Welcome To Paradise?


After the guys would go home though, when he really looked at her, he knew exactly what it was they saw that made them want her.

She looked better than she had in high school, a lot better. She'd been cute then but she'd lost that last hint of girlish awkwardness she'd had at the end of her teens and was now 100% woman.

He couldn't really understand why older guys were always looking for barely legal 18 year olds when "girls" like this were around. Shelby was still young but she had the confident presence of a woman that knew what she wanted.

As he watched, Shelby stood examining herself in the mirror. She was pale in her unexposed areas but her light golden tan was set off by the white cotton thong and bra she was wearing.

Spencer scrutinized her, not as his sister but as a woman. She was petite but proportionate. She had smallish breasts, but they were a firm, rounded handful. They looked like ripe peaches and the phrase "forbidden fruit" flashed into his head for a split second.

His eyes slid down her curved waist and hips over her cotton panties. As she turned to examine herself from the side, he groaned as he caught a glimpse of her bare, perky ass cheeks.

The way the strip of white cotton separated them only accentuated the rounded mounds. He wanted to grab her cheeks and squeeze them hard, playing with her round ass before lovingly sinking his teeth into her flesh, running his tongue over her smooth skin. She made him feel like some sort of lustful animal, wanting to devour her luscious body.

Shelby reached behind herself, forcing her breasts up and outward. She felt around for a moment for the band of her bra.

With a deft flick of her fingers, the hooks popped open. The elasticized sides of her bra sprung toward the front of her body and Shelby shrugged the garment down her shoulders. The limp fabric slid off her arms and dropped to the floor with her discarded top and capris.

Spencer gasped, he knew he really should turn away, but instead he watched her while she studied her bare chest in the mirror.

Her nipples were a blushed tan color as if he'd taken a chocolate milkshake and a strawberry milkshake then mixed them together. They were not too small but not huge either, the cherries on top of the most perfect double scoop sundae he'd ever seen.

He had seen thousands of boobs in his life, both real and two dimensional. He'd also had his hands and mouth on his fair share too but Shelby had a rack that was something special and he wanted to spend some time with it.

Spencer cringed inwardly at the direction his thoughts were headed. He had done his best to keep the wrong guys away from her when he still lived at home. He hated the way some guys treated women as objects, but now he was doing the same thing with his own sister.

What was wrong with him?!

Spencer tried to rationalize his behavior. He wasn't going to use her and string her along. He wasn't going to do anything to her because she was his sister. His baby sister.

He was just doing a little innocent spying, except nothing about it was innocent.

Well, maybe Shelby was.

She was minding her own business getting ready for a bath and he was getting sick pleasure from secretly watching her slowly stripping.

Her hands glided over her firm, pale flesh and as he watched, her nipples hardened into points.

He wanted to look away, but as he started to turn, she cupped her own breasts and his attention was captured once again. Her hands were small and made her breasts look impossibly huge in comparison. She looked amazing holding the full mounds.

She gently lifted them, then squeezed them together forming a deep cleavage. She bit her bottom lip and watched herself in the mirror as she massaged and jiggled them.

He reached down and grabbed the growing bulge in his shorts. He couldn't help but picture her boobs bouncing beneath him as he drove himself into her body.

He tried to imagine the face of a woman that wasn't his sister on the body in front of him while he mentally fucked her.

His usual type was really nothing like Shelby. He tried to picture Michelle, a girl from work. She was statuesque, blonde and gorgeous. They'd been flirting for a while and he was hot for her.

They'd talked about going out for a drink but he wasn't sure he should start something with someone he'd have to see everyday if things went badly and he didn't really know a lot about her other than that he looked like his type and seemed interested.

It had never gone past checking each other out when they thought the other wasn't looking, and some playful emails but he still thought there could be potential. Michelle's face with the image of his sister's body was not working for him, it was distracting and felt wrong.

Spencer opened his eyes, looking uncomfortably over his shoulder as Shelby released her tits. He watched them bounce free from her grip as he licked his lips unconsciously.

Her nipples looked hard and she idly pinched and tugged on one teasing it. She drug her fingertips across her chest, raising goosebumps on her skin. She toyed with the other firm peak for a moment before she moved on.

Shelby moaned as she trailed her fingertips down the center of her body. Goosebumps broke out over her belly and as she brushed past her navel to move lightly over her hips. Her hand glided straight down to the smooth panty covered mound of her sex.

He couldn't kid himself any longer, he wasn't "accidentally" seeing anything now. He was actively watching his own little sister and fantasizing about her.

He decided to get up and switch the direction he was facing in the hammock so he could watch without having to look backward over his shoulder or strain the arm that was currently holding his dick.

When he'd laid back down facing the bathroom windows he decided he would just go for it. He couldn't kid himself any longer anyway.

So what if he was sick?

No one had to know he was jerking off while he looked at his little sister.

He'd enjoy the free show and no harm would be done. No one ever had to know, least of all Shelby and he'd get gratification.

It would be a one time thing, he'd store it away in his head and that would be that. He could be a secret perv and no one ever had to know.

He slowly unzipped his shorts and stuck his hand in the open fly. Spencer wrapped his hand around the thick, warm flesh and eased his throbbing hard-on free.

It felt good and nasty to have his dick out, while he secretly watched her in the yard. It was like webcam porn only a thousand times better.

As he looked on, Shelby teased her fingers into the waistband of her panties. They brushed over her silky skin, she touched her smooth lips fleetingly, building her excitement slowly with soft touches.

She hooked her thumbs in the elastic of her thong and pulled it down slightly. She moaned as she saw the top of her mound exposed.

She lowered her panties a little more until she could see the shadowy cleft that hid her most sensitive secrets reflected in the mirror. She felt an excited little flutter in her lower belly as she stopped, leaving the waistband pulled down just below her sex.

She relished the slow burn, the heavy ache of arousal as she looked at herself. She was slightly flushed and her body felt swollen and sensitive with wanting.

She grasped her left breast squeezing the firm flesh. She pinched her nipple and her hips bucked forward uncontrollably.

I really need a hook up, she thought. Even just fooling around would be okay. I just want someone to want me, to make me feel good.

Shelby didn't normally like the idea of random sex with just anybody but she was ridiculously horny.

While masturbation was enjoyable it couldn't give her exactly what she was looking for. She wanted a warm body to touch. She wanted someone to do things to her that she couldn't do to herself.

A vibrator or "the touch of her hand" were good but it couldn't lick her or kiss her, grab hold of her and have its way with her, working on her till she came and came and came.

Shelby smiled, ah, the masturbation classics. Britney had it right, she thought, she was into herself in a most precious way. She giggled, at the thought. She deserved to feel good and just because no one was worthy of her time right now didn't mean she had to feel neglected.

Her soft fingertips delicately stroked her bare lips. They prodded at her cleft and she bit her bottom lip as her index finger brushed her sensitive clit, damp and aching for more.

She tried to open her legs a little further but they were held captive by the panties trapping her thighs together. It teased her, the desire that she just couldn't satisfy, the illusion of being restrained.

She bent at the waist and grabbed the elastic and tugged her panties further down her legs. Her bare breasts hung like ripe fruits beneath her.

Spencer groaned, imagining the view from behind her as he ever so slowly stroked his length. She was bent over, with her panties around her knees.

He could picture the closed lips of her pussy peeping out from between her thighs, a little bit of moisture glistening in the pink cleft.

He wanted to see the backs of her thighs, the muscles taut, her perky heart-shaped ass tempting him.

He could almost see how his hands would look gripping her cheeks hard, squeezing her butt, teasing and playing with it. The firm flesh would bounce gently when he playfully slapped her ass making her shriek and giggle.

He'd reach down and drag his fingers over her pussy lips, dipping a fingertip into her cleft, stroking the moist folds, he'd rub over her clit, then circle her entrance.

Spencer would rub and tease her pussy until she was biting her bottom lip and thrusting her hips backward toward him.

Shelby would spread her feet as much as she could with her panties still around her knees. She'd grab the counter before her to steady herself for the fucking she was about to get.

She would turn to look over her shoulder at him. He could almost hear her gasp when she felt his dick press against her, then into her from behind.

He'd be able to watch his shaft as it reamed her. He could see how wet it would be from her body, he could hear her excitement while he fucked her, panties still partially on as she came for him. She'd whimper and clench around his hard length as he poured himself into her willing body.

It was so wrong but he wanted it.

The real Shelby stood upright and her panties slipped down her legs before she stepped out of the discarded cotton.

Her movements caught his eye and interrupted his fantasy. Spencer groaned as he saw her fully naked, standing still before him. Her sex was smooth and bare except for what looked to him like a landing strip.

Shelby was straight and had never had a bi-sexual experience. She loved seeing a guy get off in real life. It was hot knowing she could make someone cum. At the same time a lot of straight porn had a tendency to make her a little bit uncomfortable when she watched it alone.

She knew guys loved it, but seeing fake women fake coming depressed her. Nothing was worse than unsatisfying sex and watching it was one of her biggest turn offs. The ridiculous moaning and face making while guys came in the girls' mouths just grossed her out.

Even though she'd only been with guys, she loved to watch female masturbation porn when she played with herself.

Seeing a woman have a real orgasm though made her so wet because she knew how good it felt. She could perfectly imagine the sweet, toe curling intensity.

Shelby didn't hate her body but like some women she was pretty critical of herself. The one body part she was extremely proud of was her sex. Her soft, pink folds and little bitty clit were hidden away between full, pouting lips.

She had made a couple of sexy videos on her phone for an old boyfriend, close ups of her rubbing and fingering her pussy to orgasm. Making those had been one of the hottest things she'd done.

Since then, she'd liked to watch herself often. Watching herself in the mirror since she didn't have access to internet porn would be almost as good. Seeing herself up close while she played was what she needed right now.

Shelby wanted a better view so she lifted her right leg and stood with her foot resting on the edge of the tub, her hips angled toward the mirror over the double sinks.

As Spencer watched, she reached down and with the fingers of her left hand spread her lips open. She stared at herself in the mirror, biting her bottom lip as she looked at her soaking sex.

The middle finger of her right hand sought out her exposed clit. She softly nudged the swollen little bump of flesh and gasped, her hips twitching forward at the pleasure. She added a second finger and rubbed softly up and down the length of her pussy.

Spencer wanted her to do more but obviously couldn't say anything to encourage her so he just willed her to keep going as he stroked himself a little faster. He gripped and tugged his throbbing length as his sister rubbed her clit in front of him.

He couldn't get over the way she was watching herself in the mirror, the intensity in her eyes as they followed her teasing hand. It was so fucking hot the way she obviously loved to look at herself.

Shelby had started out thinking about nothing. She just watched her fingers playing with her pussy. She enjoyed the feel of the silky, slippery flesh beneath her fingertips. She savored the soft pink flush of the delicate folds and the way her fingers glided in her wetness.

She started exploring a bit further, easing between her slick lips making her breathing quicken. She dipped a fingertip into her opening circling the soft flesh, wishing she wasn't having to do it herself.

She was so horny. It had been a while since she'd had someone to play with. Pickings had been slim since Michael and she hadn't found anyone she'd wanted to be with since.

Shelby was a little bit shy and felt like she didn't have as much luck with guys as a lot of other girls did. She didn't know if it was because her slightly more reserved nature made them feel like she was standoffish or if it was just that she wasn't some sort of blonde amazon.

Spencer knew he had to savor this, to take in everything he could. The way Shelby's body looked and moved, the sounds of her pleasure as she slowly, tortuously drove herself wild. This was going to be the one and only time it he would see his sister this way. He knew it was wrong and that was what made it so damn good.

He watched her finger tip disappear and felt his stomach clench with desire because he knew she'd slid it up inside her body. She was breathing hard and working her pussy slowly and deeply as grabbed the counter top to steady herself.

Shelby pushed her middle finger a little bit deeper into her own body. She moved slowly and deliberately, each thrust moved it further into herself.

Yes! Spencer thought as his sister added a second finger to the first starting the penetration process over again as her body accommodated the newest pleasurable invader.

The soft, nearly inaudible sounds of his sibling's panting made way for a louder groan as Shelby seemed to hit a magical spot inside herself. Her hips bucked on their own against her hand and then suddenly, right as things were getting really good, she stopped.

He sat upright hand wrapped around his throbbing erection wondering what the Hell happened. She whimpered as she tugged her soaking fingers from her sex, shivering with the aching emptiness she felt.

She pulled her foot from the edge of the tub and turned toward the window. Spencer froze, terrified she was looking out at him with his dick in hand, watching her while he jacked off.

Shelby bent over and turned the water off, then she climbed quickly into the bathtub.

Spencer sighed with relief and flopped back into the hammock as she sank into the water. After a moment his pounding heart slowed and he sat cautiously back up. Through the window he saw her put her legs up on the sides of the tub, spreading them wide open.

Shelby was so horny she couldn't wait to just finish it. She wanted to be comfortable so she could come quickly.

She lay back in the water and started imagining her perfect dream lover. He was just her type, attractive and clean cut, an All-American red-blooded man who would fuck her till she just couldn't come anymore. He was insatiable and wanted nothing more than to make her orgasm endlessly.

She imagined they were in an antique, claw-footed bathtub outside somewhere in a tropical rain forest. He was touching her all over and driving himself into her in the steamy wet jungle, making the bath water slosh out of the tub with his driving thrusts.

Shelby imagined sweet cool rain drops falling over them. Trickling down their heated skin as animal mating calls rang out around them her cries echoing through the clearing, mixing with the sounds of nature.

She was on her knees, holding the rim of the tub, her dream lover fucking her from behind. He was pulling her hair gently and leaving love bites all over her body as he pounded her mercilessly to orgasm after orgasm.

Spencer groaned because now that his sister was down in the water all he could see was her head, the shoulder on her right side moving around as she did God only knew what to her pussy and her opened legs on the sides of the tub.

Spencer was either going to have to close his eyes to imagine the rest or he'd have to hope he could get closer and finish before she could catch him.

He bit his lip as he weighed up the benefits. He figured he'd already gone this far and it was a one time thing anyway, so he was going to go for it.

He gingerly worked his cock back into his shorts and carefully climbed out of the hammock. The last thing he needed was to fall out of the hammock with his erection out.

He crept toward the building slowly, watching to make sure her eyes stayed closed. As he got to the windows he could see her face scrunched up with excitement and concentration.

He looked up and realized the windows were partially opened, letting the steamy tropical breeze blow over his sister's naked form.

Spencer watched her rubbing her clit, the little nub was flushed pink and stiff with excitement. She dipped two fingers into her pussy and then back out again.

She was moaning and slowly fucking herself right in front of him. She bit her bottom lip with arousal as she pushed deeper inside her sex.

Before this moment, Shelby had only ever been his baby sister, young and innocent and needing protection. Now, she was a crazed sex maniac and all that mattered was finding a way to get his dick inside her.

It was an intoxicating combination of his ultimate fantasy and worst nightmare rolled into one. Finding a sexual dynamo desperate for pleasure but not being able to give her what she wanted.

Looking at his sister something inside Spencer changed, he could feel it the moment the switch flipped.

He knew there would be any number of horny girls looking for a little fun on vacation but he knew he'd never be satisfied unless he tried to be with her. He knew he should be disgusted, he knew his thoughts were wrong but none of it mattered, his body didn't care.

It no longer mattered that they were related. It only mattered that she was young and horny and needed fucking, and that he was young and horny and needed to fuck.

He pulled his hard on out again and started jerking off as he enjoyed her accidental live sex show. He stroked his length with the same speed she fingered herself.

He figured if he kept tempo with her he'd hopefully be able to gauge when she was going to come. He'd blow his load and be able to get away before she caught him.

Her moans made the hairs on his body stand up. She was making herself crazy and it was almost too much for him to watch silently. He wanted to groan but knew if she caught him shit would hit the fan. She'd freak out and that would be the death of his plan before it even had a chance to be successful.

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