tagMatureWelcome to Medicare! Ch. 03

Welcome to Medicare! Ch. 03


Thirty long years of marriage and I found myself unexpectedly alone in my late years. It's not a position anyone wants to be in, really.

Our kids were grown and gone on to their own lives, with kids of their own to deal with. When my Dorothy went on to her rewards it was sudden, mercifully quick. An appointment at the doctor's on Monday, bad news on Tuesday.

After looking at the reports and realizing, she refused the treatments that were suggested, there was no real point anyway and it would just make her miserable.

In three short months she went from a vibrant and energetic grandmother to a withered little old lady, then one morning after I served her breakfast, she got up and went and sat down in her chair.

She just went to sleep.

I can't really say that Dorothy and I had a wild sex life, we didn't. The very best description would probably be normal. In 30 years she never once said no, although there were times when I didn't press that issue, I could tell when she wasn't in the mood or when she was tired.

Yep, normal. No affairs, no upsets at all. The closest I ever came was a neighbor's wife that was one of those women that liked to be looked at. She would be outside fiddling around in their yard wearing outfits that left little, and sometimes nothing to the imagination. If I started my riding lawnmower she would quickly be outside trimming shrubs.

It was tank tops with armholes almost to her waist, shorts with baggy legs. Down on her hands and knees, her boobs swinging free and most of her butt on display. Her name was Hazel, she was about 45 or so. Her husband John knew all about it of course, I always thought he got his jollies from her doing that.

Dorothy knew, too, but never said a word about it. I just looked but the idea of anything more never really crossed my mind. Until one day I was in my garage and there Hazel was. She made a blatant pass at me, I managed to escape but barely.

I was a bit careful after that, the fact is I was perfectly content with my Dorothy.

After Dorothy was gone things might have changed, I can't be sure about that. But John and Hazel moved away so it never became an issue.

Three long years my life was lonely, dull. I had taken early retirement, we had savings, investments. Not rich but no need to work, the stipend from the government came in every month and the dollars reached nicely.

Being stupid to the point of silliness, we were both saver types and we put money into long term certificates. Of course when the stock market tanked the first time we looked pretty smart, when it tanked the second time we appeared to be into the genius territory.

So we had our money, enough that when I received the check for Dorothy's policy I used that to buy a shiny new bright red Corvette.

Which I needed like a hole in the head, but I liked it. 62 years old, driving around on sunny days in it made me feel frisky, young again.

I drove it to the doctor's office for my Welcome to Medicare physical, I have no idea why other than it was a bright sunny day.

The physical went about like I expected, right down to the turn my head and cough to the finger up the rear end stuff. But it was different in that Olivia, my Nurse Practitioner took her sweet time, then "assisted" with a sperm sample?

It wasn't even a sexual thing, at least I don't think it was. She had me lay back, tugged on a latex glove. Then she just reached out and grabbed my dick and pumped a sample into a little glass jar, put on the lid and left.

Hell, I am 65, what did she need with a sperm sample? I had heard of things like that, read a few stories. All of them just had to be someone's fantasy, things like this never really happened, did they?

Well, it happened to me, not only once but there was a repeat at the followup appointment when the cute nurse Olivia had on staff came in and "assisted" again.

OK. I admit I liked that even better.

I came to find out later that Olivia was serious about that, I saw the test results. She actually was checking for bacteria, things like that that are associated with Prostate issues. It was just that her methods might be described as different.

As it turned out I had a few concerns which I already knew. My bladder was about the size of a Peanut and my Prostate was the size of a Grapefruit so at night I was up about once every two hours to dribble a bit. Olivia wrote me a prescription for some medication, calling me on the phone at home.

Another different thing, actually calling me on the phone to tell me she had called in the prescription to a local pharmacy, and to tell me she had me booked for another followup in a couple of months.

I figured it out, at least I think I did. I guess it is darned hard to get most men to even come in to have their Prostate checked, so Olivia's methods worked very well. Having a woman poking around their genitals was a heck of a lot better for most men than some male doctor. Add in that some male doctors would just as soon not? So the men patients actually showed right up for their tests, nearly without fail.

Ask me how I know. I began to look forward to seeing my doctor.

That also worked to get her male clients to come in for the crowbar with the camera crew on the end of it test. I found out later about that one. It seemed that her method of getting men to take the colon exam was to make sure they didn't erect during the test, because that could cause difficulties.

There was a little Mexican gal sitting there for that test, she had a bright smile and knew exactly what to do. There was no sign of the technician at first, which actually was a guy.

The Mexican gal told me to go ahead and undress, I waited for a few seconds and she showed no signs of leaving, so I dropped my pants. At my age I don't erect very fast without a bit of effort, but I sure did that time. Something about just dropping my pants as this little gal sat there and watched got me going. She looked at me and smiled, then she pulled on a latex glove. She had me all done in about 90 seconds.

Then she sat right there through the whole test, I guess to be ready if she was needed again.

Which in my case she wasn't needed the second time, darn it. Probably watching my own hairy butt hole on the video screen had something to do with that.

Anyway, as you can tell by now, I really like my doctor, even if she is way over weight and wears red pants, plus those darned sweaters with cartoon characters sewed on the front.

Olivia sure has a busy little practice.

After my second appointment Olivia came out to talk to me in the waiting room. There had been a lady in the office at the same time as me, I noticed her but I was way too shy to try to talk with her.

I didn't do any more than nod and smile as we sat a couple of seats apart in the waiting room.

Olivia handled that nicely, she chatted back and forth between us, making sure we knew each others names, even mentioning that we both smoked and she was going to cure us of that.

When Olivia winked at me, I got the picture. I might be old and slow, but I catch on pretty good.

So I asked the lady to lunch, figuring that I would get turned down, and darned if she didn't smile and say yes. Her name was Maria, she looked to be about 5'6", nicely built and well dressed, She carried herself like a lady, too, and she really didn't look like she was 65.

I can say honestly that I don't look 65 either, what with my nice dark hair and all. Which I don't dye.

I use that comb in crap instead.

On the way to the little cafe down by the seawall, we chatted. About my Corvette, of course. Anyone who rides in it talks about it, that is just the way it is. The thing is massively powerful, and I had it probably within about 5 points of ready for any Concours show.

Let's face it, a nearly 60 grand machine gets noticed and Maria was no exception. Maria even mentioned that the payments must be terrible, I proudly told her that I had just written a personal check. Which I had of course, but I also instantly regretted saying that, it sounded a bit...like bragging?

Maria didn't seem to notice that, though.

At lunch, she ordered a salad and sandwich, I ordered a steak. Maria did curl up her nose at that, mentioning she didn't eat red meat. I looked at the dainty fish sandwich she had, grinned.

Everything else we talked about was easy, we found we both liked to bowl, we both liked fishing and being outdoors.

It was a date, and a fun one. Lunch took nearly two hours. Finally the rather hassled looking waitress was hinting that we were plugging up the works, so I left her a tip big enough to make her happy and we left. I drove Maria back to her car, a bit sad that the date was ending.

Maria got out, I opened the door for her. She reached out her hand and I shook it.

"I really enjoyed myself." Maria smiled as I held her hand a shade longer than necessary.

"So did I! I really would like to see you again. If I may?"

"I would like that, too." She jotted her number down on a piece of paper, tucked it carefully into my shirt pocket. I felt her fingers brush my chest through the shirt, she only hesitated slightly but it was enough to make me flush.

She giggled, then got into her little Honda and left. I thought about her all the way home, I felt like a schoolkid that just had his first successful date.

I called Maria later that afternoon, we went to the movies that same night. It was some silly film about cartoon animals, we both laughed all the way though it. By the end of the film she was holding my hand, now I really was feeling like a teenager on a first date.

On her porch, she turned to me to thank me, I just leaned forward and our lips met. It was just a brief touch, but I felt it all the way to my soul. I was humming to myself all the way home.

The next afternoon I called her and we talked. When we finally hung up it was dark outside, we had talked for four hours. The next day we went bowling, I was surprised, she was pretty good and put the ball right in there. I was no slouch myself, my league average is around 175. By the end of the afternoon we had agreed to team up with another couple and see if we could get onto a mixed doubles league.

Again, I dropped her off, again our lips met and it felt just like the first time.

Within a couple of weeks we were seeing each other nearly every day.

Then I called one afternoon and got Maria's message machine. I called again an hour later and got it again. I figured she was off somewhere, so I busied myself around the house. Maria called me back later that day.

"Hi! Sorry I missed your call, I was at the doctor." She said.

"Oh. Is everything all right?"

"Oh, yes. It was just my followup."

"Yea, I have to go in for mine next week, I guess."

"Yours is probably the same test I just had done." She said.

"I don't think so, mine is the...colon exam."

"Yep, same test." Maria giggled.

Now why did she giggle? I wondered.

"I didn't know they even did those with..women?"

She laughed again.

"Women have colons too, you know."

"Do you want to go do something?" I asked her, changing the subject. Somehow I wasn't ready to talk about a colon test with her yet.

"Sure, let's go fishing, it is nice outside."

Nobody ever has to ask me twice to go fishing, so we did. Maria handled a rod just as well as I did, we caught a bunch of ugly bullheads and a few Perch, nothing spectacular but it was fun to be together, sitting out on the jetty. It was one of those warm days, the breeze off the water wasn't even cool. Maria wore a halter top and shorts so I got to see more of her than I had to this point. I was having trouble keeping my eyes off her, she didn't seem to really mind.

Finally it was getting late so we went over to her house to clean the few keepers we had caught. I made short work of them, we both managed to get a bit messy in the process.

"I need to take a shower, you can too if you like." She said.

"OK." I said, not thinking anything of it. I washed my hands as Maria went into her bathroom and shut the door. I heard the water running, soon she was humming in there. Her voice was sweet and clear, I sat and listened to her.

Then the door opened, she came out wearing a big white robe snuggled up tightly around herself. Her hair was wet but she had combed it, she actually looked just about the same even with no makeup.

"All yours!" She said with a smile. I went in and stripped down, then slipped into the shower. I finished quickly, dried off. I put my clothes back on and came out, Maria was still in her robe, sitting in a chair watching TV.

"Well, thanks for letting me take a shower. I guess I had better be going."

Yea, I know. Dumb as a wooden post.

Maria stood up, walked over to me and leaned up for a kiss. Her lips touched mine, they were soft and sweet. She leaned back and smiled at me, then kissed me again.

"Do you really need to go? I don't have a stitch on underneath this robe." She grinned, kissing me the third time.

"I....uhhh...OH!" She was pressed against me now, my arms wrapped around her.

"God, you are slow! Olivia said I might need to just jump you!" She giggled.

"Olivia? Our..doctor?"

"Yes, she said I would probably like you....very much."

I did one of my furious blushes at that. Like I said, I was not very experienced with women.

She just laughed, taking my hand she led me into her bedroom. Then she turned back, reaching up she slid the robe off her shoulders. Her breasts came into view, they sagged slightly, her nipples were oval shaped and snugged up tight. She held the robe at her waist for a moment, that same smile on her face. She looked totally erotic in the dim light. Then she dropped it the rest of the way, standing there totally naked in front of me.

I looked her up and down, there was a slight swelling of her abdomen, a mass of dark natural pubic hair nestled at her crotch. Her body belied her age, I felt myself stiffening right up at the sight of her.

"Do I look all right? I...have never thrown myself at a man before." She was actually blushing.

"You are beautiful!" I said, reaching for her with a groan. She slid into my arms, ran her fingers upwards over my groin. That was enough for me to feel myself begin to seriously firm up.

Somehow I was on my back on the bed, Maria was undoing the buttons on my shirt. Then she was working on my pants, she slid off the bed to grab the pants legs and tug them off of me. Reaching up, she took hold of the waistband of my shorts, peeling them down my hips and off. Dropping them on the floor, she straddled me and slid up on top.

"You sure are nice and big!" She exclaimed, holding my nearly completely hard erection in both hands. She moved higher on her knees until she was above me, then holding me with one hand she reached down and spread herself with the other.

I got a wonderful view of her pussy as her lips opened, then she was pressing down over me.

I would like to say we blended together like we had years of practice, one of those joinings that was meant to be.

What really happened was she went one way and I went the other, then I would change just as she did. We were actually struggling, I felt her getting close and then she would fade back. At one point she stopped and held still for a moment, then she tried to press my shoulders back to get control but our hips had a mind of their own. I kept slipping out and having to reach back down and start over.

Finally I got her rolled over and on her back, that did the trick. I lifted her legs at the knees, and held her open, her face winced slightly in pain so I eased up. Then she seemed comfortable so I began to pound away at her. She was tilting her hips upwards to meet me now, so it wasn't very long and I felt her shudder. I was only seconds behind her, she muttered something as I blasted off in wave after wave.

Later we both showered together, laughing and having fun. Maria dropped the soap once so I reached up her behind and got a squeal of protest.

Then we went back to bed and just fiddled around, I even got down and licked her, holding her lips spread open. It wasn't something I ever did much before but it was fun. I was thinking perhaps she might lean down and return the favor but she didn't. I really didn't care, it was so nice being with someone who seemed to delight in my efforts after so long.

Up until this moment I had resigned myself to a life of just putting in the hours.

It was also three days before I made it back to my house, much to the irritation of my Cat. It swished it's tail demanding it's dinner so I fed it and cleaned out it's litter box.

Hell, I have a kitty door, the damn Cat comes and goes as it pleases, why does it come inside to crap?

Oh, well, I was used to that, I guess.

In bed that night I woke up several times and reached over to touch Maria but of course she wasn't there. It was a very fitful night for me. By 5 AM I could no longer stay in bed so I got up and turned on my computer. I never paid it much attention so screens kept popping up warning me that my system was not up to date. After the 4th or 5th time of trying to tell the damned thing to remind me later, I just clicked the download and let it run.

I went and made some coffee, and fried some eggs.

Basically I was back to puttering around, killing time. What I wanted was to be back over there with Maria, I wasn't in the mood for sex, I just wanted to..be with her?

That was a strange feeling, after three long years of being mostly alone I suddenly didn't want to be.

My phone rang at seven, the computer had just finished doing what it needed to, whatever that was.

It was Maria.

"Did I wake you up?" She asked.

"No, I have been up since 5 AM."

"Why so early?" Her voice sounded so nice to me.

"I couldn't sleep."

"Why not?"

"Oh, just things on my mind."

"I couldn't sleep, either."

"Oh? Why not?"

"Things on my mind, too."

"Like what?" We both were laughing att the silly banter.

"I was thinking we have one house too many." She answered.

I didn't answer, I didn't know what to say.

"Danny? Was that...too much..too....quick?"

"No. I think that we would be just fine...together." There. I went and said it.

"Oh, Danny! I might be...I really do like you."

"I like you too. Say, why don't you come over here?"

"OK. I have to go change, it will be a bit." Maria answered.

"Change? Why? What are you wearing?"

"Just my nightgown."

"The pink one? That will be fine!" I laughed.

"Oh, sure. You want me to come over there wearing just this?"

"Yea, I do."

"You are terrible!" She giggled, and hung up.

I heard her car in about 15 minutes, I opened the door before she could knock. She was wearing her long coat. I let her in and shut the door, when I turned back she was standing there in just the pink bedroom outfit. It was a bit on the sheer side.

"Well? Is this naughty enough for you?" She grinned at me.

I just smiled, she stepped into my arms. Then I led her back to my bedroom. My stupid Cat lay there on the corner of the bed.

"He likes to watch." I joked.

"Oh, do you let him watch with all your girlfriends?" She smiled.

"No, just the ones I like." I pushed her back on the bed, pushed up the hem of her nightgown. There were no panties. Plus she was already very damp.

"Oh, going outside naughty with no panties on got the little girl all fussed up, I see?" I snickered, burying my face between her legs.

She giggled, then lay back with a sigh.

Who knows, maybe the last few years won't be so bad after all.

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