tagErotic CouplingsWelcome to My Mid-Life Crisis Ch. 03

Welcome to My Mid-Life Crisis Ch. 03


It had been two weeks since Frank had gotten laid out playing hockey, knocked unconscious by a cheap shot from some young punk with a bad temper. Five days in the hospital recovering from the concussion, and another 7 at home, sitting on the couch wishing the throbbing would stop. The doctors told him it was a pretty serious concussion, though there shouldn't be any long term effects. His head still throbbed, but at least he wasn't seeing double anymore. Now if he could just get his energy back.

Frank had insisted on leaving the hospital earlier than he probably should have, but he couldn't take it anymore. He had to privately admit though that if it weren't for Ron and Tara, he wouldn't have made it those first couple of days at home. He couldn't even stand up in the shower without getting dizzy at some point. Tara had been very helpful with that aspect of his recovery, much to his delight. Now he was at least mobile and able to fend for himself, but he still had the damned headaches.

The weather didn't help. January in Minnesota always meant snow and cold, but this year was absolutely brutal. It was currently 15 below zero, and the constant storms brought a pressure which Frank felt in his throbbing head. He had to get out of here for a while so he could heal. He couldn't work, even if he'd wanted to, and he had plenty of vacation time built up. What better time to use some than now?

Still, he wasn't sure going alone would be a good idea. His first thought was why not take Tara? A week on a beach somewhere with the nubile little minx would be just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately she had school, and would be starting a semester long internship somewhere, he thought Arizona. Maybe Ron could get some time off and they could head south for some tropical carousing.

Unfortunately, Ron was in the middle of a really nasty divorce case, and just couldn't break away. "Sorry dude," said Ron, "but this is getting ugly. Just when I thought we had the bastard he started digging up dirt on my client. That wouldn't be so bad if she had told me about it ahead of time. Damn I hate it when the skeletons come out unexpectedly."

"Oh well," sighed Frank, "I'll just have to enjoy the solitude."

"Look, get yourself booked on a cruise or something; go find yourself some little tropical princess with dark skin, big tits, and nice tight ass. Speaking of nice tight asses, why not take Tara?"

"She has school, remember?" Just then there was a knock on the door. "Sorry Ron, gotta run. Later."

Frank slowly crossed the living room and braced himself for the blast of cold air as he opened the door. Tara and Denae came bounding through unceremoniously, trying to escape the wintry chill outside. Frank slammed the door against the wind. It must have been 30 miles an hour out there. He looked over to where the two girls stood shivering.

"Sorry we didn't have time to ask if you were decent," said Tara, "but it's too freakin cold out there!"

"That's okay," said Frank, "I'm decent."

"Yeah," said Denae with a naughty twinkle in her eye, "too bad."

Tara gave her a slap on the shoulder and the two took off their coats. Frank sank back into his chair and leaned his head back.

Tara came up behind him and kissed him on the forehead, then started rubbing his neck. "How are you doing? I haven't been able to get over to see you in a couple days."

Frank smiled up at her. "I'm alright I guess, just can't shake this headaches."

"I hate to break it to you Frank," said Denae, "but you're gonna have that headache for a couple weeks at least. I got in a car wreck and had a concussion last year that was pretty bad, and my head hurt for a month."

"Nice bed side manner, Denae," scolded Tara.

"Oh, sorry Frank," said Denae, realizing she probably just made him feel worse. "The good news is it does get better fairly quickly."

"I'm sure it will, but these storms are killing me. Too much pressure. I gotta get out of here."

"Good plan," said Denae. "So where are you going?"

"I don't know," said Frank thoughtfully. "I was thinking of some place with lots of sun, some sand, and no fucking snow. Somewhere that has a wind chill of about 75."

"Umm," purred Denae, "sounds nice. Need some company?"

Frank chuckled and looked up at Tara. "I think she's trying to muscle in on your territory."

"I'm not surprised," said Tara with a sigh, "ever since I mentioned that we had agreed to not get serious, I think she's been day dreaming about you."

"I have not," said Denae, starting to blush.

"Oh come off it, Denae," said Tara with a giggle. "You'll hurt his feelings. Guys like to know they are the object of desire. Older men especially like to be desired by younger women. It makes them forget their age."

"You know," said Frank mournfully, "if I didn't feel like I was about 60 right now, I'd take offense to that remark."

Denae looked indignantly at Tara. "Hey, I never said he wasn't attractive, which you are by the way Frank, but that's a whole lot different than day dreaming about him." Denae was only blushing because she had been daydreaming about him. After seeing him and Tara in Frank's hospital room a little over a week ago, she couldn't help herself. She must have recalled that a scene a dozen times, masturbating each time to a crashing orgasm.

"No Denae," said Tara, "what you said, and I quote, was 'I wouldn't mind stacking his pads.'"

Frank chuckled. "So even female hockey players talk like that huh?"

"Does that mean you wouldn't care if I were to take Frank back into his bedroom and give him the ride of his life?" asked Denae, challengingly.

"Not at all," said Tara nonchalantly "Do you think you are woman enough to handle him?"

"I can hold my own," snapped Denae. Tara stared her down and Denae looked for a minute like she was going to call her bluff.

"Um, excuse me," said Frank, "remember me? The convalescent? I'm afraid that at this moment, I'm in no condition to be party to this dick measuring contest, or whatever you girls term it to be."

"Huh," said Tara thoughtfully, "I wonder what you would call it between two girls."

"A clit measuring contest?" quipped Denae.

"Only between East German weightlifters," said Frank, sending the two girls into a fit of giggling.

"So seriously Frank," said Denae, "where are you thinking about going?"

"Well I was kinda thinking I'd find some nice all inclusive deal so I wouldn't have to worry about anything. I just need to relax and recover."

"So...," said Denae, "are you going alone or is Ron going with you?"

"Nah he has a case he's working on so he can't get away."

"Not thinking about taking anyone else?" Denae was trying to be coy and Tara kept throwing quelling looks at her over Frank's shoulder.

Frank chuckled at Denae's transparent attempt to suggest that he ask Tara. "Well, I really wanted to take Tara, but she has school."

"No she doesn't!" exclaimed Denae quickly.

"Huh?" said Frank, turning to look at Tara. "I thought the Semester started next week."

"Well..." Tara started, but Denae cut her off.

"She has an extra two weeks off because she doesn't report for her internship until February 10th."

"Really," said Frank, "is that a fact?"

"Well, yeah," said Tara, "but Frank you don't have to ask me to go with you. Don't let the little loud-mouth guilt trip you into dragging me along. Go and have fun."

"Don't you want to go with me?" asked Frank, truly a little hurt.

"Well, I mean yeah it would be fun," said Tara carefully, "but I don't want to feel like I invited myself along. Or Denae invited me along, in this case."

Frank chuckled again. "Hey babe, I was wishing I could ask you along way before Denae tried so subtly to suggest it. In fact, it would be a lot more fun if you were with me."

"Are you sure Frank?" asked Tara.

"Unless you can think of some reason you shouldn't go with me," said Frank carefully.

"Oh for Pete's sake, you two drive me crazy. Tara, he wants you to go and would have asked you to go in the first place if he hadn't thought you had school. Frank she wants to go; she just won't admit that she's about ready to burst with excitement."

Frank looked at Tara and he could see her green eyes dancing. "Well?" he asked.

Tara giggled. "Okay, okay, so I want to go. It would be nice to have a little vacation before I start interning, and I can certainly think of worse people to spend a week with."

"Good," said Denae. "Now why don't you to get over yourselves and just figure out where you want to go for 7 nights of fun and fornication"

"Well Tara," said Frank, "any thoughts?"

"Oh I don't know. It's your vacation."

Frank rolled his eyes. "Alright, listen up sweetheart. This is not my vacation anymore, it's OUR vacation. I have plenty of time, and though I don't like to flaunt it, I have plenty of cash. We can go just about anywhere you want to go, so come on. Any ideas?"

"Well," started Tara, looking shyly at the floor, "I've never been to the Caribbean."

"Cruise or island resort?" asked Frank.

"Oh I don't care either way," she said honestly. "I think just being there will be enough. I don't really care about the particulars."

"Well in that case let's skip the cruise. I've never been on a big ship and the idea of getting seasick on top of this headache scares the hell out of me."

"It sounds wonderful." Tara looked at him shyly again. "Frank, are you sure?"

Frank smiled and nodded. "Ok Denae, since you seem to be our travel agent, book it. My wallet's on the table. Put it on my Am Ex."

"Thank you Frank," said Tara softly, kissing him gently.

"My pleasure, hun."

"You bet your ass it's gonna be your pleasure," said Tara in that husky, sultry voice of hers. Frank felt his cock twitch at the sound and its hidden meaning.

For the second time Denae found herself exceedingly jealous of Tara, and it wasn't just because she was going to Caribbean.


Frank's head was finally feeling better. Though he still had the dull throb, it only flared up when he strained his eyes, like working on his computer or reading for too long. He was excited and really looking forward to his upcoming getaway with Tara. He'd just gotten their tickets and a promo pack from the resort, and decided to pop over to Tara's to show her where they'd be staying.

He knocked on the door and heard Tara's voice call out, "Come on in!" He shrugged and opened the door. And walked in. Tara wasn't in the living room so he threw his coat on the couch and headed to the kitchen. Not seeing her there he headed for the hall when Tara came around the corner.

"Well what do you think?" asked Tara. Just as quickly she let out a shriek. "Frank! What are you doing here?" With that she jumped back into the hallway, hiding so that just her head peeked around the corner.

"Well I got the brochure and tickets from the resort so I thought I'd come over and show em to you."

"Wait in the living room a minute," snapped Tara.

Frank sat down on the couch and a couple seconds later Tara came out wearing a black silk rob. Frank was puzzled. Why the shyness? "What's wrong? I've seen you naked a few times you know."

Tara giggled. "No not that. Denae ordered a few new swimsuits for me and I was trying them on. They are supposed to be a surprise for you. I thought you were Denae's roommate."

"Ok, so I don't want to spoil the surprise. Do you have one on under that robe right now?"

"No I took it off," said Tara. Slowly Tara pulled the knot which held the silk robe closed and slowly parted the robe open. She stood with her hands on her hips, legs slightly spread, directly in front he Frank, displaying her glorious naked body. Her skin was a deep bronze, so dark it glowed.

"Um, someone's been tanning," said Frank appreciatively.

"That's not all," she said. Walking up to him, Tara took his hand and slid it down her body and between her legs. Frank was shocked at how soft her mound was, her pussy feeling as if it were covered in silk. "I got a fresh wax job this morning. Figured I'd just have em take it all off."

"Soft," was all Frank could say. He let a finger find its way between her pussy lips and drug it up to caress her clit. She sighed. Frank took Tara firmly by the hips and pulled her to the couch. Before she had time to form a protest, Frank dropped his face between her thighs and began to softly lap at her smooth pussy. He licked her inner thighs and the smooth mound which surrounded her supple lips. He let his tongue circle her hardening clit and gently sucked her lips into his mouth, tasting the sweet juices that were starting to collect upon them. He slowly licked down under her pussy until his tongue traced across her caramel asshole, which was as soft and hair-free as the rest of her. At that point she grabbed his head and pulled him up.

"Oh fuck Frank, you gotta stop," she said. "Why?" asked Frank petulantly.

"Hey Tara, watcha doin?" Frank instantly recognized Denae's voice from down the hall.

"That's why," said Tara, sitting up and closing her robe. "Sorry."

"Hey Tara," said Denae coming down the hallway, "This one is totally see through when it's wet. See?"

At that point Denae came bounding into the living room and slid to a stop, startled to see Frank sitting there. She was dripping wet, apparently having just got out of the shower. She was wearing an extremely small purple bikini that left very little to the imagination. What little it did conceal was revealed as the material had turned completely shear from the water she had doused herself with.

Frank could clearly make out her small dark nipples, poking obscenely through the wet material. The bottom had likewise disappeared and he could make out the small strip of blonde hair and the outlines of her thin pussy lips. The material was so sheer he could even make out the hard nub of her clit, poking out as if begging to be sucked.

"Oh fuck," she said, covering her self with her hands, "Sorry I didn't know Frank was here."

"Um, nice suit," was all Frank could say.

"Yeah, well it's actually Tara's. I'm just joining the fun," stammered Denae.

"Why so shy?" teased Tara. "You've never had a problem showing you body to guys before."

"Oh fuck off, Tara. He just startled me, that's all."

With that Denae turned and left the room, wiggling her ass as she did. Frank couldn't help but stare at the cute round bottom as she left the room. As soon as she was gone, Tara pounced on Frank, kissing him deeply and hungrily.

"Damn Frank, have I mentioned how much I love it when you lick my pussy?"

"A time or two," said Frank. "Tara you're too much for me, you know that?"

"Okay, that's a rule for this week," she said firmly. "You are not allowed to talk about our age differences for this entire vacation. Just remember that every forty year old guy on that beach is going to be wishing they were you. Just relish it, and let me relish you treating me like a princess."

"How do you know I'm going to treat you like a princess?

"Because you always do," said Tara as she kissed him on the nose. "Now let's look at those brochures."


Four days later they were sitting in first class on a 747, sipping champagne and bidding adieu to the blistery winter weather of Minnesota. Frank's head started to hurt again as the cabin pressurized, but once they were airborne and his body had time to adjust, the pain subsided. Now he sat trying to figure out the new camcorder he had bought for the trip, and he wasn't having much luck.

"Damn thing," he said in frustration, jamming it back in the case. "I give up. I'll figure it out later."

Tara giggled and laid her head on his should, her arms wrapping around his left arm and hugging it tightly. Frank smiled and caressed her hair. There wasn't much of the serious, mature Tara showing today, for she was filled with girlish excitement which she was barely able to contain.

"Frank, thank you," she said with a sigh.

"For what, being a complete schmuck with electronics?"

"Don't be facetious, Frank. No, I mean for taking me along. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. I've always wanted to go to some place exotic."

"I'm sure you'll fit right in with all the other exotic beauties." Frank could only imagine how she'd look wearing the see through bathing suit Denae had tried on. Funny, as hot as Denae was, his thoughts weren't on how she had looked in the suit, but rather imagining how Tara would look in it.

"I'm gonna get some sleep Frank."

"Good idea hun, I think I'll join you." With that, Frank drifted off to sleep.

A jolt of turbulence woke him. Glancing to his left he saw Tara, seat back, curled slightly on her left side, asleep. He resisted the temptation to reach out and touch her, not wanting to wake her. Blinking his eyes he looked at his watch and realize he'd slept for almost two hours. The sky outside was dark and the lights in the cabin were turned down. Becoming fully aware of his surroundings, he realized that his tray was down and sitting on it was his camera.

On the camera was a folded note. He opened the note and read it. "Frank, I think I got this figured out. Turn it on and hit the play button. Make sure no one else can see the screen and use your headphones! Tara."

Frank glanced first at Tara, then at the camera. What had she been up to? He glanced around the first class cabin to see what the other passengers were up to. Everyone appeared to be sleeping, except the kid sitting across the aisle, but he was too engrossed in his video game to notice anything else. The seats directly behind them were empty. Curiosity took control and he picked up the camera. He fumbled in his bag for his headphones and plugged them in. Angling his body so that the small screen was facing the window, he reached out and hit the play button.

The small LCD screen flashed to life and he saw Tara's smiling face, her eyes dancing with mirth. "Frank, if you don't have you headphones on, you better stop right now." The picture bumped as she set the camera down. Frank could see now that she was in one of the airplane's lavatories, the camera apparently now sitting on the sink. The picture started to widen out and Tara wiggled the remote at the camera. When she licked her lips and started to cup her breasts, Frank quickly shot a glance over at the slumbering Tara.

"Don't look at me, Frank," whispered Tara's voice in his ear, "watch the screen." Frank snapped his attention back to the action unfolding on the 2 ½ inch screen in his hand.

Slowly Tara pulled down the straps of her green tank dress, revealing the lime green lace bra she wore beneath. Frank watch enrapt as she unhooked the bra and tossed it to the floor. Her large breasts fell just slightly as they were released from their lace prison. Slowly she ran her hands over her breasts, cupping and caressing them, all the while looking straight into the camera. When she pinched both nipples firmly between her fingers, her eyes closed, her mouth parted, and her velvet tongue came forth to wet her luscious lips.

She pushed the tank dress down to her waist and continued to caress her torso for another few seconds, running her hands over her flat stomach. Next she lifted the skirt of the dress and gathered it around her waist. Frank watched hypnotized as she revealed the skimpy lime panties which barely covered her crotch. She inserted a finger into her mouth and sucked on it for a few agonizing seconds, still staring into the camera lens. It was then that Frank realized he was becoming painfully erect.

She slowly slid the wet finger down her torso, leaving a trail of glistening saliva as it passed through her cleavage. Frank started to squirm as she slid the wet finger under the brief triangle of lace and began to caress her pussy. Tara's eyes closed again and her head tilted back slightly; then again she looked back straight into the camera. She smiled and licked her lips until they glistened with wetness in the light of the lavatory.

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