tagErotic CouplingsWelcome to the Cum Factory Ch. 1

Welcome to the Cum Factory Ch. 1


In most respects Chris was your average high school senior. He was rather shy, some might say a little aloof. He was smart, some might say a little nerdy, but he generally go along well with most kids at his school. He had sort of gone with the flow, being friends with most of the "popular crowd," but not really being in the proper crowd. He just did his own thing. At 6 feet, 185 pounds, and fairly well-built, he was good looking, but admittedly not a hunk.

One area in which Chris was learning that he was not average was in his cock – and what his cock could produce. Mostly due to his shyness and laziness, Chris had not had his first real experience with a girl until this school year started. He had plenty of experience with his hand, though. While fantasizing about the girls in school, Chris would jerk off, often causing quite a mess of his bed. Chris was always horny, it seemed, and he found himself hard a good deal of the day, even after he had jerked off a couple of times.

Chris did not really think about what he had to offer the gentler sex until after his first experience. Chris had to work on a school project with Tracy. Tracy, socially, was, in a way, the female version of Chris. Friends with the popular crowd, but not in the "in crowd." Attractive, but not one of the girls guys were falling over. She was a cute brunette, about 5'5, with medium sized tits and a firm ass. Chris had never really fantasized about her before, but when he arrived at her house on Tuesday afternoon to work on the project, he was immediately turned on by Tracy's appearance. She opened the door wearing a tight white t-shirt that showed off her perky breasts, which, if Chris was right, did not seem to be constrained by a bra. She wore tight, cut off jean shorts which showed off smooth, toned legs.

"Hey, Chris. Come on in," Tracy said.

"Hey. Nice place," Chris said.

"Thanks. Can I get you anything to drink? My folks are out of town. Want a beer?"

"Sure," Chris said, pleased with the unanticipated turn of events. He followed her into the kitchen and put his books on the table with hers. She got two beers.

"Want to watch a little TV before we get started?" Tracy asked. "Sounds good," Chris replied, and watched her ass sway as she led the way to the den.

Chris sat on the couch and was keenly aware of how close Tracy sat next to him. As they watched TV, she seemed to get even closer, and Chris felt her hand stroke his arm. They talked for a while about random stuff, until Tracy turned slightly to Chris.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'll just say it. I don't know whether you know or not, but I've always had a crush on you," Tracy said. Chris was a little surprised, and, not surprisingly, at a loss for words. Tracy seemed to sense that she would have to make the first move, and she leaned in and kissed Chris on the mouth. Chris responded immediately to the female attention he had always dreamed of. Things became more natural for both of them, as their tongues began to probe each other's mouths. Chris let his hands begin to roam over Tracy's legs, reveling in how smooth they were. Tracy let her hands roam over Chris's chest. Chris reached up and took Tracy's breast in his hands through her t-shirt, moaning as he felt her soft mounds. Tracy moaned, obviously enjoying the attention. Chris became bolder, letting his hand slide under Tracy's shirt and rubbing her bare nipples, which were now rock hard. Tracy moaned loudly and quickly ripped her shirt off. Chris stared for a moment at his first breasts, noticing how firm and perky they were, and how hard Tracy's nipples were. Tracy reached up and brought Chris's head to her mounds, moaning again as he took first one, and then the other into her mouth.

As Chris sucked on her tits, Tracy's hand wandered further down his chest, and settled in his lap. She let her and slide over his crotch and squeezed. Chris heard Tracy gasp. "Oh, my god," she said. Chris sat up, concerned he had done something wrong. But Tracy's hand was still on his now rock hard cock and she was staring down with a look of complete lust and the prominent bulge in his pants. "It's. It's. It's so big," she gasped.

"Is that alright," Chris asked.

Tracy looked up at him and smiled. "Of course its alright. It's better than alright. It's just..." she looked down and began undoing his jeans. She unzipped the fly and reached her hand in and, with a struggle, wrapped as much as she could around his hard cock and pulled it out of its confinement. "Oh my..." she moaned. Chris moaned as well, as Tracy began stroking up and down his cock. She just stared at it. "It must be 8 or 9 inches long, Chris," she sighed. She put his cock back into his boxers and then pulled his jeans and boxers completely off. As she did this, she caught sight of the enormous sack hanging just below his cockmeat. "Wow," she gasped. She immediately began fondling Chris' big balls in her hands. She was overcome with lust. She sat back up and began kissing Chris with wild abandon. Chris was in heaven as he felt Tracy's tongue all over his. Her hands were all over his cock and balls, and finally settled into a rhythm working up and down his hard shaft. He reached up and resumed fondling her tits.

It was not going to take Chris all that long with this kind of attention. Both began moaning more and more. Tracy's hand was now flying up and down his shaft. Chris broke away from the kiss and leaned his head back. "OH MAN, I'M GONNA CUM!" he yelled. Tracy jerked him off full speed now, and Chris felt the cum surge up his cock. "OHHHH!" he moaned as the first stream of cum exploded from his huge, swollen cockhead. It shot into the air and landed on Tracy's stomach. It was quickly followed by an incredible torrent of thick, white strands of cum. Tracy continued to jerk his cock and moaned loudly, "Oh my god! Oh, Oh, Oh. You're still coming!" Indeed Chris was. Ten, eleven, twelve shots of cum poured from his cock. As his intense orgasm finally subsided, he looked down and saw Tracy completely covered in his cum. It was all over her stomach , tits, shorts, and her hands and arms.

He looked up at her, but she could only stare at his dick. "That was the most amazing amount of cum I have ever seen or heard of. That was incredible," she said, as she began rubbing his puddles of cum into her skin.

"Yes it was," Chris agreed. He had found a new talent. One that would set him apart from the average high school guy. And the prospects were starting to make him hard again...

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