very good price!" She grinned at me.

"You look far too young to be getting Medicare yourself. Your name is Maria? I'm Dan."

"Thank you!" She beamed. Then she held out her hand, I shook it. Her hand felt nice and soft. Our eyes met, held for a moment.

I took a chance.

"Say, it's almost..lunchtime? Would you like to..join me? There is a neat little cafe down by the seawall I like."

"Oh, I know which one you mean. I love that place! Yes, I would like that very much."

I was glad the day was sunny outside, I had driven my Corvette. It was bright red, something I couldn't really afford but bought anyway a few years before after cashing in the life insurance policy that Dorothy and I had kept on each other during our 30 years together. It sat in my garage unless the Sun was shining.

We got up, I opened the door to the outside for her. I glanced back at Olivia, she was standing there by the counter.

She grinned at me, gave me a thumbs up, then turned and went down the hall.

When I touched the button on the key fob to open the doors, Maria looked at me in surprise.

"Is this yours? I saw it when I came in, it is beautiful." I held the door for her as she coyly gathered her skirt around her legs and settled into the seat. Then I settled in behind the wheel.

I turned and looked at her for a few moments. She smiled, her hand came up to brush back an imaginary stray hair.

"What?" She asked with a smile.

"You really are an attractive looking lady, thank you for joining me."

"You aren't so bad yourself, Dan." Her hand reached out and touched my arm.

I started the engine and headed down the street toward the cafe.

Welcome to Medicare, I thought.

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