Welcome to My Mid-Life Crisis Ch. 01


"Damn," she said, "that was hot! Hearing you tell that story was almost a hot as being there. Did I really look like that?"

"Absolutely," said Frank.

She looked up. "I think Ronnie needs another drink. Or maybe a moist towelette?"

"Damn," said Ronnie, "you should sell that story to Penthouse!"

All three laughed. Tara moved to sit on Frank's lap when he stopped her, motioning to his still soaked thigh. "Oh yeah," Tara giggled, "forgot about that. Sorry it took so long, I had to shower and change and quit."

"Yeah Frank said you were giving it up," said Ron. "I'm bummed out. I'll miss you."

"Ah, I'll miss you too," said Tara sincerely.

"I don't suppose you make house calls?" asked Ron smiling.

"Ok," said Frank, " that's our cue. We're out of here. Let me call a cab quick."

"Nah," said Ron, "no worries, let me run you home."

"Uh thanks Ron," said Tara, "but the last thing you should be doing is driving."

"You're right!" said Ron. "That's why Vicki always rents me a limo for my night out. Come on, let's go" He swayed as he stood, and Frank had to catch him.

"Whoa," said Ron, "guess I had a little more than I thought."

Frank laughed and through an arm around Ron's shoulders and helped him out the door. With Tara's help he got Ronnie into the limo and made sure he was buckled in. Frank told the limo driver to take them to Ron's house, and gave him the address.

"I thought you two just met," said Tara, "how do you know his address?"

"Because I'm living in his house," said Ron drunkenly.

"Huh?" exclaimed Tara, looking at Frank.

"It's a long story," Frank sighed, "but the short version is that the bitch got it from me in our divorce, and Ron got it from her in their divorce."

"Hey," said Ron, "better me than her, right?"

"True enough," said Frank, a bit sullenly.

"My God," said Tara, "it is a small world."

Frank chuckled and settled himself in the back seat next to her. She wrapped her arms around his left arm and put her head on his shoulder. He could smell the now familiar scent of strawberries waft up into his nostrils from her freshly washed hair. He reached over and lifted her chin, and kissed her softly. She met his mouth, her lips parting and her tongue meeting his in a gentle caress. It was a passionate, hungry kiss, but at the same time teasing and slow. It wasn't the kiss of someone driven crazy with lust, but one of controlled and barely contained passion.

She pulled away slowly, breathlessly, and looked shyly over at Ron. "What," asked Frank, "embarrassed by a public kiss?"

"A little I guess." Tara laid her head on his shoulder. "God, the stripper is too shy to kiss a guy in front of one other person?"

"You're not a stripper anymore," Frank reminded her.

"Well even the co-ed in me isn't exactly prudish," she said with a twinkle in her eye. "I guess I'm just still a little freaked."

"Well, you don't have to worry about him," said Frank pointing over to Ron. He was passed out, slumped against the seat belt of his chair, a smile on his face.

Tara laughed, "I'd say he had a pretty good time."

"He's not the only one," said Frank.

"It gets better," said Tara in that husky voice, "I promise."

She leaned over and kissed him again. They spent the next twenty minutes this way, their tongues sparring, their lips caressing necks and faces, ears and throats. Frank let his hand slid up the outside of her silken thigh to rest at the bottom of her short skirt. There, his fingers played teasingly with the hem of her dress, inching is upwards a centimeter at a time. Whether or not Tara noticed that Ron was snoring a little too loudly, he wasn't sure. He had noticed, but really didn't care. When the limo pulled up to Ron's house, they broke their embrace reluctantly. "Hurry back," she said.

He winked and helped Ron, now awake, out of the car. Ron told the driver to take them anywhere they wanted to go and gave him a fifty. The driver pocketed the bill, and grabbed Ron's other arm to help Frank.

"That's ok," said Frank, "I got him."

"No problem sir," said the driver, "usually I'm doing this alone."

"Ah," said Frank, "so this is a common occurrence?"

"Once a month, like clockwork. Something about an alimony check coming in."

"Yeah I know the story," said Frank. "So you're his regular driver for these monthly binges?"

"Among other times, but he never gets like this except during these little outings. But he's always a heck of a tipper, so I don't mind. He takes care of me, I take care of him. Nice guy."

They helped Ron get the door open and got him inside the door. "Thanks guys," he said, "but I really can take it from here. Frank, here's my card. Call me tomorrow. I have to know how things went!"

Frank laughed and took the card. "You expect me to kiss and tell?"

"Absolutely!" said Ron. "No go forth win one for the gipper!"

With that Frank and the limo driver returned.

The driver opened the door for Frank and Asked where they wanted to go. Tara gave him the address and away they went.

The minute the car pulled away, they were locked in a passionate embrace. Franks mouth fell to her throat, nipping gently with his teeth, careful to leave no marks on her fair skin. His tongue traced up the side of her neck and then over the outline of her ear and she melted against him with a sigh.

He caressed her face as their lips met again in a hungry passionate kiss. Slowly he slid his hand down to caress her full breast. Her nipples were rock hard and clearly defined through the thin red fabric of her tank dress and it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra. He cupped her breast, caressing the erect nipple with his palm. She sighed deeply into his mouth pulling away from him ever so slightly as she pushed her chest to his hand to increase the pressure. He gently but firmly massaged her breast, controlling his urgency and his desire to take her a like a wild animal. It was soft and supple, all natural, as he had suspected.

Frank dropped his mouth to her throat once more, and increased his pressure, this time teasing the nipple with his thumb as he gently but firmly massaged the rest. As his kisses trailed down to her shoulder he slowly reached up and hooked a finger in the shoulder strap of the tank dress. Gently he pulled it down and Tara obligingly slid her arm up and out of the strap. Reaching back to her chest he reach in and freed the breast from its cotton prison. Frank continued his kisses, moving from her shoulder down her chest to kiss and lick the circumference of her breast. Her breathing was becoming ragged in anticipation, and as he kissed her chest, he could feel her heart pounding. How long had it been since he'd had this effect on a woman? He dropped his mouth to engulf the dark pink nipple, sucking it fully into his mouth as he squeezed the surrounding breast. She gasped, and he kept up the suction, flicking the erect nub with his tongue.

"Oh man," Tara said, "that is incredible! I didn't realize I was that sensitive. Suck harder Frank."

Frank did as she asked, and was gratified to hear her moan his name. He then reached over and remove the other strap, and began giving her right breast the same treatment as the left. He was in heaven. The whole time of the dance as she had brushed her breast back and forth across his face, it had been all he could do to keep his tongue in his mouth. Now he had free reign to do as he please. While his left hand was assisting his tongue in occupying Tara's tits, his right hand was on another mission.

He gently drug his finger tips from her knee up her thigh, sending shivers up her spine. Another moan escaped her lips and she looked into his eyes with a hungry, heated look. He chuckled at the look, and said, "Relax love, there's no need to rush it is there?"

"I've been dating college boys, remember? On a normal date I'd already be on the way home for a meeting with my vibrator."

"Well my dear," he said stroking her thigh, "It's been ages since I heard a woman moan my name, so you'll have to excuse me if I want to savor the moment."

"What ever you say Frank," she said breathlessly.

He went back to lavishly tonguing her breasts and slowly slid his hand further up her thigh. Like an stealthy intruder his hand slid up the back of her dress and his palm glided over her soft round ass. He let his fingers slide up the crack of her ass to the top of her cleft, expecting to meet resistance from a small triangle of fabric where her thong met its waistband. He encountered nothing. He moved his hand further up her dress to the small of her back and then across her waist, searching for what he knew was not there.

Tara Smiled down at him. "Sorry, but I was in a hurry to get out of the bar. I guess I forgot something." She flashed him a coy, girlish smile. "I have a couple g-strings in my bag. I could put one on if you want."

He silenced her teasing by latching his mouth to her tit again, flicking the nipple furiously with his tongue. His hand slid back down her ass. She raised on knee, sliding it up his thigh and stretching her leg over him. He continued to caress the soft roundness of her ass, sliding his hand over its curve and onto the back of her thigh. He let his hand wander between her legs, and encountered the velvety wetness of her slit.

She dripping again, her mound shaved smooth and coated in her juices. Her sex was so slippery he would have sworn that an oil tanker had run around, spilling its slippery contents onto her quim. He lightly traced the outline of her lips, once again starting to swell with her excitement. He let his finger slide between them, breaking the surface of the pool of her juices, and drug it upward until he came into contact with her rigid clit. He stroked her clit softly, and stopped sucking on her nipples, instead simply feathering his tongue over them with the same pressure his finger was applying to her clit. Tara was barely breathing now, he head tilted slightly back, her tongue pressed softly against her upper lip and her eyes closed, lost in that place where you didn't care if you ever came, because you didn't want the feeling to stop.

His fingers were now drenched in her juices and in one motion he stopped stroking her clit and slid two fingers deep into her. Her eyes went wide and her mouth opened in a silent gasp that dissolved into a smile. With agonizing slowness he withdrew his fingers then plunged them back in. Gently he fucked her with his fingers, exploring her depths and the softness of the walls of her inner sanctum. Her pussy contracted around his fingers and she moaned his name again. Finally, he could wait no longer.

He withdrew his fingers and knelt down between her legs. He pushed her skirt up to her waist and cupping her ass, lifted her to the edge of the leather seat. He lifted one leg over his shoulder, tracing kisses and licks down her calf and inner thigh, then repeated the process on the other leg. He then dropped his head to her pussy and began tracing the lips once more, this time with her tongue. He tasted her juices, a pleasantly tangy taste that could only come from a fresh clean pussy. He breathed in her scent, a wonderfully feminine musk mingled with the scent of strawberries. The aroma was more appetizing than anything he had ever smelled and it was all he could do not to plunge in and devourer her. His tongue parted her lips and he licked his was up to her clit. It stood proud and shiny, beckoning his touch. He licked around it with an intense pressure then backed off, lighting teasing it with his tongue. He continued this process for another minute and finally Tara was begging him to stop teasing her.

"Please," she moaned breathlessly, "please make me come. Please, I can't take any more of this or I'll start screaming." She curled her fingers in his hair and forced him to look into her eyes. They were filled a hungry lust, smoldering and pleading with him to give her release. How could he say no? He had tortured her enough.

He plunged his face back into her pussy, his hands cupping her voluptuous ass and pulling her to him. He sucked her engorged lips into his mouth, sucking hard and lapping the juices from them. He ground his tongue into her clit, flicking it hard and biting softly at the tender hood. He liked her in long lapping strokes the entire length of her slit, clean the slick juices from her silky smooth mound. He tongued the opening of her vagina, then down to her taint making her squirm. Finally he dropped lower and began to lap up the juices which had run down the crack of her ass. His tongue slithered around her asshole, causing her to cry out.

He looked up to see her once more squeezing her tits and twisting her nipples. It was time. He licked her in one slow, agonizing stroke from asshole to clit and she clenched his head with her thighs. He covered her clit with his mouth and sucked hard, all the while flicking it furiously with his tongue, just as he had with her nipples. He looked up at her as she writhed in pleasure, moaning his name. Finally, when he thought his tongue would cramp from over-exertion, she arched her back and let out a small cry. She bit her lip to keep from screaming as her body shook with the orgasm.

Frank stopped his ferocious attack on her clit. As her body sank back into the seat, he relaxed his grip on her ass. Slowly with gentle licks he brought her down, much like a runner taking a cooling lap after a hard race. He caressed her thighs, and gave her one last light kiss on the pussy lips. He looked up to see her lightly caressing her breasts, her smiling face aglow.

"Gawd, Frank," she said breathlessly, "how the hell am I supposed to go back to dating college boys after that?"

"College girls perhaps?" quipped Frank.

"It's a thought," she said naughtily and waggled a finger at him. "Come here."

He rose and she pulled him into a deeply passionate kiss. This surprised him because he was used to Vicki making him go wash up after he went down on her. Tara didn't seem to care, she just had to kiss him. She broke away and smiled.

"Ok, I owe you and I think it's time I pay up." She pushed him into the seat and swung forward to kneel in front of him. She licked her lips and reached for his zipper. "Besides, I can't wait to see this monster in the flesh. I was fantasizing about it the whole time you were eating me."

"Come on," laughed Frank, "It's not that big."

"Big enough!" exclaimed Tara. "I haven't even see it, but I can tell it's bigger than anything I've ever had."

Frank was still trying to come to grips with her amazement at the size of his cock. He'd always known it was nothing to be ashamed of, but he hadn't ever thought of himself as having some king sized porn cock. He watched as Tara slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his khakis, and lifted his ass so she could slid them to his ankles. She rubbed both hands over the bulge in the front of his jockeys, bringing his cock to life. She continued stroking his cock with one hand, the other reaching under and caressing his balls until his shorts were fit to burst. Finally she reached for the waistband and pulled them down. His cock sprang out like a jack in the box.

Tara stared at him, as if astonished. He looked into her eyes. "Well?" he asked sardonically.

"I suppose I should use some manly term like awesome or huge, or maybe just say, it's so big, but that doesn't seem right. I guess all I can say is that you're everything I imagined you would be, and I can't wait to give you as much pleasure as you just gave me."

With that she reached out and encircled his cock in her hand. Gently she stroked it up and down, caressing it lightly. Then she leaned in and starting at the base of the shaft, licked the entire length of his cock like it was a giant ice cream cone. Having been held behind it's khaki prison and teased for so long, his cock reacted to the sudden skin to skin sensation. Sparks shot through Frank's spine, and all he could do was sigh. She looked up into his eyes and swirled her tongue around the head of his cock. He watched as his cock split her glossy red lips and she engulfed the head. She sucked hard on the head, her tongue swirling around and over it, her right hand gently pumping up and down it's length.

She took at least six inches of his cock and slowly moved back up, her bright red lips leaving a slick ring on the shaft where she had stopped. She slowly pumped her mouth up and down, Looking up at him with a twinkle in her eyes. After a few more luscious licks on the head she sighed, still stroking the shaft, now slick with her saliva.

"Wow," she said, "I'm gonna try something new, so just relax and let me do all the work." She licked her lips and smiling, dropped her mouth back to his lap

She slowly took more and more of him into her mouth. He could see her concentrating, trying to get all of him into her mouth. She took about six inches into her mouth and he could feel himself hitting the back of her throat. He could see her struggling and was about to tell her to stop when he felt her swallow hard. He sunk another inch deeper down her throat and she swallowed again. Her throat muscles milked the head of his cock as she swallowed. He's never felt anything like it, and it was intense.

"Oh fuck," he moaned, "Tara, that is incredible, I've never felt anything like it." She started to start giggling, which lead to her choking around his cock. She with drew quickly, laughing and coughing. "Sorry hun," he said, "I didn't mean to break your concentration."

"No problem," she said, "glad you liked it. Let me try again." She went back to sucking his cock, taking his length into her mouth. She then slowed and rose up a bit, then sunk straight down taking him deep into her throat. She worked her head back and for grinding the head of his cock into the back of her throat. She worked it deeper, swallowing until she had over eight inches of his 10 into her throat. When she could take no more, she withdrew, this time more controlled, and started licking up and down his length. She continued to stroke his shaft, her hand now well lubricated. As he hand slid up and down his cock she dropped her head lower and started to tongue his balls. She sucked each one into her mouth, swirling them with her tongue.

Frank leaned his head back, in total ecstasy. Tara could see she had him right where she wanted him, and decided it was time to give him a long over due release. She licked back to the top of his cock and holding her lips tight, plunged the head into her mouth forcing him to penetrate forcefully into her mouth. She now quickened her pace, a woman on a mission, fucking him with her mouth a ferocious pace. Frank looked down to see her looking up at him, that same hungry look in her eyes. She had hand stroking the bottom of his shaft, the other squeezing his balls, the bright red lips flying up and down the top half of his cock. Frank could feel the orgasm starting deep in balls, the cum starting to boil up as she stimulated every inch of his dick. The sensations started to slowly creep up his cock and he swore he could feel his cock swelling. Tara must have sensed his impending explosion, because the hungry look grew, and she quickened to a near maddening pace. Suddenly they felt the limo come to a halt and the engine turned off.

"No," Tara whined with his cock in her mouth.

"Well fuck!" exclaimed Frank. He sat up pulling his cock from her mouth. "Come on hun, we don't want to get caught like this.

"Sorry Frank," she said pouting, "I tried."

"Not complaining," said Frank, "just frantically trying to get my pants up!"

Tara laughed and moved to retrieve her bag. Frank got his pants up just as the car door opened. The got out, Frank tipped the driver, and headed for the door. They burst through the main entrance and Tara took Frank by the hand and ran up the 3 flights of stairs to her apartment. She fumbled in her purse her keys with urgency, pulled them out, and promptly dropped. As she quickly bent to pick them up, Frank grabbed her hips and pulled her back against him.

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