tagIncest/TabooWelcome To Paradise?

Welcome To Paradise?


Originally this was written as a small series of quickie gifts for a special friend. I intended for each part to be a small teasing build up to a main event. I'm not sure how quick the re-edit ended up being but I hope the feel of the tease was left intact. Hopefully this adventure is one you find enjoyable.

As always all characters are over 18 years old. This is just entertainment, don't do anything stupid because you read about made up people doing it too :) Enjoy

Shelby frowned trying not to be rude to the front desk clerk at the hotel, she hated when people treated others badly. She knew the girl checking people in at the hotel wasn't in charge she was just trying to do her job.

No matter how mad she was, Shelby tried to remind herself, this is a person you are dealing with. It is probably not her fault anyway, yelling at her will just ruin her day and won't make her want to help you. Plus, everyone will know you as "that crazy screaming bitch" for the rest of the visit. Be nice.

She'd known this family reunion thing was a bad idea from the very first time her parents mentioned it.

She loved her family. Her mom, her dad, even her somewhat narcissistic older brother. The four of them got along better than anyone else' family she knew of.

She loved going on vacation to beautiful places and she loved staying in nice hotels, but it was different when nothing was your choice and you had to try to make an entire family happy at once.

Their little foursome would've had a good time anywhere. In fact, they often had a great time right in the backyard of the house where Shelby and Spencer had grown up.

They liked to get together and have dinner as a family. They would play games or just shoot the breeze, but a family reunion apparently needed to be bigger than just a barbecue at the beach.

The entire family, including obscure relatives, had descended upon Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Seven days for "fun in the sun" family bonding activities. She just hoped she wouldn't have to see her great-uncle shirtless.

Shelby only agreed to come because it was the Bahamas and she knew it would keep her mom off her back. Her one stipulation was that she didn't have to deal with the planning. She just wanted to show up and enjoy.

When they'd originally planned this "once in a lifetime" trip she'd had a boyfriend. She couldn't wait to spend a week in Paradise drinking cocktails, taking in the sun, eating good food and staying up late screwing Michael's brains out while she spent a little bit of time with her relatives on the side.

Then everything changed. Michael had been a good boyfriend at the start but as time went on, things were less and less dreamy and more and more blah.

Michael was attractive, funny and attentive when they first started dating. She'd wanted him more than anyone she'd ever been with and they spent every second together.

Then it was less "let's go to dinner and you can choose the movie" and more "you can make me dinner and we'll watch this movie I've been dying to see on cable".

Shelby thought he was just settling into the relationship, but then she realized he had just become himself without the shiny, new, nice guy routine he'd used to attract her in the first place.

Michael was an okay guy but okay wasn't good enough for her. When X-box and Wolverine became his mistresses she thought it best if they parted ways. She liked him but wasn't willing to waste her time if something else better could be waiting for her.

Shelby had known that she was going on this vacation by herself which was fine by her. She had become an increasingly rare breed in her little group of friends, a single woman. More and more she knew people that were getting married and having babies but she was still just her.

She figured the timing of the break up was perfect. It would leave her free to have a little vacation fling. Maybe she'd meet a hot millionaire that would fall madly in love with her. They'd run away together to his giant mansion and live happily ever after.

Or she'd have a terrible, drunken hook-up fueled by too much rum with some frat boy on vacation with his buddies and regret the entire trip. She hoped for the first.

She'd been smart enough in college to avoid ending up on any "My Hot Ex-girlfriend" amateur porn sites and since she was an "adult" now, she figured she'd be able to avoid any self-involved tools and find a real man to have some fun with.

She was still young, but she knew what she wanted. She wasn't desperate and could handle herself if it came down to it.

The only problem with traveling and single-hood was that Shelby hated flying. Her vibrator wasn't a companion that could entertain her during a lay over or hold her hand when the plane bounced around with turbulence and she had to wrestle her bags all by herself.

Knowing she would be stuck on a plane by herself for hours had started her day off badly. Then there were all sorts of delays and she'd arrived hours later than scheduled.

She was tired, unwashed and sweltering in the humid, tropical heat. She was desperate to just get to her room and continue her mini-meltdown in air conditioned privacy.

Since she had arrived so late and hadn't been in charge of booking her own hotel room (thank you Aunt Barbara) things were already fucked up.

She had been in Paradise for only a couple of hours and was supposed to be relaxing and enjoying herself but those were two things that were obviously not on the menu for her.

The poor desk girl, Carla, was on the receiving end of Shelby's death glare while she tried to figure out exactly where the reservations went wrong.

"Umm, I think that, uh, well... I found your reservation ma'am. But, um, it looks like there was some sort of mistake.

I just started my shift, but the best I can tell is, uh, since you were, um, unfortunately, severely delayed, your room was given away," she said the last part quickly and then flinched away, clearly afraid she was going to be chewed out.

Shelby scowled darkly, rather infuriated. She didn't want to scream at the desk girl but she was thousands of miles from home, on a vacation she didn't even really want to be a part of and now she had nowhere to stay.

"So, what exactly happened?" Shelby asked, in an extremely strained voice.

"Uh, well it looks like your reservation got combined into one room with another member of your party.

We were extremely booked up and someone must have seen that the last names matched and thought the two separate reservations were a mistake.

When you didn't show up in time for check-in, they gave your room away."

Carla was still cringing away from Shelby's hateful glare. She could feel she was frowning and she reminded herself it would only give her wrinkles in the future. She tried to surreptitiously rub any forming frown lines out of her forehead.

"Okay. So who am I stuck with?" Shelby sent up a silent prayer it wasn't some almost unknown distant cousin or her crazy great-grandma or her parents.

"Um, well, it looks like they re-booked you with a Spencer Stephens.

You were both already booked into one of our deluxe rooms when I checked Mr. Stephens in.

I mistakenly assumed you were on newlyweds and he didn't mention that you weren't married.

I'm so sorry! I thought that you were on your honeymoon, so I gave him a free upgrade. It has a very spacious bathroom and a small private pool and backyard/patio area.

There aren't any other available rooms in the resort. Unless there is another one of your party you'd prefer to share accommodations with?"

Shelby was still pissed but at least she would have a suite to share with her brother and not just a "deluxe room" which would be less than 300 shared square feet for an entire week.

"Just give me the room key and I'm sure 'hubby' and I can make it work."

Carla let out a silent sigh of relief as she gave Shelby a key card and showed her on a map of the resort where the villa was located.

"I am so sorry Mrs. Stephens, uh, Ms. Stephens. I'll add $100 of free room service to your reservation and here are some free drink coupons for the resort's nightclub, Sin. Please enjoy your stay and if you need anything else just let us know."

Shelby gave Carla a slightly forced smile, took her bribe and turned to leave, the bag boy leading the way.

She looked around the lobby on her way to the room, admiring the huge tropical fish tank and the fancy woven banana fiber furniture. It gave her ideas for fixing up her own apartment when she got back home.

She hoped this was going to be the greatest hotel room ever since she was going to have to share it with Spencer for a week and this "vacation" was already stressing her out.

She arrived at the door and giggled a bit when she realized it was number 6969, she hoped it was a good omen for things to come.

She opened the door and the bag boy placed her bags on a luggage rack in the sizable walk-in closet. She tipped him and then sank onto the bed with a deep sigh as he let himself out.

She looked around and noticed there was only one huge, larger than king-sized bed, since this was supposed to be a romantic suite. There was also a big couch in the living room area, so she knew they could figure something out.

It looked like Spencer had already made himself at home and unpacked so she figured she should too. Once she had hung up her clothes she'd freshen up a bit then find out what the rest of the family was doing.

The closet had nice hangers and a big dresser. She put her underwear and the bathing suits she'd brought in one of the drawers. She tossed her way-too-many shoes on the floor of the closet and hung up the rest of her clothes.

Shelby grabbed her bag of toiletries and hair straightener and went to explore the "spacious bathroom".

She opened the bathroom door and gasped. Shelby loved to soak in the tub and this one looked perfect. It was deep and had more than enough room to fit her four closest friends, or at least it seemed that way.

The tub jutted out of the bathroom and was surrounded on three sides by huge windows that looked out into the back of their villa.

She leaned over the tub and reached out to open the windows around the tub. She figured she would enjoy the air while she soaked in the tub. She gasped with excitement as she saw the little yard outside.

They were on a little rise and beyond the end of their yard she could see the ocean and lush tropical landscape. There was plenty of greenery and flowering tropical plants that were so fragrant she could almost taste them.

It seemed pretty private since there was no one on the beach nearby which was nice. Shelby thought she might have to have a night time skinny dip if it stayed this way. The glassy smooth surface of the pool was tempting and she'd always heard amazing things about the warm Caribbean water.

Spencer had finished his walk around the resort. After he'd checked in, he visited his mom and dad in their room and they'd let him know everyone was going to eat dinner together as a little "Welcome to Family Togetherness Week" introduction.

The humid heat had made Spencer a little sweaty and since he'd been on a plane for most of the day, he'd decided to shower and change before meeting the family for drinks and dinner.

He also wanted to check and see if Shelby had arrived and figured out they were rooming together. He smiled to himself, he couldn't wait to see the look on the brat's face when she saw their room.

He knew she'd be pissed she had to share with him but he figured she'd be so excited about the villa she probably wouldn't really care.

At least she didn't have that stupid boyfriend with her. He didn't think he could stomach the two of them giving each other goo-goo eyes all week and he didn't want to see them making out everywhere he went either.

Not that he wanted her to be unhappy, but the guy was definitely not good enough for her. Spencer had met him several times at family dinners and just wasn't all that impressed.

Shelby had been crazy for him though, as evidenced by her tongue down his throat when Spencer had accidentally walked in on their stolen moment in his parents' kitchen.

Whatever, she was a grown girl. He still couldn't think of his baby sister as a woman even if she was into her twenties. She could do whatever or, he cringed, whoever she wanted.

When he got inside he immediately recognized the purse that was laying on the coffee table. Shelby had always been a little bit of a slob so he wasn't too surprised to see her shoes kicked off in the little foyer area either. Before he'd moved out when he started college he always remembered her crap laying all over the house.

He figured he wouldn't be able to change her ways in just a week so he'd just join her instead. He kicked his shoes off next to hers and closed the door behind him.

Shelby was one of those, "Oh my God! I'm so late! Have you seen my...?" type people. He smiled imagining her in one of her mini freak outs running all over looking for something.

He looked around the suite and didn't see her anywhere. The luxurious room was silent. He thought maybe she was outside swimming but he didn't hear her splashing in the yard.

He knew she wasn't with his parents since he'd just come from their room so he thought she might be down at the beach or something. Spencer figured he'd go wade around in the pool and then when she showed up he'd shower and they could go to dinner together.

He went outside and looked around their little Eden. He smiled, pretending to be a married couple was definitely the right thing to do to get this amazing suite.

The pool was small but glistening and pristine looking. He stepped knee deep into the cool water and turned to take in his surroundings.

He could see the ocean and lush tropical hills in the distance. They had a hammock hanging on a stand in the shade and he decided he would lay there while he waited for Shelby and maybe have a little nap.

He wondered where the brat had snuck off to. She was probably downing fruity drinks with umbrellas in them, on the prowl for some man-candy in the beach bar.

He shuddered. He really hoped that wasn't true. He preferred to imagine her doing something wholesome like playing with puppies or giving to charity.

Spencer wandered over to the hammock and laid down letting the warm breeze blow over him. The hammock swayed slowly as he watched some palm trees gently waving down near the sand.

He was facing away from their room, but as he looked around taking everything in, he noticed that over his right shoulder he could see the bathroom.

With the big bay windows it seemed like a perfect place to hang out in the tub, you could be inside but feel like you were outdoors.

Spencer turned a little further. It was a tight angle but as he tried to stare through the glare of the glass he could just make out the edge of the bathtub and his little sister. She'd been here the whole time.

As he watched she turned her head to look out the window. He thought she was looking at him so he waved, but she didn't react. He figured that he must be too deep in the shadows for her to see, so he shrugged it off.

He started to turn back to the view but then she bent over to turn on the water and he immediately forgot about any other view he'd ever enjoyed in his life.

Spencer could see down the front of her shirt. She was wearing a soft, thin, cotton tank top with a low neckline and he could barely see the tops of her breasts swelling above her bra.

She leaned further over and plugged the tub letting Spencer see all the way down to her belly button. She straightened up slightly, splashing her hand in the flowing water. He could see her boobs moving softly as she tested the water temperature and adjusted it a little at a time.

He forced himself to look away, not wanting to spy on his sister. It was bad enough to perv on someone unsuspecting but a family member made it that much worse. Who could you trust more than family?

Besides, what kind of sick fuck would do that to his own sister? Wasn't it his job to protect her from guys exactly like himself? He shook his head in disgust at himself and turned away.

He looked out at the ocean again but stared blankly, seeing nothing. He closed his eyes for a minute and watched the play of black shadows on the fiery red of the inside of his eyelids. Then he looked at the ocean again, but he could feel his eyes being drawn back to the window.

Spencer felt guilty but he was just a man and he knew that a potentially nude, warm-blooded woman was nearby.

As he strained to see through the window he saw Shelby pull her top off and drop it on the floor behind her. He admired the way her upper body looked in nothing but a bra.

She had delicate muscles in her arms and back from the dancing and yoga that she did and a smooth, flattish stomach. She wasn't Pink in the abs department but she was fit and still girly.

She unbuttoned her capris and Spencer felt what he thought was a twinge of excitement in his stomach. He frowned. He couldn't be getting turned on by his sister. It was probably just nervousness at the idea of her catching him spying on her. He knew he should look away, but it felt like the muscles in his neck were paralyzed.

As he stared, she peeled her fly open and he could see a v-shaped wedge of cotton appear, framed by her unfastened zipper.

Shelby hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her pants and with a wiggle that made her perky little boobs bounce she worked the pants down over her hips, past the round curves of her ass.

Spencer's mouth dropped open as his unsuspecting sister peeled her khaki capris off, exposing her panties and bare legs to his view. She was no more naked now than he'd ever seen her, but he couldn't stop staring.

A bikini or bra and panties were basically the same amount of coverage, but knowing she wouldn't go out in public in her underwear was what made it so much better.

Seeing her in a bathing suit would be a tease, seeing her undressed was taboo. It was the wrongness that kept his eyes turned toward her partially undressed form.

This time Spencer couldn't deny it. He felt a twitch in his pants and he knew his cock was growing. This mix of lust and self-loathing was addictive. He wanted to slap himself, to force himself to look away but he couldn't.

Growing up together, Spencer had seen his sister naked more times than he could count. As kids they'd even taken baths together every night but when they started getting a little older that obviously had to stop.

When Shelby started developing, of course he'd noticed. He was a hormone-ridden teenage boy, but he'd done his best to remind himself she was his sister and mostly he'd been able to avoid any embarrassing and potentially awkward situations.

Even during her teenage girl, intense need for privacy phase, Spencer had caught glimpses of Shelby's body over the years during high school before he moved out and went to college.

Sometimes, when it was just the two of them at home and she assumed he couldn't see, she'd dart from the bathroom they shared into her room.

Often she was wearing only a skimpy towel, occasionally nothing but underwear and once or twice when she had been completely naked.

He'd caught a quick glimpse of her as she dashed into her room and slammed the door. The image of her uncovered body was burned into his retinas until he remembered it was his sister running around the house.

He'd actually checked her out a fair few times since his friends would comment on her physique whenever they were over and she was prancing around. Since he was her brother he couldn't feel anything more than brotherly affection for her.

He would deny that he noticed anything about her was hot. He'd told his friends she was his sister and therefore hardly even a girl.

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