tagErotic CouplingsWelcome to My Mid-Life Crisis Ch. 04

Welcome to My Mid-Life Crisis Ch. 04


Frank had been off his skates for almost two months with the concussion and he was chomping at the bit to get back on the ice. He was surprised that after 15 years of not playing, he couldn't seem to get it out of his mind, although a week with Tara in the Caribbean had certainly came close. Now Tara was off to Arizona for ten weeks of internship and hockey was back to the forefront of his mind. It was all he wanted to do these days.

Maybe part of it was to show the little punk who had knocked him out that he was plenty resilient and that the kid hadn't won, but whatever it was he wanted back in the game. His confidence level though, was not the best. He had just been knocking the rust of 15 years off and just starting to get his game back. Then wham, one little asshole with a chip on his shoulder and he was back at square one.

That's when Alan, one of the guys he played with in his group, made him a proposal. Alan was the coach of the girl's team at the college where they rented ice, and asked Frank if he'd like to come out and be a practice goalie for the girls.

"Think about it Frank," said Alan, "it'll be about the same pace as we normally play. The girls don't shoot as hard, but a lot of em have great hands. You'll see some quality finesse shots and get to make some good saves, as well as repetition. That will help you get back in the grove without worrying about getting hurt in a game situation."

"I don't know," said Frank warily, "I'm not sure my ego can take getting lit up by a bunch of co-eds. Besides, I don't want to take away practice time form your normal goalies.

Alan winced visibly, "That's the other thing; I only have one goalie at the moment. One of my girls got hurt last week."

Frank raised an eyebrow. "I thought you said I wouldn't have to worry about getting hurt? And shouldn't you be training a backup?"

"Nah, she'll be fine in a couple of weeks and our other goalie won't get hurt in the mean time. The girls don't get rough like the guys, so injuries are rare."

"Wait a minute," said Frank, "I thought you said one of your goalies was injured."

"She is, poor thing," said Alan, "but it was an off-ice injury."

"So what happened?"

Alan was trying not to laugh. "She sprained her neck in a car crash."

"Ouch!" said Frank. "That sucks for a goalie."

"Ah," said Alan chuckling, "she got off light. Her boyfriend had to have 8 stitches."

"Eight stitches? That's not so bad."

Alan burst out laughing. "It is when they're on your dick."

"What?" exclaimed Frank.

"Yeah, apparently she bit him pretty hard when he hit that tree."

Realization dawned on Frank and he joined Alan in his laughter. "You know, I feel bad for her," Frank said. "That's got to be a hard one to live down, pardon the pun."

"Nah," said Alan, "she's already a locker room hero. Any girl who can give good enough head to make her boyfriend wrap his brand new Durango around a tree enjoys near celebrity status among her team mates."

Frank's thoughts drifted back to Tara, and wondered if he should buy a Durango. He shook the thoughts from his head. "Okay, Alan, I'll give it a shot."

So here he was, ready to take the ice to square off with a bunch of girls. He took a deep breath and stepped back onto the ice. The feeling was exhilarating. He skated around, the girls already on the ice staring, wondering what was up. He skated over to Alan, who pointed him to the far goal. He skated over and started scuffing the crease. He turned back to face forward just in time to hear a girlish squeal nearby.

"Frank!" exclaimed a voice he recognized. "Is that you?"

"Hey Denae," he said cheerfully, "sure is."

Denae slid to a stop in front of him and threw her arms around him. "How's the head? I haven't seen you since you and Tara got back. Frank its so good to see you skating again!" She turned sullen beneath her chrome mask. "Frank I never said how sorry I was about what happened. I kinda feel like it was my fault."

"It's ok, Denae," he said, "its not your fault your boyfriend is an obnoxious goon."

"Ex-boyfriend!" she exclaimed. "That was the last straw. I kicked his ass to the curb right after it happened. Asshole."

"Good for you," Frank said, "now I don't have to worry about you."

"You mean you would have?" she asked coyly.

"Sure," he said matter-of-factly, not liking that tone in her voice. "Any friend of Tara's, you know. Besides, I guess it's just the knight in shining armor in me."

Alan blew his whistle and called the group together at center ice. Alan introduced Frank, who was surprised at the warm response he received, though he wondered what all the giggles were about. They shouldn't be laughing at him yet, they hadn't even seen him play. Alan laid out the game plan for the day and sent them to their ends.

They ran through the drills, and Frank was surprised at how far his stamina had fallen off during his injury. By the time they had gotten through the first set drills he was completely winded. He was also surprised by how good some of the girls were. Many of the girls had good hands, and their star center, Sandra, had incredible touch. Alan had told him she was being looked at by the Lady Gophers for next season. She had put an incredible move on Frank on one break away, deking left then cutting sharply across the right. Frank had bit on the move hard, and was left hung out to dry. The only thing he could do was roll over on his back and flung his legs into the air. As he brought his glove hand over he felt the puck hit the webbing and he instinctively slapped it to the ice, trapping the puck.

As he lifted the glove a bit to make see if he had really gotten it, Denae skated up. "Great save Frank!"

"Not really," Frank said, gasping for air. "A great saves usually means you were in the wrong place at the wrong time and got lucky. That was a classic example."

She laughed and skated back to her place in line. For her part, Denae was a solid defensive player. Despite the ditsy blonde she portrayed, she had great hockey sense, and wasn't afraid to play the body and stand an attacker up. Sandra, standing at the blue line, made eye contact and tapped her stick on the ground once. He nodded his head and smiled at the acknowledgement as he leveraged himself back to his feet.

They played on for another 10 minutes before Alan called an end to practice. A lot of the girls thank him to helping out. Sandra tapped him on the pads with her stick and winked as the skated by. Denae skated up and grab a handful of his ass through the thick padding of his breezers. She giggled and skate backwards away from him. "Nice moves Frank." Frank just shook his head smiling as he skated over to the bench to talk to Alan.

"Hey Alan, thanks for asking me to come out. This really was helpful."

"Good," said Alan, "can you make it all week?"

"Sure," said Frank shrugging, "why not? "

"Great!" said Alan as he struggled to get out of his skates. "Hey man, can you do me one more favor? My ex-wife just called and wants me to pick up the kids early today. The bitch knows I have practice, and I really think she's just doing it to annoy me. Can you lock up for me?"

"Hey man, I understand," said Frank knowingly. "No problem."

Alan grinned and tossed his keys into Frank's glove. "Thanks man, you're a lifesaver."

Frank head for the locker room and collapsed onto the bench. He slowly stripped off his gear and headed for the shower room. All the lights were off and Frank elected to turn on only the back bank of lights. His eyes hurt from being snow blinded by the ice and the dark was calming. He selected a shower in the middle of the bench and turn it on as hot as it would go. The water seared into his skin and he winced at the scalding touch. He had to fight to stay under the molten spray, but soon the heat began to soak into his body and his muscles began to relax. He breathed the steam in deeply leaned back against the tile wall. When he opened his eyes, he noticed light coming from the wall at his right hand side.

He walked over to investigate and found a small crack where the grout had been scratched away between two tiles, light was leaking through from the neighboring locker room. Without thinking he put his eye to the crack and was shocked to see he was looking into the girls' shower room. He pulled his face back and considered the situation. On one hand, he was far too old to be a peeping tom. On the other hand, this was every school boy's wet dream. Grinning he couldn't help but look back in through the crack.

His eyes were graced with a bevy of beauties, naked and glistening wet, soaping themselves. His cock started to rise of its own volition. He was in awe of the differences in their body types. They range from smallish a-cups to one girl who packed a pair of guns that could have knocked out a Sherman tank. He recognized Sandra, the center with the great hands, standing on the other side of the room.

She stood shampooing her short auburn hair, both arms raised and her back slightly arched. Standing nearly six feet tall, she had a tight athletic body. Though she didn't have a six pack, her abs were well defined, as were her thighs. She turned to talk to the girl to her right, exposing a rock hard ass that Frank was sure you could bounce a quarter off of. Her breast weren't overly large, but she was far from flat-chested. They obviously based by a decent set of pectoral muscles, and were capped with a tiny set of pink nipples, small and pale enough to be almost invisible through the steam. What shocked him the most was her pubic hair. Her auburn bush was neatly shaved into the shape of a lightning bolt and Frank recalled that Alan had called her the spark plug of their offense. He wondered if Alan knew.

Suddenly Denae came into view. She walked over around the shower in the center of the room, her back to Frank. She was no more than 15 feet away from him. His eyes took in her body with a curiosity that surprised even him. He told himself it was because she was the only girl her knew on the team. The thought of revenge came unbidden to his mind; the look on Joe's face if he found out Frank had nailed his girlfriend. Frank drank in the soft curves of her ass and the slim thighs. Though she was nowhere near as muscular in build as Sandra, there was very little fat on her body; just enough to add a bit of feminine softness to her curves.

She turned around and tilted her head back under the water. She ran hands, covered in soapy suds, over her breasts. Larger than Sandra's, they would easily fill a C cup and were capped with light brown nipples. She spent what seemed like and eternity to Frank soaping her tits. She squeezed each one, taking care to cup underneath with her soapy hands. Frank could see her nipples hardening and could only smile when she finished the soap job by giving her nipples a rough twist. At least he wasn't the only one getting turned on by the display. His cock was rigid now.

His gaze followed her hands and the soapy sponge down to her crotch. Her pussy was covered by a neatly trimmed thatch of pale blonde fur. She didn't shaved her lips, but she did trim is short, and he could see a pair of pale pink lips plainly visible through her translucent hair. He watched as she soaped herself well, then throwing a glance back over her shoulder to see if anyone was watching, quickly slid two fingers straight up her pussy. She gave herself four or five slow deep strokes before withdrawing her hand and making a few small circles over her hardened clit. She then turned around slowly slid her hand over round cheeks. Frank nearly gasped as she coyly took one wet finger and slid it gently up her soapy asshole to the second knuckle. She worked the finger in slow circular motions and he could see her ass quiver a bit in pleasure. Quickly she withdrew the finger from her ass and started rinsing off with a near frantic pace and left the shower room.

Almost all the girls had left, he noticed, and pulled his face away form the crack and sat back on the bench along the far wall. He chuckled to himself as he thought back over the course of the last couple of minutes. He the thought of Denae slowly finger fucking her own ass made his cock twitch again. He briefly considered changing the shower to cold, and decided to forget it. He climbed back under the hot spray and let his mind wander.

"Frank you still here?" Denae's voice from the main door way of the locker room made him jump and scramble for his towel.

"Huh?" he called back in alarm. "Yeah, I'm in the shower." He winced, why had he said that?

"Good," she said. "Tara said that while she was gone for a few weeks that I should make sure you didn't just sit at home and get lonely. Some of the girls are going out for dinner and I thought you might like to tag along. What do you think?"

Visions of his cock jammed down Denae's throat flashed through his head, but he quickly shook them away. Tara was playing with him, doing the same thing to him that he had done setting her up with Nicki. He doubted that she was trying to get him and Denae together, but was just trying to get even and saddle him with the ditsy blonde for the evening. Well ditsy she may be, but she was nice enough. And she was fucking hot.

"Sure, why not," he said. "Give me ten to finish up here."

"No problem," she said and Frank heard the door close.

Frank sighed deeply; his cock was still rigid from what he had seen in the shower room. He couldn't very well go to dinner with her in this state, not without embarrassing himself at the wrong time. He looked quickly over both shoulders even though he knew he was alone, and as if steeling himself to do something he didn't want to, wrapped a hand around his soapy cock. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, thinking of Denae in the shower room, her soapy fingers caressing her breasts, fingering her pussy and that deliciously tight ass. He started pumping his fist slowly, his pace quickening with each stroke.

"That's an awfully big job," said Denae, "can I help?"

Being as he was thinking about her as he jerked off, it took Frank a moment to realize that the voice was not in his head. He eyes snapped open and he jumped back, trying to cover himself with his hands and searching for his towel. He looked up to see Denae leaning against the shower wall holding his towel with one finger. She was completely naked, and the steam in the shower was already causing little beads of condensation along her cream skin.

"Denae," he said his face turning crimson, "what are you doing in here."

"Well," she said walking across the shower room toward him grinning, "you see I'm always horny after I play hockey, but today was especially bad. You see, Tara and I are best friends, so naturally she tells me everything. I kept looking over at you today and thinking about all those stories she told me. When you said you were in the shower, well let's just say my pussy got a little drippy."

Frank was stunned and more than a little embarrassed. Despite his recent break back out onto the dating scene, he was still pretty shy, and having a 20 year old walk in on you jerking off in the shower was embarrassing. The fact that Tara had told Denae about their sex life didn't bother him, really, but then he remembered her teasing Denae about having a crush on him.

"Look Denae," he said, his mind racing, "I'm not sure this is a good idea. I mean, what if someone was to walk in on us?"

"No one will, I promise." She tossed his towel onto the bench and continued to walk up to him. "The Ra-Ra-Ra line is gonna meet us a Chico's in 45 minutes, they're gonna save a table."

"The Ra-Ra-Ra line?"

"Never mind," she said, frustrated at his lack of focus on her, "I'll tell you later. Just don't worry, it's just us now."

She reached out and grabbed his cock firmly in her hand and pulled her to him. Instinctively he wrapped an arm around her to hold her up. Her hot nipples burned holes in his chest and her hand squeezed painfully around his swollen member.

"Wow," breathed Denae, "Tara was right. You are packing quite a log there." Frank sighed. "What is it with you two? You both act like you've never seen a dick before."

"She also told me you didn't get it." Denae looked up at him as if she were going to use small words to explain something to a child. The irony of this ditsy blonde taking that air with him caused him to chuckle. "Frank, this is the most beautiful cock I've ever seen. It is big. It is long. It looks like the dicks you see in a porno movie. Frank, trust me, most guys don't have one of these."

"Okay, okay," he said, "so I have a big dick. What else did she tell you?"

Denae slowly began pumping his cock and she stepped up on her tip toes to kiss him. Their lips met in a fiery kiss, full of lust and eager need. She broke the kiss and licked her lips. "She told me your cum tastes sweet."


"She said you taste sweet," repeated Denae.

"She told me that too, but I thought she was just talking dirty to me." Frank was confused. He'd never really thought about what his sperm might taste like but he guessed it made sense. After all, women tasted differently and Tara did have a great tasting pussy. Tangy and sweet like strawberry lemonade. He couldn't help wondering what Denae's pussy tasted like, and he was pretty sure he was about to find out.

"No Frank," she said taking on that tone again, "you see all men taste differently. I can't, however, stand a guy who's cum tastes bad, and most guys are like that. Their cum is either too salty or too sour. But most guys seem to think a blowjob is incomplete unless you swallow, so I do. I've never been with a guy who's cum tasted sweet before." She licked her lips and wrapped her other hand around his cock, double fisting him.

"Look Denae," he began.

"Oh Frank come on." Denae gave him a challenging look. "What are you scared of?"

"You mean other than someone walking in on us, getting arrested for indecent behavior in a school building, and you in general?"

"Yeah other than that?" Denae asked.

"Well other than that, nothing I guess," Frank replied. Somehow her attitude made his fears seem silly. He started to relax and smiled, laughing to himself. What was the worst that could happen? Not much really, it's not like she were under age or anything.

"So," he asked her teasingly, "is this what Tara had planned all along, trying to get me laid by her best friend?"

Denae stopped stroking her cock and looked up at him. "I don't think that's what she meant, no. Do you think she'll care? I mean, I don't want to do anything to hurt Tara, but I didn't think you two were serious." She looked genuinely worried.

Frank chuckled. "No, no, Tara and I have already had that talk. In fact we agreed to try and see other people, now that she's in Arizona. Time to explore my new freedom, she said."

"Thank heavens," said Denae, resuming her stroking, "I'm not sure I could have stopped now anyway. My pussy feels like Niagara falls."

"Really?" Frank asked as he reached down and dragged a finger up her slit. She pushed her hips forward into his fingers, and he could feel the thick oily juices which had run from her pussy. Her soft hair was matted with the stuff and her thighs were slick from rubbing them together to stimulate her clit.

"I can see you have pretty good hands," she moaned, "for a goalie."

"You aren't so bad either."

"You ain't seen anything yet," she said as she dropped to her knees. One hand cupping his balls, the other working his shaft, she took his thick head between her lips. Her tongue attacked his cock, fiercely working up and down the first few inches of his shaft and she sucked hard with more pressure he had ever felt before. While her mouth worked on the top half of his cock, her hand stroked the bottom half of his shaft and her other hand was fiercely massaging his balls. There was no subtlety to her technique, she was a woman on a mission to make him cum.

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